The Evil King Chases His Wife

Chapter: 11-20

Chapter: 11
Although I hate the way you do things, the consequences are quite satisfying. She was really not interested in this princess.
If you really want to talk about it, the self-proclaimed prince in front of him, although evil, strong, overbearing, rude, and love taking advantage… But he felt much better for Su Luo than the prince.
“Poor girl, I’m going to be sacrificed.” Nangong Liuyun points Su Luojiao’s pretty pink nose pretending to be pity. Although he didn’t say anything, his eyes flashed with a smile of satisfaction.
“Do you need a reminder of friendship?” Su Luo smiled slightly, “What you are holding now is your future sister-in-law.”
“Wrong!” Nangong Liuyun hugged Su Luo and looked at her with a smile, and the corner of his mouth was slightly curved: “This king is holding this king’s future princess.”
Su Luo looked at the sky speechlessly: “It’s a cold joke, it’s not funny at all.” She is a legendary waste, and she is a concubine, let alone the prince who is about to abandon his fiancée. Does he dare to marry a little prince?
Until now, Su Luo still didn’t know how powerful the man holding her was. She thought that Nangong Liuyun was really a little lord.
Without mentioning the two of you, I was fighting against each other, but said that in front of the lotus pond, after the prince got the “truth” that Su Luo is the shameless woman, the whole person’s expression was bright and his eyes were full of radiance.
This truth is enough, the other is not important.
The prince happily left with a message that satisfies him, waving his sleeves without taking away a cloud.
By the lotus pond, the song ends and people are scattered.
Xu Feng wrinkled a pool of spring water.
There was also a girl in the water trembling with arms folded.
Waiting from noon to evening, and from evening to nightfall, Su Xi waited for her face to turn pale and her lips purple, but she couldn’t wait for her good third sister to give her clothes.
Poorly she didn’t know yet. At that time, her hand was too strong and she smashed Su Wanji to pass out.
Su Xi almost jumped in the lotus pond, and she hated Su Wan even more. She secretly swears that when she returns, she will not let her go, sure!
When it was completely dark, Su Xi jumped out of the lotus pond and onto the shore under the cover of night.
Suddenly, there was a tragic scream not far away: “Ghost!!!”
Accompanied by this scream, Su Xi slowly turned her head, her face savage and distorted, and her eyes flashed with red anger.
She’s really fed up with her wimps today!
She was about to look back for the hapless male servant to settle the account, but found that the other party had already scared herself out of her mind. Su Xi, who was not outraged, took back her gaze bitterly, and flew towards her yard under the cover of night. go with.
The most remote courtyard in Su Mansion.
Su Luo held a straw in his mouth, with his hands resting behind his head, he was lying on the roof, Erlang’s legs were raised, and his expression was quite leisurely.
She slowly recalled what happened during the day, thinking that Su Xi and Su Wan each had a crush, she was in a good mood, and she was even more happy when she thought that the two sisters would fight each other in the future.
After thinking about it, Su Luo’s mind suddenly jumped into a charming and enchanting face.
She told Luluo about the person’s situation, and she was so excited that the bowl in her hand was unstable.
She said excitedly, “Miss, if you guessed correctly, you met King Jin! No, it is King Jin!”
She told Luluo about the person’s situation, and she was so excited that the bowl in her hand was unstable.
She said excitedly, “Miss, if you guessed correctly, you met King Jin! No, it is King Jin!”

Chapter: 12
“Is His Royal Highness Jin very good?” Su Luo said, her predecessor didn’t know much about His Royal Highness.
“His Royal Highness, of course, is awesome. Is there anyone better than King Jin in this world? It is said that King Jin’s talent test is the first in the entire continent and the second in history for five thousand years. Miss, what do you think?”
“…” The second in history in five thousand years? Is this too exaggerated?
“Of course it’s more than this. It is said that His Royal Highness is a three-line mage, three-line! How many people do not even have one line, but the three-line fellow practitioners of King Jin!” Luluo worshipped, staring and staring. The mage who is a fellow practitioner has many opportunities to become a god. The strong man who was the first in talent history back then became a god and eternal life.”
