The Evil King Chases His Wife

Chapter: 101-110

Chapter: 101
She didn’t want such a tragedy to happen to herself.
Then, the only solution for the present is to wait and see the changes.
Pushed in front by the goose and walking slowly, Su Luo’s thoughts were like electricity, and she was looking for all the ways to get out.
She struggled to get rid of the hands tied on her back, but sadly found that the red rope was twisted tighter and tighter, almost sinking into the flesh. Su Luo took a breath and suddenly gave up this method.
“Sneer–” Goose sneered several times, “Do you think that is an ordinary rope? It’s ridiculous! That’s a ling rope! Ordinary people without spiritual power want to untie it? Dream!
Spiritual power? Since the space imprisonment was opened, her Su Luo is no longer a waste material without any spiritual power!
However, Goose Huang spoke again but broke Su Luo’s dream: “Even if you have spiritual power and don’t know the method, it will be in vain!”
Su Luo suddenly died of depression.
Well, this method doesn’t work anymore.
As he walked, Su Luo pretended to stagger and fell to the ground, close to the back of the wall.
She took out the newly acquired dagger from the space to cut it, but found sadly that she kept cutting it!
Well, I can only find another way.
Yehuang sneered at her: “Don’t think about it, you can’t escape! Obediently follow me to Yaochi Palace!”
“Since you know that I am a Space Mage, do you still use this method? Don’t you be afraid that I will sue you in front of your master?” Su Luo tried to divert her attention with words.
“Sue black? Do you really think you are a human?” Goose smiled ironically, squinting at Su Luo, with a look of contempt, “Don’t you know that there is a spell called mind control? It can directly control people’s minds. Make people like walking corpses? Do you think that after you arrive at the Jade Lake Palace, you still have choices?”
Mind control? Like a walking dead? There was a trace of shock in Su Luo’s heart.
Su Luo’s expression was very aggrieved and lonely, but he secretly made up his mind.
The maid of Fairy Yaochi must be intercepted before seeing Fairy Yaochi! She must not let her divulge her secrets, otherwise there will be no peace in the days to come.
The long passage will always be finished, and the long river has also passed, but Su Luo racked his brains without thinking of a way to get out of trouble, she couldn’t help but secretly worry.
But said Fairy Yaochi over there.
At this moment, a man in black with a long figure stood beside Nangong Liuyun, and he was covered in black robe, standing upright, giving people a cold and solemn feeling.
Nangong Liuyun accepted the move, his eyes were evil and violent, with a cold and majestic light: “Are you here?”
“Yes.” Sombra looked very respectful, “All three thousand erlangs of the Tiger Wolf Legion have gathered, waiting for the lord’s command.”
“Search the Sunset Mountains with all your strength, and be sure to find her!” Nangong Liuyun’s face was a little pale, and there was a sharp sharp edge hidden under her seemingly calm eyes, and she was covered with a solemn murderous aura, “No one can be found,” You don’t have to come back to see this king!”
“Yes!” The black shadow bent his body upright and turned around after respectfully worshiping.
He raised his hand, and immediately, the three thousand figures shrouded in black robes, based on the ten-man team, were scattered everywhere, searching in all directions.
Fairy Yaochi, who was standing not far away, clenched his fists, watching Nangong Liuyun hesitated to speak, and there was a trace of unconcealed anger on his calm and unwavering face.
She did not expect that Nangong Liuyun would send the Tiger Wolf Army into the Sunset Mountains!

Chapter: 102
Others don’t know, but she knows that the lowest in the Tiger Wolf Legion is also Tier 3 strength, with an average strength of Tier 4. Such a powerful team drove into the forest… I hope Qin Ning will kill the little bitch and destroy the body. Otherwise, things will suffer.
What made Fairy Yaochi even more upset was that Nangong spent countless efforts to train this tiger wolf army secretly. It was his secret army and one of his biggest trump cards. She did not expect that Nangong Liuyun would expose this unit for Su Luo.
This is enough to show that Su Luo’s position in his mind!
This discovery made Fairy Yaochi almost crush his gums!
“Senior Brother, why bother to excite the people like this? Maybe Qinning has already found Su Luo, after all, the Tiger Wolf Legion is your five-year effort.” Fairy Yaochi smiled, smiling like a warm summer breeze.
