The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 1701-1710

Chapter: 1701
Seeing that Ye Chen was surrounded by so many bodyguards, Su Zhiyu had determined in his heart that he was in a disaster today.
However, she had no sympathy for Ye Chen.
Because she didn’t see the whole cause of the incident, she only saw Ye Chen desperately chasing a man on the road, causing the man to be hit by a car, and then his arms were broken by the car.
Just so, it was already a bit bloody and cruel. He didn’t expect Ye Chen to accept it before seeing it well. He choked with the young master of the Gaoqiao family. It was simply a brain problem.
At this time, Eiji Takahashi saw that the time had been delayed for a long time, and his endurance had been completely exhausted. He immediately ordered his opponent: “Fight me! Only one breath left, and the man under my feet was thrown into the trash. Heap!”
More than ten bodyguards gathered around Ye Chen for a long time, waiting for these words.
With an order from Takahashi Yingji, they quickly rushed to Ye Chen, and everyone tried their best for fear of falling behind.
After all, Ye Chen has only one person. In their eyes, this is the standard of more monks and porridge. Everyone is a top master. If anyone is a little slower, this kid may have fallen.
In that case, those who lag behind will have no chance to show their strength in front of the young master!
Seeing so many people surrounding Ye Chen, Takahashi Hideyoshi suddenly shrank the encircling circle, with a sneer of mockery at the corner of his mouth.
“A Chinese in the area, dare to confront me with Eiji Takahashi in the streets of downtown Japan. What is this not for death?” Remember to read a book
“It’s a pity that, as the eldest master of the Takahashi family, it is not convenient for me to personally shoot in front of so many people. Otherwise, I really want to destroy you myself!
Takahashi Yingji was expecting to see Ye Chen’s dying appearance immediately, but he didn’t expect that a few screams of horror and pain suddenly came from the encircling circle surrounded by more than ten masters!
Immediately afterwards, several people on the periphery of the encirclement circle flew out one after another!
“This kid, is he a pervert?!”
Accompanied by these few hoarse roars, several people flew out, and then fell heavily to the ground.
One of them flew to Eiji Takahashi’s feet in a daze!
The subordinate was grabbed by Ye Chen’s neck and threw it out directly, so he lay heavily on Takahashi Yingji’s feet, and with a bang, Takahashi Yingji was startled!
Immediately afterwards, the man raised his head with great difficulty, his forehead was already full of blood!
The man looked at Eiji Takahashi with extremely painful eyes, and yelled, “Young…Young master…”
Immediately after that, there was a pop, and a large cloud of blood mist was ejected from the mouth!
This large mass of blood mist was sprayed on Takahashi Eiji’s vamp and trouser legs, and the white trousers were completely stained red with blood!
Takahashi Eiji hurried back half a meter in fright, only to see that his subordinate said in great pain: “Master…that bastard…ok…so amazing… .”
After finishing speaking, he lay down on the ground again with a loud boom, completely losing consciousness!
Takahashi Eiji felt that his brain was instantly energized with high voltage!
what happened? !
These bodyguards are top masters! Even the master of the master!
Why did he get on the ground by the other party who chopped melons and vegetables like waste? !
Before he could understand the situation, several other people were also defeated by Ye Chen one after another!
These so-called masters fell to the ground one after another, just like a bowling pin that was hit by a bowling ball, pour a piece of it!
Suddenly, besides Ye Chen, only Yingji Takahashi stood alone.

Chapter: 1702
Su Zhifei and Su Zhiyu in the car were also shocked!
Su Zhifei swallowed his saliva and exclaimed: “This kid… is too strong?!”
Su Zhiyu was also dumbfounded, and blurted out: “It is indeed a top expert, it seems that I underestimated him just now…”
At this moment, Ye Chen had already put down all the bodyguards and walked towards Takahashi Eiki.
While Eiji Takahashi was trembling with fright and his legs were weak. He wanted to escape, only to find that his legs didn’t listen at all.
And he knew very well in his heart that this guy was so strong that he couldn’t escape…
So, he could only say in horror: “What do you want?! I tell you, I am the youngest of the Takahashi family!”
Ye Chen went up and slapped Takahashi Yingji’s face severely, and said coldly: “I care what bridge master you are, now let’s talk about what you owe me two arms!”
