The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 891-900

Chapter: 891
Ma Lan never dreamed that after more than 20 years, she would still get such a fat beating because of Han Meiqing’s incident.
She was looking at herself and was about to convince Zhang Guifen, but she did not expect that after Mrs. Xiao moved out of this matter, she would directly subvert all her efforts, and instead let herself fall into an endless abyss.
The few women who came up to beat him violently have all experienced the tragic past of being intervened by Xiaosan, so when they beat her up, they brought all their new and old hatreds into it, and they started without mercy.
Ma Lan was beaten again quickly, and her whole body was almost dying. Several times Ma Lan felt that she was going to be in shock, but before she was really shocked, she was woken up twice by others.
After a group of people beat Ma Lan, the old lady Xiao said to the side: “I think we’d better get this sorrowful woman to the toilet, so that she won’t make us upset here!”
“Yes!” The woman who rushed up to start her hands coldly said, “The old lady is right. Throw her into the toilet!”
As she said, she greeted another woman next to her and said, “We are both a leg, and we will drag her in directly.”
“Okay!” The other party immediately nodded and agreed, so the two of them pulled Ma Lan’s leg and dragged her from the ground to the toilet.
Xiao Weiwei also hurriedly followed. Seeing that the two men had thrown Ma Lan into the toilet, she took out the washbasin and took a basin of water and poured it directly on her body. She sneered and said, “Ma Lan, you never dreamed. Do you think you will have today? Just rely on you, still want to fight with grandma?”
Ma Lan was awakened by the cold water at this time, shaking violently while regretting in her heart. First URL m.
I shouldn’t say those things in front of Zhang Guifen, trying to arouse Zhang Guifen’s sympathy.
If he didn’t accuse Mrs. Xiao just now, he wouldn’t end up like this.
What she regrets more is that she shouldn’t steal the bank card of her son-in-law Ye Chen, and never dreamed that Ye Chen turned out to be a big transnational liar!
If he didn’t steal his bank card, it would be him who would come in and suffer this time sooner or later, but because he couldn’t control his own hands, he was here now, suffering this inhuman torture.
Her intestines are already regretful.
That night, Ma Lan sat in the corner of the toilet holding her legs and struggled till dawn.
In the evening, Ma Lan had already developed a high fever, which made her bewildered.
More importantly, she hasn’t eaten anything for nearly 48 hours!
When everyone else started to wash in the toilet in the morning, Ma Lan was so weak that he didn’t even have the strength to lift his eyelids.
Someone in the cell went to get the breakfast for the whole cell. The breakfast consisted of rice porridge with steamed buns.
When Zhang Guifen and others were eating, they found that Ma Lan hadn’t come out, so she ordered someone to say: “Go in and see if the sorrowful woman is dead, and drag it out if she doesn’t die.”
So the man came to the toilet and took a look at Ma Lan, and found Ma Lan was curled up in the corner shivering, so he walked forward, grabbed her hair, and abruptly pulled her out of it.
When Ma Lan came out, Zhang Guifen was already eating her box of lunch.
Like yesterday morning, Zhang Guifen finished the steamed buns and deliberately left about one-third of the porridge. Then she looked at Ma Lan and said with a playful expression: “I haven’t eaten anything for two days and two nights. You must be hungry? ”

