The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5482

While they were talking, many people behind them were calling Mr. Ye.

A few people looked back and saw Ye Chen and Wan Pojun walking in together. The soldiers of Wanlong Palace and members of the He family were all bowing respectfully to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen nodded to everyone, Qin Aoxue quickly waved to Ye Chen, and said happily: “Master Ye!”

Ye Chen smiled at her, didn’t notice Long Siqi on the other side, but went directly to the three of them, and asked with a smile: “How do you feel about this place? Are you used to living here?”

“It’s good!” Qin Aoxue said with a smile, “It’s a good place to live, and the food is also good.”

Immediately, she said to Ye Chen with a smile on her face again: “Master Ye, we are discussing about martial arts. Sister Ruoli said just now that we have taken the elixir you gave us, and we will get started faster. Is it true? ?”

Ye Chen nodded and said with a smile: “As long as the two of you master the method of moving your true energy and sinking your qi into your dantian, you will be able to jump directly to the rank of two-star or even three-star warriors in no time.”

Qin Aoxue said again: “Sister Ruoli said just now that practicing martial arts is like practicing ventriloquism. It seems difficult, but as long as you find the secret, you can get started.”

“Yes.” Ye Chen said with a smile: “Ruoli is right, I believe such a little mystery is not a problem for you two.”

After all, Ye Chen said again: “The “Taizhen Hunyuan Dao” to be taught this time is the best and most complete martial arts method I know. Using it to lay the foundation will definitely get twice the result with half the effort, and it just so happens this time The invited lecturer has very rich experience in the enlightenment stage of martial arts, and his understanding of “Taizhen Hunyuan Dao” is much deeper than ordinary people, you just follow him and practice hard, and you will surely achieve something.”

The two nodded in a daze. They hadn’t entered the martial arts school, and they didn’t know how precious the martial arts mentality of “Taizhen Hunyuan Dao” was.

At this time, Ye Chen said to Wan Pojun beside him: “Pojun, you should also take this opportunity to study the first chapter of “Taizhen Hunyuan Dao” carefully. After you are familiar with the content of the first chapter, I will I will give you the follow-up content one after another. The mental method left by your master is basically useless after you break through the dark realm. The one that really suits you is after the second chapter of “Taizhen Hunyuan Dao”. Content, with this method of mind, you can look forward to the state of transformation or even a higher state of master.”

Wan Pojun was very grateful, and said respectfully: “Please rest assured, Mr. Ye, the subordinates will definitely go all out!”

Wan Pojun knows the importance of martial arts mentality.

Master Qiu Zhiyuan’s set of mental methods, although overall relatively complete, is too low in rank after all. If the subject of mathematics is used as a metaphor for martial arts, then Qiu Zhiyuan’s mental methods are at most at the level of a ninety-nine multiplication table. Ninety-nine multiplication tables, it is impossible to learn knowledge points such as functions, equations, calculus, etc., let alone those unpredictable mathematical conjectures.

With the same mentality as the ninety-nine multiplication table, let alone the dark realm, even if you want to practice the Dzogchen in the bright realm, it will be very difficult.

Otherwise, Master would not roam around in search of a breakthrough, and would not even hesitate to join the Poqing Society for a breakthrough.

And Ye Chen also told him thoroughly, telling him that “Taizhen Hunyuan Dao” has three volumes and 27 chapters, which is the most comprehensive and detailed martial arts heart method, although the first chapter of “Taizhen Hunyuan Dao” Compared with Qiu Zhiyuan’s mental method, although there is not much improvement in level, it is a set of systematic knowledge after all. Only by using it to lay the foundation, combined with the content that will be gradually improved later, can we learn more advanced knowledge point.

While Ye Chen was talking to several people, Hong Changqing walked into the practice hall wearing a gray Taoist robe.

As soon as Hong Changqing appeared, many students immediately stopped talking and focused their eyes on this old man with a fairy wind and a crane bone.

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