The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2041-2050

Chapter: 2041
Mrs. Xiao finally had a full meal and had a good night’s sleep.
But it didn’t happen that early in the morning, the door of the room was kicked open by an angry Zhang Guifen!
Still waiting for Mrs. Xiao to react, Zhang Guifen rushed to the bed, slapped her face fiercely, and cursed angrily: “You dead old lady, even the censer used by the old lady to give incense to the Buddha You dare to steal rice, are you still a person?”
Old Mrs. Xiao was dizzy from the slap, and when she saw Zhang Guifen’s face that was close at hand was full of anger, she was so frightened, she blurted out and pleaded: “Guifen, I’m sorry Guifen! I don’t want to Steal your things, but I’m so hungry…”
Zhang Guifen was furious, gritted his teeth and scolded: “It’s your problem that you are hungry. What does it have to do with me? The censer was used by me to incense the bodhisattva. You stole the rice in it. That would be disrespectful to the Bodhisattva! If the Bodhisattva condemns sins, you just made me tired!”
The old lady Xiao couldn’t help but choked up: “Gui Fen…this is a big Chinese New Year…you can’t just watch my old lady starving to death in this house, right? You said I was really here You starved to death in this house, how will you live here in the future? You lie in the bedroom upstairs every night thinking that I starved to death in this room below you. Would you feel better in your heart?”
With that, the old lady Xiao said in tears: “Gui Fen…you just saved me an old life. Didn’t the Bodhisattva say? Save a life and win the seventh-level Buddha statue. This is also considered accumulation. A piece of merit!”
Although Zhang Guifen’s expression eased a little, he still shouted coldly: “For the sake of the Bodhisattva, I can forgive you for stealing rice, but you must save your own behavior and pay a certain price!”
Mrs. Xiao hurriedly asked, “Gui Fen, what price do you want me to pay?”
? Zhang Guifen said coldly: “You honestly wash the clothes for the three of us for one day today, I just didn’t think this happened!”
When Mrs. Xiao heard this, she immediately pleaded: “Gui Fen, I was unwell yesterday and couldn’t go to the supermarket to work. That’s why I stole your rice. Today I have to go to work for everything, otherwise our family Today’s rations for four rations have lost ground…”
“Then I don’t care!” Zhang Guifen said annoyedly: “Either you will wash our clothes, or you will give me the rice that ate me, and I will not ruin you. As much as you eat, you will pay me back and give the incense burner again. I just fill it up!”
Mrs. Xiao cried her face in mourning: “Gui Fen, all the rice has been boiled by me, now let me give you back what? Or else, you let me go to the supermarket to work today, and I got the money after work. I’ll buy rice and return it to you immediately, do you think it’s okay?”
“No!” Zhang Guifen said without relenting: “If you choose to return the rice to me, then return it now, otherwise, just get out and wash my clothes honestly!”
After all, Zhang Guifen threatened again: “If you toast and don’t eat fine wine, don’t blame me for being rude to you!”
Seeing Zhang Guifen’s grim expression, the old lady Xiao knew that this woman was definitely not joking with herself.
She is now lonely and weak, how could she be her opponent?
So, the old lady Xiao nodded her head in tears, choked up and said: “Okay…I will wash…I will go to wash…”
On the first day of the Lunar New Year, Mrs. Xiao’s family of four did not get in.
The three of Zhang Guifen lost a lot of dirty clothes and bed sheets to Mrs. Xiao and asked her to wash everything today.
So the old lady has no time to go out and make money.
And Xiao Weiwei, because of the need to take care of the injured and bedridden Xiao Changqian and Xiao Hailong father and son, she couldn’t get out at all.

Chapter: 2042
No one wants to make money, so naturally there is no food to cook, so the family can only stand hungry.
Since Xiao Changqian and Xiao Hailong kidnapped Ma Lan, and mishandled Ye Changmin again, all four of the Xiao family have lost a lot of weight, and their lives have been miserable.
The Ye Chen family next door packed their things at noon on the first day of the new year and drove to the hot spring villa Chen Zekai gave to Ye Chen. The family planned to relax in the hot spring villa for two days.
