The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2986

He knew exactly what kind of person Ye Changmin was. If Ye Changmin had suffered such a big loss under Ye Chen’s hands, it was enough to prove that this Ye Chen is definitely not a good crop, and it must be a hard bone that can’t be bitten. !
If even Ye Changmin can’t chew, then he must be choking.
He heard Ye Changmin’s cry on the other end of the phone, and hurriedly said, “Changmin, why didn’t you tell me these things earlier?”
Ye Changmin sighed and said helplessly, “What’s the use of telling you this? Even I can’t provoke Ye Chen. Can I still let you go find him and die?”
Zhong Zhengtao said with some embarrassment: “You…you can be regarded as my woman. If you say something, I will definitely be willing to go through fire and water for you!”
Ye Changmin smiled and said, “I will be satisfied if you have this kind of heart, but I am so old, Ye Changmin, I can still understand who can and cannot provoke me.”
After speaking, Ye Changmin paused slightly and continued: “I was just like you before. I feel that Ye Chen is just a Ye family who has been living outside for many years. Once you come to a small place like Jinling, you can’t have much power; When he came to him as the Ye family who had fallen outside all the year round, seeing me, an aunt who has never left the Ye family, must be respectful and respectful, but who knows that he doesn’t put anyone in his eyes at all.”
Immediately afterwards, Ye Changmin said again: “Furthermore, not only does Ye Chen have strong strength, he is deeply rooted in Jinling, but more importantly, the supporters behind him are not only the Ye family, but the entire Gu family! It can even be said that the Gu family supported him. Attitude, much more determined than my father.”
“Gu family?!” Zhong Zhengtao blurted out, “Why is Gu family supporting him so much?”
Ye Changmin asked in turn: “Gu Yanzhong and my second elder brother are worshiping brothers. The two children had a marriage contract in the early years. Don’t you know about this?”
Zhong Zhengtao said awkwardly: “It happened more than 20 years ago, how can I remember it so clearly…”
Ye Changmin said helplessly, “You should always know about Gu Yanzhong’s dying of pancreatic cancer some time ago?”
“I know.” Zhong Zhengtao said: “I heard that it is inexplicable and better? It’s damn incredible!”
Ye Changmin gave a hum, and said lightly: “Ye Chen cured him.”
“Ye Chen?!” Zhong Zhengtao’s jaw was almost lost, and he blurted out: “Isn’t pancreatic cancer known as the king of cancer? Even Jobs in the United States can’t be cured, how did he cure it? This is a bit of a damn against common sense. what!”
Ye Changmin chuckled twice: “Ho ho, I don’t know how he was cured, but he is indeed cured, so he is not only Gu Yanzhong’s lifesaver, but also the only son-in-law candidate in Gu Yanzhong’s heart. Gu Yanzhong is the only one. Daughter, who is his daughter to marry, who is the heir of Gu Yanzhong’s future wealth, so think about it for yourself, can you provoke Ye Chen?”
Zhong Zhengtao really took it this time.
He finally knew that the Ye Chen that his son provoked was a complex of three forces.
Ye Chen himself is a faction of his own, with the support of the Ye family and the Gu family behind him. Under this circumstance, if the whole country can provoke other people, I might not find a few, let alone himself?
Thinking of this, his heart was desperate.
In this way, my own son can’t be saved.
After thinking about it, he went from struggling and tangled in his heart to giving up naturally. Then he asked Ye Changmin, “Changmin, can you help me?”
Ye Changmin said: “You said.”
Zhong Zhengtao opened the mouth and said: “Thank you for telling your nephew, let me talk to Tianyu on the phone…”

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