The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 591-600

Chapter: 591
Qian Hongyan already knew that the villa in Townsend One was given to Ye Chen by Wang Zhenggang.
So, if you want to win this villa over from Ma Lan, then you have to force Ma Lan to be anxious first.
Once Ma Lan was anxious and forced to die when the time came, Ye Chen definitely couldn’t sit idly by.
At that time, there would be a great chance to get that villa.
So Qian Hongyan said to Ma Lan, “You’ve lost so much, I think it’s hard for you to win back 10,000 times, so why don’t we raise the price up? How about 50,000? Anyway, you have a villa to pocket, so this amount of money is nothing, but if the cards are lucky, you can win back all the money you lost in two games!”
Ma Lan had now lost her mind and just wanted to get all the money back quickly, and as soon as she heard that, she nodded her head and said off the top of her head, “Then hit 50,000!”
He Lian said, “You don’t have the title to that villa in your hand?”
Lan Ma said, “It doesn’t matter, it’s my son-in-law’s is mine!”
He Lian shook her head, “Without a real estate license, there’s no way to mortgage too much money, because it’s risky for me.”
Saying that, she stretched out five fingers and said, “How about this, you sign an agreement for me, you mortgage your villa to me, I can lend you a total of fifty million, I will give you five million each time, and I will give you more when you lose it all.” First URL
Lan Ma nodded and said, “Fifty million is fifty million, fifty million is enough for me to get my money back!”
He Lian smiled slightly and said, “That’s fine, sign the agreement and let’s continue!”
Lan Ma signed without hesitation, using Thompson’s villa as collateral, and borrowed He Lian’s five million first.
As a result, she loses all five million in just three rounds of mahjong for fifty thousand!
He Lian smiled at this time and said, “Oh don’t worry, there’s still 45 million left, I’ll transfer you another five million!”
Then, the five million that he just won was transferred to Ma Lan’s mobile phone bank.
As a result, the second 5 million was lost again in a short while.
Ma Lan’s entire body was about to collapse.
In the blink of an eye, she had lost her two million dollar deposit, her house, and the entire ten million dollars that she had mortgaged for Ye Chen’s Townsend Villa….
Gambling itself is a psychological black hole, once you fall in, it’s hard to climb out and will gradually be swallowed by the black hole.
A lot of people get involved in gambling, and it’s hard to get to shore for the rest of their lives, because they can’t control the psychology and state of mind that they fall into.
People like Ma Lan is not exempt.
She is now completely gambling red-eyed and only wants to keep gambling and turn over a new leaf no matter what.
However, she was like a lamb to the slaughter in this carefully planned card game, with no possibility of turning back.
One after another, five million dollars came and went, and she lost.

Chapter: 592
The five million itself was Ma Lan’s two million, plus the two million that Qian Hongyan took out as bait, repeatedly lending it to Ma Lan and winning it back, lending it to her and winning it back, and in one afternoon’s work, the fifty million from the mortgaged villa was all lost as well.
He Lian told Ma Lan, saying, “I’m so sorry, sister Ma Lan, but you’ve lost all the fifty million.”
Ma Lan is going crazy and says, “My villa is worth over 100 million, you can’t just give me 50 million. You give me another fifty million and I’ll pledge one hundred million!”
“I’m sorry.” He Lian smiled slightly and said, “We’ve written it down in black and white, it’s just fifty million in total, according to our agreement, you have three days to raise the money, if you raise the money, it’s fifty million plus five million in interest, a total of fifty-five million, when you pay it back, the villa won’t have to be mortgaged to me, but if you can’t come up with fifty-five million, then sorry! , the villa is mine.”
Ma Lan blurted out, “No, that villa is not mine, it’s my son-in-law’s, my word doesn’t count!”
At this time, Ma Lan felt that no matter what, she couldn’t lose the villa in, because this villa was Ye Chen’s, once she asked Ye Chen for it, her daughter and husband would know, and then they would all know that she had lost so much money, lost the house and lost the villa.
So she hurriedly said to He Lian, “Sister Lian, you’ve already won me over two million cash and a house, so let me go of this villa, you’ve already earned so much by winning so much.”
Upon hearing this, He Lian’s face changed and she changed to another face and said coldly, “Ma Lan, you can’t afford to play and want to cheat, right? Do you really think I, He Lian, am easy to bully, if you don’t return the money today, don’t blame me for turning my back on you!”