Takahashi Eiji was dizzy by Ye Chen’s slap!
He grew up so old, he was always spoiled, spoiled, and held in the palm of the hand by countless people like stars holding the moon. When did he ever get beaten?
Moreover, he was slapped in the street! First URL
This is really shameful!
Hideki Takahashi clutched his swollen face, gritted his teeth and roared: “Asshole! Do you dare to hit me?! Beware that I want your life!”
Ye Chen stretched out his hand and patted his face, and said faintly: “It’s just a skin test for you. I said, you owe me two arms!”
After all, Ye Chen didn’t bother to talk nonsense with him, grabbing his right wrist directly, and shaking his hand was just a twist.
Immediately after hearing a “click”, Takahashi Eiji’s right arm had broken from the elbow, and the pain was so painful that he cried, his nose and tears flowed: “It hurts… my arm hurts so much. Up…”
Ye Chen remained unmoved, and said: “This is just one piece, you still owe me one, come, stretch out your left hand!”
Takahashi Yingji was trembling in pain, and his face was extremely pale. He really realized that Ye Chen didn’t joke with him this time.
Panicked, he knelt on the ground with his knees soft, crying and begging: “Brother, I’m sorry, it’s me! I shouldn’t be entangled with you, please forgive me, don’t take my left arm It’s also a waste…I beg you…”
Ye Chen said with a grim expression: “Everyone is an adult, and you have to bear it bravely when you encounter problems instead of kneeling down and begging for mercy!”
After speaking, Ye Chen asked again: “Do you think that if you ask me, I will spare you?”
Takahashi Eiji was almost shocked.
What is this guy going to do?
Do you really want to scrap both of your arms?
In that case, wouldn’t he be a useless person? What if I turn around and kill him?
Thinking of this, he wailed loudly, and pleaded with trepidation: “Sir, I am willing to pay you a sum of money, how about 100 million yen? As long as you nod your head, I will give you money!”
Ye Chen said coldly: “Don’t talk about these useless things, even if you give me 100 billion, you can’t keep this arm.”
At this moment, Su Zhiyu in the car couldn’t stand it anymore, and said, “Brother, we can’t just sit back and watch this matter, otherwise it won’t be justified.”
“Man?” Su Zhifei blurted out: “Are you crazy? Didn’t you see the strong pervert of this kid? What if he even beats you?”
Su Zhiyu said earnestly: “I’m going to reason with him, or know it with affection and move it with reason, otherwise we will sit in the car and watch Yingji Takahashi being deposed, which is not in line with the justice of the world.”
“Oh, no! Safety first!”
Su Zhifei was persuading, Su Zhiyu had already opened the car door and went straight out!

Chapter: 1703
Seeing Ye Chen didn’t move at all, Takahashi Eiki felt that he was going to be cold today.
Because at this time, he is no longer available.
Even if it was calling a master from the family to help, it was too late.
When Hideki Takahashi was desperate, the door of Les Royce next to him suddenly opened.
Su Zhiyu stepped out of the car and said to Ye Chen: “This gentleman, you are Chinese. You have to be forgiven and forgive, do you understand?”
Ye Chen didn’t expect that someone would dare to give this Takahashi Yingji a head start.
Moreover, she is still a woman.
He frowned and looked at Su Zhiyu, and asked in a cold voice: “I should be Chinese when I hear you? Why? Want to intercede for this little Japan?”
Su Zhiyu said blankly: “I’m not pleading, I just advise you not to be a man, you should stay a line in everything.”
Ye Chen smiled and asked her: “Just now, he asked the dozen or so people to gang up on me, why didn’t you stop me and persuade him to stay a line in everything?”
Su Zhiyu was stunned by Ye Chen’s question. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Just now, a thought flashed in her mind, if Ye Chen couldn’t hold it and his life was in danger, she would definitely have to come down and stop Takahashi Yingji.
However, she knew very well in her heart that if she said so now, the other party would definitely not believe it.
So she opened the mouth and said: “A dozen people from the other party beat you up, haven’t you been injured? Since you are not injured, why not give the other party some room?
Ye Chen sneered and asked, “He doesn’t give me room, why should I give it to him?”