At the night when he arrived at the hot spring villa, Ye Changmin sat in the shabby rental house, looking bored at a takeaway dumpling.
Since Ye Chen detained her in Jinling, Ye Changmin has been relying on takeaways to survive.
And the hateful thing was that Ye Chen didn’t allow her to order takeaways by herself. All the takeaways were ordered directly by Hong Wu’s confidant, and the price of each meal would basically not exceed thirty yuan.
In the past few days, Ye Changmin was forced to taste a lot, and she hadn’t had any popular delicacies in her life.
For example, yellow braised chicken rice, such as green pepper shredded pork rice, Kung Pao chicken rice, and Lanzhou ramen, northeastern potato noodles and donkey meat fire and so on.
In the eyes of the Ye family, these common delicacies, which could no longer be ordinary, were simply rubbish in the trash. Not to mention eating a meal, or even smelling it, would make you feel sick.
But now, Ye Changmin, who had always been aloof, can only feed on this every day.
Yesterday was New Year’s Eve and I couldn’t order takeaways, so Hong Wu’s people gave her two boxes of instant noodles, a bag of ham and two braised eggs.
Ye Changmin had eaten this kind of garbage when he saw the New Year’s Eve. Naturally, he lost his life for half of his life.
Therefore, Hong Wu’s people gave her a dumpling made by themselves.
Dumplings are made with pork and sauerkraut. Because Hong Wu’s younger brother and his family are all from the Northeast, they love this flavored dumpling filling.
But Ye Changmin ate all the delicacies of mountains and seas since he was a child, and Ye’s dumplings contained pork.
The most commonly eaten dumplings of Ye’s family are mixed with shrimp meat from top lobster and fish meat from wild large yellow croaker. They are then chopped into meat puree by hand, and then wrapped with minced meat from shark fin and abalone. The cost of a dumpling is probably higher than the cost of ordinary people eating dumplings for a year.
Ye Changmin hadn’t even eaten a bite of sauerkraut.
For a young lady who grew up in her top family, pickled food like sauerkraut is a taboo they will never touch. Almost any food that needs to be pickled and fermented is equivalent to poison in her eyes.
Therefore, she only tasted the pork and sauerkraut dumplings, and immediately spit it out, and then rinsed her mouth several times before finally getting rid of the taste of sauerkraut.
Ye Changmin opened the door angrily and questioned Hong Wu’s younger brother: “What kind of shit dumplings did you bring? Is it the damn thing for people to eat?!”
When the man heard this, he immediately became angry. He spoke with a northeastern accent and angrily said, “You stinky lady, why the hell do you talk? My mother made these dumplings by myself, and I was kind enough to give it to you. One point, are you fucking talking like that? Are you dying?!”

Chapter: 2043
Hong Wu’s men did not know Ye Changmin’s specific details.
All she knows is that this is a middle-aged woman who is required to be closely guarded by the boss. As for her surname, where she comes from, and what background, this person also knows nothing.
Therefore, when Ye Changmin got furious because of the dumplings he kindly brought, he immediately became a little angry, feeling that he was kindly feeding a vicious dog that barked.
Ye Changmin didn’t think that Ye Chen, one of his subordinates, spoke to himself in this tone, suddenly becoming angry.
She pointed to the opponent’s nose and sternly said, “Do you know who I am? How dare you talk to me like this?”
The other party gritted his teeth and cursed: “I care who you are, and you insult the dumplings my mother made for me? You can’t get rid of your hatred if I suck your fucking mouth!
Ye Changmin became even more angry when he heard him mention dumplings, and cursed: “You have a fucking face to mention dumplings. I’ll ask you, what is the sour thing in that dumpling of your mother? His mother is rotten and sour, and your mother is still making dumplings. Is it sick? Is the family so poor?”
The other party was a big Northeast man who was about 1.8 meters tall. His face was flushed immediately and annoyed, he said: “You fucking know a fart! That’s the fucking sauerkraut we eat most often in the Northeast! Even sauerkraut is not there. Have you seen it, are you fucking still a human being?”
Ye Changmin said with a haughty expression: “This kind of junk food, that is, poor people like you will eat it!”
