The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 1661-1670

Chapter: 1661
Ito Yuihiko couldn’t understand why Ye Chen came here, and Tanaka couldn’t understand even more.
After all, in his impression, Ye Chen’s identity is just Qin Aoxue’s coach, a local Jinling master who can’t beat Japan’s Bagan, but why did he suddenly appear in Tokyo, and in the meeting room of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical?
What is even more confusing is why Ye Chen said he is a major shareholder of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical? !
At this time, Ito’s expression was a bit ugly.
On the way he came, he heard Tian Zhong Haoyi talk about Ye Chen. In fact, he was very disdainful of such so-called masters, so he didn’t take him to heart.
So, he stared at Ye Chen and shouted coldly: “Boy, you must consider the consequences before you speak. You can’t afford the price of talking about it!”
Ye Chen didn’t know Ito Takehiko. Seeing that the Japanese looked like he was about fifty years old, with a big back, his expression and tone were very arrogant, and he suddenly felt a little dissatisfied.
He stared at Ito Takehiko, and said coldly: “Don’t think you can pretend to be forceful when you are old, and I will hit you if you get angry.”
When did Takehiko Ito feel so angry?
Even the current Yamaguchi Group’s Seventh Generation Mee must be respectful when meeting him. In this country, no one dares to talk to him like that.
So, Takehiko Ito was furious immediately, pointed at the two bodyguards next to him, and shouted angrily: “Teach me a lesson!”
As soon as the voice fell, the two people who had not moved like a mountain immediately rushed to Ye Chen.
They are all top masters, and different from the competition-type players like Yamamoto Kazuki, they are all real combat players, really hands-on, there may not be any good-looking tricks and posture, but absolutely full of lethality!
The two of them let out a low growl, all the strength of their bodies was raised, and they immediately attacked Ye Chen.
Seeing these two people rushing towards Ye Chen, Tian Zhong Hao became tense.
He was not worried about Ye Chen, but about the two personal bodyguards of Ito Takehiko.
He had seen it with his own eyes at that time, how Ye Chen used a palm to destroy Yamamoto Kazuki, Yamamoto Kazuki was a scum without fighting power in front of him!
No matter how strong these two bodyguards are, they can’t be many times stronger than Kazuki Yamamoto, right?
For Ye Chen, it could be done in just a few palms.
At this moment, the two bodyguards had already rushed to Ye Chen, one on the left and the other on the right, hitting both sides of Ye Chen’s ribs with heavy punches.
The ribs on both sides are one of the weakest parts of an adult’s body. The ribs are not as hard as a skull, and they are extremely prone to fracture when hit from the side. If the ribs are broken from the side, the broken ribs themselves will also become A sharp blade pierced the victim’s body.
The ribs protect the most important internal organs of a person. Once a broken rib pierces the internal organs, it is extremely easy to cause severe internal bleeding, which may directly kill the other party!
This kind of cruel trick is almost killed!
Ye Chen couldn’t help narrowing his eyes slightly.
Ordinary conflicts, very few people come up and use such insidious tricks, either rushing to the face or running to the limbs, even if all limbs are abolished, it will not kill others.
But he didn’t expect that these two Japanese would be so insidious that they wanted to kill if they didn’t agree with each other. Looking at it this way, I don’t know how many people have already lost their lives!
Moreover, these two people know how to use Qi Jin, and it seems that they are also a good practice.
So Ye Chen sneered, and at the moment when the two fists were about to hit his ribs on both sides, he suddenly stretched out his hand and grabbed the wrists of the two with extremely fast speed.

Chapter: 1662
The two powerful offensive stopped abruptly at this moment!
Both of them were frightened by the sudden tremendous force on their wrists, and realized that their fists couldn’t move in or retreat, and immediately realized that they had encountered a master today!
The two looked at each other, and they could see the panic in each other’s eyes.
Afterwards, the two exchanged glances, and at the same time they exerted force, trying to free their right hand from Ye Chen’s hand.
But unfortunately, with all their strength, they still couldn’t withdraw their right hand even at all!
Ye Chen looked at the two with a smile on his face, and said with interest: “The hands of the two are a bit dark! They attack the ribs of others when they come up, are you afraid to kill them?”
