The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 1901-1910

Chapter: 1901
Under Ye Chen’s order, the entire Jinling Underground World was dispatched almost at this instant.
Hong Wuye even took to the streets in person, looking for clues to Ma Lan with his men.
Xiao Hailong didn’t know this at this time.
He just wanted to take revenge on Ma Lan, and then send her to the black brick kiln to work for a lifetime. This will not only suppress the arrogance of Ye Chen and Xiao Churan, but also avenge himself and his mother.
Xiao Changqian was also very excited.
His hatred for Ma Lan has already reached a peak.
Of the four of Ye Chen’s family, he hates Ma Lan the most!
The reason why she hates Ma Lan so much is mainly because Qian Hongyan was sent to the black coal kiln, because Ma Lan, and Qian Hongyan was pregnant in the black coal kiln and infected herself with a venereal disease.
That’s fine, but this Ma Lan insisted on hanging dozens of green hats on the wall to disgust him, so that he would never forget the harm Qian Hongyan brought to him, and he would always feel the green on his head. As time continues to increase, it is no longer a common sense!
At this time, the father and son, together with their accomplices, dragged Ma Lan and Ye Changmin to the abandoned warehouse in the suburbs.
Because the warehouse is large, the van can be driven directly into the warehouse. [Read Novels here : ]
As soon as the car stopped, Xiao Hailong jumped out of the car first, and then dragged Ma Lan out of the car.
Xiao Changgan looked at Ma Lan on the ground with a sneer, and said with a sneer: “Ma Lan, Ma Lan, you never dreamed that you would have a fucking today?”
Ma Lan was terrified, but because her mouth was blocked, she couldn’t speak and could only whimper loudly.
Xiao Changqian directly tore off the towel from her mouth.
Ma Lan immediately blurted out: “Xiao Changgan! You’re so fucking tired and crooked, dare to kidnap your old lady?! Believe it or not, my son-in-law Ye Chen, you can blow your head anytime!”
“Huh?” Xiao Changgan raised his hand and slapped Ma Lan, and said angrily: “It’s all this time, so fucking pretend to be with me? Do you think you are on your patio now?”
Ma Lan is a master who cannot afford to lose. Seeing that he dared to beat herself, she immediately furiously said: “Xiao Changgan, you wait! My son-in-law knows a lot of people with good looks in Jinling, and he will definitely teach you a lot!”
Xiao Changgan sneered and said, “Do you still expect Ye Chen to teach us? I tell you, there are two main purposes for binding you here today. First, let a few young people have fun with you and take some videos to post. On the Internet, you and your family will be ruined; second, you will be sent to the black brick factory to burn the kiln and move bricks for a lifetime! How did you deal with Qian Hongyan in the first place, I now have to get it back hundreds of times!”
As soon as Ma Lan heard this, he was so frightened!
She really did not expect that Xiao Changgan would have such a vicious plan!
So, she immediately persuaded her and choked: “Brother, you shouldn’t hate me so much. It was not me who wanted to harm my sister in the first place. It was my sister who wanted to harm me. Ask yourself if you didn’t want to pit me. My son-in-law’s villa, I can’t do it against you!”
Xiao Changgan raised his hand and slapped it again, and yelled, “Then you hung so many green hats on your terrace, how do you explain?”
Ma Lan hurriedly said, “I was really wrong about that, brother, you think I am your younger siblings, please spare me this time, I will definitely collect all the green hats after I go back. Do not stay!”
Xiao Changgan snorted coldly: “Now that I know I confessed my mistake? I tell you, it’s too late! This time even if it’s Da Luo Jinxian, don’t want to save you!”
Xiao Hailong approached and asked in a low voice, “Dad, when shall we let people do it?”
Xiao Changgan said: “Don’t worry, when President Wu comes over, President Wu will have to witness it with his own eyes!”

Chapter: 1902
Xiao Hailong asked again: “What should I do if there is still a woman in the car? At that time, there was no way but to tie her together, but we don’t know her either.”
Xiao Changgan smacked his lips and said, “Don’t worry, let Ma Lan get rid of it. If it doesn’t work, send that woman to the black brick kiln!”
At this moment, the Ye family had received news that Ye Changmin was kidnapped.
After Elder Ye heard about this, his whole body was instantly furious!
He threw a beloved Yuan blue and white plum bottle directly in the living room, and shouted angrily: “With the strength and status of my Ye family in the country, there are still people who dare to kidnap Ye family’s immediate family members. This is too courageous. ?!”
