The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2081-2090

Chapter: 2081
Ito Yuhiko’s words made Ye Chen suddenly alert.
He asked, “Mr. Ito, are you familiar with the chairman of Nippon Steel?”
“Yes!” Yuhiko Ito said very seriously: “The chairman of Nippon Steel is named Watanabe Shinka, and he has a deep friendship with me.”
Ye Chen nodded and said, “Then ask him if he is cooperating with a Chinese company to build a factory recently. If so, ask him which company he is cooperating with, and whether it has been decided.”
Ito Yuihiko said immediately: “Okay, Mr. Ye, I’ll just ask.”
Song Wanting hurriedly asked Ye Chen: “Master Ye, do you think Mr. Watanabe has a problem?”
Ye Chen shook his head: “One is this Watanabe Shinwa, and the other is to ask you to see Watanabe Shinwa’s vice chairman. Both of them are suspected, but I am still not sure who has the problem, and I don’t rule them out. Both have no problems, or both.”
Song Wanting nodded lightly, without saying more.
This is because she also knew very well in her heart that this matter was far beyond her control. Since Ye Chen had already come to Japan for herself, she would completely listen to his arrangements.
As soon as Ito heard that there might be a problem, he patted his chest and said, “Mr. Ye, I am very familiar with Watanabe Shinka. Although he is a little bit cunning in business, he is still very upright. I I believe he has nothing to do with the murder of Miss Song.”
Ye Chen smiled slightly: “Mr. Ito, I am not distrusting you, but this matter is related to many lives, so I still have to be cautious. Could you please help me ask this Watanabe Shinka, and please also ask you. At that time, try to be natural and don’t let him hear what you mean.”
Yuhiko Ito nodded, immediately took out his cell phone, found Watanabe Shinka’s call and called.
The call was quickly connected, and a lazy voice came: “Hey, Ito, what do you bastard doing calling so early?”
Yuhiko Ito laughed and said, “Watanabe, where are you now?”
Watanabe Shinka yawned: “I’m sleeping, where else can I be! What’s the matter with you? Let me sleep longer if there is anything important…”
Ito Yuihiko said: “I heard that you are going to cooperate with Chinese companies? Are there any companies with certain intentions?”
Shinka Watanabe asked curiously: “What? Are you planning to enter the steel industry?”
Ito Takehiko said: “No, I just ask you, I happen to know some friends in China, if your cooperation here is still not settled, I may be able to help you match up.”
Shinkazu Watanabe said: “We have indeed considered this matter. Recently, it seems that we have indeed been docking with some powerful Chinese companies, but I have left this to Hashimoto.”
Ito Yuhiko asked: “Hashimoto? Is it Hashimoto Kinzin?”
“Yes.” Watanabe Shinkazu said with a smile: “To be honest, this kind of cooperation to build a factory is not too big a business for Nippon Steel as a whole. I usually don’t directly intervene, but if you If you have a friend who wants to cooperate, then I can sell you face.”
Ito Yuihiko smiled and said, “Then I would like to thank you in advance, but there is no definite partner on Hashimoto’s side? If he already has a definite candidate, I will suddenly cross the line, afraid Is not suitable.”
Shinka Watanabe said indifferently: “You don’t care about Hashimoto’s suitability. He is a senior part-time worker. If I don’t ask anything about it, he will make the decision, but if I intervene, he can only take orders.”
Ito Yuihiko laughed and said, “Okay, I know, wait for me to ask my friends for details, I will contact you if necessary.”
Watanabe Shinkazu said: “You have nothing else, right? I’ll hang up if nothing else, and continue to sleep!”
“Okay, go to sleep!”
After hanging up the phone, Ito Yuhiko said to Ye Chen: “Mr. Ye, it seems that Watanabe really doesn’t know about this. He even asked Miss Song and Hashimoto Kinxian about cooperation, and how could he participate in the murder of Song. Where’s the lady?”

Chapter: 2082
Ye Chen nodded slightly and looked at Song Wanting to the side: “Did Hashimoto call you yesterday and ask you to sign a contract with the chairman?”
Song Wanting said firmly: “It’s wrong, it was Hashimoto who called me first and asked me to go to Nishitama County to sign a contract with the chairman.”
Ye Chen snorted coldly: “It seems that the problem lies with Hashimoto Kinxian. He must have deliberately deceived you to go to Nishitama County, and then set up an ambush on the mountain road in Nishitama County.”