Su Zhiyu blurted out: “This gentleman, let’s just talk about things. What happened just now was that you made a mistake first. This is the main road, not your back garden. You chasing and fighting people on this road are inherently wrong. First, and after that person was chased by you just now, he was finally crushed by this car.”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “Then I ask you, do you know why I chased that kid just now?”
Su Zhiyu said coldly: “I don’t know, and I don’t want to know. If you don’t say anything, you chase each other on the street, which in itself is very rude.”
Having said that, Su Zhiyu said again: “You were wrong in this matter, but you did it to Mr. Takahashi for no reason, and you still attacked Mr. Takahashi for no reason. This is justified, right?”
Ye Chen snorted: “Girl, I don’t think you are like a gangster, why do you want to defend two Japanese? And you are still two scumbags?”
“Scum?” Su Zhiyu asked back: “Then I ask you, why are the two scum in your mouth, one was chased by you and caused a car accident, the other was crippled by you?”
Ye Chen said disdainfully: “The term Yiye Biaomu, used on a superficial person like you, can’t be more appropriate!”
Su Zhiyu was a little angry, but asked: “Hey, what did you say?! I am superficial?”
Ye Chen nodded: “Yes, and very superficial!”
After a pause, Ye Chen said again: “The more superficial people, the more they believe what they see. Let’s not talk about what evil this kid who was crushed by the car did, just say that this guy with the surname Gaoqiao, get off the car. Just pretend to be non-stop with me and let so many people work on me together. Do you think this person is innocent? If I were a little less skilled, I would have been beaten to death by those bodyguards a while ago!”
Su Zhiyu’s angry chest kept rising and falling, and said angrily: “I just want you to be forgiving and forgiving. You have broken one of his arms. Isn’t that enough?”
“Not enough!” Ye Chen said blankly: “I just said, I have two!”
Su Zhiyu was really angry.
I didn’t expect this kid to be so defiant!

Chapter: 1704
In fact, she also knew that Takahashi Eiji had the current fate, and she was to blame.
But she still hoped that Ye Chen could stop here by moving emotions and knowing reason, and don’t really scrap both of Takahashi Yingji’s arms.
Although Su Zhiyu is not very old, he received elite education from a young age and stayed in the United States for many years, so he can be regarded as a standard business genius.
Therefore, she has an account in her heart for what she does.
For example, this time, as the representative of the Su family, I came to discuss cooperation with the Takahashi family. Before the cooperation was discussed, Takahashi Eiji was beaten as a useless person. If he sits idly by, it would be inappropriate to say anything about it. Not only does it seem that he is not righteous, but it also affects the specific details and progress of the subsequent two talks about cooperation.
Therefore, she has come to stop her for emotions, reasoning, and interests.
Even if he didn’t use his hindrance, Eiki Takahashi was still abandoned by Ye Chen, at least he had worked hard, and he could have an explanation for his own heart and the face of the Takahashi family.
Of course, the best situation is that after he comes forward, the young man in front of him can give himself a face, and when he sees it, he will take care of Takahashi Eiji.
In this way, not only can I live in my heart and face, the Takahashi family will also owe myself a favor. When discussing the specific details of the cooperation later, I can even use this to ask the Takahashi family to sell more. Multi-benefit.
However, what she did not expect was that the hostility in this kid’s temper was so heavy!
Seeing his posture, he must abolish Takahashi Eiji! Remember to read in one second
So, she suppressed the anger in her heart and said: “This gentleman, I am Yan Jing…”
Before she finished speaking, Ye Chen interrupted her directly, and said with a little dissatisfaction: “This lady, you don’t need to tell me who you are, and I don’t want to know, let alone try to suppress me with your identity. Because even if you are the king of heaven, I won’t give you half face in this matter today, have you heard clearly?”
Su Zhiyu’s mood is a bit unbearable!
Since childhood, no one has dared to speak to her in this tone.
She has long been accustomed to the feeling of being respected and complimented wherever she goes, but she did not expect that the guy in front of her would really not give any face!
Even, I didn’t even let myself finish speaking!
The urge in Su Zhiyu’s heart was immediately ignited by Ye Chen. She snorted and said angrily: “I’ll take care of this matter today! If you dare to move him, I will definitely make you regret it! ”
Ye Chen smiled playfully: “Make me regret?”