The two were very nervous, and one of them said: “We just want to test the strength of the husband, nothing else!”
Ye Chen laughed, “I can think of such a crappy reason, and it seems that there is really something!”
Seeing that his two bodyguards were completely controlled by Ye Chen, Ito became nervous and blurted out: “What do you want to do?! Do you know who I am? If you mess with me, you will never end well in Japan! ”
Ye Chen smiled: “The duck’s mouth is hard when you die, it really has your unique national integrity.”
After finishing speaking, he looked at the two bodyguards of Ito Yuihiko, and said lightly: “You two remember, all your encounters today are due to your master!” Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
The two of them were asking for mercy, and Ye Chen suddenly twisted his hands, and their right arms were twisted into twists!
At this moment, the two cried out in pain, and everyone at the scene paled!
What is the identity of Ito Yuhiko?
He is the patriarch of Japan’s top family!
The bodyguard next to him is almost the strongest bodyguard in Japan, but what he didn’t expect is that the two people added up are not Ye Chen’s opponent!
At this time Ito Yuhiko was also dumbfounded.
I never dreamed that these two bodyguards with rich practical experience and lots of blood on their hands would be abandoned at the same time so easily.
In Ye Chen’s eyes, these two people are just a little bit stronger than ordinary people, but they are still far from the level of a master.
Even the worst among the eight heavenly kings can’t match.
Together, the two can at most be similar to Zhennan Shuangsha.
How could such a person be Ye Chen’s opponent.
If Yuhiko Ito really finds out the so-called master of ninjutsu in Japan, he might even give Ye Chen a look.
At this time, Takehiko Ito scolded a bit nervously: “You are a Chinese, so you dare to go wild in Tokyo! Are you afraid that I will not let you return to China?”
Ye Chen smiled and said: “What? Do you still want to leave me in Japan as your son-in-law?”
“Asshole!” Ito Yuihiko exclaimed, “Boy, you are too arrogant!”
Ye Chen said with a bit of disdain in his eyes: “I have no one in my eyes? I came here today to take over my own company. Instead, you barked snarly in my company. What are you? I didn’t call you out. You are already respecting the old and loving the young!”
Hiroshi Tanaka hurried forward and said respectfully, “Mr. Ye, calm down your anger. This is the head of the Ito family and the chairman of Ito Corporation, Mr. Yuhiko Ito!”

Chapter: 1663
“Ito Yuhiko?”
Ye Chen frowned when he heard this, and asked Koichi Tanaka: “What is his relationship with Nanako?”
Hiroshi Tanaka hurriedly said: “Mr. Huiye, President Ito, is Miss Nanako’s father!”
Ye Chen suddenly realized.
He actually didn’t know much about the Ito family. Except for Ito Nanako, he didn’t know anyone else.
Hearing that the middle-aged Japanese man with a big back head turned out to be Nanako’s father, his expression eased slightly.
Afterwards, he looked at Ito Takehiko, and said lightly: “For the sake of your daughter’s face, I won’t be familiar with you this time. Since you are not from the Kobayashi family, then you don’t need to stay here and take you. People of mine go.”
Ito Yuhiko’s face was pale with anger!
As the patriarch of the dignified Ito family, when did he receive such contempt?
Moreover, this young man’s tone was extremely proud, as if he was giving himself up for his daughter’s face, and he didn’t care about him. It was too much!
Thinking of this, he gritted his teeth and said: “Boy, why do you say that this is your company? You also said that you are a major shareholder of this company? I tell you that I just signed a contract with the representative chairman of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical. Officially acquired 30% of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical’s shares!” Remember to read in one second
“Oh?” Ye Chen said with a smile: “Which representative chairman has this right to sign a contract with you on behalf of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical?”
Masayoshi Kobayashi stood up and said, “I am the acting chairman of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical. All shareholders clearly agreed to Mr. Ito’s shareholding in Kobayashi Pharmaceutical. Why are you an outsider interfering? Besides, you and this company The company has nothing to do, and if I don’t leave, I will call the police!”
Ye Chen smiled: “I have nothing to do with this company? Come here, I will introduce you to an old acquaintance.”
After that, he clapped his hands and shouted outside the door: “Come on, invite Mr. Kobayashi in!”
Chen Zekai and Hong Wu immediately took Kobayashi Ichiro and walked into the meeting room.