Song Wanting asked very suspiciously: “Master Ye, I don’t understand why Hashimoto Jinxian harmed me? I have no grievances or grudges with him, and there has never been any intersection before. Why did he plan to kill me?”
Ye Chen said coldly: “Many assailants and victims don’t know each other. What really drives him to murder each other is mostly profit. It must be good to kill you, so he did this.”
Song Wanting was even more surprised, and asked: “I really can’t think of it, what good will I do for him if I die? He won’t get any good either!”
Ye Chen looked at Song Wanting and said seriously: “You are dead, it may be difficult for him to get any benefits directly, but the key is to see if there is someone who benefits him after you die!”
Song Wanting’s expression suddenly tightened: “Master Ye…you…you mean…someone hired him to kill me?!”
Ye Chen nodded firmly: “I think it should be like this!”
Song Wanting suddenly became a little nervous, and at the same time she couldn’t understand, she said vaguely, “But…but…but it doesn’t make sense…I usually No one has ever offended anyone. Who would be good for me if I die?”
Ye Chen looked at her, smiled but said nothing, because he already had an answer in his mind at this time.
He felt that Song Honor and his father Song Tianming were most likely behind the incident.
Ye Chen knew everything about the Song family.
Song Wanting’s parents died young, and there are several uncles and uncles in the family.
Among them, Song Tianming, the father of Song Honor, has the most influence.
Because he is the eldest son and the successor that the old man had originally decided.
Therefore, in Song Wanting’s generation, Song Honor is naturally the most influential one.
And Song Wanting has not had much influence because she has no parents and is alone.
It is also fortunate that Mr. Song takes care of her and loves her, so even if her parents are gone, she can still enjoy the treatment of the eldest lady.
In case Mr. Song is the kind of old feudal patriarch, Song Wanting has no parents again, I am afraid he would have been used as a marriage tool by the Song family long ago, marrying a rich young man from a big family as a wife.
However, since Song Wanting met Ye Chen, her position in the Song family has skyrocketed.
When the old man Song was about to die, Song Wanting asked Ye Chen to pull him back from the Palace of the Kings of the Lords. Then Ye Chen also looked at Song Wanting’s face and gave him a rejuvenation pill to regain his health and be twenty years younger. .
Therefore, when Ye Chen gave Song Wanting as a birthday gift on Song Wanting’s birthday, Mr. Song was so excited that he passed the position of Patriarch to Song Wanting.
In this way, Song Wanting suddenly became the most powerful one in the Song family. In contrast, the power and influence of Song Honor and his son have shrunk drastically.
In this case, Song Honor and his son must be very dissatisfied with Song Wanting.
Once the dissatisfaction in their hearts continues to accumulate, over time, they have the idea of ​​murdering Song Wanting, and it seems logical!

Chapter: 2083
Song Wanting really couldn’t think of who wanted her life.
Although the shadows of Song Honor and Song Tianming flashed in her mind, she immediately denied this idea.
She felt that Song Honor grew up with him since he was a child, and treated himself like a sister, so he couldn’t think of him badly.
This is not how simple and stupid Song Wanting is, but that she feels family love is priceless, and she shouldn’t doubt her cousin and uncle.
Ye Chen could see that she didn’t have any suspicions on Song Honor, so it was only on this topic, and it was only a point of fascination.
He is only suspicious of Song Honor now, and there is no need to tell Song Wanting too much detail before he can find any definite evidence.
So he said to Song Wanting: “Wanting will stay in Mr. Ito’s house for the time being in these two days. As I said, don’t contact anyone, let alone let anyone know that you are still alive and who wants to If you hurt you, I will investigate.”
Song Wanting nodded lightly, and said respectfully: “Master Ye, Wanting will let you arrange everything.”
Ye Chen smiled slightly: “You didn’t sleep all night. After you finish eating, let Miss Ito arrange a room for you to rest.”
Nanako Ito hurriedly said: “Miss Song, what style of room do you like? Is it a Japanese-style tatami mat or a European-style soft bed? I’ll let the maid prepare it in advance!”
Song Wanting hurriedly said, “Miss Ito is too polite, I can do anything.”
Ito Nanako said with a sweet smile: “In this case, let me help you arrange a Japanese-style guest room, it is also considered to be in the countryside.”