Chapter: 892
Ma Lan nodded in a daze, and said: “Sister Gui Fen, please let me eat something, otherwise I might really die…”
Zhang Guifen sneered and poured all the porridge in the bowl on the ground, then tapped a little with his toes, and said with a sneer: “Do you want to eat it? Then lick it on the ground!”
When Zhang Guifen asked Ma Lan to lick the porridge on the ground yesterday, Ma Lan was 10,000 unwilling.
Because she felt that, no matter what, she could not just lie on the ground and do such abusive things just to eat one bite.
But now, she can’t take care of so much anymore. What about the three indiscriminates, as long as it can fill up the stomach, or even just fill it, let herself kneel on the ground and lick it?
So she immediately knelt down and lay on the ground without hesitation, licking the cold porridge on the concrete floor with her tongue.
The old lady Xiao saw this scene in her heart.
The thought that Ma Lan might stay in it for ten to twenty years or even longer in the future made her feel even more excited.
Ma Lan licked the porridge on the ground bit by bit, and even ate a lot of sand, but she didn’t care about it at all.
At this moment, the prison guard opened the door of the cell, looked at Ma Lan in the room, and said coldly: “Ma Lan, you come out, the police station is about to interrogate!” Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Those who have not been sentenced in the detention center are collectively referred to as suspects. Suspects are often taken back to the police station by the police for interrogation. This is also a normal process.
As soon as Ma Lan heard that she was going to interrogate herself, she had no doubts, she immediately got up with difficulty, and rushed to the door crying, watching the prison guard pleading: “Please, take me away quickly.”
She didn’t know long ago that this arraignment was just a good show arranged for her son-in-law Ye Chen!
The prison guard saw her in such a miserable state, his whole body was wounded, even two front teeth had fallen, and he couldn’t help but be surprised.
Immediately, she said to Ma Lan: “Come out quickly, the police officer who will pick you up is still waiting!”
These two police officers are the two police officers who sent Ma Lan over the previous two days.
After less than 48 hours, Ma Lan has become inhumane, making them a little dumbfounded.
But they also knew that someone had already greeted them and prevented them from asking about Ma Lan, so they all pretended not to see it and said directly to Ma Lan: “Let’s go, our car is waiting outside.”
After all, the man walked up to Ma Lan with handcuffs and handcuffed her hands together.
Ma Lan followed them out and asked nervously, “Comrade police officer, I was really wronged. Is there any progress in your case? When will my grievance be cleared and let me go home. what!”
After speaking, Ma Lan couldn’t help but wept bitterly.
The police officer said: “You are now involved in a transnational fraud case. This is the largest transnational fraud ever recorded in the world, and you, as the first suspect we have now, are the key to our investigation and arrest. Breakthrough.”
After that, the police officer said again: “If you are more acquainted, you’d better confess all your accomplices. This can help us solve the case, and it can also help you do meritorious service and strive for leniency!”
Ma Lan cried bitterly, and said tremblingly: “Comrade Constable. Please believe me, I am willing to swear with my life that I really don’t know anything about this. The person you are going to arrest is my son-in-law. I can take you to arrest him. If you have any problems, you can try him, or even shoot him, there is no problem, but you can’t wrong the good guy!”

Chapter: 893
As soon as Ma Lan was taken to the police station, she was immediately stuffed into the interrogation room.
Several police officers came in immediately, sat in front of her, and said, “Ma Lan, how have you considered these two days? Are you ready to explain your business?”
Ma Lan cried and said, “Comrade police officer, I was really wronged…”
The officer snorted coldly: “What? Are you stubborn? Do you really think we are vegetarian? If we can’t catch your accomplices, you will have to fight all crimes by yourself. In this case, you might He is going to be shot!”
When he heard that he might be shot, Ma Lan panicked and immediately pleaded: “Comrade Police Officer, I have said it many times, that card is really not mine!”
“I took that card out of my son-in-law’s pocket, and the code of that card is my son-in-law’s birthday. This proves that this card belongs to my son-in-law, not mine. Since you said this Card is suspected of transnational fraud. The real mastermind must be my damn son-in-law. Why don’t you arrest him, you have to arrest me?”
The police officer sneered: “Your son-in-law’s name is Ye Chen, right?”
Ma Lan hurriedly asked: “You have already investigated him. Did you catch him? Did you try him out of the blue? Did you sentence him to give him a quick account?”
The police officer took out a black card from a file bag, placed the black card in front of Ma Lan, and asked, “Ma Lan, was this the bank card you used to withdraw money from the bank?”
Ma Lan recognized the black card at a glance. As soon as she closed her eyes in the past two days, what this card appeared in her mind. Remember to read in one second
If it weren’t for this card, how could one become a prisoner and suffer so many inhuman torments?
So she was really worried about this card, and she was deeply impressed!
She resentfully said: “This is the card, this is what I stole from my son-in-law’s pocket! He must be the culprit! You should catch him quickly, try him, and shoot him!”
The police officer sneered, then took out another portfolio, opened the portfolio, and poured the contents on the table.
What made Ma Lan’s dream never expected was that all the black cards that came out of this portfolio were exactly the same, and there were at least a few hundred cards!
Ma Lan exclaimed and asked: “Are these cards found from Ye Chen’s bastard?”
The police officer said: “To tell you the truth, that transnational criminal group forged many of these black gold cards, and they are very, very intelligent. They bought the personal information of many people from the Internet and set the forged card passwords. Set these people’s birthdays and send these cards to these people to trick them into going to the bank to check the balance in the card.”
“The balance of each of these hundreds of cards is 21.9 billion yuan!”
“Once the deceived person cannot control his greed and tries to take the money from the card, then he becomes an accomplice in helping the criminal group defraud the bank and take money from the bank.
“Fortunately, you did not get the money at the time, you were caught by us, otherwise once you get out of that bank, the criminal group will look at you, kidnap you, ask for your bank card password, and then Take away all the 21.9 billion you just scammed from the bank, and finally kill you and divide your body! In that case, you will be evaporated in this world!”
Ma Lan was stunned, she blurted out and asked: “You mean, this card was mailed to my son-in-law Ye Chen by the criminal group?”
“That’s right!” the police officer said sharply, “and not only sent it to your son-in-law, as far as we know, at least thousands of people in Jinling received this card! There are tens of thousands of people across the country!”