Nangong Liuyun has a pair of beautiful eyes like stars, pale but firm: “If the Tiger Wolf Legion can exchange the peace of the girl, let alone one, just give it all, and what is it not to be willing?”
As long as his daughter is safe, he can afford it no matter what the price is.
Fairy Yaochi flashed a hideous look, and the gentle smile on her face could hardly be kept, she squeezed her mouth stiffly.
Nangong Liuyun didn’t look at her again, he closed his eyes again and began to heal his injuries.
He must regain his strength as soon as possible, his girl is still waiting for him.
But she said that Su Luo had no idea that Nangong Liuyun had sent someone to find her.
Being escorted by goose yellow, Su Luo tried to delay as much as possible, but he still had to face what he should face.
Seeing that the place of that thousand-year-old tree would be reached in half an hour, Su Luo’s heart became more anxious.
She guessed that Fairy Yaochi was in the thousand-year-old tree. When she fell into her hands, she would not be facing the current situation. It would be even harder to get out of trouble by then.
Su Luo was secretly worried.
Suddenly, at the top of a mountain, Goose stopped.
She looked at Su Xi with a cold gaze, and sneered: “Ghost girl, her eyes are rolling, still want to run?”
Su Luo smiled, and replied politely: “Have you never heard of it? A fugitive who doesn’t want to escape is not a good fugitive.”
“Oh? That would really disappoint you.” Goose picked up the back of the knife and gestured to herself.
“What do you want?” Su Luo had a faint premonition in his heart.
“Don’t you want to be known everywhere when you approach the camp, and then attract the attention of His Royal Highness? You said, how could I give you this opportunity?” Goose smiled treacherously, “So, Su Girl, I will carry you harder.”
“Hey, I am heavy!” Su Luo was anxious.
“It’s okay, my back is moving.” Goose Huang smiled slyly.
As soon as the voice fell, the yellow back of the sword slashed towards Su’s neck without warning.
If she was stunned, she would really become a fish on the chopping board and be slaughtered. Su Luo was very anxious, but there was no way.
At this moment, her hands were bound by the red rope of unknown material, and she shrank and tightened with a slight movement. Now she has been squeezed into the flesh, and if she moves further, it is estimated that the whole hand will be severed.
Su Luo was very anxious, but there was nothing to do.
However, Goddess of Luck was always on Su Luo’s side.
Although she made Su Luo go through many disasters and was hunted down by countless people, she would always surprise her at the last moment, just like now.

Chapter: 103
At the critical moment when Ye Huang held the back of the knife and slashed towards Su Lu’s neck, suddenly, behind Ye Huang, a huge phantom beast appeared.
Suddenly, a black whirlwind came.
Suddenly the wind and the sand and the rocks, the dust filled the sky, a decisive and murderous atmosphere quickly spread to the surroundings, even the dark night also brought a bit of residual blood.
Familiar omen, unknown premonition, Su Luo turned and ran!
“I want to run!” Goose Huang sneered several times, and stabbed Su backward while holding his long sword.
Su Luo was anxious.
That’s all about the goose yellow, why did Lord Shenlong come to join in the fun again? Hasn’t she already returned her baby boy?
It’s really a leak in the room that even rained at night, and bad luck happened to her. That in Su Luo’s heart is called aggrieved.
The yellow sword stabbed fiercely, but it stopped when it was still three inches away from Su Luo.
The tip of the sword was so frozen in mid-air, and could no longer advance half an inch.
Moreover, she would never be able to penetrate the front half an inch in this life.
Because at this moment, her body seemed to be touched, her whole body stiff as iron, standing like an ice sculpture, her teeth trembled, cold sweat dripping on her forehead, and she seemed to be enduring great pain.
Only a loud bang was heard.
Su Luo rushed forward with all his body, covering his head and lying firmly on the ground.
It wasn’t until the sound was over that she staggered to stand up and look back.
At this look, even she, who had seen countless bloody scenes, couldn’t help but be speechless.
At this time, the goose yellow exploded all over, with limbs shooting, blood splattered, and the flesh on his body had been scorched, even the skeleton was almost powdered, and the ground was dripping with blood and mottled, and the people watching it almost vomited out.
Su Luo turned around and wanted to run, but Shenlong had already appeared in front of her.
Facing Shenlong’s eyes that were as cold as ancient deep pools, Su Luo’s heart trembled inadvertently. An unprecedented chill slowly climbed from the soles of his feet and ran towards the limbs.
