The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 581-590

Chapter: 581
Ye Chen looked at Song Wanting and smiled slightly, “I’m just accompanying my father-in-law over for a class reunion, and there’s nothing to trouble you with, so I didn’t tell you.”
Song Wanting hurriedly said, “Master Ye, your father-in-law is having a class reunion here, you should have told me earlier so that I can carefully equip myself to avoid poor hospitality.”
Ye Chen smiled, “There’s no need to make such a big fuss, it’s just a bunch of old men coming out to entertain themselves, making it too grand, I’m afraid they won’t adapt.”
Saying that, Ye Chen added, “Besides, I haven’t told my father-in-law that I’m on good terms with you, if you, the eldest daughter of the Song family, came out to entertain in person, he’s afraid that he’ll be confused.”
Only then did Song Wanting nodded hurriedly and said, “Right Master Ye, my grandfather is having a birthday banquet tomorrow at noon, I originally wanted to go to deliver the invitation to you tonight, but I just happened to see you, so I asked you if you have time to attend tomorrow? He’s been missing you for a long time and always wants you to come over to the house.”
After thinking about it, Ye Chen nodded and said, “No problem tomorrow, I’ll be there then.”
To Ye Chen, although the Song family wasn’t a big family, it was the first big family in Jinling after all, and having a good relationship with them would save a lot of trouble.
What’s more, he was very fond of Song Wanting and felt that this woman was very smart and promising, so he was a little more appreciative.
Song Wanting saw that Ye Chen had agreed and hurriedly asked, “Master Ye, then I will pick you up tomorrow morning?”
Ye Chen declined, “No need, Master Song’s birthday banquet, you must have a lot of things to do tomorrow, I’ll just go over by myself then.” One second to remember to read the book
Song Wanting nodded, smiled sweetly, and said, “That’s fine, Master Ye, you can look for me directly when you arrive tomorrow.”
Song Wanting looked at the time and said apologetically, “Master Ye, then I won’t bother you now, it just so happens that I have to go back and prepare for the birthday banquet.”
“Go.” Ye Chen nodded and watched Song Wanting leave before taking the elevator up to the tenth floor.
Tenth floor, compartment 1008.
A group of old men, who were being amazed at the incomparable luxury of the place, everyone was clicking away with their phones.
Even an underground emperor like Master Hong Fifth could only come to the tenth floor at the highest in the Splendid Clubhouse, from which it could be seen that those who could reach this floor were already very impressive.
Xiao Changkun, as well as these old classmates of his, naturally did not have this ability and status, so this time was considered an eye-opener.
Everyone was praising Ye Chen at this time, and someone spoke up and said, “It’s really in the light of Chang Kun’s son-in-law, this kind of place is just as magnificent as a palace.”
“Yeah! After living for more than fifty years in this life, I have never come to such a luxurious place, Changkun’s son-in-law is really something.”
The crowd kept bragging, making Xiao Changkun look proud.
In the beginning, he was always targeted and satirized, but he never expected that he would now suddenly become the one with the most attention and compliments among his classmates, which gave his pride a huge satisfaction.
While Xiao Changkun and his classmates, were enjoying the ultimate luxury of the tenth floor of the Splendid Club, on the other side, Ma Lan and Qian Hongyan had arrived at the Townsend One Villa area and sat down to play mahjong with the rich and wealthy woman Qian Hongyan had introduced.
A middle-aged woman dressed as a widow sat on the eastern side of the mahjong table, preparing an electric mahjong machine as she smiled and asked Qian Hongyan: “Hongyan, who is this sister? You introduce me to it.”

Chapter: 582
Qian Hongyan opened her mouth and said, “Sister Lian, let me introduce you, this is a poker player I told you about before, her name is Ma Lan, just like you, she is also particularly fond of playing mahjong and has a very good poker hand, always willing to gamble and lose.”
Ma Lan then hurriedly said to that Sister Lian, “Hello, Sister Lian!”
Sister Lian nodded gently and smiled, “It just so happens that I’ve been lacking a regular long-term poker partner, if you’re interested, you can often come over to play a few rounds with me in the future with Hong Yan.”
Ma Lan hurriedly said, “Oh my, that would be really great, I’m not going to lie, I have a regular poker partner who just happens to be going to America, and I’m worried about finding a regular poker partner to play with.”