The three brothers Ye Changkong, Ye Changyun, and Ye Changjun looked at me and you one by one, but none of them spoke.
Ye Changmin was kidnapped suddenly, and for them, it was not something worth worrying about.
On the contrary, it is something worthy of the expectations and excitement of the three of them.
None of the three brothers liked Ye Changmin.
The reason is nothing more than the word interest. [Read Novels here : ]
If Ye Changmin, like Ye Changxiu, the youngest daughter of the Ye family, would live steadily with her husband when she married, they would naturally not be dissatisfied with Ye Changmin.
But it was because Ye Changmin had clearly married out, but he couldn’t keep himself in the husband’s family and teach his sons. After separating from her husband, he ran back to the Ye family in an attempt to share a share of the family property. This made the three Ye family brothers treat Ye Changmin very much. disgust.
Moreover, Ye Changmin was already very serious.
She never cared about the feelings of the three brothers, only the feelings of the father alone.
Therefore, she would often deliberately target the three brothers in order to win the affection of the father, and make them annoying.
Now she has been kidnapped. Isn’t this the gift God gave to the three of them?
Although the three of them haven’t had any communication with each other, they all have the same wish in their hearts.
That is, I hope the kidnappers will kill Ye Changmin directly and never let her back again.
The old man Ye Zhongquan was very annoyed. Over this period of time, he has increasingly felt that his eldest daughter Ye Changmin is not only capable, but also very obedient to his own words. Compared with the three sons, Ye Changmin made himself more compliant.
Now, my daughter, by her own order, went to Jinling to find Ye Chen, and was kidnapped in Jinling. This not only threatened his daughter’s life, but also slapped him in the face, so he could not do anything. accept.
So he immediately called Chen Zekai and asked about the details of the matter.
Chen Zekai could only reply truthfully, and told Ye Changmin to Ma Lan and how he was kidnapped with Ma Lan, and told Elder Ye in detail.
After listening to the old man Ye, he blurted out and asked: “Chen Zekai, do you think the other party is targeting Chang Min or Ma Lan?”
Chen Zekai said: “Master, I really can’t analyze the specific situation now. The eldest has a high status. Maybe there are desperate desperados who want to kidnap her and blackmail a huge fortune. But Ye Chen’s mother-in-law has a pungent personality. Very often, I don’t offend people less, maybe the other party may come to her to seek revenge. All of this will be known after the party is found.”
Elder Ye immediately said in a cold voice: “Chen Zekai, I have two requirements! First, you must rescue Changmin anyway, otherwise you will be asked; second, immediately grab Changmin’s bodyguard, family law Wait and interrupt your hands and feet, and then send back to Ye’s house to accept punishment!”

Chapter: 1903
Chen Zekai also knew very well that Ye Changmin had to take responsibility for something wrong with Ye Changmin.
If Ye Changmin finally turned away from danger, everything would be fine, but if she really has something to do with her, then her good life will be over.
What’s more, there was Ye Chen’s mother-in-law who disappeared with Ye Shaomin this time.
Therefore, he further increased his search power, and even transferred the entire Shangri-La security guard out, just to search for the whereabouts of Ye Changmin and Ma Lan as soon as possible.
However, the clues need to start from the beauty salon and a little bit of searching, so it is impossible to find them immediately.
Ye Chen had also left home at this time and went to the beauty salon to meet Chen Zekai.
He was worried about two things at this time. One thing was that Ye Changmin exposed his identity to Ma Lan, and the other was that Ma Lan was brutally murdered by the kidnappers.
In fact, until now, he has no family feelings towards Ma Lan.
After all, Ma Lan has been bullying and humiliating herself for more than three years, but only recently has it changed.
If there is a choice, Ye Chen hopes that Ma Lan will evaporate.
However, Ye Chen felt a little unbearable when he thought of his wife Xiao Churan. [Read Novels here : ]
Xiao Churan is very kind after all, and she can be considered very filial to Ma Lan. If Ma Lan disappears for no reason, her blow will be extraordinary.
The last time Ma Lan entered the detention center, she was missing for just a few days. Xiao Churan was going crazy. If Ma Lan had any accident this time, she would definitely be more worried than last time.
Moreover, it seems that the New Year will be around in two days. If Ma Lan had any accident at this time, the family would not have a good year.
Therefore, Ye Chen still hopes to find and rescue Ma Lan as much as possible.
At this moment, abandoned warehouses in the suburbs.