Ma Lan hurriedly cried out, “Sister Lian, please, the villa really isn’t mine, I really can’t give it to you!”
He Lian was indifferent and said with a cold face, “I’m telling you, don’t talk this useless nonsense to me, you either have to pay back the money or give me the villa, or else I’ll have my nephew collect the debt from you!” Remember the URL
Said He Lian, “My nephew is a Daoist, if you don’t pay him back, watch out that he’ll chop your hands off!”
Ma Lan cried bitterly and said, “Even if you kill me, I won’t be able to take out fifty-five million ah Sister Lian…”
Saying that, she hurriedly went to beg Qian Hongyan and said, “Sister-in-law, say something nice for me, isn’t Sister Lian your friend? Don’t you care about money, Sister Lin? Let her let me go this time, please…”
Qian Hongyan said helplessly, “I’m sorry ah Ma Lan, I really can’t help you with this, after all, you’ve lost too much money.”
Although her mouth said so, Qian Hongyan’s heart was simply going to be so happy!
Ma Lan, the stinking bitch, let you show off your wealth in front of me, and you dare to mock me? Now do you see what happens when you offend me? Your savings, your house, your son-in-law’s villa, it’s all mine!
From now on, you Mashi will have nothing!
When Ma Lan saw that it was no use begging her, she hurriedly kneeled in front of He Lian, hugged He Lian’s leg and cried out, “Sister Lian, if you are so rich, don’t force me to die, okay? I really can’t come up with that much money!”
He Lian stomped her away in disgust and said in disgust, “Don’t play this game with me, why didn’t you say you’d give a little back when you won the money? Now that you’ve lost your own money, let me forgive you tens of millions of dollars in debt, where do you get the face?”
Ma Lan was stirred to the ground and hurriedly got up again, crying, “Sister Lian, I really don’t have that much money to give you!”
He Lian hugged her shoulders and said coldly, “Then have your son-in-law come over and transfer the villa to me!”
Ma Lan hurriedly said, “No, then our whole family would know, my husband would have to divorce me….”
He Lian looked at Ma Lan with cold eyes and said, “Ma Lan, you want to deny it, don’t you? Fine, just wait, I’ll call my nephew right now and tell him to come over, if you don’t pay me what you owe me today, or give me the villa, I’ll immediately have him beat you half to death!”

Chapter: 593
At this moment, He Lian had revealed her original form.
The pig-killing plate had officially entered the finishing stage.
Ma Lan saw that He Lian was now completely looking like a money-grubber, where was the shadow of the rich woman from earlier?
She then suddenly realized that she might have been cheated.
Looking at Qian Hongyan again, she also increasingly felt that something was wrong.
Why would she take the initiative to come and apologize to herself today, and then invite herself to play mahjong?
Could it be that she was involved in all of this?
And this Ho Lin!
Doesn’t she know how to play mahjong?
Why did she win herself so much money! One second to remember to read the book
Thinking about it, she suddenly realized that she had probably fallen for it!
She angrily pointed at Qian Hongyan and took off, “Surnamed Qian, you shameless dog, you actually conspired with others to set up a trap for me!”
Qian Hongyan was stunned and said somewhat unnaturally, “Ma Lan what are you talking about, you lost money and then said that I screwed you? You didn’t see that I even lost money today!”
Ma Lan was furious and scolded, “You’re not acting with me here! Why didn’t you give me a hand of cards when you said you’d give me a secret sign before?”
Qian Hongyan said with a dodgy expression, “What did you say? I don’t understand at all, so you’d better hurry up and give the money back to Lian, and stop talking to me about this useless stuff here!”
He Lian also looked at Ma Lan with cold eyes and said, “Surnamed Ma, I’m telling you, hurry up and pay back the money or take out the villa, don’t toast and eat the punishment!”
Ma Lan shrew’s energy came up, pushing the mahjong on the table hard to the ground, cursing, “You bastards teamed up to cheat me, I won’t give a penny of this money!”
He Lian frowned tightly, “No give, right? Well, wait, I’m calling my nephew over!”
After saying that, He Lian immediately pulled out her cell phone and called over.
As soon as Ma Lan heard that her nephew was a gangster and still wanted to call, she became anxious and shouted, “Don’t, don’t, don’t! There’s something to discuss, Lian!”
He Lian didn’t pay any attention to him.
The phone was quickly connected, and she opened her mouth and said, “Great nephew, someone owes me tens of millions of dollars and won’t pay it back, come over and get the money back, and then my aunt will buy you a BMW.”