Lian took the initiative to extend her hand and politely said to Ma Lan, “Hello Ma Lan, my name is He Lian, welcome!”
Ma Lan quickly shook her hand.
He Lian said again, “Oh my, you see this villa of mine is basically free after it’s installed, so it’s simply used as a venue for the sisters to play mahjong.”
Ma Lan was envious in her heart, such a large villa used for playing mahjong was really more extravagant than Chen Shuyi.
Immediately, she looked around to check out this Townsend Villa.
This villa could be considered very luxuriously decorated, but it was not as big as the one Wang Zhenggang had given Ye Chen. The first website
The villa that Wang Zhenggang gave Ye Chen was the largest in the entire Townsend One, while He Lian’s set was the smallest in Townsend One’s villas.
But even the smallest household type was already very large for most people.
Thus, she asked He Lian, “Sister Lian, how much did you spend when you bought this villa?”
He Lian was stunned, then hurriedly said, “Hey, it didn’t cost much, it’s only about 80 million in total.”
Actually, this villa wasn’t He Lian’s at all, but a film and television company.
After this film and television company bought the villa, they renovated the place and made it into an indoor filming venue, and just a while ago, they killed a TV drama called “New Love Apartment” here, but the TV drama was still in post-production and didn’t air.
After the TV drama was finished, the villa just happened to be vacant, and the next TV drama won’t start shooting until a month later, so it’s temporarily rented out to recover the cost.
In order to set up a trap for Ma Lan, Qian Hongyan specially spent 5,000 yuan a day to rent this villa, preparing to make a game here and pit Ma Lan for nothing, to take revenge for Ma Lan’s insulting herself that day.
It would be best to screw over that villa of Ye Chen’s as well, then you’ll be able to turn over a salty fish!
How did Ma Lan know that this was all a trap against herself, she thought that today she was lucky to meet a wronged person and could develop into a long-term ATM.
So then she looked at He Lian with a flattering face and said, “Oh my, Sister Lian, it would be perfect for us to form a game of poker together, next month our family will also be moving into a villa in Townsend, my son-in-law’s villa is in A05!”
He Lian already knew that she had a villa in Thomson One, if it wasn’t for this villa, a cheat like her wouldn’t have come over to work with Qian Hongyan and pit Ma Lan’s little deposit.
This He Lian is over fifty years old and has been a dealer in the casinos in Macau for thirty years, and to say that she is a cheater, she is definitely one of the top ones, whether it’s all kinds of poker, or mahjong, pai gow, or sieve, she plays them all with aplomb.
This time, Qian Hongyan promised her that she would find the wrongdoer and do the killing game plate, and she would provide technical support and split the profits 50-50 afterwards.
So, Lan Ma, thinking that He Lian is an ATM, and He Lian is treating her like a big fat pig, is getting ready to split her in half and split the profits with Qian Hongyan in half!

Chapter: 583
We all have our own agendas and can’t wait to start this pig killing game.
So He Lian clapped her hands and greeted another woman, smiling and saying, “Come, this is Niu Guimin, also an old friend of mine, but also not playing very well, so let’s just start with the four of us!”
Marashi was also excited and said, “Okay, okay, let’s get started! Honestly, I’m getting itchy!”
He Lian smiled slightly and suggested, “Today is the first time we play mahjong with girl Ma Lan, let’s not play too big, let’s start with one thousand and cap it at sixty-four times.”
Ma Lan’s heart was shocked, off the cuff: “1,000 up, 64 times capped, this if Hu on a capped, a hand can be more than 60,000 yuan ah, do you guys usually play this big?”
He Lian smiled and waved his hand, saying, “Sister Ma Lan, is this still called big? To be honest, this is the smallest I’ve ever played, the other day when I played against others, they all started from 3,000, 5,000 or even 10,000.”
She said, pointing at Qian Hongyan who was sitting next to Ma Lan, “The last time Hongyan played with me from 5,000 up, I lost over a million in a little half a day, and Hongyan herself won over 300,000, right?”
Qian Hongyan hurriedly said, “Oh my, Sister Lian, you’re still too rich to remember how much you lost, last time you lost over two million, and I won over fifty, but the big bucks were all won by Gui Min!”
The woman named Niu Guimin laughed and said, “Oh my, I only won a little over a hundred that day, and this amount of money is not a drop in the bucket to Sister Lian.” Remember the URL
He Lian smiled and said, “Honestly this amount of money is really nothing, my husband easily earns several hundred million a year, and for me to lose thirty to fifty million in a game of poker is nothing to him.”