When Kobayashi Ichiro entered the meeting room, everyone was stunned in shock!
“This…this…isn’t this Ichiro?!”
“Isn’t he dead?!”
“Yes! Jiro issued a kill order before and ordered his life to avenge the old president!”
There was a lot of discussion.
Kobayashi Ichiro’s expression was a bit ugly at this time, and he said coldly: “I’m telling you, all of you were deceived by the bastard Jiro! Father, I was not poisoned to death at all, but he was poisoned to death and then blamed on me! In order to monopolize Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, he also spent a lot of money and wants my life!”
“Impossible!” Kobayashi Zhengyi said coldly: “I know exactly how the president died! You said that you got a magic medicine from China that would make the president stand up again, and the president Excited, I took Jiro and me to the airport to wait. After the medicine was delivered, the president died suddenly after taking the medicine. Do you dare to deny it?!”
Ichiro Kobayashi gritted his teeth and said: “I did get the magic drug at the beginning, but Jiro arranged for the magic drug to be dropped! You don’t even think about it, why should I kill your father?”

Chapter: 1664
Kobayashi Masayoshi angrily said: “You naturally want to monopolize Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, so that’s why you killed the president!”
Ichiro Kobayashi scolded angrily: “Justice Kobayashi, your dog’s brain is broken. You keep saying that I killed my father to save Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, but you keep your dog’s eyes open to see clearly, I am exclusive. Did Kobayashi Pharmaceutical? After his father died, who became the new president of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical?!”
Everyone stared at each other when he said this.
Kobayashi Ichiro was right.
After the death of the old chairman, Masao Kobayashi, it was Ichiro Kobayashi’s younger brother, Jiro Kobayashi, who succeeded the chairman.
Moreover, Kobayashi Jiro also spent a lot of money to get the head of Kobayashi Ichiro.
If this incident was really planned by Ichiro Kobayashi, is he too stupid? Not only did he not get any benefits, he even gave others a wedding gown. What’s worse is that after others put on the wedding gown, they in turn want his life…
Thinking of this, everyone suddenly realized that what happened back then might have something else hidden.
Kobayashi Masayoshi is very complicated at this time.
First of all, I managed to get rid of Kobayashi Masao and Ichiro Kobayashi, and then I missed Kobayashi Jiro and took the position of acting chairman of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
But in a blink of an eye, Kobayashi Ichiro came back unscathed! First URL
Isn’t this fucking fucking?
The good life of co-working yourself is just beginning to end? !
He was full of resentment, and said angrily: “Ichiro, you have left Kobayashi Pharmaceutical for a long time. The current Kobayashi Pharmaceutical has been fully exercised by the shareholders meeting, and you have not eliminated the murder of your biological father. We will not allow you. Re-in charge of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical!”
Ichiro Kobayashi was also furious, and he sternly reprimanded: “Justice Kobayashi, you are my elder. I wanted to give you a little respect. I didn’t expect you to be so ignorant of good or bad! Lao Tzu is the real heir of the Kobayashi family, and the entire Kobayashi Pharmaceutical It was founded by my dad. You just follow part-time jobs and get a high salary. Why do you interfere with our family’s property? What the hell are you? Believe it or not, I will let you get out of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical now?!”
“You…you…you…” Xiaolin Zhengyi was scolded bloody, and trembling with anger, cursed: “You murderer of your biological father Scum, Kobayashi Pharmaceutical will never fall into your hands!”
During this period of time, Kobayashi Ichiro worked hard at Honggo’s kennel, and he was suffocated. He finally returned to Japan and returned to his own company. He didn’t expect that Kobayashi would dare to yell at himself. He immediately became angry and went up. Give Kobayashi Masayoshi a slap in the face!
After working in the kennel for so long, Ichiro Kobayashi’s physical fitness has improved a lot. In addition, he is a mature man, and Kobayashi Masayoshi has been slapped with a slap.
The members of the Kobayashi family present were horrified. Ichiro Kobayashi pointed to the bewildered Kobayashi Masayoshi and cursed: “Dog stuff, I will let you know today!”
After that, he looked at Ye Chen and bowed respectfully: “Mr. Ye, please publish the video of Jiro’s confession so that they can know the truth!”