She felt a bit chilly in her back.
The yellow self-explosion just now is clearly the handwriting of Shenlong.
The old man waved his hand, and the yellowish bones of the explosion were gone. Thinking about how he abducted his precious son at first… Su Luo felt cold sweat on his forehead.
Suddenly, the huge dragon in front of him changed, and the one who appeared in front of Su Luo again turned out to be a beautiful man with extreme beauty!
A snow-white silver hair pouring down, dancing freely with the wind, it is poetic and picturesque.
On a noble and stern face clearly read four words: I am the only one.
This, this person… Could it be that Shenlong who chased her all the way before? Actually, it’s not Mother Long, but Father Long?
Su Luo found that his throat seemed to be pinched and couldn’t say a word.
“Tiny human beings.” Shenlong-sama’s Phoenix eyes narrowed slightly, and a fierce murderous aura flashed deep in his eyes.
Su Luo has been paying attention to Lord Shenlong’s eyes, and almost without thinking after seeing this, he quickly lay down in a standard posture and rolled into the big pit next to him.
“Tiny human beings.” Shenlong-sama’s Phoenix eyes narrowed slightly, and a fierce murderous aura flashed deep in his eyes.
Su Luo has been paying attention to Lord Shenlong’s eyes, and almost without thinking after seeing this, he quickly lay down in a standard posture and rolled into the big pit next to him.

Chapter: 104
In the muffled sound, murderous intent swept over his head.
Another half of his head revealed, and unexpectedly, he met the cold eyes of Lord Shenlong.
After a trick, Shenlong-sama frowned and expressed dissatisfaction: “Shameless humans, dare to steal my son!”
Now that there is no Xiaolonglong in his hand, Master Shenlong can kill himself with a wave of his hand.
Su Luo glanced at the goose yellow beside him, swallowed, and put on a flattering smile, staring up at the great god, vowed to make a fist: “Lord Shenlong! That is a misunderstanding, absolutely a misunderstanding! It’s not the truth! I definitely didn’t mean to steal the Lord Shenlong!”
Resolutely cannot admit, the consequence of admitting is only one word: death!
The highest level of lying is not to lie to the other party, but to lie to yourself! Su Luo clenched a fist and marched towards this profound realm.
Master Shenlong lowered his eyes and glanced at her disdainfully: “Give you a chance to explain.”
The next words are about life and death. Su Luo hurriedly said it in black and white. The effect was to let Shenlong concentrate on dealing with the phoenix. She took it away in order to protect the little Shenlong and the great talent. Finally, Su Luobiao faithfully said: “Little Shenlong The lord is not a single hair at the end, and I will pay you back.”
Lord Shenlong’s cold eyes cast a silent look at her, “Despicable humans, how dare to conclude an equal contract with my son!”
Shenlong is incomparably noble, human beings are insignificant and despicable, and the two have actually concluded an equal contract. How can Lord Shenlong swallow this breath?
At this moment, there was a small thing in the sleeves of the Lord Shenlong that shook his head, as if he wanted to crawl out, but when he was slapped by the Lord Shenlong, it fell into the sleeve of his sleeves again.
The tear in Su Luo’s heart, if she said that it was the little dragon who had signed the contract, I believe Lord Shenlong would definitely slap her to death. Although, Lord Shenlong might not know the truth.
Su Luo wiped his tears, but the only plan now can only divert the attention of Lord Shenlong.
She pointed to the broken corpse of Goose Yellow, her face filled with righteous indignation: “Master Shenlong, this shameless person had seen me holding the little Shenlong before and wanted to force me to hand it over, so he tied me to what I am now. I said that the little Shenlong returned to you, she wanted to kill me to vent her anger. Fortunately, she met Lord Shenlong! Lord Shenlong, you descended like a fairy, majestic and mighty and mighty… Lord Shenlong’s life-saving grace, I… Heart, although death cannot be reported!”
Shenlong-sama gave an “um”, raised his chin, and frowned: “Human beings who talk wittyly.”
Su Luomo. You also know that it’s a rhetoric, but isn’t it a joy to listen to?
Master Shenlong looked at the broken corpse, and then at Su Luo’s thin side, his brows frowned: “Incompetent humans, even the little ants dare to bully them.”
Well, Su Luo admits that Shenlong-sama is still very literate, and every modifier.