Song Wanting said politely: “Then thank you Miss Ito!”
Nanako Ito said earnestly: “Miss Song is Ye Chenjun’s good friend. When she comes to Ito’s house, she treats it as her own home.”
With that, Nanako Ito said with some regret: “Ms. Song is coming to Tokyo. It stands to reason that I should accompany you to stroll around, but Ye Chenjun will not let you show up. This time I can only wrong you to stay at home. After the matter is resolved, I will take you around again!”
Song Wanting didn’t think that as the eldest lady of the Ito family, Nanako Ito had much better value and background than herself, but she was so polite to herself, and she was a little flattered for a while.
However, she soon realized a very real problem in her heart, and thought to herself: “I have never met Miss Ito. She is so polite to me. Isn’t it all because of Master Ye’s face? The master is too strong and has too much face…”
While Song Wanting was feeling emotional, Ito Nanako had already prepared the matcha in the Japanese tea ceremony. She was the first to bring the tea cup to Ye Chen, and said with a bit of respect and a bit of shame: ” Ye Chenjun, please use it slowly!”
Ye Chen nodded slightly and smiled: “Thank you Nina Zi.”
After that, he reached out and took the teacup.
Nanako Ito did the same, and took a cup to Song Wanting.
Song Wanting discovered that although Ito Nanako was very polite and polite when serving tea to herself and Ye Chen, her eyes were a bit less bright than when serving tea to Ye Chen.
As a woman, Song Wanting couldn’t be clearer, Ito Nanako was facing Ye Chen, what the light in her eyes meant.
If a woman looks at a man with a different kind of light in her eyes, then this man must be the love in her heart.
Because the light in the eyes is the look of love.
There was a sudden sadness in her heart.
The sadness is because Ye Chen always seems to have no shortage of women who like him.

Chapter: 2084
Moreover, those women who like him are all excellent.
Not to mention the Yamato Nadeshiko Ito Nanako, just Jinling, Qin Aoxue of the Qin family, and Chen Xiaozhao next to the genius doctor Shi, which one is not stunning in the world?
But, who can’t tell, they both have a special attachment to Ye Chen?
Thinking of this, she looked at Ye Chen’s eyes with a bit of resentment, and at the same time, she was also feeling emotional: “You badass, I really don’t know how many women you provoke outside, so many women love you, so passionate. Debt, I see how you can pay it off in the future…”
At this moment, in order to please Ye Chen, Ito Yuhiko said to Song Wanting, “Miss Song, I have a relationship with Nippon Steel’s Chairman Shinwa Watanabe. You also know. When this matter is investigated, it will become clear. After the murderer is severely punished, if you still need to cooperate with Nippon Steel, I can help you build a bridge, and I will definitely help you fight for the best cooperation conditions at that time.”
Song Wanting said gratefully: “Thank you so much, Mr. Ito…”
Ito Xiuhiko said seriously: “Ms. Song, Mr. Ye has helped me the Ito family too much. It can be said that if Mr. Ye hadn’t helped me at the beginning, my Ito family would probably have suffered annihilation!”
Speaking of this, Ito Xiuhiko sighed: “Mr. Ye is so kind to us, you are his friend, that is, a friend of my Ito family. Helping friends is what we should do.”
After the Matsumoto family was wiped out for kidnapping a pair of children from the Su family, Ito Yuhiko often felt that he was lucky.
At the beginning, the Matsumoto family was going to kill the children of the Su family, and then set the blame on their own family. If it weren’t for Ye Chen, it would be the Ito family that might be destroyed.
Not to mention, Ye Chen also saved Ito Nanako, so Ito Takehiko attaches great importance to him.
Seeing that Song Wanting was his friend, he was naturally willing to sell Ye Chen’s face and help Song Wanting.
Ye Chen on the side also saw this.
He couldn’t help but secretly said in his heart: “I don’t think that after Ito Takehiko was injured, his temper has not only changed a lot, but he has also improved a lot in his behavior.”
After breakfast.
Song Wanting, who had no rest all night, followed Ito Nanako to the Ito family’s guest room.
Although she took the pill that Ye Chen gave her and was in good physical condition, the mental fatigue caused by the high tension could not be solved by the pill.
So, she lay on a Japanese-style tatami mat, and it didn’t take long before she fell asleep.