Ma Lan and Ye Changmin were tied together. The reason why the Xiao family and his son hadn’t let Ma Lan go to sleep was mainly because they wanted Wu Donghai to come over and inspect their work.
After all, cannibalism is soft and short.
The Xiao family got so many benefits from Wu Donghai, but they never let the Ye Chen family jump in accordance with Wu Donghai’s explanation, so Wu Donghai felt very insecure.
This is mainly because the Tangchen Yipin Villa they live in is not their own, but Wu Donghai lent them to live.
Moreover, Wu Donghai’s investment in the Xiao Group’s money is also conditional. Wu Donghai can withdraw all the money at any time, and then the Xiao family will still have nothing.
Therefore, they wholeheartedly hope to please Wu Donghai and make Wu Donghai satisfied.
In this way, they can also get more benefits from the Wu family.
Wu Donghai was sitting in the car rushing to the warehouse, and he was very excited.
During this period of time, although he has been busy making the Wu family rise again and can’t worry about fighting with Ye Chen, the hatred of Ye Chen in his heart has never been lessened.

Chapter: 1904
This time I heard that Xiao Changgan wanted to attack Ye Chen’s mother-in-law first. Wu Donghai was naturally very happy. For fear of missing the show, he asked his men to drive and drive over to watch the live broadcast.
As soon as he arrived, Xiao Hailong ran to open the door of the warehouse himself, and let the Rolls Royce in Wu Donghai drive in.
Xiao Changqian walked out of the car door excitedly and took the initiative to open the rear seat door for Wu Donghai.
As soon as the door opened, Xiao Changgan bowed very humbly and said, “Mr. Wu, you are here!”
Wu Donghai nodded and saw Ma Lan tied back to back with Ye Changmin on the ground. He sneered and said, “This is Ye Chen’s mother-in-law, right?”
“That’s right!” Xiao Changgan said with a bit of bitterness: “This girl, the number one shrew in the universe, it’s as cheap as bones! I’ll get her to be done later, and I will help Mr. Wu! ”
When Ma Lan heard this, she hurriedly begged in fright: “I beg you to let me go, I have no grievances with you, why do you treat me like this…”
Wu Donghai shouted coldly: “I have no grievances or hatreds with me? Do you know that your son-in-law Ye Chen is my unshakable vengeance?! Today you fell into my hands, don’t blame me for being cruel, blame it You found yourself a good son-in-law!”
Ma Lan was about to collapse, crying and cried: “I was wronged! Ye Chen is not the son-in-law I found for myself, but the door-to-door son-in-law hired by Xiao Changgan’s father for the Xiao family. I strongly opposed it at the beginning, but the old man didn’t listen to me. Yeah!”
Wu Donghai said contemptuously: “Don’t fucking talk to me about this nonsense, as long as it is the people around Ye Chen, they will be a thorn in my eye and a thorn in my flesh!”
As he said, his expression was a little excited, but he said with a little regret: “It’s a pity that you are only Ye Chen’s mother-in-law, not Ye Chen’s immediate family member. If you can find a Ye Chen’s immediate family member first, then you will be in front of Ye Chen. It’s fine to kill her with a single knife!” [Read Novels here : ]
As soon as Wu Donghai said this, Ma Lan felt that the woman tied to him behind her trembled violently.
Ye Changmin almost freaked out at this moment.
She originally thought that she was unlucky enough to meet Ma Lan, a bitch woman’s enemy.
But now she realized that what she had encountered was not Ma Lan’s enemy, but Ye Chen’s enemy!
Moreover, the other party is still regretting that he has no chance to kill a Ye Chen’s immediate family…
Isn’t he an immediate family member of Ye Chen? I am Ye Chen’s aunt!
At this time, Wu Donghai looked at Xiao Changgan and said, “Old Xiao, when can you tie Ye Chen’s wife?”
When Xiao Chang heard this, he said with some embarrassment: “Mr. Wu, what Xiao Churan said is also my niece, I can’t make this hand…”
Wu Donghai waved his hand: “I didn’t want to kill his wife! His wife is going to stay in the second to last. Before killing Ye Chen, kill him in front of Ye Chen!”
As he said, Wu Donghai paused slightly, and then said, “I mean, first kill an immediate family member who is related to Ye Chen and get addicted. He doesn’t have parents. Isn’t there any seven aunts and eight aunts? Kind of?”
Xiao Changgan thought about it carefully, and said, “Ye Chen has always been an orphan. I have never heard of his immediate family members. He should have died long ago!”
Wu Donghai sighed: “That’s really a shame!”
