The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 3013

Su Zhifei sat in his Rolls-Royce due to a very bad mood, and did not get out of the car for a long time.
Even though Gu Qiuyi’s rehearsal singing soon came from the stadium, he still sat motionless in the car.
At this time, he was extremely unhappy.
The reason that made him unhappy was that on the one hand, Gu Qiuyi’s deliberate avoidance of herself, on the other hand, was the unknown BMW driver.
And he didn’t understand why Gu Qiuyi would condescend to take a cheap BMW to the stadium.
After all, a brand like BMW, in Yanjing’s second-generation circle, is simply rubbish that no one touches.
Like their top rich second-generation, the advanced customized version of Rolls-Royce is basically the standard for travel.
A car of this class like BMW is not even a fart in front of the high-end custom Rolls-Royce.
Seeing that more than ten or twenty minutes have passed, and his subordinates are still not giving feedback on the BMW car information, he can’t help but feel a little annoyed. When he was about to call, he suddenly received a call from his subordinates. phone.
Su Zhifei immediately connected the phone and yelled: “Let you fucking check the license plate, where did you check it for me? You haven’t responded for so long?!”
The other party hurriedly said: “Master calmed down. The people over there just reported that there was a problem with the system, and it was just handled. The car you want to check has already got results.”
Su Zhifei hurriedly asked: “What is the result? Who is the owner of that car?!”
The other party replied: “Master, the BMW car you asked me to check is a car registered under the name of Jinling Emgrand Group.”
“Empire Group?” Su Zhifei couldn’t help frowning.
He has been in Jinling during this period, but he has some understanding of the situation in Jinling.
The largest local company in Jinling is the Emgrand Group, but the owner of this group is mysterious, and Su Zhifei doesn’t know who this company belongs to.
So, he was a little surprised at once, and blurted out, “Is the message true?”
The other party replied: “It is definitely true. He also told me that the number of vehicles registered under the Emgrand Group’s name is more than 500 large and small. This BMW is one of them, and there is a small detail. This car is not a BMW 520, but a BMW 760.”
“Impossible!” Su Zhifei blurted out: “I saw the car’s tail label say 520! How could it be 760?! Is it a mistake?”
“No.” The other party said seriously: “I have repeatedly confirmed with the other side that the registration number of this license plate is indeed a BMW 760. As for you said that the tail number is 520, then I guess it may have been tampered with.”
After speaking, he said again: “Master, you may not know much about the entry-level low-end luxury cars like BMW, but there is actually a big difference between the BMW 5 Series and the 7 Series. At first glance, they seem to be similar, but carefully In fact, there are many differences, but people who don’t know it can’t see it. Just like the current Mercedes-Benz E-Class and Mercedes-Benz S-Class, people who don’t understand cars basically can’t see the difference. Compare the video of the driving recorder with the photo of the BMW 760 on the Internet. If you find it wrong, then I will immediately ask that person to follow up.”
Su Zhifei naturally didn’t want to make any difference, so he immediately said: “I’ll look at the video of the dash cam. You can find the detailed pictures of the rear of the BMW 760 and 520 and send it to my WeChat. I will confirm it first.”
“it is good!”
Su Zhifei hurriedly opened the video of Rolls-Royce’s built-in driving recorder and found the clip just taken. After playback, it can be clearly seen that the rear of the car is indeed attached to the BMW 520.
The reason why he wants to figure out whether it is 520 or 760 is mainly to determine whether this car is an Emgrand Group car.
If it is true that this car is a BMW 760, then all the clues can be confirmed that this car belongs to the Emgrand Group.
However, if this car is not a 760, it is just an ordinary 520, then it proves that the information returned by his subordinates is wrong.

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