The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 2171-2180

Chapter: 2171
Song Tianming and Song Honor father and son were very upset by Ma Xiaoyao’s words!
The real purpose of their father and son is to always bring Song Wanting to the board of directors of the Song Group.
Whether Song Wanting is dead or alive, the Song Group’s board of directors no longer has a slight relationship with her.
However, how can they think that Song Wanting has been missing for so many days, and there are still people on the board of directors who are thinking about her and thinking about her.
Moreover, Ma Xiaoyao’s words quickly resonated with others.
Everyone spoke one after another, expressing their agreement with Ma Xiaoyao’s point of view. Song Tianming and Song Honor dared not say anything in their hearts.
After all, the other board members didn’t even know about their murder of Song Wanting.
The attitude they are showing now is also regrettable, and they have to re-elect a new chairman for the sake of the Song Group.
Therefore, when Ma Xiaoyao said that, even if there were 10,000 disagreements in their hearts, they would never say a word.
As long as they say a no word, it will immediately make people doubt their motives.
And once someone doubts their motives, the other party will definitely suspect that Song Wanting’s encounter in Japan is inseparable from them.
Therefore, Song Tianming could only gritted his teeth and said: “I think Mr. Ma is very right. Since we have now decided to nominate a new chairman to preside over the overall situation, then we have to do a good job for Song Wanting, the former chairman. Prepare it with one hand.”
Having said that, he opened his mouth and said: “Now, I propose that no matter who is elected as the new chairman, he must follow a principle, that is: once Ms. Song Wanting returns safely, the new chairman must unconditionally abdicate. Give it back to Ms. Song Wanting, do you have any comments?”
When everyone heard him say so, of course they nodded in agreement.
This time a show of hands voted, all 17 people raised their hands.
Song Tianming was even more annoyed in his heart, and said to himself: “This fucking just bought me a time bomb. Now Song Wanting’s life or death is unknown. Does the ghost know if she is dead? In case she is dead, one day she will come back alive suddenly. , Then I did all this for nothing?”
Thinking of this, Song Tianming sighed in his heart: “It seems that the best solution now is to sell the assets immediately after taking office, just in case!”
So, he continued to speak: “Now, let’s proceed to the next vote, that is, we will nominate one person from the 17 of us to be the new chairman. Among the 17 of us, anyone has voted and was voted. The right to vote is limited to one vote per person. The one with more votes will be our new chairman!”
After all, he added: “Because it is related to the position of the chairman of the board, it is very important to the Song Group, so we will adopt the real-name voting system this time to prevent people from operating in the dark.
Everyone looked at each other suddenly.
In the board of directors, the real-name voting is fair, but the real-name voting will also bring a very big hidden danger, that is, settling accounts after autumn.
If you vote for A, but in the end B gets the position, then B will definitely hate you in the future, and even put on small shoes for you everywhere and make trouble for you.
If this person is really careful, then he may still be doing everything possible to retaliate against you for this matter many years later.
In the face of this kind of person, no one can resist.

Chapter: 2172
Song Honor at this time very seriously echoed: “I also support real-name voting. Only real-name voting can be more in line with the principles of openness, fairness, and fairness.”
Having said that, he immediately raised his hand and said: “Since you want to vote, then I will set an example for everyone. I hereby recommend Mr. Song Tianming Song as the new chairman of the Song Group. Vote for him.”
Song Tianming smiled slightly at this time: “Since everyone in our board of directors has the right to vote and be elected, then I will vote for myself! I believe I can lead the Song Group to overcome difficulties and create greater glories. .”
Then, someone immediately stated: “I also vote for Mr. Song Tianming!”
“Count me in!”
Song Honor said calmly: “In this case, Mr. Song Tianming has already received four votes. Let the others on the scene hurry up and vote!”
The others murmured to each other for a while, seeing that Song Tianming had mastered the situation, and this was a real-name voting system, and there was a risk of settling accounts after the fall, so they all expressed their opinions and voted for Song Tianming.
