The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2979

When I heard that Ye Chen was about to break his legs and let himself crawl to Yanjing, Zhong Tianyu was full of excitement.
He has been in the second-generation circle of Yenching for more than 20 years. Based on his understanding of this circle, the people in this circle, although arrogant and ruthless, are basically dealing with outsiders. Only when it comes to insiders, most people tend to converge a little.
For example, he himself has rarely bullied others and interrupted other people’s legs for so many years. He has done it more than once, but it was aimed at some poor people whose strength background is far less than his. I really want to change it. Everyone in this circle will save some face to the other party.
After all, we all have money and power, and business will overlap every three to five, so we all know that we have to stay in line with each other in everything.
This has long become an unspoken rule for everyone in the second-generation circle.
But Zhong Tianyu found that Ye Chen in front of him didn’t seem to care about this established rule.
So, he blurted out: “Ye Chen, if you really interrupt my legs, my family will not let go, and you will be rejected and isolated by everyone in the circle, or I will give it to you. If you kowtow to admit your mistakes and pay you a little bit more, you can let me go!”
Ye Chen said blankly: “I have already told you about the two choices. Now you choose one by yourself. Within minutes, if you still don’t tell me, your final choice will take two years from the first choice. It will become three years, and the second option will remain the same.”
Seeing that Ye Chen’s oil and salt were not coming in, Zhong Tianyu hurriedly shouted into the phone: “Auntie Ye, you can help me say something nice, Auntie Ye…”
Ye Changmin sighed and said, “Tianyu, auntie advises you to choose the first one as soon as possible. If you drag on, it will change from two years to three years. I’m afraid you can’t stand it even more…”
After speaking, Ye Changmin added: “You can’t choose the second one if you say anything. Don’t think Ye Chen is just talking about him. If he says that he’s the same, he will definitely not change his mind if he asks you to climb back. The family’s Kong Delong, because he offended Ye Chen, he traveled from Yanjing to Jinling on a bicycle and lived in the dirtiest and worst shanty town of Jinling. Life was not as good as a beggar…”
Since being educated by Ye Chen, Ye Changmin has not secretly investigated Ye Chen’s actions. The more investigations, the more she fears Ye Chen. Therefore, as a person who came by, she immediately helped Zhong Tianyu make the best choice. .
In her opinion, the best situation for Zhong Tianyu right now is to quickly agree to the first choice Ye Chen gave him, otherwise, the following conditions will only get worse.
When Zhong Tianyu heard Ye Changmin talk about Kong Delong, he was shocked to speak.
He and Kong Delong have a pretty good relationship. The two of them had never been together before. Later, Kong Delong suddenly felt like a neurosis one day, wearing a green helmet and riding on a two-eight bar and left Yanjing. , Everyone in the circle said that there was a problem with his brain, and he didn’t think that it was also a gift from Ye Chen…
This made him feel a little more jealous of Ye Chen in his heart.
However, if he really wants to choose to be a seaman for two years, he will never be reconciled.
After all, for a rich second generation like him, a life of spending time and wine every day is a paradise on earth, but once you get on a boat and become a seaman, what you have to face every day is the vast sea. What kind of boring life?
And Ye Chen also prevented him from disembarking for two years. What’s the difference between this and imprisonment?
Just when he didn’t know what to do, Ye Chen reminded him: “It will be a minute soon!”
Zhong Tianyu suddenly panicked.
He doesn’t know whether he should choose the first one. After all, he is not willing to be played by Ye Chen like this. He also hopes that his father can rescue himself after learning about it. go with.
When he was hesitating, Ye Changmin on the other end of the phone said anxiously: “Tianyu, first take the best conditions in his hand before talking! Otherwise, if there is no room for mediation, at least you It will not expand the loss!”

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