The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2985

Ye Zhongquan’s words made Zhong Zhengtao very upset deep in his heart.
In his opinion, Ye Zhongquan’s remarks clearly meant protecting the calf.
I asked him by myself, hoping that he would be able to save face and help Ye Chen to have a good word to see if this matter can be reduced to a major or minor issue.
But in my dreams, I didn’t even think that Ye Zhongquan would directly say to himself that grandson that he couldn’t offend him? !
This is too deceiving!
Ye Zhongquan seemed to guess what he was thinking, and said seriously: “Little Zhong, I know you must think that I am protecting Ye Chen in disguise, but I tell you the truth, although Ye Chen is my grandson, even if I and the whole Ye The family does not intervene at all, and you are not his opponent at all.”
Zhong Zhengtao naturally didn’t believe it. Hearing this, he couldn’t help but feel angry. The tone of his speech also became a little bit, and he said coldly: “I’m not a fearful master, let alone let people just ride on their necks and shit. Lord! If Ye Uncle and Ye Family really don’t intervene at all, I would like to weigh with that Ye Chen to see who has the harder wrist!”
Ye Zhongquan sighed and said, “If you really want to break your wrist with Ye Chen, I won’t stop you, and I can promise you never to interfere, but if you break with Ye Chen and lose, you are in the future. Within a few years, there is a high probability that it will be impossible to regain personal freedom. With so many brothers and sisters in your Zhong family, if something happens to you, the control of the Zhong Group will be in the hands of others.”
Zhong Zhengtao was at a loss for words.
He listened to Ye Zhongquan’s tone, and suddenly felt that Ye Zhongquan didn’t seem to be protecting the calf.
However, he really made his son so unclearly detained and worked as a seaman for three years. He couldn’t accept this kind of result in any way.
However, he felt that if he really went to Ye Chen and broke his wrist, in case he lost, as Ye Zhongquan said, other half-brothers and sisters would rush to compete for their own resources. .
Combining with what Ye Changmin just said, he gradually felt that Ye Changmin and Ye Zhongquan seemed to be fooling themselves.
At this moment, a hint of retreat emerged in his heart.
Immediately, he called Ye Changmin again, and as soon as the phone was connected, he asked in a deep voice: “Changmin, if you tell me something, how difficult is your nephew to deal with?”
Ye Changmin pondered for a moment, then sighed: “During the Chinese New Year, I have been in Yanjing for more than half a month, do you remember?”
“Remember.” Zhong Zhengtao said: “At that time, I always wondered if you had someone else out there. When I asked you to meet, you said that you were not in Yanjing, and asked where you were. No answer.”
Ye Changmin said depressedly: “I was not going to tell you about this, because it’s too embarrassing, but since I’m talking about it, I won’t hide it with you.”
Speaking of this, Ye Changmin paused, took a deep breath, and said calmly: “In fact, I was in Jinling during that time.”
“Are you in Jinling at that time?” Zhong Zhengtao hurriedly asked: “Are you with your nephew?”
Ye Changmin said quietly: “I was imprisoned in a slum by him…”
“What?!” Zhong Zhengtao asked in amazement: “You were imprisoned by her?! Why?! You are his aunt!”
Ye Changmin said angrily: “My aunt is in his eyes, I’m afraid it’s not as good as a fart.”
With that said, Ye Changmin remembered the original suffering, and couldn’t help but choked up, and said, “That time I went to Jinling, even Ye Chen’s subordinates could slap me wantonly. When have I suffered this kind of grievance in my life? And, over half a month During the time, I could only live in a shanty town with a rent of a few hundred yuan a month. There were dedicated people watching, unable to go out, and unable to shop online. I had to eat in accordance with the local minimum living standards. It was a purgatory on earth… …”
Zhong Zhengtao was completely shocked.

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