The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5495

Hearing the old lady’s words, Li Yalin was overwhelmed and exclaimed, “Auntie! Your idea is great!”

After finishing speaking, he immediately took out his mobile phone, turned on the video recording, and said, “Let’s take turns to record Uncle An with video, Chongqiu, please arrange someone quickly, buy a few sports cameras that can be carried with you to record non-stop, wait In the evening, when Uncle An rested, he asked someone to import all the materials into the computer, cut them all out, and let’s replay together tomorrow!”

An Chongqiu was also very excited, and said without thinking: “Okay! I’ll arrange it now!”

The old lady said again: “I think the environment here is really good, Qishan, let’s have some food quickly, after dinner I will take you for a walk by the lake, maybe there will be better results!”

Upon hearing this, Li Yalin quickly said: “Auntie, I have some disagreements on this point. I think it’s best for you and Uncle An to stay in this villa and not go anywhere!”

The old lady asked suspiciously: “Yalin, what are your considerations?”

Li Yalin said solemnly: “Auntie, to tell you the truth, I went out for a walk after getting up early in the morning. To be honest, although the environment here is good, it is far from the feeling of a paradise. It is nothing more than a mountainside. Add a small lake, and more willow trees. To be honest, this kind of environment is of course very good in a city like Jinling, but compared with Anjia’s manor, I think it is still a lot worse. Yes, there is no reason why the mountains and rivers here are much better than Anjia Manor.”

Speaking of this, Li Yalin concluded: “So I feel that if this kind of physical improvement is really a kind of metaphysics, then the mystery of this metaphysics must be in this house, not in the external environment.”

The old lady nodded thoughtfully.

She felt that what Li Yalin said made sense.

As far as the natural scenery is concerned, the strength of the hardware outside the gate of Wanliu Villa can’t even compare with the level of a 1A scenic spot in Huaxia.

However, the manor in the United States is almost on the same level as a 5A-level scenic spot. If it is said that the changes in everyone’s body are affected by the environment, it seems that it is not the case for a place like Wanliu Villa.

Li Yalin said to An Chongqiu at this time: “By the way, Chongqiu, do the servants who came here in advance live in other villas?”

“Yes.” An Chongqiu nodded, and said: “All the servants and bodyguards don’t live in this villa. What I thought at the time was that this villa was reserved for An’s family to live in. The servants only need to come in during the day. Just do some routine work.”

Li Yalin said: “You can ask them on the sidelines, and ask them if they have felt any obvious changes in their bodies during the few days they have lived here.”

An Chongqiu immediately took out his mobile phone, made a call to the housekeeper, and consulted him on the sidelines.

These housekeepers and servants who arrived early have been living in several surrounding villas, but according to their descriptions, they didn’t have any special feelings when they lived here for a few days.

As a result, An Chongqiu also agreed with Li Yalin’s statement even more, and felt that the reason why his father’s memory was relieved and the reason why others felt extremely relaxed, presumably lies in this villa.

So, An Chongqiu said: “Dad, Mom, don’t go out these few days, try to stay in this villa for 24 hours, and see if Dad’s condition will improve. .”

The old lady hurriedly said: “I also plan to go to the place where your sister lived in the past today. I asked someone to check it before. It seems that the old house has been bought by the ex-wife of Yanjing Su’s eldest son.”

An Chongqiu frowned and asked, “The ex-wife of the eldest son of Su? Is it Su Shoudao’s ex-wife?”

“Yes.” The old lady nodded slightly.

An Chongqiu looked surprised: “Su Shoudao’s ex-wife, why did she buy the place where my sister and my brother-in-law lived?”

The old lady sighed softly: “I asked someone to check it out. Su Shoudao’s ex-wife was your brother-in-law’s suitor all the time. She has always missed your brother-in-law for so many years. Some time ago, she was angry because of bidding for the old house. The Su family was killed, and they were almost cleaned up by the Su family. At that time, the incident was quite big, and we also heard about it in the United States.”

“Yes…” An Chongqiu nodded and said: “I don’t know the specific details, I only know that the scandal that the old man of the Su family wanted to kill his daughter-in-law is well known, but I didn’t expect it to be because of this…”

So, An Chongqiu said again: “In that case, let Dad rest here, and I will accompany you there.”

The old man said without hesitation: “No, I want to go too!”

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