Chapter: 894
After speaking, the police officer said again: “Your son-in-law is a very upright person, and also a very magnanimous person. He has no greed. After he received this card, he found out the balance of this card. We immediately reported to the police. We were going to tell him not to behave in a rush, but unexpectedly, you stole this card without a long eye, and you took it to Citibank to withdraw money!”
Ma Lan exclaimed, and said regretfully: “Oh! I should have known this situation a long time ago, even if I killed me, I would not steal his bank card!”
As Ma Lan said, the whole person was already crying, she never expected that she would step on this kind of thunder without long eyes!
It turned out that this card was a criminal who stole Ye Chen’s personal data, and then forged it and sent it directly to Ye Chen!
What they did was to lure Ye Chen and make Ye Chen greedy for the 21.9 billion balance in the card!
Then let Ye Chen go to the bank to transfer the money out like himself, and transfer it to his own account!
In that way, Ye Chen helped them complete the whole process of defrauding the bank, and they could completely get rid of the crime and avoid all risks!
After Ye Chen transfers the money to his own account, these criminals can directly approach Ye Chen and force him to call out the money, and then kill Ye Chen and let Ye Chen take the blame… ..
Thinking of this, Ma Lan was already covered in cold sweat.
She didn’t have the slightest doubt about what the police officer told her. First URL m.
At this time, she realized that when she was about to transfer the 21.9 billion in the bank, she almost passed Death!
If it weren’t for the police to arrive in time, take yourself away, so that you might have been killed by the criminal group now!
When she thought that she was almost dead, but she was lucky enough to get her life back, she was grateful!
Even the inhuman torture in the cell has suddenly become worthwhile!
Fortunately, I went to the cell and was tortured by Old Lady Xiao and Zhang Guifen, otherwise, I am afraid that I have become a lonely ghost!
Fortunately, Ma Lan couldn’t help crying and said to the police officer: “Comrade police officer, since you all know that you have been wronged, please let me go!”
The police officer said coldly: “Let you go, if you let you go, if you talk more about this, if you start to provoke the snake, then how will we catch the suspect in the future?”
Ma Lan hurriedly stated: “You can rest assured, as long as you let me go, I will never talk about this to anyone!”
The police officer asked, “Can you really not tell anyone? Even your daughter and your husband, you can never say a word!”
Ma Lan nodded and said, “I can! I can! I can definitely do it!”
The police officer said coldly, “I can’t believe you. If you miss a word on this matter, it may bring irreversible consequences. Will you be able to afford it by then?”
Ma Lan cried and said, “Comrade police officer, please rest assured, I will bring this matter into the coffin even if I die, and I will never mention a word again!”