Soon, Song Tianming’s votes reached nine votes, and the election of the new chairman was already a certainty.
At this time, the remaining few people who did not vote had already realized that the overall situation had been decided, and whether they voted for him or not, they could not change the result of his election as the new chairman.
However, if you don’t vote for him at this time, or if you abstain, you will have to beware of him wearing small shoes in the future.
As a result, everyone turned their backs and voted for Song Tianming.
In this way, Song Tianming won 17 votes from 17 people.
At this time, Song Honor opened his mouth and said: “In this case, Mr. Song Tianming is the new chairman of the Song Group. Everyone applauds and congratulations!”
After all, Song Honor took the lead and applauded.
Others also echoed and applauded.
Song Tianming waved his hand with a humble expression, and said solemnly: “I am a self-knowledge. Although my ability is not bad, I am still a bit worse than the former chairman Ms. Song Wanting. But everyone can rest assured. Since I was elected to this position by everyone, I resolutely implement the basic principle of “being in my position and seeking governance”, and serve the future development of the Song Group wholeheartedly. I will never do anything, irresponsible or a vegetarian diet. thing.”
The others hurriedly applauded to agree.
Song Tianming smiled slightly and said calmly: “Since we have now selected the new chairman, we will move to the release hall next!”
“I have invited a group of media in advance and notified them that we will elect a new chairman today.”
“For a while, just go to hold a news release meeting to make the latest decision of the board of directors public. In this way, it can also reassure our investors and stockholders. Do you have any opinions?”
Everyone has voted for Song Tianming to be the new chairman, and naturally there will be no objections to such things as participating in the release meeting.
So everyone readily agreed.
Song Tianming said with emotion: “Oh! We were able to reach a consensus so quickly. This is a huge good news for the Song Group. I believe that after the release of the meeting, our stock price will rise quickly!”
After finishing speaking, he deliberately said with a face: “However, everyone must pay attention. Never take advantage of the gap of tens of minutes before the release of the meeting and engage in any small actions in the stock market. Once any one of you Suspected of insider trading, the Securities Regulatory Commission came to him, then I will never forgive him!”

Chapter: 2173
Song Tianming’s unselfish attitude has made all shareholders more or less awed.
The stock market is changing rapidly. Whoever can grasp inside information can make a lot of money.
Therefore, the most difficult thing to eliminate is insider trading.
For example, if a listed company wants to cooperate deeply with another larger multinational company, once this information is released, the stock price of this listed company will undoubtedly rise sharply.
For ordinary people, they do not know the insider of the company, so they cannot seize the opportunity of insider trading.
However, for the executives of this listed company, they must have known this inside story during the in-depth cooperation negotiations.
If at this time, they deliberately took advantage of the stock price rise, bought a large amount of their own company stock, and then waited for the news to be announced and the stock price rose before selling it at a high level, they would be able to earn a lot of cash.
Although this method seems to be very easy to make money, it has clearly violated the regulations of the China Securities Regulatory Commission and belongs to standard insider trading. Once detected, not only illegal gains will be collected, but also huge fines will be imposed. In more serious cases, Even bear legal responsibility, and possibly sentence.
However, many people still choose to take risks in the face of huge interests.
Whether a listed group can stifle this unhealthy trend inside is also the key to whether the group can go further.
As soon as Song Tianming came up, he made it clear that everyone should not engage in any insider trading, that is, he put forward a very clear attitude to everyone, never allowing anyone to operate illegally in the Song Group and let everyone make money in a regular manner.
Being able to say these words also increased his majesty in front of everyone to a certain extent.
At the same time, the news report hall of the Song Group was full of invited media. ??
Everyone is very concerned about the recent situation of the Song Group, especially after learning that Song Wanting, the chairman of the Song Group, has disappeared in Japan, everyone is very concerned about the progress of the search and rescue of her and the next response plan of the Song Group.
The media’s sense of smell is very sensitive, so they have long guessed that today the Song Group invited them to the release meeting. There is a high probability that the new chairman of the board will be announced at the release meeting.