Su Zhiyu said confidently: “Yes!”
As soon as Su Zhiyu’s voice fell, he heard a click from the side, and then, Takahashi Hideyoshi’s miserable cry came out!
She immediately looked at Takahashi Yingji, and saw that his left arm was obviously twisted by Ye Chen, now with both arms shrugged in front of her, crying loudly in pain!
Su Zhiyu looked at Ye Chen angrily, and shouted: “What the hell is going on with you? You have to have trouble with me?”
Ye Chen shook his head: “Don’t be affectionate. I don’t know you at all. Why should I have trouble with you? You are air in my eyes.”
After all, Ye Chen didn’t bother to look at the two of them again, took back all the money he had robbed from the singing girl from the pocket of Onizuka Longer who was lying on the ground, and then turned around and came to the singing girl.
“Take the money away and don’t come out to play or sing in the future.”
The girl whimpered with grateful tears and choked: “I’m sorry, I’m causing you trouble…”
Ye Chen shook his head and said, “If you are in a foreign country, you must take care of yourself. I’m leaving.”
After that, he turned and left the scene.
Su Zhiyu was so angry that she clenched her fists, staring at his back and shouted: “Asshole, stop for me!”

Chapter: 1705
Hearing Su Zhiyu’s angrily shouting behind him, Ye Chen dismissed it without turning his head.
Su Zhiyu grew up so big that he had never been so despised, so he was naturally very angry.
There are almost no girls in the Yanjing wealthy family who are not self-righteous, but they are just about the importance.
Su Zhiyu is regarded as the top existence in Yanjing, and even among the wealthy daughters in the country. Therefore, both self-esteem and self-righteousness are slightly higher than ordinary people.
Therefore, being despised by Ye Chen without looking back, made her whole popularity stomped straight.
However, she was also very clear in her heart that she was not Ye Chen’s opponent at all, and she was unfamiliar with her life in Tokyo. There was no other way except to get angry.
Just as Su Zhiyu was very angry, Takahashi Yingji shrugged his two broken arms and came to Su Zhiyu and the girl who sang and sang. His expression was extremely gloomy, staring at the girl who sang and sang, and asked viciously: “Say! Who is that guy?! What is his name, where does he live, and what is his background?!”
The girl said with some horror: “I don’t know that gentleman…”
“Fart!” Takahashi yelled angrily: “Do you think I’m a three-year-old kid? You don’t know if you don’t know me? If you don’t tell me honestly, I will kill you!”
Su Zhiyu glared at him and said coldly, “Mr. Gao Qiao, it’s not appropriate to yell at a little girl, right?”
Hideki Takahashi came back to his senses a little bit, suppressing the anger in his heart, gritted his teeth and said: “Miss Su, you saw it just now, that bastard has destroyed my arms!” Remember to read a book for one second. http://m
Su Zhiyu said blankly: “Yes, I saw it. It was the man who abolished your arm just now. What does it have to do with this little girl? You don’t know what is wronged and indebted? Let’s talk about it. , The injury on your arm can be recovered after three or five months of cultivation after a plaster cast. Is it such a lack of grace?”
“No manner?!” Takahashi Eiji couldn’t hide his anger: “This girl is obviously related to that man. As long as she tells me the man’s information honestly, I won’t embarrass her!”
Su Zhiyu glared at him and said angrily: “This girl has said enough. If you don’t know that man, don’t you understand?”
Takahashi Eiji said angrily, “Who knows if she is lying!”
Su Zhiyu said coldly: “Whether she is lying or not has nothing to do with you. If you want to ask for more details, you can ask others for advice. If others tell you, it’s your duty. Don’t tell you. It threatens other people’s personal safety at every turn. Don’t you remember what happened just now?”
Hideki Takahashi’s expression was hard to look at all of a sudden. He knew that Su Zhiyu was reminding himself not to be too arrogant. The reason why he offended the man just now was entirely because he was too arrogant. Not only did he curse, he also asked the bodyguard to do it. It ended up like this.
Su Zhiyu’s words made him feel very shameless on his face.
However, on the one hand, because the Su family behind Su Zhiyu is much stronger than the Takahashi family, on the other hand, because he has a good impression of Su Zhiyu, he can only suppress the anger in his heart at this time.