After all, she took the dumpling and threw it directly on the opponent’s face.
Ye Changmin didn’t care about the dumplings scattered all over the place. She stared at the strong man in front of her and said coldly: “I won’t eat these garbage, you quickly go and prepare me a lobster dumpling!”
Seeing the dumplings that his mother worked so hard to make, Ye Changmin was so ridiculed by Ye Changmin that she even threw them all to the ground, and suddenly couldn’t control it. He raised his hand and slapped Ye Changmin in the face.
Ye Changmin was immediately slapped and scolded in anger, “You…you dare to beat me! I fucking kill you!”
The other party ignored her and said coldly: “Today’s meal has been delivered to you. If you are not full, you can only wait for tomorrow.”
Ye Changmin blurted out: “What did you say?! I ate one of your rubbish dumplings and vomited!”
The other party said lightly: “Then it has nothing to do with me. Anyway, I have delivered the meal. It is your business whether you eat or not.”
Ye Changmin gritted his teeth and said, “I won’t eat your dumplings, you can order me a McDonald’s!”
When the other party heard this, he roared angrily: “You fucking don’t want your face! Northeast sauerkraut is rubbish in your eyes, and McDonald’s in the United States is not rubbish in your eyes? It’s a damn good thing. Shame the Chinese, what!”
After all, I closed the door directly and hung the lock from the outside.
Ye Changmin didn’t eat a bite of rice, so he quickly became hungry.
In the evening, Ye Changmin couldn’t help calling his father Ye Zhongquan, who was far away in Yanjing. He complained on the phone and told his father about his experience in Jinling.
Then, she begged her father bitterly: “Dad, you put some pressure on that bastard Ye Chen, let him put me back quickly, I really can’t stand it…”
After listening, Ye Zhongquan said calmly: “Okay, I’ve told you about this before. Since you did something wrong by yourself, then honestly stay in Jinling for a week.”
Ye Changmin choked up and said, “Dad, I really can’t bear it anymore. I don’t know how people live this kind of ghost life! I don’t even stutter all day today. If this continues, I will be driven crazy!”

Chapter: 2044
Ye Zhongquan frowned, and asked, “As a heir of the Ye family, why don’t you have this little endurance? You can’t hold on to this little thing, what else can you do?”
After that, Ye Zhongquan reminded again: “Right, from now on, you don’t have any conflicts with Chen’er, let alone with him because of these things, Chen’er has agreed to come back to participate in ancestor worship on Ching Ming Festival Dadian, that was a good start for him to return to the Ye family.”
Ye Changmin questioned angrily: “Dad! Why do you always favor Ye Chen’s infamous bastard? He is a poor boy who has been living outside for many years. He has never read books or went to school. What is the value to our Ye family? You also asked him to go back to attend the ancestor worship ceremony, he won’t be able to embarrass us Ye Family’s direct line?”
Ye Zhongquan said coldly: “Chen’er is also of the Ye family’s blood, and he still has the marriage contract of Gu Yanzhong’s female daughter. His potential value to the Ye family is incomparable to anyone, including you! So you Don’t fix any monster moths, let you stay in Jinling for seven days and you’ll just stay! A portion of pork and sauerkraut dumplings can find faults, you really don’t look like floating!”
After Ye Zhongquan finished speaking, he directly hung up the phone.
Ye Changmin on the phone’s end was naturally aggrieved in tears.
The more so, the more she hated Ye Chen in her heart.
In her opinion, she suffered hardships and was even scolded by her father because of Ye Chen.
Therefore, she swears from the bottom of her heart that she must find an opportunity to make Ye Chen pay the price!
And this ancestor worship ceremony is the best opportunity!
Thinking of this, Ye Changmin muttered in his heart: “Ye Chen! I, Ye Changmin, will definitely teach you a bitter lesson!”
Thinking of this, she wiped away her tears, opened the door, and said with an apologetic expression to the subordinate of Hong Wu: “This gentleman, I was indeed reckless just now. I apologize to you and hope you can forgive me… ..”
As he said, he bowed deeply.
Seeing this, the other party’s mood naturally eased a bit, so he said: “Okay, because of your good attitude, this matter will be turned over!”