When Ma Lan heard this, she was already so excited.
This He Lian was simply a super innocent!
What’s more, he had Qian Hongyan to work with, so it would definitely be a big win when the time came!
Thus, Ma Lan immediately dispelled her doubts and worries from earlier and said with a smile, “No problem Sister Lian, then let’s start with a thousand.”
He Lian nodded and smiled and said, “Then I’ll start rolling the dice!”
“Yes!” Ma Lan rubbed her hands, already somewhat unable to hold back her excitement.
After He Lian rolled the dice, she immediately began to take the lead in taking the cards.
Soon, the four of them had set the first hand of cards straight.
Ma Lan tidied up the cards and was so excited!
You can’t stop luck!
I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to do that, but I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to do that.
So Lan Ma got excited and started hoping to touch a card she was in short supply of.
After a few rounds of not being able to touch a card, she thought of her agreement with Qian Hongyan and sent her a code for three of a kind.
Qian Hongyan also immediately understood her intentions and hurriedly played her a three bar.
“Three of a kind!”
“Gee, I’ll eat!” Mashiro was so happy that he got the three bars in front of himself and smiled and played a card, “Eight barrels!”
Afterwards, Mashi said proudly, “I heard the card!”
He Lian was surprised and asked, “No way sister, you’re hearing cards so soon?”
Mashi laughed and said, “Yeah, the cards are pretty smooth!”
He Lian nodded and said, “Then I hope I don’t light the gun.”
After saying that, she reached out and threw out a twenty thousand and said, “Twenty thousand!”

Chapter: 584
Ma Lan was overjoyed to see her throw out 20,000, and immediately pushed her cards and shouted, “Haha, I’ve got it! Clip twenty thousand!”
“Ouch!” He Lian said with deliberate chagrin, “Why is my hand so out of control, how did I get this card out!”
Ma Lan hurriedly said, “Hey Lian, we agreed a long time ago that this card would see the light of day and die, we can’t go back on our word!”
He Lian said, “Don’t worry, Sister Ma Lan, I’m not that kind of person, I’m the one who ordered the cannon for this one, the money will definitely not be missing for you.”
Qian Hongyan also helped out and said, “Yeah Ma Lan, playing a thousand mahjong is a small amount of money to Sister Lian! For fun, it’s mainly for a good time.”
He Lian had already handed twenty-four thousand yuan to Ma Lan at this time and said, “You’re twenty-four times right? A total of twenty-four thousand, you count it.”
Ma Lan’s entire body was excited, and after taking the money and roughly counting it, she put it aside excitedly and continued to play mahjong with them.
Subsequently, Ma Lan’s luck with cards was surprisingly good.
Basically, any hand of cards was surprisingly good.
With the help of Qian Hongyan on the side, Ma Lan was winning almost all the time. A second to remember to read the book
Three rounds of mahjong, Ma Lan had lost a total of two games, the other games had been winning, and in three rounds of mahjong, she had won over three hundred thousand!
She used to play mahjong and win at most ten thousand dollars, where had she seen so much money, and when she counted the money, she realized she had won over three hundred thousand dollars, and her whole eyes turned red with excitement!
At this time, when the cards were shuffled again, Qian Hongyan couldn’t help but cough softly when she saw that the fire was almost ready.
He Lian, who was sitting at the poker table, turned slightly pale and immediately knew that the time had come to close the net.
Feed the pig, then it was time to kill the pig!
Immediately afterwards, He Lian yawned and said, “Oh my, a thousand yuan mahjong game is so boring, I’m falling asleep, why don’t we play a bigger game to refresh me as well!”
Qian Hongyan smiled and said, “I can do it!”
Afterwards, looking to Mashi, he smiled and asked, “What do you think, Mashi?”
Ma Lan had no idea at this point that she had fallen into a trap, she felt that she was making over 300,000 so easily, if she played a little bigger, she would make over 3 million in a minute!
She who was in the midst of the fun, didn’t even think about what if she lost.
So she was very excited and said, “Okay, let’s play bigger then!”
He Lian nodded, stretched a lazy back, and said indifferently, “Then let’s hit 10,000! It’s really no fun to be too small.”
Afterwards, she added, “It doesn’t matter if you guys think it’s too big, I happen to have a neighbor who likes to play smaller mahjong, I can get her to take over for me and I’ll go upstairs and sleep for a while.”