Su Zhiyu asked the singing girl: “Girl, you just said you didn’t know that man, then why did he help you out? I think he took some money from the person who was hit by the car just now. about you?”
The girl said seriously: “I can tell you clearly, that gentleman is a good person!”
“I was doing art and singing on the roadside, and no one cared about it. The gentleman gave me one hundred thousand yen, and then the mobster came with a few violent elements, grabbed my money and guitar, and asked me to accompany me They went to drink, the gentleman saved me!”
Su Zhiyu frowned, “Is the man who was hit by the car a runaway?”

Chapter: 1706
“Yes!” The girl nodded and continued: “They are all members of the runaway group. The gentleman saw the uneven road and injured several other violent elements. Then the runaway clan who was hit by the car took a knife. Because of me, it was the gentleman who knocked down his knife and I was spared.”
“Then the violent race was about to flee, and the gentleman chased him out and he was hit by a car. You all know the rest.”
After hearing this, Su Zhiyu was stunned.
She did not expect that the plot would be reversed so quickly!
The rebellious and brutal young man just now was actually trying to save an innocent little girl from the members of the gang.
Moreover, that little girl is still a Chinese compatriot!
She could even imagine that if it weren’t for the man to rescue her, this Chinese girl in a foreign country would definitely be harmed by the Japanese mobsters, and might even be abused by them!
No wonder, that man shot so hard!
If you were yourself, you would want to abolish these people!
Takahashi Eiji was still yelling at the other party in anger, and even let a dozen bodyguards go up and besiege the other party. From this point of view, it is not too much to have two arms scrapped!
At this moment, Su Zhiyu’s anger at Ye Chen’s heart disappeared instantly. First URL
So, Su Zhiyu looked at the girl and asked, “Do you know what the other party’s background is? Which runaway group is from?”
The girl hurriedly replied: “It’s the Bunkyo Rape Group, the biggest violent group in Bunkyo District!”
“Bunkyo Runaway Group?” Su Zhiyu looked at Takahashi Eiji, and asked coldly, “Bunkyo Runaway Group should be an external force of your Takahashi family, right? They grabbed money from a singing girl in the street and forced others to accompany him. This is too much, right?”
Takahashi Eiji’s expression was shocked, and then he couldn’t hide his embarrassment and said: “Miss Su, where did you hear the rumor? Our Takahashi family has nothing to do with the runaway group…”
Su Zhiyu snorted and said: “Mr. Takahashi, I have investigated it clearly before I came here. Your Takahashi family started from the gray world in the early years, but later you didn’t go to the black, and then washed the white. The transformation is very successful again!”
After that, Su Zhiyu said again: “I know that more than half of the runaway groups in Tokyo and the surrounding areas are under your family’s control, but you are very smart and did not let the Takahashi family directly control these runaways. The regiment, instead of using some distant relatives with foreign surnames, right?”
Takahashi Eiki said embarrassingly: “That…Miss Su…These runaway groups are indeed managed by our foreign relatives, but our Takahashi family has long since ignored this business. …..”
Su Zhiyu snorted coldly: “Mr. Takahashi, everyone is an adult. Don’t think of me as a fool! The reason why this happened today and the reason your arm was scrapped is entirely because of your family. Tolerate the fate caused by the rampant group’s nonsense!”
Hideki Takahashi was speechless and wanted to refute, but he couldn’t find a reason to refute.
Su Zhiyu pointed to the Chinese girl and said to Takahashi Eiji: “Mr. Takahashi, this lady has nothing to do with this matter. I hope you will not trouble her in the future. Can you do it?”
Hideki Takahashi knew that he was wrong, and did not dare to offend Su Zhiyu, so he nodded sadly: “Miss Su, please rest assured, I will never embarrass her in the future…”

Chapter: 1707
At this time, Takahashi Eiji was already angry inside.
He wanted to find a clue about the man from the Chinese girl, but he didn’t expect that the girl didn’t even know each other!
Takahashi Eiji knew in his heart that what the girl said was definitely not a lie, so I was afraid that it would not be so easy to find that man to settle accounts.
However, what is more important right now is to send someone from the family to the hotel, and to the hospital with Su Zhiyu and Su Zhifei.
