The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2999

In the evening, Chen Duoduo checked all the hardware equipment at the performance site and returned to the hotel after confirming that there were no problems.
As soon as she arrived in the room, she immediately sent a video call to Gu Qiuyi.
The phone was connected, and Gu Qiuyi was resting in her boudoir in her pajamas and mask.
She opened the mouth and asked Chen Duoduo: “Duoduo, the venue is over, right?”
Chen Duoduo nodded: “It’s all over. You can rehearse directly when you arrive tomorrow.”
“That’s good!” Gu Qiuyi breathed a sigh of relief, and said with a serious expression: “I have played so many concerts, but once I was as nervous as I am now. You must not go on business trips at this concert.”
Chen Duoduo thought of Su Zhifei’s affairs, and said: “By the way, Qiuyi, I have to report something to you.”
“you said.”
Chen Duoduo said: “That’s right, Su Zhifei, the person who bought the executive company privately, changed all the lighting and audio equipment for the concert.”
“What?!” Gu Qiuyi immediately asked angrily: “Why does that Su Zhifei do this? What rights does he have? You should contact people quickly, no matter what method you use, you must replace the equipment with me before the performance!”
Chen Duoduo hurriedly comforted: “Qiuyi, don’t worry. The situation of the equipment is like this. Although the whole equipment has been changed, there has been no reduction in allocation and no malicious damage. On the contrary, he personally rented the most from the United States. Good stage equipment.”
With that said, Chen Duoduo’s tone was already a little excited, and he said excitedly: “Our lighting engineer and sound engineer have conducted joint tuning of the equipment today, and the effect is really very good! To be honest, I have never seen such a high configuration. The concert, even the concert of Michael Jackson before his death, can’t reach such a high level in hardware, and the stage effect must be very explosive at that time!”
Gu Qiuyi breathed a sigh of relief when she heard this, but she still felt a little uncomfortable.
She sullenly said: “This Su Zhifei is too wide. This is my concert for Brother Ye Chen. He doesn’t need his courtesy at all!”
Then, she hurriedly said: “That’s right, you can let me calculate how much he will cost to rent these equipment. After the concert, I will return the money to him. !”
Chen Duoduo said, “Why Qiuyi, Su Zhifei is willing to rush to get these, then let him do it, why should we give him the money?”
“That’s different!” Gu Qiuyi said: “This concert is for Brother Ye Chen. If he needs to spend money to upgrade the equipment, then this concert is not pure enough in my mind, and it can even be said to be a failure. , A taint! I don’t want to take advantage of him and leave myself such a big regret. Besides, I am not rich. Even if he spends 100 million to upgrade his equipment, I can afford it.”
“That won’t be enough.” Chen Duoduo said: “I heard from the sound engineer, it would probably cost more than 20 million.”
Gu Qiuyi immediately said, “Then give him 30 million after the concert is over!”
Chen Duoduo said: “Give it to him this time, but you still have to think about it. If he still does this next time, what shall we do? After all, you have a lot of concerts this time.”
“Nothing.” Gu Qiuyi said confidently: “Don’t worry, after this concert, he will definitely not pester me again.”
Chen Duoduo nodded thoughtfully: “That’s right…When you show the surprise to Ye Chen at the concert, Su Zhifei will definitely not pester you anymore.”
Speaking of this, Chen Duoduo heaved a sigh of relief and said: “In this case, I will arrange the finance to prepare a check for 30 million and give it to him as soon as the performance is over.”
“Okay, then you will give it to him then, I don’t want to deal with him.”
“Okay.” Chen Duoduo nodded, and then said again: “Oh, by the way, Qiuyi, when will you come over tomorrow?”

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