After all, there is no one company that can stay without a leader for a long time, especially a listed company like the Song Group.
Although the news release conference has not yet begun, people in the media have begun to speculate.
At this time, a reporter from the local TV station was whispering to a reporter from the provincial TV station. She said to her colleagues: “The Song family’s old man is said to have suffered from Alzheimer’s because of the stimulation. I am afraid that the eldest son Song Tianming is the only one who can really come up with, so I guess that this time the Song Group appoints the new chairman of the board, he is likely to be him.”
The person next to him said, “Is it possible that Song Honor, the eldest grandson of Mr. Song? After all, Mr. Song is young. Mr. Song has already passed his seat to the younger generation of Song Wanting. The group will still choose a young man to succeed…”
The local reporter opened his mouth and said: “If this is the case, the new chairman announced today may also be Song Honor, the son of Song Tianming.”
At this time, a staff member of the Song Group stepped towards the release stage and said into the microphone: “Dear friends from the media, please wait a moment. Our board of directors has reached a consensus and made a major decision. Later, our The members of the board of directors will jointly attend the release meeting and announce the specific content of this decision to everyone.”
When the media reporters on the scene heard this sentence, all of them cheered up and looked forward to the appearance of the board members.

Chapter: 2174
At this moment, the helicopter carried by Ye Chen, Song Wanting and others had already arrived in Jinling City.
Because there were Su Ruoli and several other Su family crew members on the helicopter, Ye Chen asked the helicopter to send them to Shangri-La.
Chen Zekai has prepared several very private top-floor rooms for Su Ruoli and other Su family crew members.
However, Ye Chen was still somewhat unreasonable about them, so his request to Chen Zekai was to put these people under house arrest and surveillance.
Including Su Ruoli, anyone in Shangri-La can enjoy comprehensive and meticulous check-in services, including meals and accommodation.
However, all telephone calls and external communication methods in their room were cut off, because Ye Chen temporarily did not allow them to communicate with the outside world.
Su Ruoli also knew that Ye Chen still had to be a little wary of himself now, so naturally he didn’t have any opinions on this.
After setting up Su Ruo and leaving them, Ye Chen took Song Wanting and Hashimoto closer to the Song Group by helicopter.
At the time of the Song Group, Song Tianming had just convened the board of directors. When the meeting ended, he said to everyone: “Everyone will go back to the office and rest for ten minutes. After ten minutes, we will go down to the release meeting.”
Everyone got up and left, Song Tianming also stepped back to his vice chairman’s office.
Song Honor naturally followed him.
The father and son stopped involuntarily when they passed Song Wanting’s chairman’s office.
Song Tianming glanced at the words “Chairman’s Office” on the door, and there was an eager expectation in his eyes.
He secretly thought in his heart: “I will move into this chairman’s office as soon as I finish the news release of the photos! This office of Song Wanting is not only large in size, but also facing the Yangtze River with large French windows. It’s so beautiful, how many times better than my office!”
Thinking about this, Song Tianming said to Song Honor: “Honor, come to my office.”
Song Honor nodded: “Good dad.”
When the father and son entered Song Tianming’s vice chairman’s office, Song Tianming said: “That’s right, Chen Zekai said before that Ye Chen will come to our release meeting.”
“Ye Chen?!” Song Honor asked in surprise: “Dad, Ye Chen is back?”
Song Tianming said, “I think what he meant by this means he has come back.”
Song Honor smiled: “It seems that he went to Japan once, and he could not find Su Wanting’s whereabouts.”
Song Tianming sneered: “Why is it so easy to find? The old forest in the deep mountains of Nishitama County is not far from the fucking primeval forest. Song Wanting’s body may have been eaten by the fucking beasts.”
Song Honor nodded, but said with some worry: “Dad, that Ye Chen is very close to Song Wanting. I am now worried that he won’t let it go. What if he continues to investigate?”