Su Zhiyu ignored Takahashi Eiji who had abandoned his arms. Instead, he helped the Chinese girl put the guitar away, then gave the other party a business card, and said seriously: “Girl, if anyone dared to do it because of today If you are in trouble, call me immediately. In addition, give my phone number to the person you trust most. If you are in trouble and can’t call me in time, let the person you trust most call me.”
Su Zhiyu’s words are more for Takahashi Hideki.
She knew that she would only stay in Japan for a week at most. What if Takahashi Eiji waited for her to retaliate with this girl after she left Japan?
Therefore, I must make Takahashi Eiji hesitate.
With his words just now, Takahashi Hideki would never dare to provoke this girl again, because the energy of the Su family was definitely not something they could contend.
What’s more, the Takahashi family is bent on reaching a cooperation with the Su family, and he has said it all. If he dares to trouble this girl, it can only show that Takahashi Eiki is mentally retarded.
Takahashi Hideyoshi naturally knew what Su Zhiyu meant in his heart, and he was very uncomfortable because he couldn’t come up with a depressed breath. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
However, no matter how uncomfortable, you have to endure it.
As a result, he could only find a subordinate who could still make a call, and asked him to call home quickly.
Ten minutes later, the Takahashi family brought dozens of cars in mighty.
Headed by the head of the Takahashi family, Takahashi Eiji’s father, Machi Takahashi.
Before Machi Takahashi got out of the car, he was shocked by the tragic sight in front of him.
More than a dozen bodyguards were staggering everywhere, and traffic was even blocked because of them.
His own son’s face was swollen with half of his face drawn, and what’s worse, his arms had completely lost control, he just shrugged pitifully.
With a dark face, he apologized to Su Zhiyu and Su Zhifei first, and sent someone to send them and their entourage to the hotel.
Arranged for the Su family, he then ordered people to take his son and other people into the car and go to the hospital.
On the way, Maki Takahashi asked Eiji Takahashi carefully about the whole process, and after listening, he was even more angrily speechless.
After a while, he slapped the central armrest of the car fiercely, and shouted angrily: “What a jerk! A Chinese dare to hurt my son and a dozen bodyguards in Tokyo. This is a trampling on the dignity of my Takahashi family!”
Takahashi Eiji was also furious, choked up and said, “Father, you must find that Chinese and kill him to avenge me!”
Takahashi nodded and said coldly: “Don’t worry, I will let the wind go and let people find out his whereabouts!”
Takahashi Eiji couldn’t wait to say: “Father, find him, I will kill him myself!”
“Personally?” Takahashi asked with a frown, “Can you still kill with your current hand?”
“Uh…” When Eiji Takahashi heard this, he cried and said, “Then I’ll let someone tie a knife on the sole of my shoe! Anyway, I must kill him myself!”

Chapter: 1708
Jinzhi Takahashi nodded and said, “But we can’t be too fanciful about this matter. After all, we still have to discuss cooperation with the Su family. If we want to find the Chinese in Tokyo and kill him, the Su family’s There will definitely be minor words in my heart!”
Takahashi Eiji suddenly panicked: “Dad! Are you going to let the bastard off?!”
Takahashi said coldly: “Don’t worry, I will never let him go. I will let people find him first, and then let the top ninja of the family watch him secretly. No matter where he goes, he will follow him all the way. After the dust settles on our cooperation with the Su family, we will catch that guy and quietly take him back to Tokyo and let you execute him yourself!
Hearing this, Takahashi Hideyoshi really felt relieved.
He can endure for a while for the cooperation between the clan and the Su clan, but he must not let him go.
He was relieved to hear what his father said.
As long as you can kill Ye Chen personally, you can wait a few more days!
Moreover, he believed that his top ninja, Ye Chen could never be their opponent!

After Ye Chen left near the University of Tokyo, he went straight back to Kobayashi Ichiro’s home.
He didn’t know that at this moment, he was completely popular on short video software in Japan. Remember to read in one second
Just now, someone who had something good taught him to the Mozou clan. The video of him disposing of Takahashi Eiji was filmed and then uploaded to the short video software.
This time, the whole Japan was shocked!
No one thought that a Chinese person could have such a strong strength, one person defeated almost 20 people in a row, it was incredible!
What’s more, what makes Japanese people even more unbelievable is that this person dared to do something on Eiji Takahashi on the streets of Tokyo!