Chapter: 895
Ma Lan had completely believed the story the police officer told her.
What she worries most now is that the police officers continue to lock herself in the detention center in order not to provoke them. Then she really doesn’t know when and when she will be able to regain her freedom.
So she looked at the police officer pleadingly, crying and said, “Comrade police officer, I really don’t know a word, so you just let me go. If you lock me up again, I will die inside. Up…”
The police officer shook his head cautiously and said, “Ma Lan, I still can’t believe you. I see people like you a lot. On the surface, no one tells you. In fact, the mouth is faster than anyone. If you let it go, you will tell others about this immediately.”
After that, the police officer said again: “And don’t think that I locked you up to solve the case. In fact, I am also thinking about your safety!”
“Because after letting you out, once you talk nonsense, once they know about it, they are likely to kill you! It is even possible to kill you, and then all the evidence will be planted on you, let You are their substitute!”
“In that case, wouldn’t you be more wronged than Dou E?”
“So, to be on the safe side, you should continue to stay in our detention center until we have caught all the suspects before releasing you. This will also ensure your safety.”
Ma Lan said desperately: “Then I have to wait until the year of the monkey, and then let me go? I beg you to be merciful and let me go. I really won’t talk nonsense. Kow your head, just beg you to let me go, don’t lock me up again…”
Speaking of this, Ma Lan was already crying out of breath… Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
“Forget it.” The police officer said coldly: “We can’t take this risk. After all, the case is about the Interpol of 23 countries. If you do it because of you, we can’t afford this responsibility. !”
The police officer next to her sang red face at this time and said, “I think she has a very sincere attitude. As long as she can control her own mouth, it doesn’t hurt to let her go.”
The black-faced police officer replied: “If the case cannot go on because of her, who will bear the responsibility? If she is killed herself, who will bear the responsibility?”
The red-faced policeman looked at Ma Lan and asked: “Ma Lan, can you control your own mouth? If you can, you write a letter of guarantee, we will consider letting you go, but if you promise to write , Go out and talk nonsense, even if you say a word nonsense, as long as we know about it, we will immediately arrest you, and we will never let you out until the case is finished!”
Ma Lan wiped her tears with her sleeves, crying out of breath and said, “Comrade police officer, you can rest your heart. I will tell you a heart-wrenching remark. I am also greedy for life and fear of death. Human, this matter is related to my own life safety. Even if you kill me and force me with a gun, I dare not say a word!”
The black-faced police officer asked coldly, “What about your son-in-law? Will you go to your son-in-law to confront this matter right after you go out?”
Ma Lan sighed in his heart, didn’t he even have the chance to find Ye Chen that bastard?
Then who should be accounted for after so many beatings and so many humiliation in the detention center?

Chapter: 896
So she asked in a low voice tentatively, “That…comrade police officer…I’m just at home, can I tell my son-in-law about it in private?”
The black-faced police officer slapped the table angrily, and blurted out to the red-faced police officer beside him: “I said this stupid woman can’t believe it at all. You have to let her go. Did you hear what she said? Go down and confront Ye Chen! Isn’t this going to kill yourself and ruin our case?”
The red-faced police officer’s complexion also darkened, staring at Ma Lan, and said coldly: “Ma Lan, you really disappointed me. I just thought you could do it without mentioning it. I didn’t expect you to pay back. I want to confront your son-in-law! Are all the things I said to you just for nothing?”
Ma Lan panicked suddenly, and asked with a trembling: “Comrade Constable, to be honest, I will end the game today, and it will be Ye Chen’s card. Can’t I confront him? ?”
The red-faced police officer scolded angrily: “Stupid! Ye Chen is one of the members who received the black card! The criminal gang itself has been staring at him, and it is even possible that his every move, every word and deed is in theirs. Within the monitoring range, there may be many monitors and listening devices installed in your home. If you dare to go back and mention a word with him, it is very likely that you will be killed by yourself or even your whole family. !”
Ma Lan was shocked, and hurriedly said: “Then I won’t say it, I won’t say it, I won’t say a word, I won’t say anyone!”
The black-faced policeman snorted coldly: “Now say this? Tell you! It’s too late! I said a long time ago that people like you are not credible at all, and letting you out is a scourge. Sooner or later it will ruin our major affairs. Then take your own life in!”
After speaking, he said to the red-faced police officer: “I think it’s better to put her back in again. When will the case be solved, and when will she be released!”
The red-faced police officer no longer objected, nodded and said, “Be cautious, I think it can only be this way!”
Hearing the conversation between the two, Ma Lan burst into tears and burst into tears, crying heartbreakingly. While slamming her mouth with her handcuffed hands, she blurted out, “Comrade police officer, I really know what’s wrong. Yes, I really don’t say a word anymore, you let me go, I will never mention this to anyone again, please don’t send me back, otherwise I I will definitely die in it!” Remember to read a book for one second
The black-faced police officer stared at her and said coldly: “I can’t believe you at all!”
Ma Lan regretted it and wanted to beat herself to death.
Why do you want to mention Ye Chen? What is more important now than letting yourself out?
Besides, what’s the point of going to Ye Chen by yourself? This card itself was given to Ye Chen deliberately by criminals. It was low-handed and could not stand the temptation. Even if he went to settle accounts with Ye Chen, he would still be an unknown teacher.
What’s more, there is that damn transnational criminal group behind this, if because he scolds Ye Chen, he ends up killing himself, wouldn’t it be a big loss? !
It’s okay now, just because I have a bad mouth, I was able to let myself go, but now it seems that I have been tossed by myself…
She thinks over and over again, and can only use the trick of crying, making trouble, and hanging herself, crying to the two police officers, “Comrade police officer, if you don’t let me go, then I will hang myself in the detention center when I go back. !”