At this time, Ma Lan suddenly had an idea, and blurted out: “I know I know! Ye Chen has an immediate family member! The stinky lady who is tied to me is Ye Chen’s aunt! If you hate Ye Chen, just take Kill her, kill her, it’s definitely more useful than killing me!”
Ye Changmin was so scared that he had a cardiac arrest!
She cried desperately in her heart: “When I came out, my father still confessed to me. But don’t let Ma Lan know that I am the identity of the Ye family. What’s afraid is that Ma Lan knows that she is the Ye family, so the lion speaks loudly.. …. So, how did Ma Lan know that he is Aunt Ye Chen?!”

Chapter: 1905
Ma Lan actually didn’t know who Ye Changmin was.
She didn’t even know what Ye Changmin’s last name was, and where he came from.
And the reason why Ma Lan said that Ye Changmin was Ye Chen’s aunt was completely nonsense.
The reason for saying this is completely because she completely scared her by Wu Donghai’s words just now.
Ma Lan was afraid that Wu Donghai would want her own life, so she thought to herself: “Since Wu Donghai wants to kill a Ye Chen’s immediate family member to defuse his hatred, then I might as well pit the bitch behind me! This will not only help me It’s safer, and I can avenge this woman for humiliating me and fighting me!”
“This damn woman, came and pretended me inexplicably! She lied to me with a fake cheque and asked me to persuade my daughter to divorce Ye Chen. This is the point. I framed her as Ye Chen’s aunt. This is completely justified. of!”
Therefore, Ma Lan didn’t expect that he would actually be on the right side!
Wu Donghai didn’t even expect that the woman behind Ma Lan was Ye Chen’s aunt. He asked in surprise, “Ma Lan, you said he was Ye Chen’s aunt, aren’t you kidding me?”
“Of course not!” Ma Lan blurted out immediately: “This woman is indeed Ye Chen’s aunt. Just now she ran to the beauty salon to find me and said that she would give me a check for 100 million yuan and let my daughter leave Ye Chen!”
After Wu Donghai heard this, he strode to Ye Changmin’s face and looked her up and down.
Although he could see that Ye Changmin was well dressed and didn’t look like an ordinary person, he didn’t have any impression of her face. [Read Novels here : ]
This is not to blame for his ignorance. The main reason is that although the Ye family is famous, the direct members of the Ye family rarely show up in the public eye for personal safety.
Except for Yanjing’s upper class, ordinary people have no chance to meet the Ye family.
The media from all walks of life are absolutely afraid to report any personal information about the Ye family.
Therefore, although Wu Donghai was familiar with the Ye Family of Yenching, he even knew it well, but he really didn’t know anyone in the Ye Family.
Naturally, he couldn’t recognize Ye Changmin in front of him.
So he tore off the towel from Ye Changmin’s mouth and asked coldly, “Are you Ye Chen’s aunt?”
Ye Changmin shuddered in shock, and shook his head desperately to deny: “No! I am not Ye Chen’s aunt! I have nothing to do with Ye Chen!”
Ma Lan yelled: “Fuck your mother! You have nothing to do with Ye Chen, why should my daughter divorce Ye Chen?!”
Ye Changmin was nervous and didn’t know how to answer.
She heard Wu Donghai say with her own ears that Ye Chen’s immediate family would be slaughtered. If he knew that he was Ye Chen’s aunt, he would definitely kill himself without saying a word.
Therefore, she knew that she would never admit this relationship.
She even didn’t dare to expose the identity of her Ye family, because once the other party knew that she was the Ye family, she was afraid that she would do nothing and kill herself forever.
Wu Donghai saw that she hadn’t spoken for a long time. He slapped Ye Changmin’s face with a slap in the face and gritted his teeth furiously: “Don’t say yes?! Okay! I’ll kill you! Anyway, Ning killed wrong, no Let it go!”
Ye Changmin’s face was extremely pale, and he cried and said, “Actually, I am not Ye Chen’s relative at all. I just think that Ye Chen is a good-looking kid and capable, so I want him to be my son-in-law…”

Chapter: 1906
“Fart!” Before Ma Lan spoke this time, Wu Donghai cursed Ye Changmin first, then slapped her again, and cursed: “You the fucking treat me as a three-year-old child? Ye Chen married you. do not know?”
“I know…” Ye Changmin cried and said, “Because I know, I can only make this move. I want to separate Ye Chen and Xiao Churan first, and then my daughter will have a chance!”