“Ten thousand?” Marashi was stunned, wasn’t that a bit too big?
It might be possible to lose five or six hundred thousand in a single hand, it’s really scary.
At this time Qian Hongyan kept giving her a wink while smiling and said, “10,000 is fine, Ma Lan you are so lucky, if you really play 10,000, you will make 5 million today.”
Once she heard five million, all of Lan Ma’s sanity was gone.
If she didn’t agree, He Lian would probably have her neighbors come over and fight for her, so where would she go to find a wrongdoer to make a few million for herself?
So she nodded excitedly and said, “OK! Then hit 10,000!”
“OK!” said He Lian with a slight smile, “Come on, let’s begin! The money is too big, let’s just use mobile banking to transfer it, it’s convenient.”
The other three also agreed, saying, “Okay, let’s hit 10,000!”

Chapter: 585
After reaching a consensus, everyone started to grab the cards again.
After Ma Lan finished grabbing all the cards, she flipped up the clasped cards at once and tidied the deck in one smooth motion, and was on the verge of screaming out in excitement!
Her card, it’s a hearing!
What is meant by listening to the sky is that the cards have just been grabbed!
How lucky that must be to have such a good card!
Also, she won a very wanting hand, with a pair of 70,000-80,000 in her hand, winning 60,000 and 90,000.
Generally speaking, 10,000 and 90,000 in other people’s hands will definitely be played as long as they don’t hold a pair or a straight, which means that from now on, as long as someone plays a 90,000, he or she will be a winner!
And with such a sky-hearing card, you can get the highest multiplier by just calling listen!
With that in mind, she was so excited that she buttoned up all her cards and said excitedly, “I heard the cards!”
He Lian was surprised and said, “So powerful, Marashi girl, you heard from the sky right away?” First web site
“Right!” Ma Lan couldn’t help smiling and said, “I don’t know what’s wrong, but today’s hand is particularly good!”
He Lian nodded and said, “Looks like it’s destined to be your turn to win today.”
After finishing tallying the cards, Sitting He Lian directly flipped up the four cards and said, “Undercards!”
Ma Lan was surprised and said, “Oh my, Lian has a hidden kong right from the start, awesome!”
He Lian laughed, “You are not reading my other cards, they suck!”
Ma Lan reminded, “Right Lian, if you listen to the cards, the dark bar should be shown oh!”
“Of course!” He Lian nodded and said with a smile, “The hearing card will definitely be shown to you, don’t worry!”
Since Ma Lan had already called for a listening card, she couldn’t change her hand now, grabbing whatever she hit until she touched herself or someone clicked the gun.
But she didn’t know that at this point, the card He Lian concealed was 90,000!
And four cards of sixty thousand, Qian Hongyan and Niu Guimin each have two.
As Ma Lan was anxious to keep grabbing and playing, He Lian suddenly smiled and said, “Oh my, I also listen to the cards!”
After saying that, he smoothly turned over the four cards of his secret bar.
When Lan Ma looked at the four cards, she felt dizzy.
What bad luck!
He Lien’s bet is 90,000! No wonder I couldn’t catch 90,000 in the middle of the day, and no one was playing 90,000!
Frustrated, Marashi couldn’t help but think that although 90,000 were gone, 60,000 hadn’t produced one by now, which meant he still had a chance!
She was tempted to send a code to Qian Hongyan and ask her to give herself a sixty thousand.
However, when you think about it, the mahjong game that everyone plays is where the self-draw wins three and the firecracker wins one, so if you let Qian Hongyan play a 60,000-point firecracker, then Qian Hongyan won’t be able to give her money, so wouldn’t it be a waste of such a good hand?
She then decided that she would rely on herself or someone else to light the cannon for this one, not Qian Hongyan.
Sorry if Qian Hongyan had to fire a 60,000 count cannon herself!
When it was Ma Lan’s turn to grab the card, she just went up to touch it, and it felt like a ten thousand, she got excited, lifted it up and was disappointed again.
It was an eighty thousand.
Bad luck!
If it’s any smaller, just let yourself grab a 60,000 and you’ll be touching yourself!
In that case, $640,000 for a family, that’s nearly $2 million!
But Ma Lan also comforted herself with the fact that 80,000 was here, would 60,000 still be far away?