Despicable humans, shameless humans, incompetent humans… XX humans, with derogatory modifiers in front of them, just fill in them.
In fact, it is no wonder that in front of human beings, dragons have a natural sense of superiority.
The dragon race is extremely slow to multiply, but each dragon has amazing talents after hatching. Even if it grows up without chain repairing, eating and sleeping, it can be comparable to the most powerful person standing on the pinnacle of humanity.
However, the ants in the Shenlong population refer to goose yellow, right?
Su Luo defended herself: “That was because my spiritual power was imprisoned before. Of course I couldn’t beat her. When I practice spells in the future, I will naturally be far better than her!”

Chapter: 105
Suddenly, a slender hand was placed on Su Luo’s head.
Is this going to shoot her to death?
Su Luozheng was at a loss, suddenly his brain hurts.
After only a while, Shenlong-sama withdrew his hand and grudgingly expressed satisfaction: “The ring of the dragon recognizes you as a superficial and crippled human as the master. It was a waste.”
I won’t talk about it first, but it’s disabled… Su Luo pulled his mouth.
Well, this is a world where the strong are respected, and those with strong fists are what they say.
Just as she was extremely depressed, she only felt that the trapped spirit cord was loose, and then raised her head, the trapped spirit cord became a mass of powder in the hands of Lord Shenlong.
Worthy of being a mighty and powerful Shenlong lord…
Su Luo was sighing, suddenly a black shadow was thrown into her arms, and she subconsciously caught it.
“Ooooooo~~~~” Little Menglong raised a cute face, and his big watery eyes looked at Su Luo aggrievedly.
This is… Su Luo was confused by Master Shenlong’s handwriting. Why does his baby Xiaolong want to throw it to her? Wasn’t it hard to get it back?
“Take it away.” Shenlong-sama frowned, and then threw a piece of jade slip of her like disgust.
“What is this?” Su Luo carefully looked at the piece of mutton jade that was as white as fat, her eyes turned so beautiful that she was puzzled.
Lord Shenlong is so good? Give her something unexpectedly?
“Ignorant human beings.” Shenlong-sama lowered his eyebrows to express dissatisfaction, with his hands folded behind him, and he rarely said a long sentence: “There is a divine power phantom formed by me in the jade slip. The phantom of the divine power appears to help.”
Shenlong Lord’s divine power phantom? Since his old man is so confident, he should be very powerful, right? Then…
“This jade slip can only be used once.” Shenlong-sama raised his eyes and glanced at her indifferently, “There is a set of large void mudra in it. Whether you can learn it all depends on your own good fortune.”
Su Luo was dumbfounded. In other words, if she smashed the only life-saving jade slip before the Great Void Mudra was finished, then would she not learn the Great Void Mudra in the future? It’s really a tangled choice.
Seeing Su Luo scratching his ears and scratching his cheeks, Master Shenlong was very satisfied, looked down at her with an absolute height advantage, and said indifferently: “If my son makes a mistake, you will die.”
Master Shenlong glared at Xiao Menglong, hoping that the iron could not be made of steel, while Xiao Menglong’s big watery eyes flashed, and a pair of claws clung to Su Luo’s sleeves.
Before Su Luo could reply, Master Shenlong rubbed Xiao Menglong’s head vigorously, and resolutely flung his sleeves, his long figure disappeared without a trace.
After Master Shenlong disappeared, a golden light flashed across Xiao Menglong’s body. When I looked again, Xiao Menglong turned into a big change!
The young dragon with its teeth and claws turned into a cute puppy, with a circle of white fluffy fur hanging down gently.
This transformation made Su Luo dumbfounded. Xiaolong can turn into a puppy?
But that’s okay. Su Luo was originally worried that after returning to human society with Xiaolong, she would not be able to protect it with her strength. Now Lord Shenlong has turned it into a puppy, which has saved her countless troubles. .
It seems that Shenlong-sama is indifferent and ruthless, but he still considers the issue very carefully and comprehensively.
“Squeaky~~~” Little Menglong arched back and forth into Su Luo’s arms, like a piglet.
“You hot potato, oh…” Su Luo stared at the little thing in front of him, poking his head with a slender finger.

Chapter: 106
Thinking of Lord Shenlong’s warning, Su Luo wanted to vomit blood. Now her life is closely linked with Xiao Menglong. If Xiao Menglong has an accident, she will die.