Wu Donghai sneered: “You woman, you are very dishonest at first glance. I can tell from your eyes that you didn’t tell me the truth!”
Ye Changmin was nervous to death.
In fact, she does not have very good psychological quality. She has been arrogant before. It is not because of how strong her psychological quality is, but because of the aura of the Ye family, so she can be free and unreasonable, not afraid that anyone dares to treat her badly. Read.
However, this is not Yenching after all.
She also underestimated Wu Donghai’s hatred for Ye Chen.
At this time, Wu Donghai just wanted to teach Ye Chen a lesson first, and then find a chance to kill Ye Chen as well.
Therefore, it is impossible for Wu Donghai to reason with Ye Changmin.
If Ye Changmin can’t prove very clearly that she is not Ye Chen’s aunt, then Wu Donghai would rather kill the mistake than let it go!
Therefore, Ye Changmin could only choked and said, “This gentleman, since you hate Ye Chen so much, you must know that Ye Chen was an orphan since childhood and grew up in an orphanage. How could I be his aunt? If I really are his aunt, How could I let my nephew live in the orphanage for so many years, don’t you think?” [Read Novels here : ]
Wu Donghai snorted coldly, gritted his teeth and said: “What’s impossible? When my bastard brother-in-law died, there was a little girl left behind. That little girl was my wife’s niece, and she was also called my wife and aunt, my wife. I have always wanted to bring her to my side to raise, but I did not agree, so the little girl is still living in the orphanage, isn’t this the same as your situation?”
Ye Changmin was stunned for a moment, and he had no idea what to do.
At this moment, Xiao Hailong on the side rummaged in Ye Changmin’s bag for a while, pulled out a document from his wallet, and handed it to Wu Donghai with a flat face, and said, “Mr. Wu, look, this woman is called Ye Changmin. , From Yanjing!”
Wu Donghai frowned immediately.
Although the surname of Ye is not too much, it is not too few, so he did not think of Ye Changmin and the Ye family together.
On the contrary, he discovered that this woman was also surnamed Ye, and almost instantly concluded that this woman must be Ye Chen’s aunt!
Thinking of this, he gritted his teeth and grabbed Ye Changmin’s hair, and his big mouth drew several times. Ye Changmin’s mouth was full of blood, and he said coldly: “You are brave enough, and dare you fuck me. Do I really think Wu Donghai is a vegetarian?!”
Ye Changmin was beaten up, and his whole person almost collapsed. He cried and said, “Mr. Wu, I beg you to let me go. I have no grievances with you. Why should you embarrass me again and again… .. If Ye Chen has offended you, then you can kill him. Don’t make me a woman, please…”
Ye Changmin didn’t dare to reveal his true identity as a last resort, because once his true identity was revealed, it might be even stronger for Wu Donghai to kill others.
Therefore, she wants to carry it to the end!
If there is really no other way, then use your identity to make the last fight.
At this time, Wu Donghai grinned: “You said that you have nothing wrong with me?! I tell you, all Ye Chen’s relatives and friends are my enemies of Wu Donghai! You two, one is Ye Chen’s aunt, One is Ye Chen’s mother-in-law, so don’t both of you want to run!”
After that, he immediately shouted to a bodyguard next to him: “Amao! First drag Ye Chen’s aunt to me, and he shot it away!”

Chapter: 1907
Wu Donghai’s violent shout made Ye Changmin’s whole person instantly shaken into chaff.
Because of the high tension of his body, Ye Changmin didn’t control it, so he urinated his pants on the spot.
Since she and Ma Lan were tied back to back, after urinary incontinence, the urine flowed down into a big pool.
Ma Lan suddenly felt that the place where she was sitting became damp in an instant, and there was still a bit of stinky smell in the air, immediately like an electric shock, while struggling to move her body, she cursed: “What about you girl? It’s so disgusting! When is it bad to pee in pants, not pee now, fuck me all!”
Ye Changmin has completely collapsed, and all the decentness that she has cultivated for decades of wealthy daughters has disappeared in this lesson.
She looked at Wu Donghai and cried and said, “Mr. Wu, please don’t kill me. I am the eldest lady of the Yeh family of Yenching. My name is Ye Changmin. As long as you spare me this time, I can give you a lot of money. My father Ye Zhongquan will also give you a lot of money!”
Suddenly, Wu Donghai was taken aback, looked at Ye Changmin, and asked incredulously: “You said you are the eldest lady of the Yeh family?!”
Ye Changmin cried and said, “Yes, I am! I really am!”