Song Tianming curled his lips and said disdainfully: “Let him check! Check it out as you fucking love it! Just a little Ye Chen in Jinling, he’s a little bit capable in Jinling, but he’s not a fart in Japan. If he can find out who is ugly, I fucking chopped off my head for him!”

Chapter: 2175
The longer Song Wanting was missing, the more relaxed Song Tianming’s heart became.
He felt that with the passage of time, Song Wanting’s chances of survival have become smaller and smaller.
Song Honor is not as open-minded as his Laozi. He stood aside and asked in a low voice nervously, “Dad, Ye Chen still has some tricks. We must be careful not to let him see the clues.”
Song Tianming nodded: “This is natural. All we two have to do is to act well.”
Song Honor said again: “By the way, Dad, I still feel a little unsure in my heart these past two days. Where did Song Wanting go? How could she not be born or die?”
Song Tianming sneered: “I think Song Wanting is probably dead, but the body has not been found yet.”
Song Honor hurriedly asked: “Why are you so sure?”
Song Tianming said indifferently: “Everything pays attention to a survival rate, just like a person suddenly disappears. The most likely time to find him is 12 hours before the disappearance.”
“If you don’t find him 12 hours before the disappearance, the chances of finding him will be slimmer as you go later.”
“If it exceeds 24 hours, the probability of finding him is reduced by at least half;”
“If it takes more than 48 hours, the probability of finding him is probably less than 25%…”
“And with the passage of time, not only will the chance of finding him become less and less, but its survival rate will also become smaller and smaller.”
Speaking of this, Song Tianming said again: “By the way, you should often see some hot searches about missing persons on Weibo. Some people went out for a run and suddenly disappeared; some people got in the car and went to a certain place. Also missing.”
Song Honor nodded: “There are indeed many hot searches like this, and there will be one every once in a while.”
Song Tianming continued: “Generally speaking, like this situation, if you can’t find people quickly, the end result will be bad luck.”
“There have been many enthusiastic netizens all over the network who are helping to find people, but after a period of time, there is the bad news of finding the body.”
“So I think that if Song Wanting has been missing for so long, there is a high probability that she should have died.”
“Moreover, people can do it as long as they die. There is absolutely no proof of death.”
“What’s more, people weren’t killed by our hands. It was Hashimoto Jin who looked for someone to kill first, so it’s even more difficult to find our heads. The sky is falling. Isn’t there Hashimoto Kinxian who will hold us first? If nothing happens, we can sit back and relax. If something happens to him, we can just run away.”
Song Honor was relieved and said with a smile: “If this is the case, we will have to contact Hashimoto in the future to ensure that we can grasp his daily dynamics.”
Song Tianming nodded: “You’re right. For us, Hashimoto Jinxian is a beacon tower. When you see Hashimoto Jinxian on fire and smoking, it proves that we are also in danger. If there is no fire, then we can continue to sit back and relax.”
After all, Song Tianming took out his cell phone and called Hashimoto Kinxian.
The call was made quickly.
Hashimoto Kinshin often talks about business all over the world, so his mobile phone has opened a service similar to GSM, no matter which country he goes to, he can access communication through the local mobile network.

Chapter: 2176
Therefore, even if he is in Jinling now, he can still receive calls from Song Tianming.
It just so happened that at this time the plane had landed near the Song Group.
Ye Chen heard the phone ringing in Hashimoto’s pocket, stretched out his hand and took a look, and saw the three characters Song Tianming written on it.
When Japanese people use Chinese characters almost all of their names, they also use Chinese characters when recording Chinese names.
Seeing that it was Song Tianming’s call, Ye Chen immediately said to Hashimoto Kinxian, “If you want to survive, be obedient, otherwise I will send you directly to the kennel today, chopped up and feed the dog. I understand that there is no ?”
Hashimoto Jinxian nodded and said with a pleading expression: “As long as you can spare my life, no matter what you ask me to do, I will do it honestly…”
Ye Chen said coldly: “Through Song Tianming’s call, he wants to ask about your recent developments, and you tell him everything is fine, and you want to let him know that you are still in Japan.”