So, she casually punched out 80,000 and opened her mouth, “Eighty thousand!”

Chapter: 586
“Hu La!” He Lian pushed the cards down all at once and said excitedly, “I heard five hundred and eighty thousand, a clean, a doorway clean, and a dark kong, a total of forty-eight times, forty-eight times is forty-eight thousand, Ma Lan girl, sorry!”
Marashi fell like an ice cave!
A single point cannon and you counted 480,000?
You only won over 300,000 in half a day, and this one hand is all paid back not to mention that you took in another 100,000 or so….
That’s a hundred thousand or so!
Ma Lan felt so bad that her whole state of mind fell apart a bit.
Qian Hongyan, who was on the side, hurriedly advised her, “Oh my Ma Lan, how can you win all the time in a poker game, you’ve won so many games, it doesn’t matter if you lose one, you’ll come back again if you win one more!”
He Lian also smiled and said, “Yeah, it’s just a handful of cards, we’re going to play several more rounds today!”
Lan Ma was just a little more comfortable, but she was holding her breath to win back the money she had lost!
The game of cards continued. Remember the website
However, this next hand of cards, Marashi was even more devastated.
Flip it over and see what kind of broken cards it was!
It’s either missing one or a broken nine, and there’s a door missing, and a handful of tubes and strips, but not even a pair!
It would take at least seven or eight cards to hear a card like this….
Her entire body was about to collapse!
How do we fight this?
I’m guessing the others have already made a mahjong hand, and I haven’t gotten enough cards to get two decks out!
The other three people at the table, one by one, were all excited, as if the cards were good.
The first to hear the cards was Qian Hongyan.
Then there was He Lian, and Niu Guimin.
The first is that you will be able to get a good deal of money for your own personal use, and the second is that you will be able to get a good deal of money for your own use.
It’s not just a matter of time, it’s also a matter of time.
It’s not just a matter of time, but also a matter of time and money. I don’t suppose you all want this card, do you?”
Next to her, an excited Bullwinkle said, “Haha, I hu! Seven right!”
Qian Hongyan was a little embarrassed and said, “Hey, I’m also bearded! Little Sanyuan…”
He Lian laughed at this point and said, “Oh my, I’m also bearded, Thirteen!”
Ma Lan looked at the three cards and they all won Misfortune!
That’s three strikes in one shot yourself!
This is a disaster….
In this hand alone, Ma Lan had lost one hundred and eighty times that amount!
Ma Lan’s entire body had felt a spinning.
What was going on? All of a sudden, you’ve lost over two million dollars in two hands in a row!
Moreover, Ma Lan doesn’t have much money right now, all the deposits in her hand add up to over two million, and by this calculation, she still has at most two or three hundred thousand left….
Ma Lan wanted to cry, but Niu Guimin was already urging, “Sister Ma Lan, let’s settle the accounts first so we can continue with the next hand.”
Once she heard that she had to settle the bill, Ma Lan’s expression was very ugly, one hand was 1.8 million, how could she be willing to give it!
The other three exchanged a look at each other, or Qian Hongyan came out to persuade her and said, “Ma Lan, it doesn’t really matter if you lose two games, if you’re lucky, you’ll win it back with two more, if you stop playing now, then what you lose won’t really come back.”
She said, “The last time we played poker together, Gui Min also lost two or three million dollars, and won two million dollars on the last hand with a big four happy self touch, followed by another big three dollar self touch, and another two million dollars, all at once!”

Chapter: 587
Although Qian Hongyan tried to steady Ma Lan’s mind, Ma Lan’s mind was actually falling apart at this point!
To be frank, she was really good at playing mahjong, but the cards really stunk, she couldn’t afford to lose was the biggest problem, and what emotions all showed on her face.
For example, if she has a hand of fart whiskers, she can be excited for a day, but when her card happens to be stopped by someone else, she has to grimace, hating to eat the person alive.
The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the actual shoes you’ve been wearing for a while.
Ma Lan has never made any money in her life, and her husband is not capable, so it’s already rare for her to save two million or so.
In the beginning, when buying p2p finance, she almost lost everything, but thanks to Ye Chen, she was able to get it back with interest.
Later on, she also blackmailed her own lady daughter for more than 100,000 rent refunds, plus the money earned by Xiao Changkun pouring over antiques, adding up to this two million or so.
As a result, it was almost all lost in two hands….