Wu Donghai asked again: “You said your father is Ye Zhongquan?!”
Ye Changmin nodded repeatedly, choked up and said, “Yes! Ye Zhongquan is my father!”
Wu Donghai had never heard of Ye Changmin. [Read Novels here : ]
However, he had heard of Ye Zhongquan’s name.
After all, Ye Zhongquan is the head of the Ye family, and he is very well-known throughout the country.
Ye Changmin said that she was Ye Zhongquan’s daughter. Wu Donghai’s first thought was: “Impossible!”
He stared at Ye Changmin, and sneered coldly: “Didn’t you just urinate? Take a good picture of yourself and see if you look like the Ye family?”
Ye Changmin collapsed and pleaded from the bottom of his heart: “Brother, I really am the Ye family!”
Wu Donghai said disdainfully, “Well, even if you are really from the Ye family, then I will ask you, what do you do to come to Jinling if you are a dignified Miss Ye family?”
Ye Changmin choked up and said, “I…I’m looking for Ye Chen…”
Wu Donghai was even more disdainful: “Ye Chen is just a door-to-door son-in-law who knows Feng Shui metaphysics, don’t you fucking tell me that he is also from the Yeh family of Yanjing!”
Ye Changmin cried and said, “It’s true! Ye Chen is really a member of our Ye family. He is the son of my second brother and the grandson of my father…”
Ma Lan was stunned, and forgot that all of her body was soaked with Ye Changmin’s urine. She blurted out and asked, “What are you talking about?! You said Ye Chen is the grandson of Yenching Ye family?!”
“Yes…” Ye Changmin said sincerely: “Ye Chen had been living in Yanjing when he was a child. Later, due to some special reasons, he followed his parents to Jinling, and then his parents died. Sent to Jinling Welfare Institute…”
“Impossible!” Ma Lan retorted, “If Ye Chen is really the youngest of the Ye family’s family, how could he have been growing up in the orphanage? And when he became an adult, he was picked up by my father-in-law from the construction site when he worked as a construction worker. Yes, you tell me now that he is the eldest young master of Yenching Ye family? I fucking said that I am the queen mother who went down to earth!”
Wu Donghai also said in a cold voice: “What you said is not in line with common sense. If Ye Chen really has such a powerful identity, how can he be included in such a poor family?”
Xiao Changgan touched his nose, and said awkwardly, “Mr. Wu, are you saying that is not appropriate…”

Chapter: 1908
“That’s right, Mr. Wu…” Xiao Hailong on the side was also a little unconvinced, and said: “Our Xiao family in Jinling can be considered a middle-class family at any rate, and that’s a good one!
Wu Donghai glared at him and cursed: “You have a head and a face? Your sister ran to kneel and lick the bad old man Xiao Yiqian? With a head and face, your mother still sleeps with the overseer in the black coal mine?”
As soon as Xiao Changqian heard this, his face flushed with shame, and he wanted to slash the ground and get in.
Xiao Hailong beside him also wanted to die in embarrassment.
Wu Donghai seemed to be puzzled, and gritted his teeth and cursed: “Damn, the TV in Lao Tzu’s villa was sold secretly by your family, and you have a face to tell me that your family has a head and a face? Your grandma ran away with a head and face. Ye Chen’s house steals foreign daffodils to make dumplings to eat? How much does it cost you to go to the fucking market to buy two catties of leeks?! The fucking family is stupid, saying that you are fucking fucking with you!”
Xiao Changqian and Xiao Hailong and his son were speechless.
What Wu Donghai said is the truth. After the Xiao family fell lonely, they did a lot of things that were not ethical, indiscriminate, and bullshit. If they were to say one by one, they would really take the Xiao family. The ancestor’s face was lost.
Ye Changmin’s desire to die is gone.
Obviously, I was confessing my identity and Ye Chen’s background to Wu Donghai. How to say it, became Wu Donghai and cursed the other two people bloody?
So, she looked at Wu Donghai with a very pious expression: “Big brother, every word I say is true. I can swear to the heavens, please take the face of the Ye family and let me go. Right!”
……[Read Novels here : ]
At this moment.
Ye Chen was sitting on Chen Zekai’s helicopter and flew to the outskirts at high speed.
Xiao Changqian and Xiao Hailong’s methods of committing crimes are not clever, and it is not difficult for Chen Zekai and his men to find out their trajectory.
Soon, they locked the van based on surveillance video, and then used traffic monitoring to get out their crime route along the way.