Hashimoto nodded immediately like garlic.
Seeing his appearance, Ye Chen knew that he had the courage to deceive himself, so he handed the phone to him, and said coldly: “Take it now!”
Hashimoto didn’t dare to delay first, and immediately pressed the answer button after receiving the phone.
When the phone was connected, Song Tianming, who could clearly hear the other end of the phone, finally breathed a sigh of relief. He said with emotion: “Oh…Mr. Hashimoto, what are you doing? Why haven’t you answered the phone for so long?”
Hashimoto Jinxian hurriedly followed Ye Chen’s instructions, and said, “I’m in a meeting, now I’m out of the meeting room to answer your call, what can you do?”
Song Tianming smiled and said: “I, actually, there is nothing wrong with me. I just want to ask you what is going on in Japan. Do you have any information about Song Wanting? Is the Japanese Metropolitan Police still searching for her whereabouts? ”
Hashimoto Jinxian said: “Song Wanting still has no information, but I think that we spent so much effort to murder Song Wanting at the time. She has a high probability of being dead now, and the Japanese Metropolitan Police Department is gradually recovering police force. Looking at this matter, there is a high probability that it will be irresistible, so you don’t need to worry.”
When Song Tianming heard these words, he was really more at ease, and said with a smile: “Oh! Mr. Hashimoto is really reliable! As long as Song Wanting is dead, we really don’t have any worries!”
After finishing speaking, he said hurriedly: “By the way, Mr. Hashimoto, I will hold a press conference soon, and it will be officially announced. I will take over the chairman of the Song Group. Once I officially become the chairman. , Our cooperation can speed up the progress!”
Hashimoto said quickly: “That would be great. I have already greeted our board of directors. When you formally take over as chairman, we will meet and have a good talk about the future cooperation. problem.”
Song Tianming said excitedly: “Good Mr. Hashimoto!”
After all, Song Tianming said again: “I’m sorry, Mr. Hashimoto, it’s time for the release meeting soon, I won’t tell you anymore, let’s wait for the day of signing the contract, and then thank you in person!”
Hashimoto Jinxian said, “Mr. Song doesn’t have to be so polite. You can go ahead if you have anything to do, and wait for the rest to talk about the rest!”
“it is good!”
Here, Song Tianming hung up the phone, and immediately couldn’t hide his excitement and looked at Song Honor?, excitedly said: “Hashimoto said that the Japanese Metropolitan Police Department is about to withdraw its police force. It seems that there has been no clue.”
Song Honor said excitedly: “That’s great! As long as they give up searching, then this matter will be fixed!”
Song Tianming laughed, stood up, waved his big hand, and said in high spirits: “Go, go downstairs for the release meeting! As long as the release meeting opens, I will be the chairman of the Song Group!”

Chapter: 2177
10:55 in the morning.
Trading in the shares of the Song Group was suddenly suspended.
The suspension of stock trading is the suspension of trading.
From this moment on, the shares of the Song Group are sealed and will neither rise nor fall until trading is resumed.
To apply for a trading suspension to the Securities Regulatory Commission, there must be sufficient and sufficient reasons. The Song Group’s reason for applying for a trading suspension is that the group has major issues to be announced.
Generally speaking, listed groups will suspend trading of their stocks before they announce important events. This is to prevent insider trading and well-informed speculation.
For example, before, a very famous company on the Internet was named Qihoo 360.
When they seek to go public in the country, they will complete the domestic A-share listing through backdoor.
This is the so-called backdoor listing.
In layman’s terms, some of their conditions do not meet the requirements of the Securities Regulatory Commission for listing, or the normal listing channel is too long, they can’t wait, so they can achieve the goal of backdoor listing by purchasing another listed company.
360 is also a relatively well-known Internet company in China. The main reason why they choose to go public on the backdoor is to save time. If they go public on their own, they will have to pay at least one or two years of time cost, and it is likely to miss the market opportunity.