As soon as this was said, an angry voice came from the other end of the phone, “What? Aunt Yee, who dares not pay back your debts? I guess she doesn’t want to work in the Jinling anymore, huh? Where are you, I’ll bring someone over right away and see what I’ll do to her!”
He Lian hurriedly said, “Fine, fine! I’m at Thompson C11, so come on over!”
When she hung up the phone, she looked at Ma Lan proudly and said with a sneer, “My nephew will be here soon, I advise you to think of a way to raise the money or have your son-in-law transfer the villa to me, otherwise, when he comes, be careful not to eat it all!”
At this time, Ma Lan’s heart was filled with remorse and wanted to slap herself immediately.
How come I was so obsessed with money that I had to promise Qian Hongyan to come over and play mahjong with these rich women?
This is great, not only did he put his entire fortune into it, he also mortgaged Ye Chen’s villa into it!
What if Ye Chen wasn’t willing to use his villa to pay off his debts for himself….
Thinking of this, Ma Lan’s heart was in despair.
Just at this time, the sound of hurried footsteps suddenly came from outside.
After that, a burly man stepped through the door, while behind him followed a dozen of his men, all of them were five big and cold-looking, and they were not good people at a glance.

Chapter: 594
As soon as he entered the door, the man sank his face and asked in a cold voice, “Damn it, who dares to owe my second aunt money and not pay it back?”
He Lian immediately pointed at Ma Lan and said, “Hua Qiang, that’s her!”
The person who came was her great nephew, He Huaqiang.
He Huaqiang’s icy gaze, fell on Ma Lan’s body and said, “Good, it’s just that you owe money no or right? Do you know who I am, do you not want to hang out in Jinling anymore?!”
Lan Ma was scared out of her wits and said in a trembling voice, “I…. I really don’t have any money…”
He Lian said coldly, “Cut the crap with me, if you don’t have any money, take out the villa and we’ll be even!”
Marashi broke down and shouted, “I have no money! I’m so broke! I don’t have that much money if you kill me!”
He Huaqiang stepped forward, directly grabbed Ma Lan’s hair and slapped her hard in the face with a slap.
The smack caused Ma Lan’s cheeks to be red and swollen and her nose to bleed.
Ma Lan sat on the ground screaming in a mess, and He Huaqiang smacked her again, cursing, “Damn it, if you keep whining, I’ll rip your mouth off!” First web site
Ma Lan was so frightened that she immediately shut her mouth and looked at He Huaqiang, not even daring to breathe.
He Huaqiang kicked Ma Lan to the ground, stepping on her face and stomping her to death, and asked in a cold voice, “I’ll ask you again, will you still not give me back the money?”
Ma Lan was in excruciating pain from the beating and cried and wailed, “Sister Lian, for the sake of us being friends, spare me this time!”
He Lian frowned, “I’ve only met you this once, so I’m not really a friend, besides, what kind of friend can get you out of fifty-five million dollars of debt?”
He Huaqiang, who had trampled Ma Lan under his feet, also threatened, “Old thing, want to cheat? Have you seen my brothers? Later, let them take turns serving you, and then give you a video, I see your age, should be just like a wolf like a tiger, your husband is afraid that it is difficult to meet you, right? Let a dozen boys give you a good time today!”
Mashiroton was scared out of his wits!
She begged bitterly, “Sister Lian, look at this, I’ll give my son-in-law a call and ask him to come over with the villa’s house book, just let me go….”
But she had seen clearly, these dozen people standing in front of her, all of them were tattooed, and all of them were fierce and vicious, all of them were daoists.
This kind of people, she couldn’t afford to mess with!
If we continue to carry on like this, I’m afraid we’ll really be beaten half to death, or forced to make that kind of video….
It seems that we can only let Ye Chen come over to save ourselves!
He Huaqiang smiled coldly at this point and said, “Calling is fine, but you’re not going to have someone call the police for you, are you?”
“Absolutely not!” Marashi said evenly, “Can’t I fight in front of you guys?”
He Huaqiang said with a cold face, “Before you make the call, take off all your clothes so I can take a 360-degree video without any dead ends, and if you dare to call the police in the future, or play any other cautious trick, I’ll post your video on the Internet!”
Marashi was struck by lightning!
And a video?
You’re over 50 years old and these people are still making videos of themselves?