Jin Wang Nangong Liuyun is so powerful? If this is the case, he really didn’t just say the phrase “the winner is the king and the loser is the queen”. With his talent, it should not be difficult to get the throne.
Su Luo was thinking about it, and suddenly found an enlarged face suddenly appeared in front of him.
She just saw this face this afternoon, so she shouldn’t admit her mistake… Is it an illusion?
Su Luogang wanted to reach out and rub his eyes, but his delicate pair of Yiyi was grasped by his generous hands. Nangong Liuyun had a pair of black pupils with a dark look, with a smile but a smile, “Why, don’t you know this king?”
“Nangong Liuyun?”
“You really have this king in your heart, otherwise you won’t wait to investigate this king, what do you think?” Nangong Liuyun’s thin lips Ruo Han Dan, the corners of his mouth bend in a beautiful arc.
Su Luo stared at him for an instant, and said every word: “It is said that Jin Wang’s Nangong Liuyun is cold, arrogant, cruel, unsmiling, and has a natural cleanliness. If someone touches his hand, no matter who it is, chop the hand. ; If someone touches his body, no matter who it is, chop it up… Are you really the King Jin?”
Su Luo’s Qingli eyes stared at the big palms that clasped her tightly, his voice was calm and gentle, and the corners of his mouth smiled casually.
Nangong Liuyun looked at Su Luo lazily and casually, a pair of sharp eyes, gleaming, like a distant deep ocean, without bottom.
At this moment, he was not as careless and lazy as the afternoon, but with a serious and cautious meaning, he just looked at her like this.
At this time, there were bursts of cold air flowing around the roof, and it seemed that even the air had condensed into ice, making it difficult for people to breathe.
His coldness is oppressive, bloodthirsty and enchanting, and those who follow me prosper against me are domineering. It seems that he stomped his feet, and the entire Tanglin Kingdom was going to be three-shocked.
Under his aggressive and deep eyes, Su Luo’s beautiful eyes are still as light as water, calm and calm like sea water…
Suddenly, the corners of his mouth slowly curled up. Suddenly, the weather seemed to change from haze, wind and snow to clear sky, and the frost that seemed to condense suddenly turned into gurgling spring water, and gorgeous flowers bloomed.
The smiling Nangong Liuyun is very beautiful.
He held her delicate and delicate hand with sharp, white bones, and smiled shallowly: “Girl, what are you worried about? This king won’t eat you.”
In this contest of gaze and gaze, imposing and imposing, they didn’t know the outcome. In this regard, Nangong Liuyun had some unexpected surprises. He thought, maybe he accidentally found a dusted pearl, emerald in the stone.
= He thought, maybe he accidentally found a dusted pearl, emerald in the stone.

Chapter: 13
Su Luo wanted to withdraw his hand, but Nangong Liuyun’s strength was very strong. The more she struggled, the tighter he held it.
“What do you want?” Su Luo was helpless in the end. In this imposing contest, Su Luo had to lose out.
“Come to ask for a bet, girl, don’t you deliberately pretend to forget?”
“What? A stake?” Su Luo’s brows narrowed, a little puzzled.
“A deliberately shameless girl, where’s the bet agreed in the afternoon?” Nangong Liuyun’s tone was quite doting.
Su Luo glanced at him coldly, and said faintly, “Su Wan was found and Su Xi was safe, so none of us lost or won in the afternoon game. It was a tie.”
Unexpectedly, Nangong Liuyun stretched out his slender index finger, shook it firmly in front of her eyes, and said with a wicked smile, “No, you did win this king, and this king did win you. That’s right. “After speaking, he rubbed her hair fondly with his hands.
“You shamelessly, how can it be so calculated!” Su Luo was angry.
“You didn’t say that you shouldn’t count it like that at the beginning.” In fact, it was His Royal Highness that really shamed him.
Su Luo was so angry. This cunning fox, if he were chasing in modern times, how many people would fall into his trap?