At the beginning, when 360 decided to go public with a backdoor, all stockholders were speculating about one thing, that is, which listed company 360 would use to go public.
If you can know the target company of her backdoor in advance, then you can buy the company’s stock in advance, and you can make a fortune while the stock price rises after the successful 360 backdoor.
However, such things are generally top-secret information within the company, which can only be known to the absolute top management, and they will never disclose it to the outside world.
Therefore, when Jiangnan Jiajie suddenly announced that the company had a major business and needed to suspend trading, people knew that 360 was going to be listed on the market through his shell.
But by this time I knew that it was too late. Trading in Jiangnan Jiajie’s stock had been suspended and could not be traded, and there was no chance of bargaining.
The current situation of the Song Group is the same.
The company is about to transition from the leaderless state of the group to the successor of the new chairman. This is definitely a good news for the company, so it must first be suspended and then announced.
At 10:55, the Song Group released the hall.
The media reporters invited to the scene are already here.
Shareholders across the country are also paying attention to this release meeting.
Because since Song Wanting’s accident until now, the Song Group’s stock price has been underperforming.
The market is worried that the Song Group has no leader, and the square inch is in chaos, which led to the continuous decline of the Song Group’s stock.
Now, the Song Group suddenly wants to hold a press conference with great fanfare. Everyone feels that they must be ready to announce the new chairman.
Ye Chen came to the door of the release hall alone at this time.
After Song Honor knew that he was coming, he came to the gate and waited in advance. Although he had ten thousand dissatisfaction with Ye Chen, he did not dare to provoke Ye Chen at all in Jinling.

Chapter: 2178
After all, Master Ye Chenye, who is known as the true dragon in the world, Song Honor did not dare to neglect.
Seeing Ye Chen’s arrival alone, Song Honor hurried forward and said respectfully to him: “Master Ye, you are here!”
Ye Chen nodded gently, and said a little apologetically: “Honor, sorry, I tried my best with Wanting…”
Ye Chen deliberately only said the three words “I tried my best”, but did not say any results. Song Honor heard these words, but directly brought these three words into what the doctor said to the patient’s family when the doctor could not save the patient. .
Therefore, he immediately made up for what Ye Chen had said, and thought to himself: “It seems that Ye Chen did not find any whereabouts of Song Wanting, and now that he has returned to China, he must have given up on searching. As a result, my father and I were finally relieved…”
Song Honor’s heart was secretly refreshed, but on the face he deliberately pretended to be very painful, and said gratefully: “Master Ye, you went to Japan specially for Wanting’s affairs, and you have done so much effort. The Song family is very grateful…”
“If Wanting is really gone, then I believe her spirit in the sky will be moved by your sincerity to her…”
Ye Chen looked at Song Honor and said very seriously: “Honor, many times there is still a illusion in my heart, praying that a miracle will happen at a certain moment in the future. What if a miracle really happens at a certain moment in the future? What if Wanting suddenly appears in front of us at some point in the future? Isn’t this a happy situation for everyone?”
When Song Honor heard Ye Chen’s words, he felt as uncomfortable as if he had eaten a fly.
He couldn’t help but curse in his heart: “Pray for a miracle? I pray for your mother’s miracle, me! This miracle had better not happen to his mother! Song Wanting had better never show up in front of me, I don’t even bother to see her body. Otherwise, she will have to organize a funeral for her, which will not only hurt the people and money, but also have to pretend to be sad in front of everyone!”
However, on his face he said very religiously: “Master Ye, you are right, and I hope that one day, the miracle you said will happen…”
After speaking, he hurriedly stated: “Master Ye, after today’s release meeting is over, I will immediately go to Longquan Temple to offer incense and pray for Wanting! Longquan Temple makes a wish especially efficacious. I often go there to pray and know the people there. Abbot, let him do a prayer for Wanting!”