He Lian saw that her face was green and deliberately provoked her by saying, “Maiden Ma Lan, do you still want to play? You’re not hurting for money, are you? It’s only two million, you can afford a large villa in Thomson, isn’t this amount of money just pocket money to you?”
“Play! Why not play!” Ma Lan’s face drew slightly and said, “This small amount of money is not a big deal, the main thing is to have a good time, let’s continue!” One second to remember to read the book
“Just for the joy of it! Money doesn’t count.” The other two followed suit.
At this point, Mashiro was completely unaware that the other three were not only cooperating with each other, but had already calculated her to death.
This automatic mahjong table could shuffle the cards directly according to a predetermined scheme.
Even the throwing of the dice could be controlled!
In this way, He Lian would be able to distribute the desired cards to everyone exactly as she wanted.
The last hand that Ma Lan got a card was a heavenly hearing, but 60,000 or 90,000 had already been divided among the other three, so Ma Lan’s cards were already a dead heat when they came up, and as long as the three of them didn’t light the gun, she would never win.
But Ma Lan didn’t know this.
Ma Lan was naturally confident after getting her heavenly hearing card, and in the end, although she didn’t win, she also felt that it was just a final shortfall of a critical one.
It was this kind of mentality that made her even more impulsive to wrestle.
Next, He Lian used her phone to control the mahjong machine and put a little water in Ma Lan.
Ma Lan won two hands in a row, both of which were very neat, but neither of them had any fancy cards, and the wins were just fart hugs.
So Ma Lan only won a total of 100,000 yuan in two hands, which was a drop in the bucket compared to what he lost!
Ma Lan’s mentality became even more unstable, losing two hands to lose over two million and winning two hands to win a hundred thousand was disgusting, right? Can’t you just let yourself play a couple of big games?
With that in mind, she gritted her teeth and prepared to fight these three to the death!
The card game continued.
The hand, as soon as Ma Lan played it, had three East, three West, three South and two North, while the other two were two red mediums.
Upon seeing this deck of cards, Ma Lan was stunned.

Chapter: 588
This deck is again a heavenly hearing, winning both the north wind and the red middle jack.
What’s more, if you get a north wind, that’s three of each from the southeast, northwest, and northwest, which is a big four-deuce!
Big Four Happiness can win the biggest number!
If you can touch a North Wind yourself, you’ll be back two million in one hand!
Thinking of this, she was so excited that she directly called to listen, and then started a strong touch of the north wind.
She felt that whether it was the north wind or the red middle, it was probably of little use to anyone else, and that the average person would definitely play it out after taking it, so even if she couldn’t touch it herself, she could at least wait for someone else to fire it.
However, where did she know that the card game was already done.
The north wind and red middle that she needed were all in Niu Guimin’s hand, which meant that, like the previous hand of heavenly hearing, her hand, once played, was a dead hand that she absolutely couldn’t win!
Ma Lan waited bitterly for Bei Feng and Red Zhong for several rounds, but then He Lian touched a card and just pushed it down, laughing, “Oops, I touched myself again! This time, it’s clear at the door, clear and right on the beard, forty-eight times in all!”
When Niu Guimin saw that she was touching six of her own, she hurriedly said, “Oh, Sister Lian, you’re the last six, I have three in my hand! You’re at the bottom of the sea!” First web site
“Geez, it’s really bottom of the ocean!”
He Lian clapped her hands happily, “Then add another eight times, a family of fifty-six times, that’s five hundred and sixty thousand.”
Ma Lan felt dizzy!
There are only 200,000 left in their bank cards, and they’ve lost 560,000 in this game.
Ma Lan couldn’t help but pull Qian Hongyan over and asked in a low voice, “Sister-in-law, to tell you the truth, I don’t have much money left, can you lend me some?”
I’m not sure if I’ve ever had a problem with this, but I’m not sure if I have.
The first time I saw you, I thought I’d go to a villa with my brother. Can I borrow a few hundred thousand without?”
Qian Hongyan sighed and said, “That money is all going to the dead old lady who wants to leave and fill the hole in the Xiao Clan!”
Ma Lan said anxiously, “What should we do, I don’t have enough money to pay for this! If I can’t keep fighting, what am I going to turn over a new leaf with!”
At that moment, He Lian said, “Sister Ma Lan, you’re not running out of money, are you? If you don’t want to play, then hurry up and settle the bill for this one.”