If this video gets out, do you still want your old face?
And, by taking this video yourself, you are basically handing over your biggest leverage to the other side.
With this as a blackmail, you are a puppet at the mercy of others.
If you dare not return the money, or call the police, the other party can totally publish this video and make yourself the laughingstock of the entire Jinling!
This video can’t be made, no matter what you say!

Chapter: 595
At the thought of this, Ma Lan couldn’t help but cry old tears, a powerful sense of humiliation, came to her heart.
She cried and begged, “Please don’t make a video for me, I will honestly call my son-in-law and call, right now, in front of you! Tell him to come here now with the book! Not one more word of nonsense!”
He Huaqiang didn’t buy her account and looked at her coldly, “My Ah Qiang’s rule of doing things is this, everything is just in case, today this video, you have to shoot it or not!”
If you take off your clothes voluntarily, then we’ll all be fine, but if you don’t cooperate, then I’ll let my men play a game of tyranny on you!”
He said, looking Ma Lan up and down, with a lewd smile on his face, “Right, I forgot to tell you, now the Japanese like to buy films from China, a woman like you should fit the Japanese market, I’ll sell the videos to Japan, maybe you’ll become a celebrity.”
Ma Lan almost fainted in fright, and when she heard this, she didn’t dare to bargain anymore, and immediately shed tears of humiliation, “Isn’t it enough for me to cooperate? I will definitely cooperate…”
He Huaqiang nodded and kicked Ma Lan, snapping, “Get in the house and take off yourself!”
Ma Lan was kicked and crawled to the next bedroom, laying on the bed, crying as she took off her clothes.
The moment she took off her clothes, Ma Lan burst into tears, her whole body incomparably broken.
She only felt that she had lost all of her face in her life. Remember the website ´╝Ä
He Huaqiang smirked and pulled out his cell phone as he took a picture, “Yes, I didn’t think you’d have quite the body for an old woman!”
Ma Lan covered her face and sobbed, but there was no way to cry, He Huaqiang had no sympathy for her.
In fact, He Lian had already arranged everything, and when He Lian played mahjong with Ma Lan, he waited outside the villa area with his brothers, just waiting for a call from He Lian, and then came in to use, force to force Ma Lan into submission!
When the video was finished, He Huaqiang walked out with a tearful Ma Lan and said in a cold voice, “Okay, now call your family right away and tell them to come over and pay back the money, or else I’ll send the video to the group and let everyone open their eyes!”
Lan Ma immediately nodded and said in a panic, “I’ll call my son-in-law…”
Although she despised Ye Chen ten thousand times in her heart, but at this time, the only one who could save herself was Ye Chen.
He Huaqiang took her video and didn’t worry about her playing tricks, saying indifferently, “Hurry up and let him come over, or you’ll die a miserable death!”
Ma Lan didn’t dare to play tricks, so she immediately took out her phone and dialed Ye Chen.
Ye Chen was on the tenth floor of the Splendid Clubhouse at this time, watching Xiao Changkun and a group of students drinking tea, eating snacks, singing, chatting and reminiscing about the past, but he also felt that the relationship between these old men was quite enviable.
Just at this time, he suddenly heard his cell phone ringing, picked it up, and found that it was his mother-in-law, Ma Lan.
He couldn’t help but be a little curious, his mother-in-law rarely took the initiative to call him unless there was a pitfall to find him, like that time she was cheated by p2p and insisted he go over to help shout slogans to collect the debt.
The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the company’s website and make sure you are aware of what you are doing.
So he walked out of the 1008 box, answered the phone and asked, “Mom, do you have something?”
Ma Lan’s anxious voice immediately came over, “Ye Chen, Mom lost some money playing mahjong, and now they won’t let me leave, you have to come and save Mom!”
“Uh…” Ye Chen had a big head for a while, so he said, “Mom, I don’t have much money left, just 10,000 or 20,000, is that enough?”
Ma Lan didn’t know how much money Ye Chen had, and even though Ye Chen was rich, he didn’t want to spend it on Ma Lan, so he purposely pretended to be poor and said a number of 10,000 or 20,000.

Chapter: 596
Lan Ma got out of her mouth at this point and said, “Ye Chen, Mom doesn’t want your money.”
Ye Chen was a bit stunned, what the hell? Don’t want your own money? Since when is a mother-in-law a person?
He was surprised when Ma Lan’s next sentence almost made him so angry that he spat blood.