Ye Changmin was overjoyed and quickly bowed to thank him. Then he asked, “Sir, can you please help me to send a message to your boss?”
At night, Ye Chen, who was in the hot spring hotel, received a call from Hong Wu.
On the phone, Hong Wu said to him: “Master Ye, your aunt asked me to bring you a message today. She said that she has been deeply aware of her mistakes in the past few days and wants me to say sorry for her and hope You can forgive her for her immaturity.”
Ye Chen said indifferently: “It’s impossible for a person like her to apologize to me willingly. It must be something else?”
Hong Wu said: “She said, I hope you can recite her good attitude and let her return to Yanjing in advance.”
Ye Chen sneered: “No! Tell her to stop dreaming. You can’t miss a minute in seven days.”
Hong Wu said hurriedly, “Okay Master Ye, I will pass it on to her.”
“Yeah.” Ye Chen said: “After seven days, let her leave Jinling immediately, and never allow her to come again!”

Chapter: 2045
The overall living experience of the hot spring villa in Champs Elys is much better than Tomson Yipin.
It is located on the mountainside with beautiful scenery, not only the scenery is excellent, but more importantly, it is very quiet, the distance between the villa and the villa is also very far, and the privacy is very good.
In addition, although the total price of the hot spring villa in Champs Elys is about half that of Tomson First Product, it is actually larger than Tomson First Product in terms of building area and courtyard area. Much.
Housing prices in the city are very expensive, mainly because of the land price. The Champs Elysées is located in the suburbs, so the land price is much lower than that in the city.
Xiao Churan likes the environment very much. For her, it has been a long time since she had the opportunity to experience such a relaxed and quiet life.
Therefore, the family simply decided to take advantage of the Chinese New Year holiday to stay here for a few more days and relax.
Dong Ruolin has been trying her best to invite Xiao Churan and Ye Chen to visit Yanjing, but Xiao Churan is still hesitating. She feels that going to Yanjing will inevitably have to be tossed back and forth, and no matter how good someone else’s home is, it’s far worse than living in someone else’s home. I feel comfortable at home, so I hesitate.
On the second day of the Lunar New Year, while Ye Chen’s family was enjoying their vacation in the hot spring villa, Song Wanting had already started meeting with the senior officials of Nippon Steel in Tokyo.
The Song family’s involvement in steel manufacturing this time was a careful decision after Song Wanting thought twice.
The steel industry is the foundation for the development of modern industry. Whether it is light industry, heavy industry, or military industry, it is inseparable from the support of the steel industry.
The Song family had been involved in the steel industry earlier, but they have never seized the opportunity to become bigger and stronger.
Now, Song Wanting is taking over the Song family, hoping to increase the overall industrial scale of the Song family by a step, so she decided to bet heavily on steel companies.
The specific plan is to establish a steel company focusing on special steel smelting in Haicheng, a city on the lower reaches of the Yangtze River not too far from Jinling.
Haicheng is the city where Li Tailai is located.
Although Li Tailai is the richest man in Haicheng, his main direction is real estate and supporting commercial development, which is highly similar to the development direction and industrial form of Wanda Group.
As Haicheng is a city on the lower reaches of the Yangtze River and is closer to the sea, shipping is also very convenient. Iron ore and iron ore purchased from Brazil and Australia can be easily transported by 10,000-ton bulk carriers. Haicheng.
The most important part of the iron and steel industry is transportation. The amount of iron ore is huge. Therefore, shipping conditions must be supported to reduce costs to the greatest extent. This is why almost all large-scale steel companies are established in coastal cities and cities along the river. main reason.
The Song family invested a large area of ​​industrial land in Haicheng many years ago, which happened to be used to build a factory. So now the only thing the Song family lacks is a partner with strong R&D capabilities and a large number of steel patents.
Therefore, Song Wanting set the cooperation target as Japan’s Nippon Steel.

Chapter: 2046
She decided to adopt a joint venture like an automobile company to introduce Nippon Steel’s cutting-edge technology in steel companies.
FAW-Volkswagen, Guangqi Honda, and Changan Ford have basically adopted this kind of joint venture concept. After two to thirty years of joint venture development, these companies have indeed achieved very impressive sales results.