Ma Lan was so anxious that she compensated, “How could I not have money, I just didn’t bring that much, can I owe the debt for this hand first, when we finish playing this eight rounds, we’ll settle it together then.”
She felt that she had to find a way to win the money back today, if she didn’t play now, the two million would all be gone!
She had thought that He Lian, who was so rich and often lost millions at a time, should not care about money and be very easy to talk to, and should be able to agree to her request.
Who expected, He Lian suddenly turned cold and said sternly, “Sister Ma Lan, you can’t do that! In mahjong, it’s a win-lose game, so there’s no reason to owe. When I lost before, I could have given it to you right away, why do you want to go rogue now that you’ve lost?”
Said He Lian, “Besides, if you don’t take the money out and still play mahjong with us, isn’t that an empty glove? What if you win, but what if you lose and you don’t pay? What do we do?”
Ma Lan’s old face turned red and she couldn’t say anything.
He Lian looked at her like this and said with some contempt, “I’m willing to play with you because I heard from Hong Yan that you have a good poker game, if you’re not willing to pay to continue playing, then please settle this 560,000 first, it’s over for today, no more playing!”

Chapter: 589
Ma Lan had now completely fallen into the pit, she didn’t realize it was a trap and all she could think about was winning the money back.
So as soon as He Lian said she was done playing, Ma Lan immediately got excited and took off, “How can you just say you’re done playing? We were promised eight laps, and this is only three laps!”
He Lian helplessly said, “Sister, it’s not that I don’t want to play with you, the point is that you don’t have any money ah.”
After saying that, He Lian said, “How about this, I’ll take a step back, you first settle this hand, then we play smaller is always okay, right? Play a thousand, or play a hundred and I’ll play with you!”
“A thousand? A hundred?” Lan Ma was anxious and took off, “How can that be! Playing so small, how long will it take me to win it back?”
He Lian said helplessly, “Then if you want to continue playing with 10,000, you have to take out the money first before you can do so, otherwise I’ll stop playing, that’s the end of today.”
Qian Hongyan hurriedly sang a red face and said, “Sister Lian, it’s true that Ma Lan doesn’t have so much money in her hands, they are all friends, so give an accommodation…”
After saying that, she didn’t forget to give a wink at He Lian.
He Lian suddenly understood and said, “How about this, for the sake of Hongyan, if you don’t have cash, it’s fine to take other things of equal value as collateral.”
As soon as this was said, Ma Lanton was like grasping the last straw. Remember the URL
She hurriedly said, “The house I live in now, a three-bedroom, is worth a little over two million dollars, I’ll mortgage it to you, that’s always okay, right?”
“That’s okay!” Only then did He Lian smile with joy and say, “But you have to get the real estate license first, and then write a mortgage contract for me.”
Ma Lan took off, “Okay, you guys wait for me, I’ll go back and get the real estate contract!”
After saying that, Ma Lan hurriedly stood up and was about to leave.
He Lian hurriedly stopped her and said, “Hey hey hey, don’t be anxious sister Ma Lan, you haven’t paid me the five hundred and sixty thousand just now.”
Ma Lan looked at her mobile phone bank balance and found that there were only 260,000, so she said, “Sister Lian, I only have 260,000 here, I’ll transfer it to you, and the rest will be deducted from the mortgage money when I get my house book over, is that okay?”
“Fine is fine.” He Lian said, “Then write me an IOU for 300,000 before you leave, or if you leave and don’t come back, who am I going to get the 300,000 from? You think so?”
Marashi was only thinking about getting the house book quickly at this point and then continuing to fight them until they turned over a new leaf, so when she heard this, she nodded without hesitation and said, “Okay, I’ll give you an IOU.”
He Lian immediately brought a pen and paper, and Ma Lan wrote an IOU for three hundred thousand dollars in arrears on it, then pressed a fingerprint, before He Lian let her go.
As soon as Ma Lan left Tomson, she drove home in a hurry.
She calculated that her daughter must be busy in the company, and her husband and son-in-law must still be attending the class reunion, so she hurried back to get the books and come over again, and they will definitely not find out.
That way, she could also continue to fight them until she turned over a new leaf!
Soon, Ma Lan got the house book from her home and returned to that villa.
