The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5485

Chen Zekai thought for a while, and replied seriously: “I think it is generally understandable, and I can understand what martial arts is all about.”

Hong Wu smiled and said: “I seem to understand a general idea, the principle of martial arts is generally understood, that is, to constantly open up one’s own meridians through true qi, while improving true qi, it can also strengthen the body, but I don’t know When will you have a chance to practice it?”

Chen Zekai reminded: “Tianshi Hong said, for things like martial arts, remember not to leapfrog cultivation, you must be steady and steady. Now we are like a theoretical course before learning to drive. We first learn the theory and then go to the car to practice. In this way It’s actually pretty good, step by step.”

Hong Wu laughed and said, “I want to quickly make a breakthrough in my personal strength, and then I will show my brothers a hand and let them know that my Hong Wubao sword is not old!”

Ye Chen stepped forward at this time, and said with a smile: “It seems that Lao Chen’s understanding is much better than Hong Wu’s.”

The two noticed Ye Chen approaching, and quickly said respectfully: “Master Ye”, “Master!”

Ye Chen nodded slightly to the two, and said: “The journey of martial arts can be regarded as a long journey, so the initial foundation is very important. Hong Wu must not rush for success in the future, just like learning the piano, the teacher is teaching you to read music When talking about basic music theory, you must not think about learning a piece of music as soon as possible, otherwise you will put the cart before the horse.”

Hong Wu hurriedly said respectfully: “Master Ye, you are right. I am not promising, and I am impatient as a child. After listening to Hong Tianshi, I feel like I learned the physiological structure in junior high school biology class. I wish I could quickly find a female classmate to practice with…”

Chen Zekai on the side smiled and said: “I can’t eat hot tofu in a hurry. It takes a year or two for people to get started. How can we finish what others do in a year or two in one day?”

Hong Wu nodded and smiled, “Mr. Chen is right!”

Ye Chen said with a smile at this time: “Okay, I won’t tell you two more. You will start to try practical exercises in about a week. This week, lay a good foundation and try not to lose the chain by then.”

The two naturally nodded in agreement, and seeing that it was getting late, Ye Chen didn’t stay any longer, and drove away from the Champs Elysees.

Meanwhile, New York, USA.

In the Anbang Building in Manhattan, the Anbang family got up early and were going to the restaurant for breakfast.

For the sake of safety during this period, most of An’s family lived in the heavily guarded Anbang Building, which naturally included the old man and the old lady.

The old man’s condition is not stable recently, and the symptoms of Alzheimer’s are good and bad, so many matters in the family are decided by the old lady.

At this time, seeing that her children and grandchildren were almost all here, Mrs. An knocked on the table and said, “Everyone, I want to announce something.”

When everyone heard this, they quickly stopped their movements, stared at the old lady intently, and waited for her next words.

The old lady saw that everyone was waiting for her, so she said unhurriedly: “I have already ordered people to buy real estate in Jinling in advance, so I decided that the An family will start to go to Jinling one after another starting today. The old man and I plan to go to Jinling in the afternoon just go.”

After all, without waiting for everyone’s reaction, she said to An Chongqiu: “For the sake of safety, everyone will set off in three days. Chongqiu will decide who goes first.”

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