The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5550

Uncle Changsheng took a look at Qingxu Sanren, who immediately took a step forward and said in an unquestionable tone: “Ling Feng, Uncle Changqing has something important to do! No one should interfere with you! The questions you want to know , Uncle Changqing has already told me, and I will relay it to you verbatim later!”

As he said that, he warned again: “However, let me put my ugly words in front of you. If anyone delays Master Changqing’s important matters, then he will never have the opportunity to spy on the way of longevity!”

Everyone’s expressions turned cold, and no one dared to ask any more questions.

And Ling Feng, who was named, also panicked and said respectfully: “Disciple Ling Feng, send Master Changqing respectfully!”

The crowd came to their senses immediately, and said in unison: “Respectfully send off Master Changqing!”

Uncle Chang Sheng stroked his long beard and walked away gracefully. Just as everyone was about to come out to see them off, Uncle Chang Sheng said without turning his head: “Masters and nephews stay here, there is no need to see them off.”

Seeing Chang Shengbo leave, Qingxu Sanren hurriedly called all the juniors to the secret room, and revealed the agreement between him and Chang Shengbo.

Different from Chang Shengbo, Qingxu Sanren grew up in Changyun Temple since he was a child, and now he is the prison of Changyun Temple. He has a deep affection for Changyun Temple. I don’t want to eat alone.

After hearing this, all the juniors thought they had seized a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so they were too excited to add anything.

So, everyone stared at Lin Wan’er’s photo for a long time, trying to engrave her appearance in their minds.

Then, Qingxu Sanren ordered: “Junior Brothers, tonight you need to choose someone who is absolutely trustworthy from among your disciples, and draw up a list for me. Tomorrow, I will call the people on your list and list them After showing them the picture of the girl, send them all out!”

Everyone immediately agreed, and said in unison: “Please rest assured, Brother Supervisor!”

Qingxu Sanren said again: “By the way, fellow seniors, senior fellows have spoken to you all with heart-to-heart words. When you see Master Changqing today, you can also see that Master Changqing is physically strong and energetic. He is not even sixty years old, and his actual age is almost one hundred and sixty years old. Judging from the current trend of Uncle Changqing, it is no problem to live another forty years. In that case, it is conservatively estimated that Changqing Master’s Yangshou will also reach two hundred years!”

The words of Qingxu Sanren immediately raised everyone’s expectations and desires for longevity to another level.

Previously, Ling Feng couldn’t help asking: “Senior Brother Supervisor, in your opinion, how many years can Senior Uncle Changqing’s life expectancy be?”

Qingxu Sanren shook his head and sighed: “When I was young, I heard from my master that according to the records of Changyun Temple, hundreds of thousands of years ago, there were some immortal masters who really mastered spiritual energy, and they could easily have two or three hundred years of life. , and even some people’s lifespan can reach five hundred years, but I’m not sure if it’s true or not, but judging by the state of Uncle Changqing today, at least two hundred years can be guaranteed. If there is still improvement in cultivation after two hundred years, maybe Can live longer!”

Speaking of this, Qingxu Sanren’s expression turned serious, and he said very seriously: “Young brothers, you must not tell anyone about Master Changqing’s return and the way of longevity. This matter is very important, and any mistakes may be made. It will affect our future, if the master cannot teach us the way of longevity, what we will miss may be a hundred years of life! Seeing Master Changqing today, I believe that none of you brothers would like to die before the age of one hundred. Is it the end of life?”

Everyone looked solemn and said in unison: “I don’t want to!”

Qingxu Sanren nodded, and said: “Then remember what I said!”

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