At this time, after chatting with Ye Chen for a while, Ito Yuhiko also said a little apologetically: “Mr. Ye, I’m really sorry. After the amputation, I have been relatively weak. I got up too early today. The state is already a bit unsustainable. I will go back to the room and rest for a while. If you have any needs, just tell me directly, Nanako will do.”
Ye Chen nodded slightly and said, “Mr. Ito, please.”
Ito Yuhiko arched his hand weakly and said to Ito Emi, “Emi, send me back to the room.”
Emi Ito hurriedly said, “Hayi, Oni sauce!”
Oni sauce is the name of brother in Japanese.
The elders and inferiorities of Japanese society are very clear, so, in front of outsiders, Emi Ito has always treated Ito Yuhiko with respect, like a daughter to a father.
Afterwards, Emi Ito said to Ye Chen with a guilty face: “I’m sorry, Mr. Ye, Oni-chan’s body is severely damaged, and his vitality is severely injured. The doctor confessed to take more rest. Please forgive me…”
Ye Chen nodded, and said: “Ms. Ito, please take Mr. Ito back to rest. When I finish this matter, I will definitely help Mr. Ito get a good treatment. I may temporarily have no way to make his severed limb grow longer, but at least It can restore his physical condition to the state before the injury, even better than then.”

Chapter: 2085
Nanako Ito, who was making tea, immediately became excited when she heard Ye Chen’s words!
She knew the weight of Ye Chen’s words.
At the beginning, his injury was also extremely serious, and he didn’t even dare to imagine that there would be a chance to heal in this life, but what he didn’t expect was that Ye Chen could quickly get rid of all the pain with just a pill.
Not only that, but his physical fitness has undergone tremendous changes and improvements.
Therefore, Ito Nanako believed that as long as Ye Chen was willing, he would surely be able to restore his father’s body to the original state.
Of course, Ito Nanako knew very well in her heart that Ye Chen definitely had no way to regenerate his father’s severed limbs, but he could at least greatly restore his father’s physical condition.
In that case, apart from losing his legs, his father is at least a healthy person.
Rather than being so sick as it is now, very haggard and distressing.
Therefore, she almost immediately put down the tea set in her hand, got up and bowed deeply to Ye Chen, and said gratefully: “Ye Chenjun, thank you so much!”
Ito Yuihiko also knows Ye Chen’s ability!
At the beginning, he tried every means to find all the experts in Japan, and no one had any solution to his daughter’s injury.
He even thought that his daughter would be inseparable from a wheelchair for the rest of his life. He even thought that under the influence of that kind of injury, his physical condition might get worse.
But I didn’t even dream of thinking that Ye Chen could actually help her daughter to recover.
Not only is it recovering as before, but it is also a big step forward.
This is enough to prove that Ye Chen is a person with great abilities and supernatural powers!
Therefore, he couldn’t hide his excited hands and said, “Mr. Ye! It is a great blessing that you are willing to treat you, and your great kindness is unforgettable!”
Ye Chen smiled slightly and said seriously: “Mr. Ito doesn’t have to be so polite, my Ye Chen’s style has always been like this, you respect me, I will respect you!”
As Ye Chen said, he has always been grudges and grudges.
Not only hatred must be repaid, but also gratitude must be repaid.
For example, Aunt Li in the orphanage, she raised herself in childhood, even if he is from Tang Sihai, she still feels grateful to her and even willing to do anything for her.
Another example is Xiao Churan. When she was so downhearted, she was willing to marry herself, and she did not mock and insult herself like other people, but respected herself as a guest. Ye Chen was also unforgettable.
Sometimes, it doesn’t even need to reach the point of so-called kindness, as long as the other party has enough kindness to him, he will return more kindness to the other party.
Wang Zhenggang knew when he was lost, Ye Chen gave him a pill;
Qin Gang was devout, Ye Chen donated two pills of his family;
Hong Wu was loyal, and Ye Chen not only gave him the earliest basic medicine, but also saved his life with the rejuvenating medicine.
Song Wanting treated herself pretty well at the beginning, and had always treated herself respectfully, so she was also willing to wish her the position of the head of the house and rush to rescue her overnight in Japan.
This is Ye Chen’s code of conduct.
At this time, Ye Chen thought very simple: Although Ito Yuhiko was a bit pretending before, but since he saved Ito Nanako and helped the Ito family through the crisis, he immediately lost his way and knew what to do. It can be said that he is a very current affairs person.