Nippon Steel is also very interested in this cooperation. Coupled with the Song family’s strength, land, and certain experience in the steel industry, it is also a very good potential partner for Nippon Steel.
So the two sides hit it off, and the rest is the discussion and formulation of cooperation details.
Song Wanting’s idea is that the Song family holds 51% and Nippon Steel holds 49%, but the idea of ​​Nippon Steel is that they hold 51% and the Song family holds 49%.
Don’t look at such a slight difference in proportions, but it determines who has the final say in a company.
Shareholders who reach 51% are undoubtedly the largest shareholders, and they have absolute power to say nothing about specific matters of the company.
Once the controlling rights are handed over to Nippon Steel, the Song family will lose all dominant positions in this cooperation.
At the negotiating table, both sides saw the issue back and forth, but no one wanted to take a step back.
Song Wanting said to Nippon Steel’s executives: “Everyone, our cooperation this time refers to the usual cooperation model of the auto industry. In our country, local auto companies and overseas auto companies establish joint ventures with a rule that local companies hold 51% shares. , Overseas companies hold 49% of the shares. After all, the company was established in our country and it should be controlled by us. I hope your company can understand this!”
The person responsible for negotiating with Song Wanting is Nippon Steel’s vice chairman, whose full name is Hashimoto Kinzaki, is a member of Nippon Steel’s core management.
Hashimoto Jinxian is forty years old this year. In Japan, a society where qualifications are extremely important, he can climb to the core management so early. It can be said that he is a very right-handed person.
At this time, he looked at Song Wanting and smiled slightly: “Miss Song, I know the kind of cooperation model you mentioned in the automobile industry, but that kind of model is not suitable for this cooperation between Nippon Steel and you.”
Song Wanting said with a calm expression: “Mr. Hashimoto, why is it not suitable for our cooperation? I would like to hear more.”
Hashimoto said with a smile: “First of all, there are too many leading companies in the auto industry. There are Toyota, Honda, and Nissan in Japan alone, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi and Volkswagen in Germany, GM, Ford, Chrysler in the United States, and Italy. Not to mention Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Maserati. In such a situation where there are many competitors, it is inevitable that peers will be underestimated. Everyone will often lower their prices for the Chinese market…”
Speaking of this, Hashimoto’s expression was stern, and he said seriously: “However, there are only a few leading companies in the steel industry. Among the top ten steel companies in the world, half of them are on the list with large output. There are only three or four companies with core steel technology, and the only company in Japan is Nippon Steel. You have a Chinese saying, “Rare is precious”. Miss Song is for our rare partner like Nippon Steel. It is normal to sacrifice more interests!”
Song Wanting hesitated again and again, and said: “Mr. Hashimoto, I really can’t give up on equity. The Song Group must hold 51% of the shares in this cooperation, but as compensation for Nippon Steel, we can gain In terms of rights, Nippon Steel has a certain degree of tilt. In the future, all net profits generated by our cooperation will be entitled to 51% of the net profits. What do you think of this?”
Hashimoto Jin first shook his head without thinking, and said seriously: “Miss Song, we will not make any concessions on the equity issue. If we are willing to make concessions on this point, we will have deep cooperation with other steel companies in your country. , How can you wait until today?”

Chapter: 2047
Song Wanting knew that what the other party said was true.
In fact, Nippon Steel, a top-notch steel group, is very popular in any country.
Especially their strength in special steels is among the top in the world.
Special steel has a wide range of uses, and the more sophisticated the field, the higher the demand for special steel.
Such as the military industry.
The most common barrels and barrels have very strict requirements on steel.
If the material is excellent, the life and accuracy of the gun can reach the best, but if the material is not good, the life and accuracy of the gun will naturally not work.
Some barrels, fired thousands of times, will wear out so much that they have to be replaced.
Some barrels have reached the end of their life after hitting a few hundred rounds. If they don’t work well, they may explode. Once they are put into use on the battlefield, it may affect the battle situation and results.
In addition, tank armor, helicopter armor, and aircraft carrier decks all have extremely high requirements for steel.
Therefore, everyone hopes to have in-depth cooperation with companies like Nippon Steel.