“Hey, come here.” His Royal Highness King Jin’s white and slender fingers were clearly articulated.
She is not a puppy! Su Luo calmly circled his arms and curled his lips with a smile.
When His Royal Highness saw her like this, the handsome eyebrows were slightly raised, and those dark black pupils were as deep as a pool, and they couldn’t see the bottom at a glance, so they stared at Su Luo deeply.
Just when Su Luo frowned, she suddenly felt dizzy and dizzy. When she opened her eyes again, she had fallen into his arms, raising her eyes to meet his enchanting eyes.
It seems, at a glance…
Su Luo’s throat seemed to be stuck, and could not say a word in a daze.
It took a long time for her to come back to her senses, and secretly warned in her heart.
“You…” Su Luo felt a heavy shadow before he said the word why, and it was unstoppable.
Su Luo only felt a blank in his mind, dizzy…
In front of him was that magnified face, this handsome, unspeakable man.
He is strong and domineering.
Su Luo resisted and stretched out his hand to break his hand, but he couldn’t break it anyway, which was counterproductive.
His Royal Highness Jin’s hand tightened like an iron hoop, and she almost made a noise when it was tight.
When she recovered, a sharp flash of eyes flashed!
“Papa–” He slapped his face heavily.
This man, who does he think she is, how can he force her to kiss her?
An unknown place in the darkness seemed to cause a riot in the air. But his Royal Highness waved his hand at random, and the angry air factor calmed down……………………………
But his Royal Highness waved his hand at random, and the angry air factor calmed down……………………………
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Chapter: 14
Ling Feng clenched his fists, staring at Su Luo with cold eyes, with anger and admiration in his eyes.
How noble is His Royal Highness King Jin? What kind of talent is it? The current ancestor of Su Mansion is no more than a fifth-order powerhouse, but his Royal Highness King Jin is only eighteen years old, but he is already a sixth-order!
Has His Highness King Jin ever been wronged ever since he was a child? Now, now he was beaten! This useless girl without a trace of spiritual power is really arrogant!
Nangong Liuyun’s slender index finger slowly rubbed his drawn cheeks, her eyes like eagles were arrogant and cold, glowing like evil spirits.
His eyes were deep and weird, extremely cold, and unfathomable, so he stared at her straight.
Su Luo…what he saw with his eyes was slightly hairy.
A panic flashed in Su Luo’s heart for a while, but soon he was as calm as ever, with his head held high, and he met his gaze without showing any weakness.
Suddenly, on the frightening handsome face of Nangong Liuyun, the corners of his mouth slowly curled up, and a smile bloomed, like an evening flower in full bloom, coquettish and gorgeous.
“Papa–pop–“A crisp applause sounded all at once, and Nangong Liuyun’s beautiful hands pulled Su Luo over, causing her to fall into her arms.
“Girl, your self-confidence really makes people wonder what to do. Should this king applaud your bravery, or laugh at your stupidity?” Nangong Liuyun’s enchanting eyes seemed to have a hint of helplessness. , “You know, in this empire, it is death and sin to actively attack a strong person above the fifth rank? You have been sentenced to death, understand?”
What? She is forbidden to resist after being forced to kiss? What kind of law is this? How to focus on the powerful and powerful?
Nangong Liuyun seemed to understand what she hadn’t said, and smiled faintly: “In this world where martial arts are respected, a big fist is the last word. Isn’t it fair? But who calls you a waste.”
Su Luo clenched his fists, unwilling to do so.
Nangong Liuyun gave her a lively practical lesson, which made her deeply understand that only the fist has the right to speak in this world.
Nangong Liuyun squinted his eyes slightly, the evil spirit looked up and down Su Luo strangely, then touched her little hand and moved her little head.
“What are you doing?” Playing with her as a doll?
Under the moonlight, Nangong Liuyun’s beautiful eyes, which were as dark as ink, seemed to be covered with a faint mystery. He suddenly stood up, took Su Luo’s hand, and said, “Go, take you to a place.” ”
“Where to go?” Su Luo looked at him in a puzzled manner.