As Japan’s top rich second-generation and Japanese national husband, who doesn’t know Takahashi Eiji?
He was beaten as that ghost on the streets of Tokyo. This is simply the most explosive news in Japan in recent times!
In this video, Ye Chen and Takahashi Eiji, because it was late and the mobile phone video was not very clear, they could only take 50% of their looks clearly, and the quality was comparable to those videos released by paparazzi night celebrities. The photos are similar.
However, Rao’s picture is enough for the Japanese people to recognize Takahashi Eiji.
As for Ye Chen, because the Japanese people didn’t have any idea about him, so when the video was released, the Japanese couldn’t recognize him.
However, if you are a little familiar with Ye Chen, you can still recognize Ye Chen’s identity from this video.
Yuhiko Ito was sitting in his study at this time, bored with a Cuban cigar and a glass of Scotch in his hand.
He was still annoyed at the first meeting of the Su family with the Gaoqiao family, and even more worried about Ye Chen, his mood was naturally bad.
At this moment, Tanaka Hiroshi suddenly broke in without knocking on the door, and said anxiously: “Mr. President, something has happened!”
Ito Yuihiko scolded annoyedly: “What major event can make you mess like this?! What kind of style?!”
Hiroshi Tanaka didn’t have time to explain, he hurriedly handed the phone to him, clicked play, and said: “Let’s take a look, it’s big news for the Takahashi family!”

Chapter: 1709
“Big news from the Takahashi family?!”
As soon as Ito heard this, he immediately glared: “Damn! What big news? Did the Su family announce their cooperation with them so soon? Shouldn’t it, the Su family should have just landed in Tokyo, how could it be? Are you making a decision so quickly? Don’t these beasts plan to meet us?”
Hiroshi Tanaka said hurriedly: “It’s not this news, it’s Takahashi Hideki who was scrapped on the street!”
“Takahashi Eiji was abolished?!” Ito Yuhiko blurted out like a lightning strike, “Who did it?”
In his impression, there are only a handful of people in Tokyo who dare to act on Takahashi Eiji.
If you want to do it yourself, you will be frustrated. After all, the gap between the Ito family and the Takahashi family is not too big. If you really do it on Takahashi, it is almost equivalent to declaring war on the Takahashi family.
Therefore, except for Takahashi Eiji’s old son, Ito Yuhiko can’t think of anyone else who would dare to attack him.
So he hurriedly looked at Koichi Tanaka’s cell phone, wanting to see who was so kind.
It didn’t matter at this look, Ito was trembling with fright. He couldn’t hold his fingers firmly, and the cigar fell off his hands and fell on his pants. He immediately burned a hole in his expensive hand-sewn suit pants.
Ito Xiuhiko didn’t care about feeling distressed, grabbed the cigar and threw it aside, pointed at the evil-looking man on the phone, and blurted out: “This…this…isn’t this Ye Chen? ?!”
Although I only met Ye Chen that time, Ito Xiuhiko remembered his appearance clearly. First URL
This may be the power of hatred.
After all, Ye Chen’s face not only meant humiliation to Ito Takehiko, but also represented a huge sum of US$4.5 billion!
He can recognize it really turned into ashes!
Seeing Ye Chen in the video, continuously flipping Takahashi Eiji’s more than a dozen bodyguards, and then abolished Takahashi Eiji’s arms, Ito Yuhiko couldn’t help but feel his back chills.
Only then did he realize how strong Ye Chen is!
Last time, I just abolished my two bodyguards.
This time, I simply scrapped a dozen of Takahashi Eiji’s bodyguards in one go!
With this strength, the average ninjutsu master is not an opponent either!
While surprised, deep in his heart he couldn’t help but fear.
Fortunately, Ye Chen didn’t make Ye Chen anxious that day.
Otherwise, just like Ye Chen’s violent temper, wouldn’t he just hammer himself half to death?
Takahashi Eiji is a young man. He has a little physical resistance. He is too old and he is really guilty of him. I am afraid that he will go directly to see Amaterasu in one or two rounds!
After a while of fear, Ito Takehiko was also a little gloating.
He watched Takahashi Eiji’s screaming again and again, a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth, and then reached out to drag the progress bar, and replayed Takahashi Eiji’s unlucky process again, and the smile on the corners of his mouth became even stronger.