Ye Chen nodded and winked at Hong Wu. Hong Wu immediately took out his phone and played the video of Jiro Kobayashi’s confession to everyone.
In the video, Jiro Kobayashi confessed in tears that his biological father, Masao Kobayashi, was killed by him, and he also admitted that he had spent a lot of money to hire someone to chase and kill his elder brother in an attempt to eliminate the trouble.
This completely subverted everyone’s understanding of the whole thing.
Kobayashi Masayoshi was also panicked. He now realized that Kobayashi Jiro might have been killed by Kobayashi Ichiro, and now this guy is coming back to seize power!

Chapter: 1665
At this time, Kobayashi Zhengyi was 10,000 unconvinced.
It was hard for me to get to an acting president, just about to take charge of the entire Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, I didn’t expect to wake up so soon!
So, he gritted his teeth and said: “Ichiro Kobayashi! Did you poison the old president? You haven’t completely cleared the suspicion of this matter! Even if Jiro recorded this video, it cannot prove that the murderer must be. He! Who knows if you kidnapped Jiro and forced him to record this video?”
Having said that, he immediately looked at everyone and fanned the flames and said: “Everyone is right?”
Everyone nodded.
Kobayashi found out that he had a mass foundation, so he immediately continued to aggressively say: “This matter must be handed over to the police for investigation. When did the police say that Ichiro Kobayashi is no longer suspicious, and when will we hand over the rights of the shareholders meeting? Here you are, before that, you must not interfere with Kobayashi Pharmaceutical in anything!”
When Kobayashi Ichiro heard this, he ran away immediately!
He kicked Masayoshi Kobayashi’s abdomen, and yelled, “Masayoshi Kobayashi, you fucking tell yourself, are you shameless? According to Japanese law, I am the eldest son of the family, and I should inherit the family business. My brother has also disappeared. I am the only legal heir to my father. The company he founded is naturally inherited by me. You are a migrant worker who works in the company. Why are you shouting at me here?”
Thinking of the torture he suffered during this period of time, Kobayashi Ichiro was full of evil fire, and now Kobayashi Masayoshi still wants to prevent him from taking over Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, this kind of man-armed car behavior makes him very angry!
So, he rushed up angrily to punch and kick at Kobayashi Zhengyi, and yelled: “Don’t look, what the hell are you? Have you ever seen a group of servants occupying the house and not letting the owner’s son live? Did you come in? How the hell dared to stop me back to Kobayashi Pharmaceutical? I tell you, you are now officially fired by Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, so get out of here immediately!
Kobayashi Masayoshi was beaten in various ways and grinned in pain. Although he was extremely angry, he was really frightened by Ichiro Kobayashi. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Ichiro Kobayashi’s remarks sounded crude, but what he said was reasonable, reasonable and legal.
He was originally the first heir of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical. Even if he was suspected of murdering his biological father and the police convicted him and arrested him in prison, it would not be possible to deprive him of the right to inherit the estate.
What Kobayashi Masayoshi said sounds like awe-inspiring justice, but in fact it is a manifestation of not knowing the law at all.
Seeing that Xiao Lin Zhengyi was beaten up, Ye Chen said: “Okay, continue the fight. If something happens to him, then you might really go to jail.”
Kobayashi Ichiro stopped then and said respectfully to Ye Chen: “I’m sorry Mr. Ye, I made you laugh.”
Ye Chen nodded slightly and said, “You all listen to me. As the legal heir of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, he has signed an equity transfer agreement with me. From now on, 90% of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical’s shares are owned by me. The remaining 10% goes to Ichiro Kobayashi, so now I am the absolute majority shareholder of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical.”
After all, Ye Chen beckoned to Paul: “Come on, Lawyer Paul, take out a copy of the contract and pass it on to them!”
Everyone at the scene was shocked after hearing this.

Chapter: 1666
Among them, Ito Yuhiko was the most unacceptable. He angrily protested: “The surname is Ye, you don’t talk about it here! I just signed a contract with Kobayashi Masayoshi, and used 4.5 billion US dollars in cash to buy 30% of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical’s shares. ! I alone have 30%. How can you get 90%? Are you not a daydream?”