Su Luo realized that after a night of chasing, he was tired all over, his stomach was grunting, and his chest was almost hungry against his back.
Su Luo realized that after a night of chasing, he was tired all over, his stomach was grunting, and his chest was almost hungry against his back.
She put the little cute dragon on the ground and let it run to play by itself.
On the other hand, she took out the leftover warcraft order from the space, dug a hole and buried it in the ground, and roasted it over a slow fire.
After doing these things, she has time to see Xiao Menglong.
After seeing Xiao Menglong’s actions, Su Luo had the urge to lift his forehead again——
What’s wrong with this little guy? Actually learn from others to catch butterflies!
Flutter the butterfly, it is different.
It swayed its tiny legs and chased it behind. Seeing the butterfly was about to escape its sight, a breath of the dragon’s breath of fire expelled, and suddenly the poor butterfly turned into blue smoke and flew away.
But the little guy still doesn’t know what happened.
It looked around looking for the butterfly that had been turned into a light smoke by its dragon’s breath. It was desperate to find it, but it was still not found, so it opened its big watery eyes and stumbled slantingly. He ran into Su Luo’s arms and complained.
Su Luo didn’t even have the strength to scold it. He only stretched out two fingers and poked his head feebly. There were only three or two words: “Little fool!”
It is not said that Xiaolong will have inherited memory after hatching, is it very smart and wise? Why is this little contracted dragon like an ignorant baby who has not been weaned, always doing things that make people laugh?
Su Luo secretly said in his heart, wouldn’t it be because this little guy has a severely low intelligence, that’s why its Dragon Daddy would generously throw it to himself, right?
The little guy didn’t know the suspicion in its owner’s mind. At this moment, it dug out a beast egg with one claw, which was bigger than its head, but it opened its mouth wide and swallowed it one by one.
When Su Luo found out, it was too late…
“My, my, breakfast, and meal!” Su Luo’s three green veins burst out on his forehead.
“Woo~~~~” Xiao Menglong looked at Su Luo with big eyes in confusion, with her small tongue licking the corners of her mouth, complaining to her in her mind: “Hungry, eat.”
Su Luo thought of Shenlong Great God’s instructions, and suddenly felt a sense of guilt in his heart.
After all, Lord Shenlong also gave her a piece of jade slip to raise money for the little guy, how could she starve his son?
Su Luo soon came back with a rabbit. After peeling and washing it, he put comfrey and other spices on the rabbit’s abdomen, and a little layer of cumin was applied to the outer skin. Finally, he ran on the branches and started roasting.
As she grilled the fire, she told Little Menglong: “Wait, you can eat soon.”
“Ooooooooo~~~~” Xiao Mengmeng sat in Su Luo’s arms very humanely, with two small paws on the edge of her chin, smelling the fragrance of the barbecue, watching Nazzi’s friends, it The eyes of a pair of stars are full of expectation and hope.
“Well, it’s almost done.” Su Luo looked at the greasy roasted rabbit, feeling very good.
“Ooooooo~~~~~” A silver saliva hung from the corner of Xiao Mengmeng’s mouth. So fragrant, I really want to eat…
Suddenly, Xiao Mengmeng felt a little itchy nose, more and more itchy…
“Yawn–” a dragon breath spouted out without warning.

Chapter: 107
This group of three-flavored real fire shot at the roasted rabbit with scent, and the burnt and buttery roasted rabbit turned into a bunch of black crows in an instant.
The branch where the rabbit was inserted broke, and there was a snap, and the black mass suddenly fell into powder and scattered on the ground.
“…” Su Luo’s hand burst into blue veins.
“…” Xiao Mengmeng looked dull.
Before Su Luo could exert his majesty as a master, Xiao Mengmeng fell to the ground and looked at the powdered “rabbit” pitifully, with tears in her eyes and misty eyes, she turned her head back. , Very wronged and innocently accused.
Su Luo: “…” Why does it seem that she was the one who did the wrong thing? !
Just when Su Luo was speechless, she suddenly felt a breath of danger that belonged to human beings. She picked up Xiao Mengmeng and turned to leave, but found that it was too late.
I don’t know when, a team of ten people appeared all over her body, and they surrounded her.
The whole body of this team was shrouded in a black cloak, unable to see the eyebrows, but it gave people a cruel and bloodthirsty indifference.