After learning that the other party was currently in an abandoned warehouse in the suburbs, Chen Zekai immediately organized a large number of men to prepare for rescue.
Ye Chen naturally went with him.
When the helicopter was flying, Ye Chen sitting in the cabin was full of sadness.
Seeing this, Chen Zekai on the side hurriedly comforted: “Master, we can rush over in a few minutes. Your mother-in-law and your aunt should not be in danger of life.”
Ye Chen rubbed the bridge of his nose and sighed, “Xiao Changgan and Xiao Hailong are likely to be working for Wu Donghai. I can probably guess how they would treat Ma Lan. It is likely that they will find someone similar to a black coal mine after torturing Ma Lan. The place put her in to suffer and suffer, so I am not worried that they will kill Ma Lan.”
Chen Zekai nodded and said, “Your aunt is the eldest daughter of the Ye family. If it is Wu Donghai who is the leader behind and your aunt reveals her identity, he should not dare to make a mistake, so your aunt will probably not encounter life. Danger.”
Ye Chen smacked his lips and said: “What I worry about is that my aunt reveals her identity! If she reveals her identity, she will definitely reveal my identity. I don’t want others to know that I have anything to do with the Yeh family! ”
Chen Zekai asked hurriedly, “What if your aunt has already said it?”
Ye Chen said coldly: “If she has already said it, then she must be a little wronged by the time!”

Chapter: 1909
At this moment, an abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of the city.
Ye Changmin, who had not dared to reveal his identity, couldn’t take care of that much now.
Seeing that Wu Donghai has never believed in herself, she hurriedly blurted out: “Mr. Wu, I really am the eldest daughter of the Ye family of Yenching. As for you just mentioned that Ye Chen grew up in the orphanage, I don’t deny that. This is mainly because Ye Chen’s situation is very special. His father was Ye Changying, the famous Yenching Yenching back then. You should have heard of this, right?”
Wu Donghai felt a little in his heart.
He thought to himself: “Ye Changying?! This is my idol when I was young! The Ye Changying back then, with his own power, allowed the Ye family to stand on top of the country, and even slashed, even suppressed the old European and American family Rose. The arrogance of the Childe family, that man, in the domestic business world, was a godlike existence! It’s a pity that Ye Changying died young, otherwise the future is boundless…”
Thinking of this, he frowned and looked at Ye Changmin, and asked, “You said Ye Chen is Ye Changying’s son?! What evidence is there?!”
Ye Changmin blurted out: “Don’t you think that the two of them look very alike? The two are simply carved out of the same mold. What kind of evidence is needed…”
Wu Donghai said coldly: “What you said is just nonsense! I don’t even know what Ye Changying looks like!”
Ye Changying passed away eighteen years ago. At that time, the Internet in China had just started. He usually relied on TV and newspapers to obtain information.
However, families like the Ye family generally do not report directly on TV and newspapers, so things about these big families are basically passed on by word of mouth from the upper class.
At that time, Wu Donghai was in Suzhou and Hangzhou again, so he never had a chance to see Ye Changying. He just heard about Ye Changying’s many deeds. [Read Novels here : ]
So, how did he know that Ye Chen and Ye Changying did not get the same.
Ye Changmin had no choice but to say: “You also read my ID card just now. My name is Ye Changmin, a native of Yanjing. The word’Ye’ is my surname. As for the word’long’ in the middle, it is my character. I have two The elder brother, the two younger brothers, the eldest brother Ye Changkong, the second brother Ye Changying, the third brother Ye Changying, the fourth brother Ye Changjun, and the younger sister named Ye Changxiu, these are all true! I am really the Ye family!”
Wu Donghai frowned.
Ye Changying has long been like a thunderbolt, and Ye Changkong has also heard about it.
He couldn’t help muttering in his heart: “Is what this woman said is true?! If so, didn’t I cause a catastrophe? If the Ye family is investigated by that time, the Wu family is afraid that the family will be ruined. !”
Seeing Wu Donghai’s expression of uncertainties, and the nervousness that could not be concealed, Xiao Hailong on the side was a little startled.
He asked Xiao Changgan in a low voice, “Dad, you said Ye Chen’s hanging silk, isn’t it really a member of the Ye family?”
Xiao Changqian frowned and said seriously: “This…I don’t know. It sounds impossible at first, but after thinking about it, it doesn’t seem to be a fake. Otherwise, where did this woman come from? Are you here? Even if she is not Ye Chen’s aunt, at least she has a certain connection with Ye Chen!”