Moreover, this time I am extremely concerned about my visit to Japan and the things Song Wanting encountered. I really see this in my eyes.
Since he is on the road like this, it is within his power to help him recover.

Chapter: 2086
After all, there are still a lot of rejuvenating pills, and this thing is not very useful to him, but it has a great effect on Ito Yuhiko.
He is not a martial artist, and he is not too old. If he scrapes a rejuvenating pill by one-tenth and soaks it in water for him to take it, he will surely restore his health quickly.
As for why he didn’t give it to him right now, I mainly wanted to control the rhythm more or less in this matter.
Sometimes, to be generous to others is to be rhythmic.
Although generosity is a good thing, it is like medicine. It can both cure and hurt people.
Just like when injecting drugs, a scientific and reasonable rate of administration must be established according to the properties of the drug and the patient’s condition.
It is not good to give the medicine too quickly;
But it’s too slow to give, and it’s not good!
Giving it soon will often make the other party despise this generosity, and it may cause the other party’s mentality of raising Mien and fighting Mien.
But slowing down will often make the other party lose patience, drain the original gratitude, and replace it with a complaint and dissatisfaction.
? The rhythm is just right now. I don’t give it right away, and it won’t last long. I will give it as soon as I finish Song Wanting’s work.
In this way, not only can Ito be grateful, but also Ito can spontaneously help with Song Wanting.
Not only can he help Song Wanting find the real murderer behind the scenes, but he can also help Song Wanting facilitate cooperation with Nippon Steel.
It is possible to help Song Wanting turn this crisis into an opportunity.
In this way, Song Wanting can not only survive the crisis without any risk, but also can use this to detect the black hand behind the scenes, ensure that everything is safe in the future, and even get a cooperation agreement with very good terms. This is the best of both worlds.
Ito Yuhiko, Ito Nanako, and Ito Emi all thanked Ye Chen respectfully at this time.
Especially Yuhiko Ito, his eyes were flushed while thanking him.
Seeing him emotionally, Ye Chen smiled at him: “Mr. Ito, you should go back to rest as soon as possible. I will tell you in advance when I am ready to treat you.”
Ito Yuhiko immediately said excitedly: “Okay Mr. Ye! Anyway, I can’t thank you enough!”
After Ito Yuhiko was pushed away by Ito Emi, only Ye Chen and Ito Nanako were left in the room.
Ito Nanako took the initiative to move her seat and sat cross-legged right across from Ye Chen. While adding tea to him, she asked with a blushing face: “Ye Chen-kun has any plans next? Do you want to investigate that Hashimoto’s first? If necessary, I can send a ninja over and monitor him secretly!”
Ye Chen thought for a while and nodded: “That’s okay. After all, I am not ready to stun the snake. If you want to solve this matter once and for all, you must not only find out the mastermind behind the scenes, but also have conclusive evidence.”
After speaking, Ye Chen said again: “If Nanako has a ninja who can trust and pass the test, let them help me monitor Hashimoto’s first. I want to see what he does every day, where he has been, and who he has contact with. And what is the content of contact.”
Ito Nanako immediately nodded and said, “Ye Chen-kun can rest assured, these are small things, and ninjas can do it, so I will give them orders.”
Ye Chen thanked her and asked her: “Nanako, you Ito family, how many ninjas can you mobilize now?”
Ito Nanako thought for a while and said, “There are probably fifteen or six ninjas that can be mobilized.”
Ye Chen nodded and said: “By the way, Miss Song’s cousin also came to Tokyo. His name is Song Honor, but I don’t know what hotel he is staying in in Tokyo. Please ask Nanako to arrange for someone to investigate. After the result is revealed, two more ninjas are sent to secretly monitor him.”
Nanako Ito asked in surprise: “Ye Chen-kun, do you suspect that Miss Song’s brother is behind this incident?”
“Okay!” Ye Chen said gratefully: “This matter, please trouble Cai Caizi to help me keep an eye on it.”

Chapter: 2087
At noon, in the mountains of Nishitama County.
The weather in Tokyo today is excellent.
Clear sky.
The warm sun rises high in the sky, spreading warmth and brightness over the whole earth.
In such good weather, the visibility is extremely good, so it is especially suitable for search and rescue.
The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department searched all night and found no traces related to Song Wanting. This made the entire Metropolitan Police Department desperate.