Ye Chen sneered and asked him: “Mr. Ito, right? I ask you, what position is Kobayashi Masayoshi in this company? What right does he have to sign such an agreement with you?”
Ito Yuihiko said coldly: “He is the acting president of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical! Since he is the acting president, he naturally has the right to sign a financing agreement!”
Ye Chen said contemptuously: “Should be nonsense here, who did his generation of president seal it? Did he seal it himself? There is something for him? The entire shares of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical are owned by Kobayashi Masao. Kobayashi Masao is dead. Kobayashi Ichiro and Kobayashi Jiro’s, Kobayashi Jiro’s whereabouts are currently unknown, it is all Kobayashi Ichiro’s, why did Kobayashi Masayoshi make a decision for Kobayashi Ichiro and sell you 30% of the shares?”
Takehiko Ito angrily picked up the contract signed just now, and angrily scolded: “You can read it clearly. This contract is written in black and white. I, the Ito family, own 30% of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical! And I have already paid for it!
“Oh, I’m sorry.” Ye Chen said blankly: “The person who signed this contract with you is not qualified to sign this contract at all, so this contract is invalid. You move you yourself Think about it, if I sign a contract for you and sell you the entire island of Japan, will the entire island of Japan be yours?”
After speaking, Ye Chen took a copy of the equity transfer from Paul and threw it in front of Ito Yuhiko, saying: “Come, see what is written on this, Kobayashi Ichiro has voluntarily incorporated 90% of the shares into my own. Jiuxuan Pharmaceutical Company, in black and white!”
“And you have to figure out one thing. Kobayashi Ichiro is the legal heir of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, so this agreement in my hand is truly and legally valid!”
“As for your share, I’m sorry, but it’s just a pile of waste paper! Even if you ask your Japanese lawyers and judges, I believe they will not admit that your pile of waste paper has any practical significance!”
“You…you are a hooligan!”
Ito Yuhiko also collapsed. Remember to read in one second
I have been strong for a lifetime, and I have never shown weakness in front of the Yamaguchi group, but I did not expect that I would meet a shameless person like Ye Chen here today!
However, he also knows that his two personal bodyguards are now useless, and he is not Ye Chen’s opponent at all. He can’t face him head-on, so he can only temporarily avoid his edge, then find a chance to take revenge, and think of other ways to get it. To the shares of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical.
So, he protested indignantly: “Well, since you said Kobayashi Ichiro is the legal heir, then we step back and say, anyway, I have paid 4.5 billion US dollars. If you say that the contract is invalid, then you Just return the 4.5 billion U.S. dollars to me immediately!”
Ye Chen asked in surprise: “Mr. Ito, what did you say? I didn’t hear clearly just now.”
Ito Yuihiko said angrily: “I said you must immediately return to me the 4.5 billion U.S. dollars that I entered into Kobayashi Pharmaceutical’s account!”
“Refund?” Ye Chen snorted and said contemptuously: “I’m sorry, Mr. Ito, you may not know someone about me, Ye Chen, and Ye Chen, I have always had an iron rule when walking around the rivers and lakes. I don’t know if you hear me. heard about it.”
Ito Yuhiko gritted his teeth and asked, “What is the iron rule?!”
Ye Chen smiled and said: “The iron rule is, never refund!”

Chapter: 1667
“Never refund?!”
When Yuhiko Ito heard this, his shiny big back was almost exploded.
He covered his chest and pointed at Ye Chen and scolded: “The surname Ye, you keep saying that you have to follow the law, is that how you follow? I reached the account of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical for $4.5 billion, you either give me shares , If you don’t give me shares, return me money. Do you still want to rely on my money and not give it to me?”
Ye Chen nodded, and said blankly, “Yes! I just want to rely on your money. When the money goes into my pocket, it’s up to me. If you ask me to take it out and give it back to you, I have to pay. Come out and pay you back? Ye Chen, I don’t want face?”
“you you……”
Ito Yuhiko felt a sharp pain in his heart.
He really has never seen such a brazen person in his life.
So he gritted his teeth and yelled: “I still don’t believe it, do you think you can swallow a huge sum of four and a half billion dollars?”
Ye Chen nodded and smiled: “Didn’t I already swallow this? And you took the initiative to feed me.”
Ito Yuhiko almost vomited blood.