Only Ma Lan said, “Ye Chen, just bring over the villa house book that Wang Zhenggang gave you!”
“What?!” Ye Chen blurted out, “Mom, do you know how much the market price of that villa is? $130 million! Don’t tell me you can lose a hundred million dollars playing mahjong with some old ladies at a mahjong parlor!”
Ma Lan choked up all of a sudden and said, “Not up to one hundred million, lost a total of sixty million, and still owe people fifty-five million…”
Afterwards, Ma Lan said, “My good son-in-law, you must bring the house book to save Mom, if you don’t save Mom, Mom will be dead this time.”
Ye Chen blurted out, “Mom, this villa is worth 130 million, and you’re going to give it away for 55 million?”
The first thing that I want to do is to find a way to get the money to pay for the house. You’ll only be able to come with Choran to collect Mom’s body then!” One second to remember to read the book
Immediately after, a man’s voice came from the other side of the phone, saying, “You’re Ma Lan’s son-in-law, right, hurry up and get over here with the house book, or your mother-in-law won’t leave this villa today!”
Ye Chen frowned and asked, “Who are you?”
The other party immediately snapped, “You don’t have the right to know who I am, all you need to know is that your mother-in-law owes fifty-five million dollars, and if you don’t pay up, you’ll be waiting to collect her body!”
Said the other, “Oh yeah, your mother-in-law just took off all her clothes and let me make a high definition video, if you don’t save her, when she dies, this video will be all over town!”
Ye Chen was on fire all of a sudden!
I don’t care if you beat Ma Lan, call Ma Lan names, or even strong Ma Lan or kill Ma Lan, I might even have to thank you.
But the fact that you made that kind of video for her and had to spread it all over the city, that’s just fucking unbearable!
Because Ye Chen was worried that if his wife, Xiao Choran, saw such a video, wouldn’t she die of grief!
She was such a kind girl that she had spent all of her own private money to help save Auntie Li from the orphanage, and had even cried a few times!
Even at Old Madam Xiao’s birthday banquet, she begged for Old Madam Xiao on her own behalf for Auntie Li, withstanding the ridicule and pressure of her entire family.
If her own mother, Ma Lan, was killed and that kind of video was still circulated everywhere after her death, it would be a fatal blow to her and she would probably be in immense pain for the rest of her life!
It was true that he didn’t care about Ma Lan’s death, but he cared about Xiao Chu Ran!
All these years, Xiao Choran and herself had always been respectful to each other, the world looked down on her, and she had never disliked her.
She had even continued to help and encourage herself, and it was still too late for her to repay such kindness, how could she be hurt again?
When he thought of that, he immediately said to the man, “Don’t hurt my mother-in-law, it’s just a villa, right? Just send it to you, just give me an address and I’ll come over now with the house book!”

Chapter: 597
As soon as the other party heard this, he immediately said, “Townsend One Villa C11, bring your own house book over here, and if you dare to call the police, I’ll kill your mother-in-law!”
Ye Chen gave a hmmm and said indifferently, “Okay, I’ll send it over.”
Hanging up the phone, Ye Chen returned to the box, greeted Xiao Changkun and said, “Dad, I have to go out beforehand, you guys continue to play, anything you need, feel free to tell the waiter, it’s all on Hongwu’s account.”
“Good.” Xiao Changkun nodded, patted Ye Chen’s shoulder and said, “My good son-in-law, thank you so much for today, if it wasn’t for you, Dad would have been disgraced today.”
Ye Chen smiled slightly, “Dad, I didn’t know until today that you’ve actually had a hard time over the years, and I, the son-in-law, should help you earn some face!”
Xiao Changkun was touched and nodded his head repeatedly, while at the same time sighing long and hard.
Ye Chen didn’t say anything more to him, getting up and heading out with a step.
He didn’t go home to get the book of the house, but directly stopped a taxi and headed straight to Tomson’s.
On the way, he gave Hongwu a phone call.
As soon as the call came through, Hongwu asked respectfully, “Master Ye, what do you want?” First web site
Ye Chen said, “Bring someone with me to go to Tang Chen Yi Pin, my mother-in-law lost more than 60 million in a mahjong game, and now she is being held hostage, I feel that something is not right about this, it’s eighty percent that someone has set up a trap, you and I will go over there to see what’s going on.”
After hearing this, Master Hong Fifth was furious!
Damn it, in Jinling, someone was ungrateful and set a trap for Master Ye’s mother-in-law?