But Nippon Steel is also very smart.
They not only have a great appetite for foreign cooperation, but they are also very cautious about patents and scientific research results.
Even if it is to reach a cooperation, they will not bring out the top results at the bottom of the box.
At most, some castrated products are used to cover the civilian field, and the cutting-edge technology in the military field is never external.
This time working with the Song family, what they want is Absolute Holdings.
While letting the Song family surrender, contribute money, land, and power, they must do things under their hands and at their orders.
As long as the Song family agrees to this condition, they will spend a few years gradually turning the Song family into their own puppets, or sweeping the Song family out of the game.
Song Wanting didn’t think that she would give Nippon Steel two more profit rights, but the people of Nippon Steel still refused.
So, she gritted her teeth and said: “Mr. Hashimoto, I can give Nippon Steel a part of the income right. The future net profit will be 55% for Nippon Steel and 45% for Songjia. How about this?”
To give up five points in one breath, for Song Wanting, it was already a great compromise and concession.
Unexpectedly, Hashimoto shook his head without hesitation, and smiled lightly: “Miss Song, our Nippon Steel’s requirement is to never give up the controlling rights. If you can’t agree to the controlling rights, then we will also There is no need to continue the conversation.”
Song Wanting suddenly felt very passive.
She couldn’t help but secretly thought in her heart: “Now, on behalf of the Song family, I actively want to cooperate with Nippon Steel, so Nippon Steel directly squeezed my mentality and demanded a controlling stake, and it did not give in at all… …If I continue to insist, then this matter may not be discussed…”
“If this time I return without success, then all the preparatory work I have done will be lost…”

Chapter: 2048
“By the way, if I give up the controlling rights, it will be equivalent to giving up all autonomy. In the future, Nippon Steel will decide almost all the affairs of the company. Then the Song family will be too passive…”
Hashimoto Jinxian saw her expression a bit tangled, and said with a smile: “Miss Song, this matter is settled immediately without any hurry. You can go back and consider it first. Let’s make an appointment tomorrow to chat.
Song Wanting hesitated for a while, then nodded gently.
She knows very well that in this round of negotiations, she has no initiative at all.
If we continue to talk like this, we will only become more passive.
This is like buying things in a store. If the seller is anxious, the buyer will have more room for bargaining. For example, if the seller makes a price of 100, the buyer will directly say 20. If you want to sell it again, you will sell it. Sell ​​me to buy it from another house, and then you can firmly seize the initiative.
However, if the seller’s mentality is very stable, the buyer will say twenty, and the other party will directly say that you should go to another house. This will make the buyer lose the initiative.
According to normal logic, buyers can only add up a little bit until the price can satisfy the seller. The specific transaction depends on the seller’s psychological price. It may be fifty or seventy-eight. Ten, even ninety.
However, the seller in front of Song Wanting was not prepared to make any concessions.
He gave Song Wanting a very tough attitude. You can only buy one hundred for this item, and one cent will not work. If you want to get 99, I’m sorry, then you can go to another house or go back and think about it.
Song Wanting had no room for mediation at this time. The only way was to suspend the negotiation first, slow down the pace, and continue to come and talk tomorrow.
So, she nodded and stood up and said: “Mr. Hashimoto, then both of us will consider it carefully. If it is convenient for you, I will come back tomorrow morning.”
“No problem!” Hashimoto stood up with a smile, shook hands with Song Wanting, and said, “Miss Song, I will send you out.”
After Song Wanting left Nippon Steel, she and her assistant got into the rented nanny car and rushed back to the hotel.
At the same time, she sent a message to the family’s WeChat group in the car: “Nippon Steel must have a 51% controlling stake here, and will not give up. I will concession to 55% and they will still remain unmoved. I have already come out of Nippon Steel. I will organize the negotiation skills in the evening, and I will talk to them again tomorrow.”
Father Song immediately sent a voice message: “Nippon Steel has always had a great appetite, but don’t take them too seriously, because I learned some time ago that Nippon Steel’s life is not easy now!”