Chapter: 897
Seeing Ma Lan look looking for life and death, the two police officers looked at each other, and the red-faced policeman asked: “Ma Lan, we can consider letting you go, but there are some issues that must be communicated to you first. We. I let you go, you go home, and your family asks about your whereabouts in the past two days. How do you tell them?”
Ma Lan hurriedly said: “I, I will tell them…I have these two days… these two days…”
Ma Lan hesitated for a long time, and didn’t say a word, so she came, because she didn’t know how to explain to her husband and daughter after returning home.
After all, I disappeared for two days and nights for no reason. What’s more important is that I don’t have a good place all over my body.
More importantly, even the front teeth have lost two, which is too miserable.
The red-faced policeman said indifferently: “Let’s do it, I’ll give you an idea. If we decide to let you go after consideration, then after you get home, you can tell your husband, your daughter and your son-in-law, this In two days you entered an MLM organization by mistake. The MLM organization brainwashed you and asked you to go to the bank to complete the fraud, and then you were caught by the police.”
Ma Lan nodded quickly, and blurted out: “Comrade police officer, don’t worry, as long as you put me back, I will tell my family according to your instructions, and I will never reveal a word about this matter, let alone It will delay your capture of transnational fraudsters!”
The policeman hummed and said lightly: “Okay, let’s study and discuss this matter, and we will send you back to the detention center immediately. If we discuss and decide to release you, the detention center will directly handle the formalities for you. .”
Ma Lan hurriedly asked: “Comrade Constable, you will not let me go to the end of the discussion, will you?”
The black-faced police officer slapped the table and scolded: “We have to discuss this matter! You can go back and wait patiently for the results of our discussion. There is no room for you to bargain!”
As soon as Ma Lan heard this, she didn’t dare to say more, so she had to honestly agree, and said tremblingly: “Then Comrade Constable, am I going back and waiting for news now?”
“Yes!” the black-faced police officer said coldly: “We will let the police drive you back now. You must remember that after going out of this door, don’t say a word about related things!”
Ma Lan nodded resolutely and promised: “Don’t worry, I won’t say a word even if I kill me!”
Later, Ma Lan was drove back to the detention center by two policemen.
On the way back, she was very depressed.
Unexpectedly, this incident turned out to be such a reason.
It’s a big matter, and it’s impossible to find Ye Chen’s bastard to settle accounts.
Otherwise, if they can’t speak a word well, miss a word, and are known by the police, they will probably catch themselves back to the detention center again.
In that case, I don’t know which year and month I can come out.

Just when Ma Lan was sent back to the detention center, Xiao Changkun couldn’t wait to find a chance and continued to meet Han Meiqing again.
Last night, I had a very delicious home-cooked meal with Han Meiqing at home, and it was Han Meiqing who cooked it herself, which made Xiao Changkun happy.
So early in the morning, he sent Han Meiqing a WeChat message, inviting her to visit Zhongshan University, their alma mater, to find memories of the year.
As soon as Han Meiqing heard that he invited herself to visit her alma mater, she immediately agreed without hesitation.