This is a fucking death wish, right?
So, he immediately said, “Master Ye, I’ll immediately bring someone over to meet you and cut down that group of bastards!”
Soon, Ye Chen arrived at Thompson’s and found the villa where his mother-in-law was.
After knocking on the door, he saw in the living room, more than a dozen thugs were surrounding Ma Lan, who was not well-dressed, and her whole face was red and swollen.
In addition, there were two middle-aged women that Ye Chen didn’t know, and if you looked more closely, even Qian Hongyan was here.
Ye Chen was stunned, this person, why was she also here?
Qian Hongyan was slightly guilty when she saw Ye Chen, but she soon calmed down quite a bit.
She felt, it’s not like your mother-in-law lost money to me, I’m just watching the fun, what can you do to me?
At this time, when Ma Lan saw him coming, she burst into old tears and wailed, “Ye Chen, my good son-in-law, why did you only come ah, mom was waiting for you to die!”
Ye Chen looked at his mother-in-law, who was in front of him, and asked, “Mom, how did you lose more than 60 million in a game of mahjong?”
“How did I know I was so backhanded?”
The first thing I noticed was that I was not a good match for you, but I was a good match for you,” she said.
Saying that, Ma Lan said again with an angry face, “I suspect these people are deliberately teaming up to screw me out of my money!”
Ye Chen sneered and said, “Don’t doubt it, they’re just trying to trap you.”
He Lian spoke out at this time, “Hey, don’t speak in blood! We’re in a voluntary game of mahjong, and who’s to blame for your mother-in-law’s bad luck in losing a little more?”
He Huaqiang, who was on the other side, spoke out, “Second Aunt, what are you wasting your words with him, I’ll talk to him!”
Saying that, he looked at Ye Chen and said in a cold voice, “Quickly call out the house book and write a voluntary transfer statement, otherwise, neither you nor your mother-in-law will be able to leave alive today!”
Ye Chen faintly nodded his head and said, “I didn’t bring my house book over.”
When Ma Lan heard this, she became anxious!
Her face turned pale, her whole body was on fire, and she took off, “Ye Chen, you want to kill me! Didn’t I tell you to bring the book and save me! You don’t have ears?”
Ye Chen said indifferently, “I’m sorry, I promised Choran that I would bring her to move there when this house is renovated next month, I can’t break my promise to her.”
Ma Lan cursed, “Are you trying to get Choran to bring Hsiao to live in that villa for me? If you don’t take out the villa, I’m dead!”
Ye Chen said indifferently, “With me here, you can’t die.”

Chapter: 598
“With you?!” Ma Lan was furious and cursed, “Can’t you see that there are more than a dozen people? If you want to die, don’t drag me down, okay!”
At this time, He Huaqiang’s eyes stared at Ye Chen in a bad way, and with a cold smile, he asked, “Kid, I asked you to bring your house book and you don’t bring it, how dare you play me? Do you believe you’re going to die here yourself?”
Ye Chen said indifferently, “I’ll only give you one chance to live, you answer my question properly and I’ll spare your life, listen carefully, who did this game today?”
He Hua Qiang laughed out loud, “It’s damn funny, you’re alone in my territory and you dare to threaten me? You’ve got a lot of nerve! Tired of living?”
Ye Chen smiled slightly and asked him, “Which is your territory?”
He Huaqiang stomped his foot and said in a cold voice, “This villa is Laozi’s territory!”
Ye Chen nodded and asked with a smile, “Do you know, then, where my territory is?”
He Huaqiang despised the question, “What? You want to play Pando with me? OK, tell me, where’s your place?”
Ye Chen said calmly, “The entire Jinling is my territory!”
“Grass!” He Huaqiang cursed angrily, “Playing tricks on me? Jinling is your turf? Do you think Master Hung works for a living? Let me tell you, my big brother is the godson of the Fifth Master, and no one in Jinling can mess with me!” Remember the URL
“Even if Hongwu is here, he will kneel before me, what are you?”
Ye Chen grinned, held out a finger and said to him, “Last chance, tell me honestly, who set this up today?”
“I Nima…” He Huajiang was furious, “If you dare to disrespect Master V, I’ll fucking kill you!”
As soon as the words left his mouth, He Huaqiang felt his right hand suddenly being clutched by a strong force!
When he looked up, Ye Chen had a death grip on his right wrist.