Immediately afterwards, the old man sent another voice: “Their group has successively engaged in several large investment projects in the past few years, but they have not done it and wasted a lot of money, so their revenue this year is under great pressure. On the surface it seems very calm, but deep down, I must also be eager to cooperate with us. It’s nothing more than trying to put on the air and strive for more benefits.”
Song Honor also sent a message: “Wanting, don’t worry, look for their flaws, and then hold them, they will definitely compromise.”
“Yeah.” The old man also said: “It is now February, and they will soon release last year’s financial report. If the financial data is not good, not only shareholders will trouble them, but shareholders will also complain. In that case, their The stock price will inevitably fall. If they can announce their cooperation with us before the earnings report is released, it will also inspire the emotions of shareholders and investors.”
Song Wanting replied: “Okay, I will get ready after I get back to the hotel, and talk to them tomorrow!”
At this moment, Hashimoto’s phone suddenly rang.
The caller ID indicated that the call was from Jinling, a neighboring country.
Song Honor, at this time, was in his luxurious duplex apartment in the center of Jinling, listening to the prompt tone on the phone with a wireless landline.
Hashimoto got on the phone first, and said with a smile, “Mr. Song is so fast. As soon as Lingmei left with her front foot, your call came from the back foot!”

Chapter: 2049
At this time Song Honor, looking at the river outside the window, smiled faintly, and said: “Mr. Hashimoto, I also just heard my sister say that the cooperation negotiation with you does not seem to be going well.”
Hashimoto Jinxian laughed and said, “Lingmei really thinks a little bit. She wants to cooperate with Nippon Steel and also wants a 51% controlling stake. How can this be possible? It is also a cooperation, Mr. Song, you give me the terms. Much better than her!”
Song Honor said with a smile: “Of course, women are too petty, so it is difficult to be a climate. As long as Mr. Hashimoto works with me, I will give 51% of the shares to Nippon Steel, and the remaining 49 %, I will give you nine more points to Mr. Hashimoto in private!”
Hashimoto Jinxian said with excitement: “Mr. Song is really magnificent! After such a toss, you only have 40% left in your hand!”
Song Honor said indifferently: “40% does not matter. I do this not to make money, but to make friends with Mr. Hashimoto.”
Hashimoto Jinxian smiled and said, “Mr. Song is really too generous! But I want to know, how likely is it for us to succeed in this matter?”
Song Honor said seriously: “As long as you have the ability to keep my sister in Tokyo, the chance of success in this event must be 100%!”
Hashimoto Jinxian said: “Mr. Song, I am not distrusting you, but I heard that before your sister inherited the seat of the Song family, the Song family seems to have always been your grandfather. If I leave your sister In Tokyo, can you definitely be the head of the Song family?”
Song Honor sneered and said seriously: “My grandfather is old and has reached the age of being able to eat. Even if he wants to sit as the master of the home, he must have more than enough energy.”
Having said that, Song Honor said again: “And Mr. Hashimoto, don’t worry, since I have decided to do this, it is because there is no turning back when I open the bow. Even if my own relatives stand in front of me, I will just kill my relatives. So, as long as you can cooperate with me, I will not let you down!”
Hashimoto slapped his lips first, and said with emotion: “Tsk tusk tusk…Mr. Song is really courageous and knowledgeable, but there is one thing, I must put the ugly words first.”
Song Honor hurriedly said, “Mr. Hashimoto, please speak.”
Hashimoto Jinxian said word by word: “Mr. Song, I can help you solve your sister’s trouble, but after I help you solve the trouble, you must honor your promise to me, otherwise, we will call today. It’s possible that the recordings of this will be transmitted to the Song family, or even to the police in your country!”
Song Honor said without hesitation: “Mr. Hashimoto, please don’t worry about this. After the matter is completed, I will definitely honor my promise to you 100%!”
Hashimoto Jinxian smiled slightly: “In that case, Mr. Song will wait patiently for the good news!”
The following day, the third day of the Lunar New Year.
Song Wanting rushed to the Nippon Steel Corporation early to continue negotiations with Hashimoto Kinshin on cooperation.
After going back yesterday, Song Wanting thought about it all night. In order to win Nippon Steel, she made several plans for emergencies.