Ye Chen smiled slightly and said calmly: “Don’t be so troublesome, you won’t be able to go to Longquan Temple anymore in your life.”
Song Honor’s whole person was taken aback, and he asked a little surprised: “Master Ye…you…what do you mean by this?”
Ye Chen patted him on the shoulder and said, “What is it, Longquan Temple is violating you.”
Song Honor asked in amazement: “Why did I commit a crime with Longquan Temple, Master Ye? Longquan Temple is indeed very effective…”
Ye Chen said calmly: “Trust me, you will soon find that Longquan Temple is not working at all.”
Song Honor was a little unclear. He thought that Ye Chen was talking about Feng Shui metaphysics, and asked a little surprised: “Master Ye, are the monks of Longquan Temple all deceiving?”
Ye Chen waved his hand: “It’s not necessarily a lie, maybe it’s just that the way is not enough.”
After that, Ye Chen said again: “Okay, let’s not talk about this, go in quickly, isn’t your release meeting about to begin?”
Song Honor hurriedly said, “Yes, the release meeting will begin immediately, Master Ye, come in quickly!”
Under the leadership of Song Honor, Ye Chen stepped into the release venue. Song Honor arranged him in the VIP seat in the first row, and then said apologetically: “Excuse me, Master Ye, I have to participate. At the release meeting, I won’t be here to accompany you. If you have any needs, just ask the staff.”
Ye Chen nodded: “Okay, go ahead.”
Song Honor said diligently: “Good Master Lei Ye, then I’ll go ahead and please.”
After speaking, he turned around and went to the backstage lounge.
A few minutes later, a female secretary stepped onto the rostrum and said, “Thank you for the arrival of distinguished guests and friends from the media. Today, our Song Group has very important things to be released to the public. Please applaud. Our board member!”

Chapter: 2179
After the female secretary finished speaking, there was thunderous applause from the audience.
More than a dozen members of the Song Group’s board of directors entered through the side door one after another.
Ye Chen didn’t know the people who walked in the front. Until the last two, it was Song Honor and his father Song Tianming.
Although Song Tianming was the last to enter the venue, the middle position on the rostrum was always vacant for him.
After he took the stage, he sat directly in the middle position.
As soon as he sat down, he saw Ye Chen in the first row of VIP seats.
Seeing Ye Chen, Song Tianming’s heart was the same as Song Honor, somewhat nervous.
As the so-called guilty conscience, he also worried that what he did would happen one day.
He was especially afraid of Ye Chen, because Ye Chen had become the biggest hidden danger in his mind.
If one day, his affairs are revealed, he is not even afraid of the police coming to the door, but he is afraid that Ye Chen will come to him to settle the account.
When Ye Chen’s eyes were facing each other, Song Tianming was a little pleased and nodded at him.
Ye Chen also smiled.
Ye Chen’s smile dissipated a lot of tension in Song Tianming’s heart.
He turned on the desktop microphone in front of him and said: “Dear distinguished guests, shareholders, investors, and friends from the media present, hello everyone!”
“I am Song Tianming. I was formerly the vice chairman of the Song Group. When Ms. Song Wanting suffered an accident in Japan, I was temporarily elected by the board of directors as acting chairman, temporarily replacing Ms. Song Wanting to exercise the power of chairman on the board.”
Speaking of this, Song Tianming sighed softly: “Hey…Miss Song Wanting’s accident has caused me and the entire board of directors to feel very heartbroken. We have been making solemn representations to the Japanese side and requesting them to be as soon as possible. To find out the truth of the accident and find out the whereabouts of Ms. Song Wanting, we also hope that the Japanese side can give us a happy result as soon as possible…”
Song Tianming paused, his painting style changed, and he said in a serious manner: “However, for a listed group with a market value of more than 100 billion yuan, we must not be in a state of no leader for a long time. Before Miss Song Wanting returns safely, we The normal operation of the Song Group must be guaranteed. Therefore, our board of directors held a board meeting this morning…”
When everyone in the audience heard this, they raised their ears and waited expectantly for his next content.
