The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 3018

The secretary quickly said: “Good Vice Dong Wang!”
After the secretary left, Wang Dongxue immediately invited Su Zhifei into his office and invited him to sit down on the sofa. Then he asked politely: “I wonder why Master Su came to our Emgrand Group?”
Su Zhifei smiled and said: “I have been in Jinling for this period of time, and I am interested in making some investment in Jinling. I heard that your Emgrand Group is the largest enterprise in Jinling, so I want to cooperate with you.”
Having said that, Su Zhifei also deliberately added: “Oh, yes, the’one point’ cooperation I said is at least 50 billion yuan.”
“Oh? Really?!” Wang Dongxue immediately showed strong interest and asked with excitement, “I don’t know what kind of cooperation Master Su wants to do?”
Su Zhifei smiled slightly, raised his hand and pointed to the high-rise buildings outside, and said with a smile: “Real estate, hotels, energy, automobiles, the fields you can think of, our Su family basically dabble in, so we can cooperate. There are so many fields.”
After that, Su Zhifei said: “Isn’t new energy vehicles very popular recently! Several cities across the country have R&D and production bases for new energy batteries and automobiles, but Jinling seems to have none? I think we can make joint ventures in Jinling. Established a new energy battery production company to produce supporting power batteries for new energy vehicles. It happens that we also have two traditional car brands in the Su family. Recently, we are also preparing to transform and develop new energy models. We will have in-depth cooperation at that time. It may be possible to build a brand of new energy vehicles together.”
Anyway, it’s just babbling, so Su Zhifei brags, and he doesn’t have the slightest sense of it. The Su family does have two traditional car brands, and they are indeed engaged in the transformation of new energy, but this kind of thing, From a business logic point of view, even if they find someone to cooperate, they will only find professional companies in related fields to cooperate, and it is impossible to come to cooperate with an innocent company like the Emgrand Group.
However, Su Zhifei feels that new energy is now a big outlet, and all companies want to come in and get a share of the pie, and it must be the same for companies of the size of the Emgrand Group.
Many companies see the new energy industry becoming more and more popular, but they can’t find an entry point. Now they are giving Emgrand Group a chance to enter the new energy field. It is impossible to refuse to come to Emgrand Group.
Of course, he is not a wealthy boy who is here to give opportunities. The reason for drawing such a big cake is to take the opportunity to attract the chairman of the Emgrand Group.
As soon as he said this, Wang Dongxue’s eyes flashed brightly. She couldn’t hide her excitement and said, “Oh, let’s talk about Master Su, our boss has always wanted to dabble in the field of new energy vehicles. It’s just our Emgrand Group. We have always been focusing on real estate development and commercial real estate management. The development of real estate, shopping malls and hotels is our expertise. However, we are unable to develop new energy vehicles. The boss is worrying about a good opportunity. If the Su family really has it Interested in cooperating with us, that’s really a gift in the snow!”
Su Zhifei was very satisfied with Wang Dongxue’s performance, smiled slightly, and said seriously: “Vice Dong Wang, Su Zhifei always speaks for words. Since I have come here on my own initiative, I naturally hope to cooperate with your Emgrand Group.”
Speaking of this, Su Zhifei paused for a while, and then continued: “As you know, although our Su family’s overall strength is very strong, our main business is concentrated in Yanjing and its surrounding areas, and there is no business foundation in Jinling. There is no network.”
“If you want to build a new energy battery and automobile production base in Jinling, you must have in-depth cooperation with Jinling local companies.”
“In this way, it will be easier to approve, obtain land, build factories, and apply for government subsidies.”
“Your Emgrand Group is the largest company in Jinling. Cooperating with you is to join forces for mutual benefit!”
“That’s great!” Wang Dongxue said excitedly: “Since Young Master Su can value us, then we will definitely go all out in cooperation!”
“Yeah!” Su Zhifei nodded in satisfaction, then changed the conversation, and suddenly said: “Oh, right, Deputy Dong Wang, I estimate that the total investment of this cooperation project will be at least 60 to 70 billion, and it may even be worth it. Hundreds of billions, such a big cooperation, I still want to meet your boss and have a chat in person. I wonder if you can ask him for me?”
“This…” Wang Dongxue hesitated for a moment, and then said: “Mr. Su, let’s tell you that, our chairman, this person, has always been not very concerned about the Emgrand Group….. .”

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