The search range, centered on the location of the accident, first spread to five kilometers, and then to ten kilometers, but still nothing.
The Metropolitan Police Department decided to expand the search range to 20 kilometers. If it is not possible to search for 20 kilometers, it can only announce that Song Wanting has disappeared and whereabouts are unknown.
Song Honor was anxious at this moment.
What he needs now is to find Song Wanting’s body as soon as possible, otherwise Song Wanting will be unsure of his death, and he will not be peaceful.
Hashimoto Kinxian was also anxious, and now the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department has highly suspected that Song Wanting and his party were deliberately killed, so they have begun to investigate from the scene.
Although Hashimoto’s staff have handled the scene very cautiously, there is absolutely no perfect crime in this world, no matter how careful and cautious, it will definitely leave clues.
As long as the police find the key clues, they can follow the vine and figure out the whole story.
Until then, no one can escape from the subordinate who actually executed the murder to Hashimoto who gave orders behind the scenes.
Mr. Song, who was far away in Jinling, was still worried about Song Wanting’s whereabouts.
All morning, he made several calls to Song Honor to ask about the progress of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, but Song Honor gave him no clues.
This also made the old man’s mood more and more heavy.
Although he extremely hoped that his granddaughter would be safe and sound, the lack of any news for so long had made him prepare for the worst in his heart.
He knows that the longer time is delayed, the less chance the granddaughter will return.
So, he hurriedly called Ye Chen.
As soon as the call was connected, he choked up with an imploring voice: “Master Ye, please find a way to save Wanting!”
As he said, the old man was suddenly stretched, and he was crying.
Ye Chen hurriedly comforted: “Don’t worry, old man, I will definitely try my best to help Wanting.”
Mr. Song sighed: “Master Ye, you don’t know that the honor has gone to Japan overnight, but the whereabouts of Wanting has not been found in Japan, and the three people with Wanting have died, Wanting It’s unclear again, this…how can I not worry…”
Ye Chen originally considered whether to tell Father Song that Song Wanting is safe.
But after much deliberation, I still feel that I must stop this. Since I said that I don’t tell, then I don’t tell anyone.
Whether it was Mr. Song or anyone else asking, he couldn’t reveal half of it.
So he said to Mr. Song: “Don’t worry, Mr. I have already notified my friends in Tokyo to help find Wanting’s whereabouts. I will tell you as soon as I have any information.
Mr. Song choked and said, “Master Ye, it’s true that I have a very bad premonition this time. Wanting’s accident seems to have been caused by man-made accidents, and everyone else has died. Only she is missing. I feel she is very There may have been an accident, or an accident is about to happen…”
Ye Chen said, “Master, there is still no final conclusion about this matter, so you don’t need to be too pessimistic. I believe that Wanting Ji people have their own natural phenomena, and they should be able to turn dangers into peace.”
Elder Song was silent for a moment before he pleaded: “Master Ye, if you can, the old man dare to ask you one thing…”

Chapter: 2088
Ye Chen hurriedly said, “Master, please speak.”
Father Song trembled: “Master Ye, I beg you to take time to go to Japan. In this world, I am afraid that only you will have the chance to save her…”
Ye Chen didn’t tell the Song family about coming to Japan by himself.
Therefore, Mr. Song now thinks that others are in Jinling.
But now that Mr. Song said so, he didn’t conceal it any more, and said: “Mother Song, I’m not hiding it. I’m in Tokyo now, and I will do my best for Wanting.”
Mr. Song asked in surprise and excitement: “Master Ye, you…are you in Tokyo?! When did you go?”
Ye Chen said truthfully: “Last night, I heard that Wanting had an accident, so I asked Mr. Chen from Shangri-La to help arrange the plane and flew over.”
Mr. Song was obviously relieved, and said gratefully: “Master Ye, Wanting to have a friend like you is really fortunate for Sansheng! You are a person with great magical powers, I believe you will definitely save Wanting… ..”
As he said, he hurriedly said again: “Master Ye, Honor also took some people to Tokyo last night. Or I will let him see you and let him listen to your instructions over there. What do you think?”
Ye Chen couldn’t help frowning when he heard this.
See Song Honor?
He is not interested.
However, when he thought that Song Honor was the biggest suspect, Ye Chen felt that it was okay to see him.
See him and see if this kid will show his feet when facing him.