Because this is the highlight of everyone’s attention.
Song Tianming cleared his throat at this time and announced very seriously: “After the board of directors discussed and voted, Ms. Song Wanting will be temporarily removed from the position of chairman of the Song Group. At the same time, the board of directors has passed a real-name vote. I personally achieved 17 Among the people, 17 votes have been voted, so from now on, I will formally take over as the chairman of the Song Group!”
Everyone is waiting for this sentence. Although they speculate that the Song Group should announce the new chairman today, this matter must be told from the Song Group’s board of directors to be fully evidenced.

Chapter: 2180
Now that Song Tianming himself has admitted personally, this matter has been confirmed and can be officially released directly as news.
However, at this moment, Ye Chen suddenly spoke and asked indifferently: “Mr. Song, Ms. Song Wanting is just missing now, and there is no message confirming her murder. I would like to ask you, if Miss Song Wanting returns safely one day, Will you return the chairman’s seat to her?”
Song Tianming originally thought that today is a very, very simple transition of power.
Moreover, he also felt that he had already conquered the entire board of directors, so the rest was just an announcement. In this case, no one could cause trouble.
But he didn’t even dream that Ye Chen would suddenly attack himself at this moment.
Although he was very angry in his heart, he still said very politely and politely: “You can rest assured that when our board of directors held a meeting today, we have established a basic principle, although I have now voted by the board of directors to formally take over as a director of the Song Group. Long term, but I also have to admit that Ms. Song is actually a far more suitable chairman candidate than me…”
Speaking of this, Song Tianming continued to say loudly: “So, I also solemnly announce to everyone here: Once Miss Song Wanting returns safely, I will return the position of chairman to her as soon as possible! After all, she is the most Suitable candidate to be the chairman of the Song Group!”
Everyone applauded at this time, feeling that Song Tianming’s ability to have this sentence is enough to prove that this person’s vision, character and heart are very outstanding.
When Song Tianming triumphantly accepted the applause of the crowd, Ye Chen said: “Since Mr. Song said so, then directly return the position of chairman to Ms. Song Wanting.”
Seeing Ye Chen’s aggressive appearance, Song Tianming was very annoyed and cursed secretly: “Damn, did Ye Chen take some gunpowder today? Why the fuck can’t get through with me? Let me return the position to Song Wanting now. I can change, but what about Song Wanting? Isn’t Ye Chen very capable? Are you not known as the real dragon on earth? If you really have such a talent, why didn’t you bring Song Wanting back alive?”
When Song Tianming thought of this, his heart was already full of irritation, but he still said very seriously: “I have said just now, my personal conscious ability is no match for Miss Song Wanting, so I very much hope to be able to work under Miss Song Wanting. If Miss Song Wanting was able to return to China safely, Song Tianming voluntarily abdicated to be a virtuous person and returned to the position of vice chairman of the Song Group.”
Ye Chen smiled indifferently: “Well, since you have said so yourself, in front of so many people, don’t break your promise.”
Song Tianming said coldly with a bit of uncontrollable displeasure: “Don’t worry, Song Tianming never breaks my words!”
As soon as the voice fell, the door to the venue was pushed open vigorously by several men in black.
Seeing more than a dozen uniformly dressed men in black split into two teams on the left and right and lined up to enter the venue, everyone was a little dumbfounded.
Song Tianming sternly scolded: “Who are you? What are you doing here? I tell you, this is the internal site of our Song Group. You are legally responsible for breaking in like this! What about the security? Come here quickly. , Get them all out!”
At this moment, a beautiful woman wearing a small black suit and black high-heeled shoes stepped in.
As soon as this woman entered the door, everyone at the scene was struck by lightning and stood there!
I saw this woman walked into the meeting place smartly, her eyes fixed on Song Tianming, and she asked loudly, “They are all my people, who is qualified to drive them away?!”
Song Tianming felt that the sky had fallen for a moment.
Because the woman who spoke was his niece, Song Wanting!

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