At this time, Ye Chen said with a sardonic smile, “Come, I’ll give you a ‘Twelve Rattles’.”
He Huaqiang subconsciously got out of his mouth, “What twelve rings?!”
Ye Chen suddenly grabbed his right thumb and broke it slightly backwards….
With a “click” sound, the thumb broke straight backwards!
He Huaqiang’s finger was suddenly broken, and he cried out in pain.
Ye Chen smiled calmly at this time and said, “This is the first ring.”
Saying that, he grabbed his right index finger and snapped it off again with force!
There was another “click” sound.
Ye Chen smiled and said, “This is the second sound.”
He Huaqiang’s entire body was about to collapse in pain, his head and face full of cold sweat, he hysterically yelled to his younger brothers behind him, “Damn it, cut him down!”
As soon as the words fell, Ye Chen broke the index finger of his right hand again….
Ye Chen smiled and said, “Here, this is the third ring!”
“Ah, fuck I’m hurting so bad…. Quickly cut him down!”
More than a dozen little brothers had now drawn their machetes and swarmed over.
Ye Chen still didn’t change his face.
Just a dozen or so small thugs were nothing in front of him.
Thus, he continued to break off He Huaqiang’s ring finger.
Ho Wah Keung’s fourth finger, broken in response to the sound!
At this time, the dozen or so shining machetes were also hanging in front of Ye Chen!

Chapter: 599
He Huaqiang’s four fingers had been continuously broken, and he had almost passed out from the pain.
However, he was immediately overjoyed when he saw that his little brothers had swung their swords to the front!
You snapped my finger? Then I’ll let the boys chop off all your fingers!
Ye Chen didn’t care, just a dozen or so punks, it was not enough.
Just as he was about to make his move, a furious shout suddenly came from the door, “All of you fucking stop! Whoever dares to touch Master Ye will be hacked to death on the spot!”
A dozen punks looked up and almost pissed their pants!
Master Hung!
It’s the underground emperor of Jinling, Master Hung!
What’s he doing here?
At this time, Hong Wu, with his best men, this group of men each with a gun, is not comparable to the ordinary small gangsters. A second to remember to read the book
When these gun-toting men came in, they immediately pointed their guns at the gang of knife-wielding thugs, frightening them so much that they all dropped their knives on the ground one by one.
One of the boys was so frightened that he poofed to his knees and cried, “Fifth Master, spare my life!”
The moment he knelt down, the others all knelt down.
They were nothing more than a bunch of bottom feeders, and were like ants in front of Master Hong Fifth, so naturally they were scared to death.
He Huaqiang was also scared silly.
What was going on?
Why is Fifth Master here?
Hong Wu had already walked quickly to Ye Chen at this time and spoke out of turn, “Master Ye, I’m sorry, Hong Wu is late!”
Ye Chen waved his hand and said, “First, let your men, lock these little minions in the room.”
Hong Wu immediately nodded and had a few of his minions lock the gang into the next room.
Then, Ye Chen looked at the pale He Huaqiang and said with a smile, “We agreed on twelve chimes, now it’s only four, let’s continue!”
Saying that, he directly broke He Huaqiang’s right little finger….
He Huaqiang cried out in pain.
Hong Wu at the side spoke up, “Master Ye, it’s not a good idea to waste this effort with this kind of minion, simply leave it to me, I’ll take it to the dog farm and let my dozen or so Tibetan Mastiffs just rip him apart alive!”
He Huaqiang was blinded and took off, “Fifth Master, Fifth Master, it’s all a misunderstanding! I’m Willie’s little brother!”
“Willie?” Hong Wu frowned, “You’re with Wai Chai?”
He Huaqiang nodded his head repeatedly and cried, “Wai Chai is my big brother, so much so that I am your disciple, Fifth Master!”
Hong Wu stared at him intently and asked, “Then do you know whose disciple I am?”
He Hua Qiang subconsciously said, “Master Five you are the underground king of the Jinling, of course you are no one’s disciple…”
Hong Wu slapped him in the face, pointed at Ye Chen, and said to him, “I’m Master Ye’s disciple!”
Disciples were not even considered junior disciples.
For example, the Hung Sect, with one head of the Hung Sect, dozens of crowds of hall masters, hundreds of crowds of red sticks, and tens of thousands of junior disciples below, these junior disciples below were the disciples of the head of the Hung Sect.
The famed Hung Fifth Master, however, said that he was a disciple of this young man, which meant that he was extremely humble before this young man!