Could it be that Fairy Yaochi sent someone to intercept her again?
Holding Xiao Mengmeng, Su Luo secretly groaned. Before the few people separated, she could fight each other out one by one, but now suddenly there were a dozen people in her arms, her fists were hard to beat her four feet.
Just as Su Luo’s face was bitter, suddenly the person in the lead made a low and cold voice: “Your Excellency, is Miss Su Luosu?”
Su Luo even suspected that these people were sent by Fairy Yaochi.
Can send such a team, among the big people she offends, besides Fairy Yaochi, who else?
Can it be denied? Obviously not.
Because the head of the man actually took out a picture scroll from his arms, and looked at Su Luo and looked at the picture scroll. Finally, he put the scroll in his arms, and his gloomy eyes shot at Su Luo without any temperature: let’s go.”
Isn’t it a kill on the spot?
Su Luo was secretly wary. Logically speaking, Goose Huang is dead, and the people in Yaochi Palace will not know the secrets of her, so she shouldn’t be left alive.
Isn’t it the person sent by Fairy Yaochi? Who will it be?
Su Luo was on guard secretly and asked indifferently, “Who sent you?” There was a picture scroll!
“No comment.” The leader is indifferent like Shura from hell, like people who live in darkness all the year round, giving people a dark, bloodthirsty coldness.
Others may be afraid of such people, but Su Luo in the previous life is a gold medal killer living in the dark world, so she is familiar with this feeling and feels very kind.
“Okay, I’ll go with you.” Since the resistance is fruitless, I can only go with them.
Su Luo’s expression was faint, but he let go of a lot in his heart.
Ten people from the other party surrounded her, monitoring and protecting her. Although she felt bloodthirsty and cold in them, it was the aura they had lived in the dark for a long time, not the intent to kill her.
At this moment, Qin Ning, hiding behind an old tree, was so angry that he almost vomited blood.
She followed the trail to search for Su Luo, but unfortunately, she only found the bodies of Cuiyu and Goose Huang along the way. It must be green too.
And Su Luo is safe and sound, and there is a roasted rabbit!
This discovery made Qin Ning almost crush his gums!
Although Qin Ning did not know that the ten black-robed men were the secret troops of His Royal Highness King Jin, she had a hunch that if Su Luo were taken away by them, if they were to be revealed that the Young Palace Master wanted to kill her, they would definitely be affected. Relationship and trust.
Therefore, this time Su Luo must die!
Qin Ning was hidden on the old tree with lush foliage, pulling a bow with long arms, and the sharp arrow feathers glowed in the dark night.

Chapter: 108
Suddenly, only a whistling sound was heard, and an arrow came toward Su Luo’s throat like a meteor.
There was a cruel sneer at the corner of Qin Ning’s mouth, and a vicious and cruel light flashed under his eyes. The bow and arrow in his hand kept on, and he kept putting cold arrows on.
“Be careful!” Among the group of people guarding Su Luo, the black-robed leader noticed something strange in the air. He yelled to be careful, and then stood in front of Su Luo.
Qin Ning’s weapon is the bow and arrow.
She got her bow and arrow from the true biography of the god archer Wu Hao, fierce and vigorous, with a magnificent momentum, this bow strength seems to be breaking through the air!
If she fights face-to-face, Qin Ning may lose, but when it comes to putting cold arrows, she definitely has the capital to be proud.
Whoosh whoosh, the nine stars fired in a row, and the roots of the nine arrows flashed with murderous aura.
Ten people in black robes surrounded Su Luo Tuan Tuan Tuan Tuan Tuan, the weapons in their hands danced like tigers and tigers, airtight, and her protection was seamless.
These people… A trace of doubt flashed in Su Luo’s eyes.
Looking at their steps, it is clear that they are mainly protecting her, even if they save their lives, they must protect her comprehensively.
But why? Who would sacrifice these powerful assassins to protect her? Many doubts flashed in Su Luo’s mind.
When the black-robed man found Su Luo before, he launched blue fireworks into the sky.
When the signal sounded, Nangong Liuyun was at the most critical juncture of his work, but he actually forcibly closed his work, suddenly opened his eyes, and his eyes were deeply addictive.
His personal guard, Ling Feng, stood not far away, holding the sword with both hands on his chest, watching the surroundings vigilantly, always on alert.