Chapter: 898
Immediately, Xiao Changkun immediately cleaned himself up, ignoring breakfast, so he was anxious to go out.
Seeing him dressed up again, Xiao Churan immediately asked, “Dad, where are you going this morning?”
Xiao Changkun said cheerfully: “I have an appointment with your Aunt Han, and we went to my alma mater today. She hasn’t come back for more than 20 years!”
When Xiao Churan heard this, he suddenly became angry, and blurted out: “Mom has been missing for almost two days and two nights, and there is still no news. How can you go hanging out with Aunt Han? Are you not prepared? Go and find out where mom is?”
“Hey…” Xiao Changkun chuckled, and said in a veiled manner, alas, isn’t it up to you and Ye Chen to find someone? After all, you two are young people, doing things more reliably than my old guy, so I just wait patiently for your good news. ”
Xiao Churan angrily said, “Dad, I’m really angry no matter how you look like this! How come you still can’t tell the priorities at this time? My mother’s safety is in your heart. Isn’t it better than staying with Aunt Han? Is it important to visit your alma mater?”
Xiao Changkun knew that this kind of thing was wrong, so he was unwilling to tell his daughter too much about the right or wrong of the matter, so he waved his hand in a hurry and said, “Oh, it’s late, I won’t follow. You said it, let’s talk to you when I look back, I’ll go first, bye!”
After speaking, he has already stepped out.
Xiao Churan wanted to stop him in the end, but it was no longer useful.
Xiao Changkun has already come out. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Seeing Xiao Changkun leaving, Xiao Churan said angrily to Ye Chen, “Have you seen? Dad won’t even bring you this time. I believe Aunt Han will not take her son with her today. The two of them are going to be there. The world of two people…”
Ye Chen hurriedly said: “Oh, don’t think about it so much. They are just old classmates meeting each other. What kind of two-person world is it?”
Xiao Churan said with red eyes: “You don’t need to excuse them, I can see what they are doing at a glance…”
After that, she asked Ye Chen again: “By the way, have those friends started to help you find your mother’s whereabouts? Did they reply to you?”
Ye Chen said: “They told me that there would be results within today as soon as possible, and I also asked them to inquire. There have been no serious social security or criminal cases recently, so they also told me that my mother is in danger. The probability is very low. I should be able to get my mother back in a day or two.”
Hearing this, Xiao Churan’s mood improved. She sighed and said, “I hope your friends can be more reliable. It’s best to let mom come back today. Otherwise, I really am It’s going to collapse…”
Ye Chen couldn’t help but slander in his heart, letting her come back is sure to let her back anytime.
But the key is to make her shut up honestly.
Otherwise, letting her back is a hidden danger.
It’s better to let her stay in the detention center.
So he sent Chen Zekai a WeChat and asked him: “How is the matter with my mother-in-law?”
Chen Zekai quickly replied: “I asked the police to say hello to her. The words were very serious. I believe she must not dare to talk nonsense!”
Ye Chen relaxed and said, “In this way, you send a few more people in to help me make a scene, deepen and deepen her impression, and let her shut her mouth completely!”

Chapter: 899
Xiao Changkun dressed himself as an old overseas Chinese who had returned from Nanyang, handsome and stylish.
This time, he and Han Meiqing had a very tacit understanding, Xiao Changkun did not bring Ye Chen with him, and Han Meiqing did not bring his son Paul.
Xiao Changkun personally drove his BMW 5 Series, went to the Shangri-La Hotel to pick up Han Meiqing, and went back to his alma mater together.
Now, Han Meiqing is wearing a long gray woolen coat, and she looks very temperamental. As soon as she meets at the door of Shangri-La, Xiao Changkun is fascinated by her.
He got out of the car and opened the door to Han Meiqing, and he couldn’t help but exclaimed, “Meiqing, what you are wearing today is so beautiful!”
Han Meiqing smiled slightly and said, “I’m all of an age. What else is beautiful or not? I just have to go back to my alma mater to have a look, so I should tidy myself up a bit, and I can’t shame my alma mater.”
Having said that, Han Meiqing said again: “Besides, I will have a party with our old classmates today.”
“Oh, yes!” Xiao Changkun patted his head and said, “Look at my memory. I just wanted to accompany you to visit my alma mater. I forgot about the class reunion. By the way, is the location of the class reunion set? If there is no decision, I can ask my son-in-law to help.”
Han Meiqing hurriedly said: “The place has already been decided. I asked Paul to help him. He said it was a local place called Huihuang Clubhouse.”
Xiao Changkun was surprised and said: “Brilliant Clubhouse? The requirements for the guests are very high. Will Paul be able to get membership there as soon as he arrives in Jinling?” Remember to read in one second http://m.kanshu8. net
Han Meiqing smiled and said, “I don’t know the details. I only know that he told me that our law firm seems to have a long-term cooperative relationship with the parent company of this brilliant club. Legal affairs are entrusted to our law firm.”
Xiao Changkun couldn’t help being shocked!
The parent company of Brilliant Club is naturally the famous Song family in Jinling. He did not expect that the law firm of Han Meiqing’s family would have a cooperative relationship with the Song family!
He originally wanted his son-in-law Ye Chen to help arrange a venue in the Brilliant Clubhouse, and by the way, he could also make himself pretentious.
But I didn’t expect that Han Meiqing’s son solved the matter directly, which is really extraordinary.
So, Xiao Changkun hurriedly made an inviting gesture and said, “Come on, Meiqing, get in the car.”
Han Meiqing thanked him, and gracefully sat in the co-pilot of Xiao Changkun’s BMW 5 Series.
As Xiao Changkun drove to Zhongshan University, he couldn’t help but sigh: “You have been here for more than 20 years and haven’t come back again?”
Han Meiqing said: “I have been back to China, Suzhou and Hangzhou, but I have never returned to Jinling.”
Xiao Changkun hurriedly asked, “Isn’t it because of that incident that you didn’t return to Jinling?”
Han Meiqing said seriously: “Half and half, on the one hand, because of the previous incident, I don’t want to come back and face the memories. On the other hand, I have no relatives in Jinling, and my old classmates have not been in contact for a long time. So I never came back.”