Ye Chen said to Chen Zekai at this time: “Old Chen, please send this Mr. Ito out.”
Chen Zekai nodded, and immediately brought a few of his men to Takehiko Ito’s, and said lightly: “Mr. Ito, you should ask yourself, don’t force me to move, otherwise you will lie down for a while. Can’t get up for five months.”
“You…you dare to threaten me?!”
Chen Zekai smiled and said: “I’m okay. I just threatened you. Master Ye has always had a bad temper. If you don’t get out, he might beat you.”
Yuhiko Ito gritted his teeth tightly, his heart was angry, but he didn’t dare to resist here, he could only hold back his anger, and said coldly: “Okay! Very good! The surname is Ye, I want to see who has this ability. , Can take my 4.5 billion U.S. dollars! I will never finish this with you!”
After all, Ito Yuhiko left the meeting room with a black face after holding his hands.
Ye Chen looked at his back and smiled faintly.
He had heard that Ito Yuhiko had always wanted to invest in Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, so he wanted to marry his daughter Ito Nanako to Kobayashi Jiro.
Thinking of this, Ye Chen felt a little unhappy in his heart.
Nanako Ito is so beautiful and tender as water, she is definitely a standard Yamato Nadeshiko. Marry her to Jiro Kobayashi? Ito Yuhiko was afraid that he was blind.
In his opinion, Ito Xiuhiko and his mother-in-law, Ma Lan, are not much different. They are people who would rather sacrifice their daughter’s happiness and seek benefits for themselves.
Therefore, he naturally didn’t have a good impression of Ito Yuihiko. This 4.5 billion US dollar thing, it is not bad to give him a bitter taste.
Koichi Tanaka came to Ye Chen at this time and said respectfully: “Mr. Ye, I’m really sorry about this incident. I didn’t expect that you are now a major shareholder of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical. If there is anything improper today, please forgive me. ……”
As a person who has seen Ye Chen’s strength, Tian Zhonghao has full awe of Ye Chen.
Abandoned Yamamoto Kazuki with a palm, and with his hands, Ito Yuhiko’s bodyguards lost their combat effectiveness. Such a person was incredibly powerful in Tanaka’s eyes.
Therefore, even if it is now in Japan and even if the Ito family has full influence in Japan, Koichi Tanaka still feels that the Ito family had better not provoke Ye Chen, otherwise, no one knows what will happen to the entire Ito family. .

Chapter: 1668
Seeing that Tanaka Koichi was quite on the road, Ye Chen’s expression was slightly relieved, and he said, “Tanaka, leave me a contact information, I may have something to find you in the future.”
Koichi Tanaka immediately took out a business card and handed it to Ye Chen respectfully: “Mr. Ye, this is the next business card. Please accept it.”
Ye Chen nodded, took the business card from him, and put it in his pocket.
Tian Zhonghao bowed slightly to Ye Chen and said, “Mr. Ye, then I will leave first.”
After that, I left the meeting room.
Ito Yuhiko’s two personal bodyguards can only flee hurriedly, clutching the broken arm like the broken arm hero.
There was a dead silence in the meeting room.
Everyone looked at Ye Chen and Ichiro Kobayashi with anxiety, and didn’t know what fate was waiting for them next.
Ichiro Kobayashi cleared his throat at this time and said, “I tell you, as the legal heir of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, I have 100% decision-making power over Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, and the equity transfer agreement I signed also has 100% legal effect. , So now Kobayashi Pharmaceutical is already a subsidiary of Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical, if you still want to make money here to support your family!”
At this time, some people questioned: “Before the old president gave us 30% of the shares of the family executives, now you give 90% of the shares to others, how to protect our interests?!”
Ichiro Kobayashi said coldly: “In the future, you can get 3% of the income from my 10% shares. I can assure you of this!” Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
“Thirty percent, becomes three percent?!”
Someone questioned indignantly: “How can we support our family after shrinking so much?!”
“Yes! Isn’t this killing us?!”
“Yes! We will starve to death sooner or later if this continues!”
Ichiro Kobayashi did not expect that after playing Kobayashi Masayoshi, there were so many people against him.
