The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 6677

He knew that people have their own basic logic for judging things, and Chen Yining’s judgment logic is the same as that of most people.

They need to see more benefits before they believe in a project.

In the future, if you don’t see enough positives, or you only see a certain key negative, you will feel that the future of this matter is hopeless.

So, Ye Chen smiled slightly and said firmly: “I personally feel that people who know about cars may not be able to build good cars, and people who can build good cars may not be able to sell good cars, so sometimes , to do something, you don’t have to hire people who look very professional. Look at the most popular car reviewers on the Internet today. Which one has studied car manufacturing and which one works in a car company? Many people don’t even go to college, and they make tens of millions or more a year by talking about cars.”

Having said this, Ye Chen paused and continued: “It can be seen that in this world, once any academic is separated from the academic itself and rises to the commercial field, it will definitely no longer be a purely professional issue, because professionalism is There is no upper limit. The world’s top technologies are concentrated into one car. Not many people may be able to afford this car. On the contrary, it is divorced from the basic logic of the business itself. It is like growing vegetables. Everyone knows Organic and pollution-free agricultural products are the best, but if the whole world only grows organic and pollution-free agricultural products, more than half of the people in the world will starve to death.”

Chen Yining frowned and said: “Although what you said makes sense, I just paid attention to the public opinion on the Internet. It seems that everyone is full of doubts about Professor He as the CEO candidate. This may mean that although professional people It may not be possible to do well in business, but it will probably be more difficult for unprofessional people to do well in this business.”

Ye Chen smiled and said: “This is my personal opinion. I feel that if the opinions of Internet users represented the probability of business success, then the business model of this world would have collapsed long ago. On the Internet today, there are more than a million people making fun of them every day. Ordinary Japanese family cars have thin skins and large fillings, but this does not prevent Toyota from selling more than 11 million cars worldwide in the past year. If a person can never figure out why Toyota can be so profitable, then he You can never do well in the automotive industry, so being a spectator watching the excitement may be the best choice;”

Having said that, Ye Chen continued: “There are still many unintelligent boasters. They always think that Boss Jia’s Ferrari is the originator of new energy vehicles, and they hope that he will return as the king. However, this originator’s title has been called for a full ten years. Today, ten years later, it seems that the total number of cars delivered by Ferretti is only twelve, and it is said that they have all been recalled due to certain problems. If these touts make cars, they may not be as good as Boss Jia.”

Speaking of this, Ye Chen thought of the hot spots on the Internet some time ago and said with a smile: “By the way, the boss of Remy Automobile did not announce the price when he released the car, and many friends reduced the price during that period. During that period, At this time, the whole Internet was so aggressive in badmouthing Boss Lei that even the dogs in the village wanted to call him “Jun’er”. At that time, most people thought that he was going to be bad in this battle, and he was going to be big. , but unexpectedly, a year’s worth of annual production was sold within one day of the launch of the vehicle. Those who were previously called “Jun’er” immediately swallowed this title and continued to call Mr. Lei or even Rebus with a shameless face, as if The word ‘Jun’er’ has never come out of his mouth in this life.”

“So, from this point alone, it can be determined that the person or thing that everyone talks down may not necessarily be in decline.”

“Because in this world, the truth is always only in the hands of a few people.”

“If you want to do something, and everyone you know and don’t know says it won’t work, don’t be discouraged. You may be able to achieve something if you try your best;”

“But if everyone says that what you want to do will work, then you must be careful and careful, and prove and prove again, because if the dogs in the village say that you can definitely earn money by doing this, Money, then it’s most likely not your turn to earn it.”

Ye Chen’s humor made Chen Yining laugh out loud.

While laughing, she looked at Xiao Churan and said seriously: “Churan, your husband is really humorous.”

After saying that, she asked Ye Chen: “Mr. Ye, I just have to write a report when I get back. Can I quote some of your opinions just now?”

Ye Chen nodded and said casually: “You can use it as you like, or you can create and process it for a second time, but just don’t reveal my personal information. I’m also an Internet troll who can only talk but not do anything. Don’t Let people know that I said this, otherwise those netizens will definitely criticize me, thinking that I, a loser who has never studied cars or worked in cars, talks and talks nonsense about the automobile industry. ”

Chen Yining said with a smile: “You have brought me and Churan in. If we judge based on your point of view just now, the two of us would question Professor He just because he has never been in the automobile industry. There are also some Internet trolls. mean.”

Ye Chen waved his hand: “You are different from those real Internet trolls. As with Changying Automobile and Professor He, everyone has the right to comment and express their own opinions, whether online or offline, whether it is bad-mouthing or bad-mouthing. Whether you like it or not, as long as you simply explain your own opinions, there is no problem. However, Internet trolls not only explain their own opinions, but also attack everyone who disagrees with them. Expounding and attacking are the real trolls. ”

After saying that, Ye Chen added: “But these don’t actually matter. For Changying Automobile, having more doubts is a good thing. On the one hand, it can spur the team to work harder, and on the other hand, it can also rely on doubts to maintain enough popularity. The Internet is In this way, if everyone praises you, you can be popular for three days; if everyone criticizes you, you can be popular for three years; if some people praise you and some people scold you, and both sides have to fight each other from time to time, then you can be popular for a lifetime! ”

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Of course, Ye Chen (Charlie Wade) is defending He because he was the one who appointed him in the establishment of this industry. Charlie is the brain of this industry, it was his idea.

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