Xiao Hailong nodded repeatedly: “It makes sense!”
Ma Lan was also in a cloud at this time.
She had sneered at all that Ye Changmin said, but the more Ye Changmin said, the more truth she felt.
She couldn’t help but murmured in her heart: “Mom, is my son-in-law really the young master of the top big family?! If this is true, won’t I be so prosperous in the future?!”
Ma Lan suddenly became excited.
However, after a while, the excitement in her heart was immediately replaced by despair.
She looked at the menacing people around her, and wailed in her heart: “Oh, why is my life so bitter? Finally, my son-in-law has great ability, but I was tied up by these bastards, in case they really give me away. What can I do after entering the black brick kiln? Will Ye Chen come back and save me?!”

Chapter: 1910
Thinking of this, Ma Lan suddenly realized that he had treated Ye Chen too badly before.
She thought of the past that she had been arrogant, screaming, and even bullying and insulting Ye Chen before, and she regretted it very much.
I couldn’t help thinking: “What if Ye Chen still hates me in his heart? I’m missing this time. Maybe it’s just as he wished. If he doesn’t want me to go back at all, then he won’t come to the rescue at all. Me, do I have to burn and move bricks in the black brick kiln for the rest of my life?!”
At this point, Ma Lan burst into tears immediately.
At this time, Wu Donghai looked at Ye Changmin and said, “Since you said you are from the Ye family, then I ask you, what evidence do you have to prove it?”
Ye Changmin hurriedly said, “I have my checkbook and my personal signature stamp in my bag. You can take a look!”
Wu Donghai looked at Xiao Hailong and blurted out, “Where is her bag?”
Xiao Hailong immediately returned to the van and took out Ye Changmin’s top runway Hermes.
As soon as he saw this bag, Wu Donghai shook his heart.
Ma Lan didn’t know the goods and couldn’t recognize how much the bag was worth, but he did.
Back then, his wife Xue Yaqin also participated in the Hermès spring show. In that show, this bag was the finale. [Read Novels here : ]
Moreover, according to the official introduction of Hermès at the time, this bag is a collection of Hermès’ top artisans, handmade, and there is only one, which is extremely valuable.
At that time, Xue Yaqin caught this bag at a glance, and he had to buy it all the time. It’s a pity that Hermes officially stated that this bag had already been ordered by a celebrity in Yanjing, so no one else would sell it.
Xue Yaqin didn’t give up, and even asked Wu Donghai to act like a baby, hoping that Wu Donghai could find a way to help her buy this bag.
Wu Donghai tried several times, but the other party did not let go.
Later, a senior Hermès official told Wu Donghai that this bag had been ordered by a member of the top family of Yanjing and persuaded him to give up.
Wu Donghai heard that it was ordered by a member of Yanjing’s top big family, and immediately understood that the other party was definitely not an object of competition.
Therefore, he spent a lot of money and bought a lot of other Hermes for his wife, which made his wife give up thinking about this bag.
Now, when he saw this bag again, he almost immediately determined Ye Changmin’s identity deep down in his heart!
At this moment, Wu Donghai had all the desire to die deep in his heart!
“Isn’t this the fucking beeping dog? Isn’t it! Today it was just the Xiao family father and son asking themselves to flatter themselves, saying that they wanted to engage in Ma Lan, and he hated Ye Chen, so come and watch the excitement… .”
“But who the hell would have imagined that the Xiao family’s father and son, the eldest daughter of the Ye family, were tied together!”
“This is a member of the Ye family! Let’s not talk about the courage of the trash father and son. The point is, how can such a big person make the father and son tied up? Is there not even a bodyguard by Ye Changmin?! ”
As he was thinking, Xiao Hailong had already handed Ye Changmin’s bag over. He handed it over to Wu Donghai with respectful hands, and said flatly, “Mr. Wu, I don’t think you should believe this stinky lady who is slanderous here. , When we went to catch Ma Lan, this stinky lady was ganging up with Ma Lan’s vixen, and she was still riding the hammer on her face by Ma Lan, but as long as she is a person of identity, she can’t even be around Not even a bodyguard, right?”
Ye Changmin blurted out: “I brought it! I brought two bodyguards and an assistant, but I wanted to go to the beauty salon to talk to Ma Lan about Ye Chen, and I didn’t want Ma Lan to know my identity and be followed by her. Mistake our Ye family, so I let the bodyguard wait at the door…”
Speaking of this, Ye Changmin said angrily: “But I never expected that the owner of that beauty salon would be in the same group as you!”

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