After the two parties sat at the negotiating table, Song Wanting took the lead in coming up with her first plan.
In the first set of plans, she still insisted on a 51% controlling stake, but in return, she was willing to adjust the share ratio to 40% to 60% in the first five years of cooperation between the two parties.
In other words, give Nippon Steel 60% of the net profit in the first five years, and then adjust it to 55% after five years.

Chapter: 2050
Hashimoto’s attitude has changed slightly from yesterday.
He no longer rejected Song Wanting’s proposal very simply as he did yesterday, but started Tai Chi with Song Wanting.
He made many things ambiguous and neither agreed nor refused. This kind of hard and soft attitude made Song Wanting feel very helpless.
The two parties have been talking about the approaching evening from the morning, and Song Wanting has adjusted the profit share for Nippon Steel in the previous five years to 65%, but Hashimoto recently refused to agree.
Song Wanting really has no way. She can only show her own cards and open the mouth and said: “Mr. Hashimoto, it seems that both of us are unwilling to make concessions to each other on the issue of holdings. If it doesn’t work, you think this will work. 50% of the shares, under any circumstances, we guarantee that each other has 50% of the voting rights. All cooperation matters, we are equal and equal. If our two sides can’t make progress in the cooperation, we will also follow the 50% to 50% method Distribute all remaining assets equally!”
Hashimoto Jinxian frowned and sighed: “Miss Song, both parties hold 50% of the shares, which means that everyone has the initiative. If there is any dispute or disagreement in the future cooperation, how to resolve it? If there is no If someone can finally make the final decision, isn’t it that you are caught in an endless loop where you don’t obey me and I don’t obey you, but no one can help each other?”
Song Wanting said with a very serious expression: “Mr. Hashimoto, if we both want to cooperate with each other to the best, I believe that everyone can resolve it calmly, instead of struggling with each other. To seek cooperation is to do things well. If there is no such premise, it is indeed difficult for cooperation to continue.”
After that, Song Wanting said again: “So if you really have the sincerity to cooperate with our Song Group, it’s not a problem if the equity is 50%, but if you don’t have this sincerity, then it will be considered as letting you hold a controlling stake. It may not be able to continue.”
Hashimoto Jinxian said embarrassingly: “Ms. Song, there is a saying in your country that you call a villain first, then a gentleman. Since it is a cooperation, it must take all the worst cases into consideration first, don’t you think?”
Song Wanting said: “Mr. Hashimoto, the equity is fifty-five, and the income will still be given to you by five points. This is the final limit of our Song Group. If you think you can cooperate, then we will continue to talk. If we cooperate, then we can only say sorry, so it’s up to you to continue the conversation.”
Hashimoto Jinxian was anxious to express his opinion to Song Wanting. Instead, he looked at the time, with a weird smile on his face, and said, “Ms. Song, it’s not too early now. Otherwise, on your terms, I and our director Let me give you a long feedback. I will give you an exact answer at the earliest tonight and tomorrow at the latest. What do you think?”
Song Wanting hesitated for a while, and said, “Well then, Mr. Hashimoto, I am waiting for your message!”
After all, she stood up, reached out to Hashimoto Jinxian, and said politely: “Mr. Hashimoto, then we will go back to the hotel today. If there is any progress, please contact me as soon as possible.”
Hashimoto nodded first, and smiled: “There is no problem, Miss Song, please feel free to wait for my message.”
Song Wanting took her assistants and got up and left the office building of Nippon Steel.
When going out, Song Wanting felt very complicated.
Today, she has already revealed her final trump card, and she has no room for mediation. If Nippon Steel’s senior management can’t agree to it, she will have no choice but to return to Japan this time.
Upstairs of Nippon Steel.
Hashimoto Jinxian watched Song Wanting’s commercial vehicle leave the parking lot downstairs, with a cruel smile on his lips, and picked up his mobile phone to make a call.
As soon as the phone call, he smiled and said, “Mr. Song, Lingmei has been driven mad by me. I think the time is ripe and we can do it tonight. After tonight, your sister will completely disappear from this world. !”
Song Honor’s voice came from the other end of the phone: “Haha, Mr. Hashimoto, everything depends on you!”

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