After getting the house book, He Lian immediately used her phone to search for second-hand house quotes of the same household type in this district and found that the lowest set of quotes was only 1.8 million, so she said with a business-like face: “Ma Lan sister, this household type of yours is only 1.8 million, and usually banks only recognize 90% of your market value for mortgages, so if you mortgage it, you can only mortgage 1.62 million. ”
Ma Lan just wanted to get on with the poker game quickly so she could turn over a new leaf, so she took off, “Then 1,620,000 will be pledged to you, I owe you 300,000, just pay me 1,320,000! Let’s continue the fight, what do you think?”
He Lian said, “That’s fine, but we have to draw up a mortgage contract, and in case you lose and don’t admit it, who do I care who gets the money, right?”
Lan Ma said impatiently, “Then hurry up, sign early and continue!”
Then, after she finished sorting out the contract and fingerprints with a few people from He Lian, He Lian transferred 1.32 million back to her from the mobile bank.
But she didn’t mind at all, because she knew that this 1.32 million was just a transfer to Ma Lan’s account, and it would come back again soon.
Ma Lan was now determined in her heart that this time, she would definitely get it all back, with interest!

Chapter: 590
Then she immediately went into the poker game.
But she never dreamed that in just half an hour, she would actually lose the 1.32 million as well!
Ma Lan was now completely red-faced, and the moment she lost all her money, she said with extreme reluctance, “Come, come, come again!”
He Lian said, “Sister, you don’t have any money now, again, if you lose again, what will you give back?”
“I…. I….”
Marashi didn’t know how to answer this question at once.
She was indeed exhausted.
All of the family’s savings had been lost into it, even the only home they had ever owned.
Now, he no longer had anything he could use as collateral.
However, He Lian was sharp-eyed and immediately recognized the emerald bracelet on her wrist, and said offhandedly, “Oh my, I think you have a nice bracelet!” One second to remember to read the book
“The bracelet?” Marashi looked down at her wrist and remembered that she had another valuable treasure!
This bracelet was a gift that the original Qin family’s head, Qin Zhenggang, had given to his son-in-law, Ye Chen, specifically in order to flatter that pretentious son-in-law of his.
Ye Chen gave this bracelet to his daughter, Xiao Choran, who stole it before she even wore it, and then blatantly lorded it over her and didn’t return it.
A bracelet is just a bracelet, but Ye Chen is fine with it, and Xiao Churan is too embarrassed to ask her mother for it, so this bracelet is always on her hand.
Ma Lan hurriedly took off the bracelet and handed it to He Lian, saying with red eyes, “This bracelet, but a fine old pit jade, five million when I bought it, how come you have to give me a mortgage of four million?”
He Lian received the bracelet and took a closer look at it.
This bracelet was indeed of the finest quality, old pit jade, and with seeds, very good stuff, five million wasn’t expensive.
However, she herself had been in the casino for many years, how to trap people and take advantage of the fire, she was simply an expert in the trade.
So she smiled, handed the bracelet back to Ma Lan and smiled, “Sister Ma Lan, this bracelet of yours is nice, but honestly, it’s not worth five million, it’s worth a few hundred thousand at most.”
“How is that possible!” Lan Ma said off the top of her head, “That’s what five million dollars buys, and I’ve seen the receipts!”
“What five million buys, may not really be five million sells ah.” He Lian laughed disdainfully, “The jade trade itself is extremely watery, ripping off the wrongdoer, you yourself are being ripped off, you never can come back and rip me off at this point, right?”
Saying that, He Lian added, “Let’s say, seeing as we have a good relationship, I’ll give you a mortgage of one million for this bracelet, maximum, if you’re willing to sign it, if not, forget it.”
Ma Lan was already gambling red and said out of the blue, “I’m willing!”
Qian Hongyan said at this time, “Oh my Ma Lan, why don’t we just forget about it today, you’re mortgaging this bracelet for a million, it’s probably only two or three handfuls before it’s gone, so why bother?”
When He Lian heard this, she also nodded and said, “Hong Yan is right, a million really doesn’t mean much, why don’t we make another appointment some other day?”
“No!” Lan Ma got anxious and blurted out, “You think I’m broke, don’t you? I’m telling you, I still have a villa at Thomson A05, it’s worth 130 million!”
Qian Hongyan hurriedly said, “Oh my, isn’t that villa someone’s Ye Chen’s? You can use it as collateral?”
Ma Lan got anxious and blurted out, “Of course I can! Why not? He’s my son-in-law, and if he dares to refuse then, I’ll die in front of him!”
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