In the bottom of his heart, he could not help but secretly said: “This matter is really tricky. I sacrificed 90% to Ye Chen. I was forced to use this 90% of the shares in exchange for freedom. Otherwise, I don’t know that I will be placed under house arrest in that kennel. When will it happen, but these people will certainly not be willing to sacrifice 90% of their own interests…”
Ye Chen said in a cold voice at this time: “If you can’t accept Kobayashi’s proposal, then go to the human resources department to go through the resignation procedures immediately.”
“Let us leave?” Someone sneered: “The entire R&D, production, promotion, and sales of Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals are all done by us. If we leave, Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals will immediately be paralyzed! All of the many production bases in the country You will all be in chaos, then you will just wait for bankruptcy!”
Ye Chen smiled and asked him, “This friend, what are you responsible for at Kobayashi Pharmaceutical?”
The man said proudly: “I am in charge of R&D! I am the head of the R&D department! Kobayashi’s Weisan was developed by me and Mr. Kobayashi Jiro! Without me, the entire R&D of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical will be suspended!”
Someone echoed: “Yes! If Kobayashi Makawa leaves Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, then Kobayashi Pharmaceutical will completely lose its ability to innovate!”
Ye Chen nodded and smiled and said, “Oh, that’s great. I was thinking on the way here. After merging Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, I must make drastic reforms to Kobayashi Pharmaceutical. The first department to be cut down is R&D department! Because the R&D department of Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals is worthless in my eyes, it is rubbish!”
Kobayashi Makawa angrily shouted: “I am a postdoctoral fellow majoring in biopharmaceuticals at the University of Tokyo and one of the top pharmaceutical experts in Japan. The department I lead is the strongest among Japanese pharmaceutical companies. You dare to say that I am rubbish. ?!”
Ye Chen said disdainfully: “As for the Xiaolin Weisan you developed, at least 80% of the prescriptions are stolen from ancient Chinese prescriptions, and the remaining 20% ​​is a little improvement of your own. Obviously it is plagiarism, and it is self-developed, and calling you garbage is an insult to the word garbage!”

Chapter: 1669
Objectively speaking, as a developed country, Japan has indeed made high achievements and achievements in many fields.
However, in terms of their medicine, in addition to Western medicine, almost all of the remaining lines are copied from Chinese medicine.
Among them, Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, Ota Pharmaceutical, and Dapeng Pharmaceutical are all models. They not only search for prescriptions from traditional Chinese medicine classics, they even touch porcelain Chinese medicine everywhere.
For example, Dapeng Pharmaceuticals once launched a so-called Chinese medicine slimming granule, and the name they gave to this granule is actually the ancient Chinese genius doctor, Bianque.
It can be seen that Japanese pharmaceutical companies have no real accomplishments in Kampo medicine, and they almost rely on plagiarism and plagiarism.
This is also the fundamental reason why Ye Chen dismissed their R&D department.
I have so many magical prescriptions in the Nine Profound Heavenly Sutras, how can I use the R&D department of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical?
After Xiao Lin Zhenchuan was ridiculed by Ye Chen, his cheeks were hot.
Kobayashi Makawa knew exactly what happened to Kobayashi Pharmaceutical.
Indeed, as Ye Chen said, all the prescriptions of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical are basically derived from ancient Chinese medical books.
So he felt blushing at this moment, but he didn’t know how to refute Ye Chen’s words. First URL
Ye Chen looked at Kobayashi Makawa, and said coldly: “R&D personnel like you who can only plagiarize are of no value to me, so I announce that from now on, the R&D department of Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals will be dissolved on the spot. Expelled, no one left!”
The people at Kobayashi Pharmaceutical were almost speechless in shock.
Is this Ye Chen too ruthless?
We must know that there are more than 100 people in the R&D department of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical. Behind these more than 100 people, there are more than 100 families.
Japan’s social environment is that only one person in the family goes out to work, and most of them are husbands who go out to work, and their wives are at home to raise the family and take care of their children.
This situation has led to particularly high requirements for job stability in Japanese families.
Generally speaking, most Japanese can work for a job for decades until retirement.
So for the Japanese, the most feared thing is unemployment.
Kobayashi Makawa was also shocked.
Although his previous income has not been low, his pressure is not small at all.
Tokyo’s housing prices were originally the highest in Asia. In the past few years, when Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals was booming, he bought a large apartment in the urban area and repaid bank loans every month, which was more than 200,000 yuan.