At this moment, his pupils seemed to flash with a bright luster, and there was a faint flow of excitement. Suddenly, the doubt was explained.
“Testing the temple.” Nangong Liuyun’s voice was charming, his momentum was compelling, and he couldn’t refuse, so he looked straight at Su Luo, and Su Luo…
“Testing the temple? What to do?” This Su Luo still knew, because that day, she got the result of the talent test in the testing temple, and her life changed drastically.
“What do you think, what else can Test Temple do?” Nangong Liuyun suddenly chuckled softly, his voice was soft and lazy, and it was extremely nice, which was more obvious in the silent night sky.
“Isn’t the test temple only accessible on the first day of every month?”
Nangong Liuyun chuckles playfully, poking her smooth forehead, her voice lazy and evil, “Silly girl, you have to get used to it. Some people are born with privileged treatment, such as this king.”

Chapter: 15
His eyes are confident and proud, noble and domineering, and his aloft aura is like a god, and his whole body exudes a dazzling glow.
It seems that with just such a stop, there is a strong aura of Sui Shanhe taking the heaven and earth in hand.
“Why are you taking me?” Su Luo murmured. She has always been convinced that innocent courtesy, whoever commits rape is thievery. She has always been wary of this.
“Didn’t you always want to go?” His Royal Highness Jin’s lips contained pill, his eyes were evil and charming, “The king’s bet has been withdrawn. Yours, don’t you plan to take it?”
Only then did Su Luo remember that she could make another offer to him.
Then, let her also play this word game. Anyway, it’s not a condition that she personally put forward, is it?
“Let’s go!” As soon as Nangong Liuyun’s voice fell, he hugged Su Luo in his arms. His body was like a big Peng spreading his wings, flying fast in mid-air, barely touching the ground with his feet, like a dragonfly touching water, floating light and glancing shadows.
The wind was blowing in his ears, and Su Luo opened his eyes when he felt curious. What he saw was the scene of himself flying in the air.
“Aren’t you afraid?” With a person walking easily in the air, Nangong Liuyun was able to speak without breaking his breath. It can be seen that his martial arts are so inscrutable and indescribable.
“I like it.” Su Luo really likes the feeling of looking down at the sky and everything is in sight. She took a deep breath, but her hands clenched into a fist.
It’s a pity that she is a natural waste, destined to not reach the height of Nangong Liuyun.
Nangong Liuyun seemed to understand her desire to speak and stopped, a wicked smile burst out at the corner of her mouth, her voice low and charming, “When the test results come out, who says there will be no big reversal?”
“I hope!” Su Luo secretly inflated himself in his heart.
From a distance, I saw the outline of the temple.
The temple was built in the center of the imperial capital, and its geographical location is even more regular than the imperial palace. From the top down, you can only see the pointed roof and the wide square. In the center of the square is a fountain with a pool of masters. Art sculpture.
Tigers, leopards, jackals, wolves… all the monster sculptures on the mainland can be found here.
“Here.” Nangong Liuyun floated down with Su Luo, and the two fell directly to the entrance of the temple.
Nangong Liuyun didn’t even need to take the token, the old man guarding the door respectfully saluted him and opened the hall door without squinting.
According to what Nangong Liuyun said, his face is the best sign.
Leading Su Luo to the lobby on the third floor.
The first floor is for ordinary people to test, so they don’t need to enter at all, just go up directly.
The second floor is for people at the level of civil and military officials. Su Luo thought he wanted to enter this floor, but she found that it was not.
On the third floor, there are very few people who can go up, and only people from the royal family are qualified to enter…
The faint lights on the third floor are magnificent, luxurious, exquisite and beautiful. There is a Dali jade table in the center of the wide main hall. On the table is a crystal ball the size of a grapefruit…
The crystal ball is shining with fluorescence, clear and clear, as bright as the eyes, and it explores the deepest part of people’s heart…
Innate spiritual power is divided into seven colors: red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, and purple. Among them, red is the worst and purple is the strongest. Since the history of the mainland, there are very few and only a handful of purple talents. , It is very likely that only one will appear in hundreds of years.