Nangong Liuyun stood up suddenly, his eagle eyes pierced towards Ling Feng, and a flash of ecstasy flashed under his eyes: “I found someone?”
Ling Feng looked at Nangong Liuyun worriedly: “Your Majesty, please don’t worry, the eleventh group sent back a signal saying that Ms. Su has been found, and Ms. Su is safe and sound, and seems to be unharmed.”
Nangong Liuyun’s red lips were bloody, magnificent and evil, and he smiled, suddenly enchanting and charming, and saw him laugh: “Okay! Very good! I know that there will be nothing wrong with the girl…cough cough cough …”
He coughed loudly, then covered his chest, forcibly suppressed the surging blood, and then resolutely said: “Lead the way ahead!”
Ling Feng looked worriedly at Nangong Liuyun’s wound, and hesitated, “Master, now the eleventh group of people are protecting Miss Su from going here, and the rest of them are also moving closer to them, or… …”
Nangong Liuyun’s eyes were deep and bloodthirsty, and his anger condensed. His handsome face was covered with thick ice, and he stared at him coldly: “Lead the way!”
“But…” Seeing that his Royal Highness’s forcible collection seemed to hurt the internal organs, it was really unsuitable to move. Besides, Miss Su wasn’t unable to find it, but was on the way this time…Ling Feng couldn’t figure it out.
Nangong Liuyun’s eyes were filled with a strong murderous air, and a layer of frozen frost isolated from the world was enveloped all over his body.
The sleeves were raised, and a sharp palm wind passed, Ling Feng’s body suddenly flew backwards, when he struggled to get up and kneel, a stream of blood flowed down the corner of his mouth…
“Lead the way!” Nangong Liuyun’s body was full of coldness, as cold as frost, and his whole body instantly became cold and gloomy.
Ling Feng covered his tearing and painful chest, but reluctantly nodded his head, staggered to get up, and walked forward first.

Chapter: 109
“Senior Brother…” Fairy Yaochi stomped lightly and floated to Nangong Liuyun like Fairy Lingbo.
She stood upright, her pure and beautiful face was filled with worry, her beautiful eyes were misty, and I looked at Nangong Liuyun with pity.
Nangong Liuyun’s red lips lightly curled up, bright and deep, her eyes gleaming like the sun, “Luo Luo found it, I will bring her back now!”
Fairy Yaochi’s hands hidden in his sleeves clenched into fists, and the perfect smile on his face could hardly be maintained.
He would rather hurt his own cultivation base, but also forcibly collect his merits to find her! He would rather hurt the guard who has been with him for more than ten years, but also to find her!
“Senior Brother, if Miss Su knows your current situation, she will definitely not blame you, she will still leave her wounds…”
However, before Fairy Yaochi spoke, Nangong pushed her away, staggering away, leaving only five faint words: “Wait for us to come back.”
Wait for us to come back instead of waiting for me…
Behind him, Fairy Yaochi’s slender hands burst into blue veins, her unparalleled face is hideous and twisted, and vicious madness flashes under her eyes!
Why is that little bitch still alive! It was even found by the tiger and wolf army!
Fairy Yaochi, who doesn’t eat the fireworks in the world, now slaps the thousand-year-old tree beside him with a vicious palm, and the tree suddenly turns into powder!
What did Qin Ning do! A waste without the slightest amount of spiritual power can’t be killed! What a waste! It’s all waste!
No way! Never let Senior Brother San find her first!
A vicious light flashed through Fairy Yaochi’s eyes, and her long sleeves danced, spinning away in that direction.
But said Nangong Liuyun.
The moment he saw Su Luo’s figure again, he almost experienced the transformation from heaven to hell.
His girl is really okay, she must stand there all the time. He was ecstatic at first, but almost at the same time, his heart fell to hell again!
Because he was far away, he saw an arrow that contained the power of endless hegemony bursting out of the air, and shot at Su Luo’s heart!
The arrows are menacing, precise and unstoppable!
Archery people also have at least Tier 5 strength!
At this moment, Nangong Liuyun’s heart seemed to jump out of his throat.
His eyes were like hot red soldering irons, and the temples on both sides throbbed violently, and his face was so dark that he almost reached the edge of cannibalism.
It’s just that he is far away, far away water can’t save near fire!
Fortunately, there was a black-robed assassin who saw it at the last juncture, and without hesitation, he stood up and stood in front of Su Luo!