In addition, he has two sons and a newly born daughter.
Plus his wife, a family of five, all depend on his income alone.
Originally, his income from Kobayashi Pharmaceutical was very high, almost 700,000 yuan a month, so his previous life was very comfortable, his wife and children also lived in the upper class life, daily consumption is also very luxurious .
However, if he suddenly loses his job now, his family will immediately fall into a huge financial deficit. There will be a shortfall of at least RMB 500,000 per month. If a job of more than RMB 500,000 cannot be found, the family will soon Will be overwhelmed.

Chapter: 1670
The nervous little Lin Makawa hurriedly cried and pleaded: “Mr. Ye, I am a high-end talent in the field of biological preparations. If you fire me, it must be a huge loss for you. I beg you, Please keep me here. I will definitely work hard for you!”
Ye Chen said blankly: “Now you know you are begging me? I’m sorry it’s too late. You must go through the resignation procedures within today. Otherwise, the company will directly end the labor relationship with you. Pinsuge.”
After that, Ye Chen looked at Chen Zekai: “Kick him out of me.”
Chen Zekai nodded, and immediately stepped forward, grabbing Xiaolin Zhenchuan by the collar like a chicken, and dragging him out.
At this moment, the others in the conference room finally realized the urgency of the situation.
Ye Chen has already obtained the equity transfer of Kobayashi Ichiro, and he is now the new boss of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, so he holds the power of life and death for everyone present at the scene.
If you anger him, you will really be kicked out of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical!
As a result, everyone immediately stood on the spot like a quail, afraid to move, let alone speak.
Ye Chen said at this time: “To tell you the truth, I only need to keep the production links for the entire Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals, and all other links such as R&D, promotion, and sales can be eliminated!”
When this was outstanding, everyone was even scared to say it.
Ye Chen continued: “The medicinal effect of Jiuxuanwei San relies on word-of-mouth communication. The real medicinal effect word-of-mouth is more effective than any kind of advertisement, so there is no need to leave a special promotion department;” Remember the website http ://m. Kanshu8. nest
“The same is true for the sales department. Jiuxuanweisan is now in short supply, and dealers take the initiative to come to ask for goods, so there is no need for a special mis-sale department to be responsible for sales in various regions.”
“Therefore, Kobayashi Pharmaceutical’s promotion and sales departments are all dissolved on the spot, and all employees and leaders are not left!”
The scene was in an uproar!
There are only a few major departments in total. As a result, except for the production department, all other departments have to be killed. This time, thousands of people will be unemployed!
Three-quarters of these Kobayashi Pharmaceutical executives at the scene will also lose their jobs!
Moreover, the current global economic situation is not so good. The middle-aged crisis is very serious. There are many middle-aged people across the world who have suffered layoffs and eventually jumped to commit suicide. This shows how stressful middle-aged people are now. .
Most of the senior executives of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical at the scene were between 35 and 55 years old. They belonged to a typical middle-aged group and suddenly lost their jobs. To them, it was like the sky had fallen!
The whole scene suddenly cried.
Most Japanese, like Americans, have typical hedonism in their consumption philosophy. They don’t like to save money but spend it as soon as they earn it. They are very keen on buying luxury houses, luxury cars, holiday villas and even yachts. .
And their wives, not only do not usually make money, but also spend a lot of money, which intensifies the daily expenses of the family.
Studies have shown that Japanese women have a high demand for luxury per capita. For brand-name bags such as Chanel, lv or gui, 90 Japanese women will have at least one, not to mention other luxury.
Such a family, of course, is very smart when there is no accident, but once the family’s income collapses, it will immediately be on the verge of bankruptcy.
Many wealthy middle class immediately became negative equity holders after the economic crisis. Not only did they go bankrupt, they even became homeless. The reason is that they spend a lot of money but don’t save money at all, resulting in poor risk resistance. .
This is also the case with most of these Kobayashi Pharmaceutical executives.
So Ye Chen’s announcement that they are unemployed is almost equivalent to announcing that their family finances are bankrupt.
Ye Chen has no sympathy for these wailing middle-aged people. Kobayashi will be his own company in the future and will never raise idle or worthless Japanese employees. Therefore, these people must be expelled, and expelled as soon as possible!

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