Chapter: 16
And from a person’s innate spiritual power, you can see how far he can go in this world where the power is respected, and how high his final standing position will be.
Therefore, talent tests can often determine a person’s fate.
“Put your hand on the crystal ball.” Nangong Liuyun motioned to Su Luo.
Su Luo took a deep breath, took a firm step forward, and slowly put his hand on the crystal ball.
Anyway, she is already a waste of zero talent in the legend, is there anything worse than this? No more, so she doesn’t have to worry about it at all.
The crystal ball was crystal clear, as clear as a spring water, and the restless heart gradually calmed down.
“Close your eyes, don’t think about anything, just input aura into it.” Nangong Liuyun’s voice is low and gentle, like a stream flowing slowly, giving people a very pleasant feeling.
Su Luo nodded, his expression was peaceful and peaceful, and he unconsciously entered another realm.
Behind the crystal ball are seven crystal prisms, all ten meters high, and all of them are crystal clear and crystal clear.
Now they don’t have any color. If a person’s talent and spiritual power are good enough, then these crystal prisms will change color from the first one.
The seven crystal prisms are arranged in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue, and purple. Starting from the first pillar, if the first red spiritual power is full, the second orange will begin.
But Su Luo, the spiritual power in her palm was pouring out like a tide at this moment.
The crystal ball started to shine, and it became brighter and brighter, and it was almost tingling people’s eyes.
It’s just that Nangong Liuyun is still standing next to Su Luo, but his deep eyes are instantly frozen–
A fiery beam hit the first crystal prism.
Swish, in less than a second, the first crystal prism was full of red aura.
The second orange prism filled up again with a swish.
Nangong Liuyun originally stood with his arms around his chest, standing in a leisurely posture, with a smile on the corner of his mouth, but at this moment, he is also a little unable to stand up, he looks dumbfounded at the constantly changing, radiant Prismatic!
This is so fast!
According to Nangong Liuyun’s previous cognition, no matter how talented he is, this crystal prism flows up like a small river, slowly overflowing, but he hasn’t seen it yet, swish, and fly up like a rocket.
Swish swish, in less than a minute, Su Luo had already connected three crystal prisms, and her face was not red or panting, and she didn’t mean to reach the limit.
Nangong Liuyun quietly looked at the shining girl in the dazzling aperture, and a strange emotion was revealed in his eyes. The occurrence of this incident was somewhat unexpected to him.
Standing indifferently, she had a calm smile on her face, fresh and moving like Chunhui Chaolu, she was so charming, so intriguing, that people couldn’t look away.
Su Luo didn’t know Nangong Liuyun’s mind at all, and she didn’t even know that her talent had already surprised Nangong Liuyun. At this time, she was still constantly outputting spiritual power.
The green… the green crystal prism has also been filled.
The spiritual power didn’t mean to stop at all, and quickly climbed to the blue one!
What is going on now? Su Luo couldn’t figure it out!

Chapter: 17
Cross cyan easily…
Although the speed has slowed down, there is no stopping the trend!
Nangong Liuyun stared straight at the crystal prism, looking at the slowly climbing blue aura,
A trace of deep thought flashed through the black eyes.
The ability to light up the blue aura indicates that the talent is very powerful, because there are very few people who can reach the blue rank in the entire continent.
However… what makes Nangong Liuyun speechless is that the aura is like a naughty child, once and for all, although it rises slowly, after it climbs to the top, it actually—
Turned to light up the purple crystal prism.
Purple crystal prisms-there have been a few of them in the history of Tanglin Kingdom, but Su Luo, the girl, has achieved a purple aura!
And such a girl has been treated as a waste of wood for the past ten years, bullying and humiliating, and waste time. This is simply a violent thing!
At this moment, no matter how good Nangong Liuyun’s education was, Rao couldn’t help but want to scold his mother.