So Ye Chen said to Mr. Song: “Old man, let Mr. Song call me, and I will tell him the time and place of the meeting.”
Father Song was very excited: “Okay, OK! Master Ye wait a minute, I’ll call the honorary notice, let him visit you immediately! In the future in Tokyo, let him listen to your instructions!”
Ye Chen said with a hum, “Okay, let him call me.”
Song Honor is worrying in the hotel at this time.
I thought my trip to Japan was very simple. I came and claimed Song Wanting’s body. I discussed directly with my family how to bring the body back, and then I could go back to Jinling to prepare for the funeral.
After the funeral, give Grandpa the neurological medicine prepared by Dad, and slowly turn him into Alzheimer’s, and then he can be raised as a mascot.
But he didn’t even think that he planned everything carefully, but he was directly stuck in the first link.
He is here, but Song Wanting’s body is missing…
Just when he was riding a tiger and didn’t know what to do next, Mr. Song called.
This is already the eighth call that Mr. Song has made to Song Honor today.
He looked at the word “Grandpa” on the phone, and couldn’t help screaming: “Fuck old stuff! Keep calling his mother! I will annoy you sooner or later!”
But he scolded, but he still didn’t dare to delay a little bit, so he hurriedly pressed his phone and pressed to answer.
As soon as the phone was connected, Song Honor immediately seemed to be a different person. He said in a respectful voice with a bit of self-blame and a bit of sadness: “Grandpa, I’m sorry, there is still some message from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, but you can rest assured. I will urge them again!”
Grandpa Song gave a hum, and said, “Honor, I called you because I have something to tell you.”
Song Honor hurriedly said, “Grandpa, please tell me what you want!”
Mr. Song said, “Master Ye has also gone to Tokyo.”
Song Honor’s whole body suddenly exploded in shock, and he blurted out: “What did you say?!”

Chapter: 2089
Hearing that Ye Chen had come to Tokyo, Song Honor was shaking all over!
He didn’t even think that Ye Chen would be in Tokyo!
He knew that Song Wanting was easy to deal with, and the old man was easy to deal with, but Master Ye Chenye was by no means a good deal!
Therefore, as soon as he heard about this, his whole person suddenly panicked.
The old man Song on the other end of the phone asked him in surprise: “Honor, what’s wrong with you? What’s the fuss about?”
Song Honor only then came back to his senses, suppressing the tension deep in his heart, and said: “Grandpa, why did Master Ye come? I can’t believe it, is it because of Wanting?”
Mr. Song hummed, and said, “Master Ye is a person of loyalty, and Wanting has always had a good relationship with Master Ye. Now that something happened to her, Master Ye rushed to Tokyo as soon as possible, which shows how much Master Ye treats her. Pay attention. With the help of Master Ye, the chances of finding Wanting are much higher!”
Song Honor is crazy with hatred!
He roared in his heart: “Damn! Ye Chen bastard, what kind of Tokyo is he coming to now!? He’s not at home to spend time with his wife, and what does he come to Tokyo for?! Tokyo can’t turn around without him, right? !”
Song Honor is very clear about Ye Chen’s ability.
That’s why he worried.
On the one hand, he worried that he would be exposed in front of Ye Chen; on the other hand, he was also worried about whether Ye Chen could really find Song Wanting.
What if he really rescued Song Wanting?
At this time, Master Song saw that he was unresponsive for a long time and asked, “Honor? Are you still listening?”
Song Honor quickly said: “I’m listening, I’m listening!”
After finishing speaking, he quickly said: “Grandpa, that would be great if Master Ye can come! I feel more at ease in my heart!”
Mr. Song said, “Yes! When I heard Master Ye said that he had arrived in Tokyo, my heart really became more at ease. I believe that with Master Ye, Wanting will surely be able to make good fortune.
Song Honor can only echo: “Grandpa, you are right. I also think that with Master Ye, Wanting will be safe for her!”
Mr. Song seldom laughed twice and said, “Honor, if you hang up later, call Master Ye immediately, and then go and meet Master Ye quickly. You will listen to everything in Tokyo from now on. Master Ye’s instructions, do you understand?”
Song Honor said without hesitation: “Grandpa, don’t worry, I must look forward to Master Weiye!”
Mr. Song said with satisfaction: “If you have this enlightenment, just call Master Ye!”
Song Honor hurriedly said, “Okay Grandpa! Then I’ll hang up first!”