Hoover is trembling with fear at this chain of relationships!
What’s going on here?
The second aunt has sent herself to figure out an old woman, to find that old woman’s son-in-law to ask for a villa, but she didn’t expect the other party to be Hung Ng’s boss!
He Lian, who was also frightened and weak in the knees, stared at Qian Hongyan with a pale face and questioned in a low voice, “Who exactly are the people you have offended? Are you trying to get me killed?!”
Qian Hongyan was also in a daze.
Knowing that Ye Chen seemed to have fooled a few awesome people with feng shui, but I never thought it would be this powerful!
Ma Lan was a bit dumbfounded at this point, Boy, what a bullish son-in-law I have! Fooling all these big names and still no thunderstorm? It does have two brushes….

Chapter: 600
He Huaqiang had been scared and trembling, he slurred his words and said to Ye Chen, “Master Ye I was wrong, I was all fooled by my second aunt, she was the one who said she would set up a trap to trap your mother-in-law, I was completely used by her ah….”
Ye Chen directly threw a slap and smacked him hard in the face, coldly saying, “Twelve rings before it’s over, if you dare to say one more word, I’ll let Hongwu break you into a hundred pieces!”
He Huaqiang was confused by Ye Chen’s fierce gaze and immediately shut his mouth.
Ye Chen then looked at his right hand, which had broken five fingers, and said indifferently, “The right hand is still one ring away, come on, get ready.”
After saying that, he grabbed his wrist and gave it a fierce push!
Ho Wah Keung’s right wrist is completely cracked!
He Huaqiang’s legs went weak in pain and poofed onto his knees.
He wanted to beg for mercy, but when he thought of what Ye Chen had just said, he didn’t dare to say another word.
However, the excruciating pain had already made him about to collapse. The first website
But then Ye Chen said, “Twelve rings, it’s only just past six rings, and there are still six more to go.”
After saying that, he bent down and grabbed He Huaqiang’s left hand.
He Huaqiang looked at Ye Chen with tears streaming down his face, not daring to speak, so he used his pitiful eyes and panicked head shaking to beg for forgiveness from Ye Chen.
Ye Chen gave him a cruel smile.
Then, grabbing his left thumb, he faintly said, “Come, the seventh ring!”
He Huaqiang was trembling with pain!
Ye Chen didn’t give him a chance to respond and continued, “Come, the eighth ring!”
He Huaqiang had been on the verge of passing out from the pain.
However, the ninth ring reawakened him.
The Ye Chen at this time, in his eyes, was as terrifying and cruel as a hellish Shura!
Ye Chen patted his face and smiled faintly, “There are still four more clicks, don’t miss it.”
Immediately after that, there was another click!
Even Master Hong V’s liver trembled at the sight of this blunt-force disciplinary method!
“And three rings!”
He Lian was already paralyzed with fear at this time.
She could vaguely realize that after her nephew had endured Ye Chen’s twelve strikes, the unlucky one would be herself….
Qian Hongyan tried to slip away quickly, but she was quickly brought back by one of Hong Wu’s younger brothers, who had a gun to his head, and was then kicked to the ground.
The black muzzle of the gun to her head scared her to death.
By this time, He Huaqiang had already endured eleven shots.
At this point, both of his hands and ten fingers were as limp and weak as beanstalks hanging down from a vine, and none of his ten fingers were still able to move.
Now he was also only left with his left wrist still able to move.
Ye Chen then said to him, “Come on, the last ring!”
He Huaqiang was now in so much pain that he couldn’t kneel, so he could only allow Ye Chen to grab his left wrist and just break it!
Twelve rings!
He Huaqiang wailed in pain.
He knew that he would already be an invalid in the future, with all ten fingers and two wrists gone, what could he do in the future!
Staying in the community?
Can you still carry your own knife?
If you don’t get hacked to death by your enemies by then, I’m afraid you’ll be burning incense already, right?
Ye Chen squatted down at this time, looked at He Huaqiang and said in a cold voice, “You still have two legs and two feet, so if you don’t answer my questions properly next, I’ll send you another twelve rings!”
He Huaqiang’s face was as pale as frost, and he said in despair, “Whatever question you ask, I will answer it seriously!”
Ye Chen nodded, took a look at the trembling Qian Hongyan and He Lian, and said coldly, “Tell me clearly what’s going on today, if you dare to leave out any details, you don’t want either of your legs!”

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