What happened that year? Why is this little girl so talented that she should be treated as waste? This matter must be checked clearly. A chill flashed under Nangong Liuyun’s eyes.
Ten minutes, thirty minutes, one hour…Her spiritual power is endless like the sea, and after such a long input, her expression is not a trace of fatigue.
In this world that respects martial arts, talent and strength determine everything. Among the seven colors, each color represents their future achievements.
Purple is also divided into top grade, middle grade and low grade.
With the passage of time, the purple aura slowly climbed, slowly passed the lower grade, reached the middle grade, and finally…
Top grade!
Purple top grade!
The expression on Nangong Liuyun’s calm and waveless face was completely stunned.
He originally thought that Su Luo could achieve the blue aura, but in the end, it turned out to be a purple top grade. This was incredible, and his talent was terribly powerful.
But… But the purple aura is still creeping up, silently, not much faster than the ant, but in fact, it has never heard of it.
Close, close to the apex——
However, things suddenly changed dramatically at this moment!
Just when the crystal prism was filled, the colorful crystal prism suddenly looked like a black screen, all the colors disappeared.
At this moment, the colorful crystal prism returned to its original transparency, clear and cold, without a trace of color.
Su Luo suddenly felt sweet at the corner of his mouth, and a stream of blood poured out from the corner of his mouth——
“Luoluo!” Nangong Liuyun almost teleported in front of Su Luo, as fast as a white smoke drifting by, he hugged Su Luo in his arms, his eyes a little nervous.
“I’m fine.” Su Luo leaned in his arms and shook his head weakly, “What happened just now? What happened to my test results? Is it still useless?”
After all, she still cares about her unused talent.
Nangong Liuyun smirked at the corner of her mouth, knocked on her smooth forehead, and her voice was low, saying, “If you are a waste of wood, then all the people in the world will be idiots.”
“So…I’m not a waste of wood?” Su Luo suddenly felt relieved, his eyes lightened, staring expectantly at Nangong Liuyun.
“Ahem.” Nangong Liuyun didn’t know how to tell Su Luo this fact for a while, “Actually, there may be something wrong with this crystal ball…”

Chapter: 18
“What do you mean?” Su Luo expressed puzzlement.
Nangong Liuyun didn’t know where the problem was. He tapped Su Luo on the forehead, “Don’t worry, you are definitely a genius among geniuses. No one can deny this. It’s just that the process may be a bit difficult. But these ten I have been waiting for the year, so I don’t care if I wait a few more days?
“Huh?” Su Luo stared at him calmly, “Is it a special case that I withdrew suddenly?”
Nangong Liuyun looked at her sympathetically, nodding his head.
Su Luo slumped on the ground, holding his head and howling, why is she suffering so much?
“Tell you a good news.” Nangong Liuyun couldn’t bear to see her like this, and leaned close to her face with a grin, an evil and mysterious smile.
“Say.” Su Luo said simply.
“Your talent is indeed strong. Did you see the light that appeared around you just now? Remember what color it was?”
“With orange in the green?” Su Luo was a little uncertain.
Nangong Liuyun rubbed Su Luo’s head like a puppy, with a touch of tenderness in the corners of his mouth that he hadn’t even noticed: “Silly girl, don’t you know that green represents wood, and orange represents fire?”
“You mean?”
“Yes, you have dual elements, wood and fire.” Nangong Liuyun’s eyes revealed a touch of envy, “It’s really enviable, wood and fire.”
“What are you envious of?” Su Luo asked in a puzzled way. She had listened to Luluo’s popular science. The legendary Royal Highness Jin was a fellow practitioner of the three elements, and would actually envy her dual element?
“Really a girl who is in the blessing and does not know the blessing.” Nangong Liuyun helped her up and sat on the soft couch to the side, and said for her, “If it is other elements, the double element is fine, but the wood element and The fire element appears on a person at the same time, do you know what it means?”
“What?” Su Luo’s expression was stunned, she really didn’t know much about this world respected by martial arts.