“it is good!”
Song Honor hung up his father’s phone, and his whole body suddenly became angry!
Unable to control his emotions, he slammed a punch on the glass coffee table and smashed the tempered glass coffee table to pieces!
At the same time, his right hand was also scratched by the glass, and several bloody holes appeared immediately.
Song Honor did not care about the pain at all, his mind was full of anger and tension at this time.
To Ye Chen, he already hated Ye Chen, and he thought to himself: “This Ye Chen! It’s too lenient for meddling!”
“I really thought that if someone called you Master Ye, you would really control the air?!”
“The Song family’s affairs are Lao Tzu’s family affairs, why are you nosy?!”

Chapter: 2090
“If you hadn’t gotten involved in the first place, it would have been impossible for the old people to do anything wrong and let Song Wanting’s female stream become the head of the Song family!”
“In that case, naturally I wouldn’t want to kill her!”
Thinking of this, Song Honor’s eyes were full of hatred, and he whispered to himself coldly: “Ye Chen, Song Wanting, you’d better not cause me trouble or engage in monsters, otherwise, I don’t care about you Master Ye. , I must find a way to kill you!”
After all, Song Honor calmed down again, took out his phone, and called Ye Chen.
As soon as the phone was connected, Song Honor heard that on the other end of the phone, Ye Chen said: “Hello, hello.”
He hurriedly said, “Master Ye? I am Song Honor!”
Ye Chen said, “Oh, it’s Mr. Song.”
Song Honor hurriedly said: “Master Ye, you can call me Xiao Song. Grandpa called me and said that you have come to Tokyo for Wanting. He asked me to follow your instructions. I don’t know where you are now. ?”
Ye Chen said, “I live in a friend’s house.”
Song Honor didn’t think too much, so he said, “Master Ye, a friend’s house may not be convenient, and the conditions may not be really good. It’s better to stay in a hotel. I’ll stay at the Aman Hotel Tokyo. If you need it, I’ll let it Someone will give you the best room.”
Ye Chen said lightly: “Don’t bother, it’s quite convenient for me to live in a friend’s house.”
With that said, Ye Chen deliberately used the tone of a leader to his subordinates, and ordered: “Xiao Song, I want to meet with you. You can report to me face to face about Wanting and the current investigation of this matter. progress.”
Song Honor felt 10,000 upset in his heart, but still said very sincerely: “Okay, Teacher Ye, you give me an address, I will rush over to meet you now!”
Ye Chen deliberately wanted to give Song Honor a disarm, so he said indifferently: “No, didn’t you stay at the Aman Hotel? You wait at the hotel for a while, and I will arrange for someone to pick you up and call you when they arrive. ”
Song Honor also wanted to say something politely, saying: “Master Ye, how can you be here, how worthy of you to send someone to pick you up? It’s better for me to come by myself…”
Ye Chen said coldly: “Don’t say much, just wait for the call.”
After that, Ye Chen directly hung up the phone.
Song Honor on the other end of the phone was already bursting his lungs.
He slammed the phone on the carpet and yelled: “Fuck! Who the hell do you call Xiao Song? I ask you to call, so you dare to call? Did you call Xiao Song?”
After finishing speaking, he roared angrily: “Damn! Let me see you? Why are you so fucking boastful? If you have a friend in Tokyo who can have a place to stay for a night, it’s not you who are awesome. What a fuck!”
However, even though Song Honor has scolded, he still sees it clearly in his heart.
“Even if I am dissatisfied with Ye Chen’s 10,000 people, I must honestly meet him and obey his instructions. At the very least, I have to pretend to be very cooperative on the surface… ”
“Otherwise, if he notices something wrong with me, wouldn’t it be finished?”
“Ye Chen’s temper is notoriously bad. He and my sister have never been clear. If you let him know that I killed my sister, maybe he will kill me directly in Japan. Everything is cold…”
At this moment, the residence of the Ito family.
Song Wanting is still resting, Ito Nanako has been with Ye Chen.
Ye Chen ended the call with Song Honor, and said to Cai Caizi next to him, “Cai Caizi, I have to trouble you to do me a favor.”
Nanako Ito hurriedly said, “Ye Chen-kun, please give orders to someone who needs it!”
Ye Chen smiled slightly and said, “I’m going to trouble you to send a team to help me pick someone up here. The team should be as grand as possible, the more grand the better!”

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