Nangong Liuyun breathed a sigh of relief, but suddenly discovered that there was a certain power of heaven and earth in that arrow.
He has a bad feeling.
Sure enough, that arrow actually passed through the black robe killer’s body, broke out like a bamboo, and continued to shoot towards Su Luo’s heart. What’s even stranger was that the speed and strength hardly weakened.
Nangong Liuyun’s facial muscles fluctuated sharply, gloomily and terribly!
Su Luo was blocked by the black-robed man, and then he got closer, so he didn’t notice it, but was already too late to dodge when he found out.
The arrow made a sharp breaking wind and pierced Su Luo’s heart fiercely.
However, just when he was still three inches away from Su Luo’s heart, suddenly the situation had a huge reversal that no one could have imagined!
Just when everyone met Su Luo’s tragedy–
Things have gotten bigger! ! ! ! !

Chapter: 110
Just when Fairy Yaochi’s eyes flashed crazily vicious light.
I saw that the snow-white pure-haired little milk dog that was sitting on Su Luo’s shoulders and playing with his fingers randomly stretched out a small paw, it actually——
It was so easy, but firmly grasped the weird arrow!
You must know that this arrow contains the way of heaven and earth, and the power in it is still unabated when it breaks out. Even Su Luo can’t avoid it, but such an arrow was given by a puppy. Caught?
And it was so relaxed and casual, it seemed that it was really just a casual grab.
What is the situation?
Almost everyone present had their eyes widened in disbelief, all of them were dumbfounded, staring at Xiao Mengmeng stupidly.
At this moment, Xiao Mengmeng’s actions can be described as falling below the jaws of a bunch of people.
I saw it blindfolded with a pair of big eyes, sitting on Su Luo’s shoulders obediently, with two calves folded up, and two paws grasping the arrow up and down, like gnawing sugar cane, “cocking, crouching,” bit by bite. That arrow seemed so delicious.
For a while, everyone was blindfolded and dumbfounded…
That arrow was made of ancient fine and profound iron, and it was a high-grade weapon, so hard that ordinary swords couldn’t hurt it at all.
However, that little dog… it actually gnawed it off one bite at a time, and it was enthusiastic about it. It seemed to be the most delicious food in the world.
At this moment, apart from being unbelievable, everyone was speechless.
What kind of tooth is that? Still biting so loudly? They looked sour for it.
At this moment, Xiao Mengmeng seemed to notice that she had become the focus of everyone. It was holding only half of the arrow left, and still had a mouthful of fine iron in its mouth. It didn’t swallow it, so she returned in a daze. Depends on everyone.
Suddenly, it seemed to regain its senses, threw away its arrows, and shyly fell directly into Su Luo’s arms, with two small paws covering his small face, and shyly twisting around.
Su Luo’s mouth twitched, three black lines hanging on his forehead!
She has an urge to grab its ears and teach.
Please! Domineering? What about the domineering side leakage of the legendary dragon?
Although your dragon father turned your appearance into a puppy, is the inner core still dragon? And it is the most noble and great dragon bloodline in the dragon clan! What kind of trouble do you want to be so shy? Is there any shame for you dragons?
Su Luo had three black stripes on her forehead, silently patted the little things arching in her arms.
Why does she suddenly feel like being a mommy? What is going on?
Just when Su Luo and Xiao Mengmeng were fighting, Nangong Liuyun had already strode to Su Luo.
Su Luo looked at Nangong Liuyun, the corner of her mouth slowly raised a light but ironic smile, she turned around resolutely and left.
Of course, before Su Luo left a step, Nangong Liuyun’s figure flashed like lightning, and suddenly clasped her wrist.
His hands were cold.
Su Luo began to struggle violently.
Just letting her struggle, Nangong Liuyun’s hands were like iron tongs, as firm as a rock, and couldn’t shake them at all.
Nangong Liuyun just stared at Su Luo, her eyes were as deep and pitch black as a lake, she looked at it inch by inch, looking at each pore, looking so seriously.
Su Luo looked back, looking into those beautiful eyes that were as dark as a deep pool. The depth of the eyes was so deep and complicated that she didn’t understand and didn’t want to understand.
Suddenly, his cold eyes, which were constricted by the lake, were suddenly cold and fierce, staring at her, and said angrily: “Where did you go all day and night? Didn’t you tell you not to leave and stay where you are and wait for me?”

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