“The wood element and the fire element appear at the same time, that represents the present world of the alchemist. Girl, do you know the alchemist?” The confused little girl is so cute, and secretly has a pink face.
Su Luo glared at him and said lightly, “Please explain.”
Nangong Liuyun laughed, “There are already few people with elemental talents, and pharmacists need such harsh conditions as the fire and wood dual elements, so pharmacists have always been very rare on the mainland, and their status is very high. Take you for example. If your old man knows about your talents, he will definitely support you, and others will not bully you, they will not even dare to say a word about you.”
“The alchemist is so useful?” Su Luo raised his face and asked carefully.
“Of course. Have you ever heard of a pill for breaking through the limit? Just a single one can make the person trapped in the limit break through the imprisonment. So, do you think the alchemist is not important?” Nangong Liuyun rubbed her head, “now know How unsatisfactory is your talent? Is your heart feeling a little more comfortable?”
“But…” Su Luo looked at her hands, then at the clear crystal prisms, her spiritual power was very strange.
“Wait for three days.” Nangong Liuyun’s face was rare and serious, his eyes gleaming like obsidian, “I will tell you the answer in three days.”
It seems necessary to go to Luoxia Peak. A complex light flashed across Nangong Liuyun’s eyes…

Chapter: 19
Su Luo’s injury was not serious after being swallowed by the crystal ball. It was just that she felt bored in her brain, and occasionally it hurt, but she did not tell Nangong Liuyun about it.
Back in the mansion, Su Luo lay on the bed, with today’s scene in his mind.
A clever trick made Su Wan fall into the water, and brought Su Xi down again, letting the two sisters fight each other, and they suffered a big loss.
Thinking about it, without warning, that handsome face jumped out of his mind.
She has an unparalleled appearance, extremely talented, super-powerful martial artist, and is also the noble prince of the empire. She is also good to her. To be honest, Nangong Liuyun is really a good thing.
Su Luo’s lips spread out with a faint but bitter smile.
What if Nangong Liuyun is true to her? Her heart has long been torn apart and ruined clean, where can she fall in love with others?
Yunqi, how are you in that world? The dragon ring was swallowed into my stomach, you will never find it, ho ho, will Sister Ming forgive you?
Without warning, a crystal teardrop rolled off the white and tender face, soaking the cotton pillow.
Yun Qi gave her an unprecedented blow and shattered the faith she had always believed in. Su Luo knew that it would be really difficult for her to fall in love with someone again in this life and trust someone so much.
At night, the sky seems to be covered by a piece of black veil, while the night sky before dawn is the darkest, as if it has been splashed with thick ink.
Su Luo, who had fallen asleep, didn’t know that this day had arrived so quickly.
In the early morning, a red sun slowly climbed up into the sky from the farthest east. The morning light began to shine and the sky was full of colorful clouds. It was destined to be a good day with clear sky, but many people felt that this day was a catastrophic day for Su Luo.
After breakfast, Luluo suddenly rushed over, tears in her eyes and panic on her face.
“Miss, why are you so leisurely and calm? The big thing is not good!” Lu Luo was out of breath because of the urgency of running.
Su Luo poured her a glass of water and smiled lightly: “The soldiers are here to cover the water and cover the soil. No matter how urgent they are, they can’t be anxious. Drink some water and speak slowly.”
Where does Luluo still have time to drink water? She was anxious to wipe the sweat on her forehead, and panicked: “Miss, how can this be good! The prince personally brought someone here early in the morning and said she wanted to divorce you? !”
Oh? So this is what happened? She thought it was something. Su Luo poured a glass of water slowly and slowly, as if tasting the most precious fragrant tea in the world.
Lu Luo, who looked at the calm expression on her face, was even more anxious. “Miss! You must think of a way. You were bullied like that when you were married to the prince. How can I live my life…”
Luluo didn’t know that her cowardly master had already changed a powerful soul, and she was about to cry worriedly.
Su Luo looked at her amused, and said inwardly. This marriage will be retired sooner or later. If the prince does not come to retire, she will retreat in person in the future, so the retreat of the prince is just what she wants, how could she stop it?