Chapter: 900
Xiao Changkun nodded, thinking of the last time the classmates reunion, many classmates used their previous relationship with Han Meiqing and Ma Lan to tease themselves.
Therefore, he said to Han Meiqing seriously: “Meiqing, we have a party today. Maybe those old classmates will tease us about what we did back then. Don’t take it too seriously. It’s a bit old and rude!”
Han Meiqing smiled and said: “As long as it is not distorting the facts, it doesn’t matter if I make a joke. If I am afraid of them ridiculing, how can I bring this classmate together? Everyone has not seen each other for more than 20 years. What’s the point of teasing me?”

When he arrived at Zhongshan University, Xiao Changkun parked his car in the parking lot at the entrance of the school and walked into the school side by side with Han Meiqing.
Classes are taking place in the school, so the campus is very quiet.
The two of them were walking on the concrete road of the campus. Xiao Changkun introduced to Han Meiqing next to him, saying: “In fact, our school has been rebuilt and renovated several times over the years, and it is no longer what it looked like in the past. It’s broken.”
“Yes!” Han Meiqing couldn’t help but sighed: “I remember that our school had only one concrete road back then, that is the road that came in from the school gate. Students from home brought some burned briquettes to pave the road. The road was very muddy when it rained. It was very disgusting at that time, but now that I think about it, I still miss it.”
“Yes, yes, yes!” Xiao Changkun said with a smile: “Back then, I used to bring burnt briquettes from home to school. Do you remember that the school had a sports meeting that year, and the track on our school playground was so bad. Just start, we tried every means to get more materials that can be used to pave the road.”
Han Meiqing smiled and said: “I remember, of course, at that time you paid for your own pockets and brought a lot of male students, pushing a tricycle to buy burnt briquettes everywhere in the city.”
With that said, Han Meiqing looked at Xiao Changkun’s eyes with ambiguous brilliance, and said with emotion: “I remember that at that time you drew a lot of cars to the school. Later, half of the entire playground track was covered. The people you brought are spread out, so the teachers and the school value you very much and make you the president of our school.”
“Yes.” Xiao Changkun rubbed his hands a little embarrassedly, and said: “Did dedication was popular at that time!”
Han Meiqing nodded, and sighed: “Oh, you were really heroic at that time, and countless little girls admired them very much. I remember the girls who liked you at school back then, that was really a long line.”
Xiao Changkun blushed and said cheerfully: “At that time, there were more boys who liked you. I can’t count the number of them.”
Han Meiqing smiled indifferently: “It’s all about the old calendar. No matter how many people like you, it’s useless. Many people just think of you for a while. They love you when they like you, but they forget them when they turn their heads.”
At this time, Xiao Changkun pointed to a small park on the campus and said, “This used to be a very big forest. In the evening, many students fall in love, and those who have sex will come here for dates. We also often come here at that time. do you remember?”
Han Meiqing, who had always been calm, blushed immediately when he said this.
How could she not remember that wood? Back then, it was the holy place where many wild ducks from the school met, and Xiao Changkun and himself had visited many times.
At that time, everyone was in this small forest, but they were really relaxed. Once they loved it, they felt that they could do everything with their beloved.
In addition, in that era, there was no other place to go, so everyone came here, and everyone was not surprised.
But think about it now. The young people back then were quite open-minded, and they were much bolder than the young people now…

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