Chapter: 1710
Immediately afterwards, he played it again, and the smile at the corner of his mouth became more intense.
After watching it a dozen times in a row, Ito Yuihiko smiled: “Okay, the Takahashi family also has today! After this video has become popular throughout Japan, don’t want the faces of their Takahashi family!”
Hiroshi Tanaka nodded and said, “Now this video has become a hit on all major online and video platforms in Japan, and the reputation of the Takahashi family will surely be hit this time!”
“Very good!” Takehiko Ito exhaled happily and said, “Oh, seeing this video makes me feel much better!”
After that, he remembered something, and said: “The Takahashi family and I have never dealt with each other, but this time we finally have a common enemy!”
Hiroshi Tanaka said in a hurry: “President, aren’t you going to join the Takahashi family to deal with Ye Chen?”
“Of course not!” Ito said with lingering fear: “I am different from the Takahashi family. Takahashi Eiji was beaten up in the street by Ye Chen. It is known throughout the country. In contrast, I was much better. I was at Kobayashi Pharmaceutical that day. Although I suffered a big loss, at any rate, I closed the door and suffered a loss without letting the people of the whole country know…”
Tanaka was stunned for a while.
Unexpectedly, the guild leader, who has always been staunch personality, would be so self-comforting…
At this time, Takehiko Ito said enthusiastically: “This incident is bound to affect the impression and attitude of the Su family towards the Takahashi family. This is a great thing for us!”
“That’s true.” Hiroshi Tanaka nodded again and again, and said: “This time the Takahashi family has not only suffered damage to their reputation, but also their ability. After all, they can be beaten like this at their own door. The Su family must be honest If they cooperate with ocean transportation, they will definitely worry that the Takahashi family will not be able to protect this business.” Remember the website http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Ito Yuihiko smiled and said, “Hahaha, this is really the one thing that makes me most happy in recent times!”
When Hiroshi Tanaka saw that Yuuhiko Ito was in a better mood, he was relieved and said with a smile: “President, I have received news that the Takahashi family is now inquiring about Ye Chen’s identity. I guess they still want to find out. Ye Chen takes revenge.”
Ito Yuihiko asked, “What do you think about this? Do you think the Takahashi family can beat Ye Chen?”
When Tian Zhonghao thought of the tremendous shock and horror that Ye Chen had brought to him, he said: “I really can’t say this. I always have a feeling for Ye Chen… It feels like what we see is just him. The tip of the iceberg!”
Ito Yuihiko frowned: “What? Do you think that even if the Takahashi family gives it all, it is impossible to beat Ye Chen?”
Tanaka Hao nodded and said truthfully: “My guild grows, the masters make tricks. Whoever is stronger will have the last laugh. Ye Chen’s strength lies here. A dozen top masters can’t match him, Takahashi How does the family fight him?”
Ito Yuihiko sneered and said: “Don’t forget, the Takahashi family also enshrines several top ninjas. My Japanese ninjutsu is so powerful, Ye Chen can’t be their opponent!”
Hiroshi Tanaka reminded: “President, even the top ninja we enshrine may not be able to defeat Takahashi Eiji’s a dozen personal bodyguards so easily, right? Even if it can be played, I am afraid it will be a terrible victory, but Ye Chen , It’s just one-sided crushing…”
With that, Koichi Tanaka pulled the video progress bar back to the scene where Ye Chen singled out a dozen bodyguards against Takahashi Eiji. He pointed to the video and said to Takehiko Ito: “Sir, look, these dozen people are in Ye Chen. In front of Chen, even chickens, ducks and geese can’t compare with them. They almost knocked down one with a punch, kicked one with one kick!”
“Even when chickens, ducks and geese are beaten by someone, they can still jump up and peck twice, but these so-called masters are absolutely waste in front of Ye Chen!”
“Uh…” Ito Takehiko’s expression gradually became more serious.
In the video, Ye Chen’s strength is really terrifying.
It seems that these dozen masters, who are not human at all, were directly ravaged by his cruel and inhuman madness…
Thinking of this, he looked at Koichi Tanaka sadly, and asked helplessly: “Tanaka, you said our 4.5 billion US dollars, can we still ask for it back?!”

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