At this moment, there was a messy footsteps outside the door, and a middle-aged old woman came in. She glanced at Su Luo sternly and contemptuously, and said coldly: “Fourth Miss, Madam, please go to the lobby. There is something to discuss. .”
This old woman is the most powerful mother beside her. She is also known as Mother Gui. She is a second-order warrior, so she has always been high in front of Su Luo, arrogant, as if she is the master, and Su Luo is humble.

Chapter: 20
Su Luo smiled coldly, “If you tell me to go, I will go, don’t I have a lot of face?” In Su Luo’s impression, this Mrs. Su is not a good crop. The original owner is Mrs. Su and the mother Gui. It’s hard to count how many losses I have suffered.
Mother Gui smiled coldly and said contemptuously, “Miss Si, are you kidding me?”
“My lady never makes jokes.” Su Luo puts her hands around her chest, his face seems serious.
Madam Gui narrowed her eyes slightly, and a fierce light flashed through her eyes: “Since the fourth lady is so ignorant to promote, then the slave and maidservant are not welcome.”
Although she said she was a slave girl, her face was not at all respectful, and her hands and feet were even more rude. I saw that she took a few steps forward at random and came to Su Luo’s side with her strong arms, like catching a chicken. Pinch the back of the neck!
A cold light appeared in Su Luo’s eyes.
She is just a servant, dare to do anything to her? Really impatient.
Just when the sturdy palm was about to grasp Su Luo, a gleam of joy flashed through the eyes of Mother Gui, but at this critical moment, the situation suddenly reversed!
“Ah–” A scream erupted from Mother Gui’s mouth, and she was holding her right arm in pain, with cold sweat on her painful face.
Mother Gui is of course very painful, because Su Luo, who is proficient in human body structure, removed her right arm joint as soon as she took a shot. The action was really clean and neat, without muddy water.
Su Luo folded his arms, squinted at her calmly, with a mocking sneer.
“You, how could you… it’s impossible!” Grandma Gui was shocked, obviously surprised.
“Oh?” Su Luo sneered slightly.
Mother Gui took a deep breath of pain, and she secretly warned herself that the illusion must be an illusion. Miss Si is useless, it is impossible to practice martial arts, how could she beat herself?
Thinking of this, Mother Gui smiled a few times: “Since the fourth young lady is toasting and not eating fine wine, don’t blame the old slave for being polite!”
Mother Gui’s other intact hand pinched Su Luo’s neck like iron tongs. She didn’t believe that she couldn’t pinch the fourth young lady who had no power to restrain the chicken like this!
Suddenly, Mother Gui only felt that her eyes were dark, and Su Luo’s figure had disappeared in front of her.
However, when it is too late, then it is fast, Su Luo prenatal education mother Chao Gui’s plump buttocks are just a kick.
Yesterday, it was this Foshan Wuying foot that kicked Su Wan into the lotus pond. Now this foot is more powerful, and she directly kicked Madam Gui into the wall three meters away.
Then, there was a violent impact.
The wall was in disrepair for a long time and was very weak. I saw it swayed violently a few times. Although the wall did not collapse, the mud and powder on the wall fell one after another, and at this moment, Mother Gui had already fainted.
Su Luo’s power made Lu Luo open her mouth in amazement.
“Little, little, miss?” Luluo couldn’t even speak completely in shock.
Seeing the young lady who kicked Mother Gui and passed out, Luluo rubbed her eyes hard, she couldn’t believe it.
“Yeah.” Su Luo replied indifferently. She supported her chin with one hand, thinking about how to deal with this old witch.
Su Luo’s previous memories told her that in the past few years, this old lady Gui has bullied her, and even deliberately asked the kitchen to send pig food to her! When she was sick, instead of giving her medicine, she also changed the medicine to urine! The original owner was so angry that she resisted, but she used a thick needle to pierce it!
This kind of old witch is the best if he is dead!
It would be enough for her to faint for a few days without the collision.

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