The Evil King Chases His Wife

Chapter: 121-130

Chapter: 121
The dragon-scale horse also seemed to sense the weakness of the owner’s vitality. It roared violently, spread its hooves, and ran wildly.
At this time, the speed of the dragon-scale horse can be described as fast.
Inside the carriage, Su Luo held Nangong Liuyun’s coma and gradually stiffened body tightly, regretting it in her heart!
If… If she didn’t hit that punch, would the result be different?
Nangong Liuyun, don’t do anything…
A tear fell silently and fell onto Nangong Liuyun’s blood-stained face, smearing a clear white mark on his face.
In less than an hour, the dragon scale horse stopped at the door of a luxurious manor.
Ling Feng quickly jumped out of the carriage.
Seeing the dragon scale horse coming, the housekeeper ran out excitedly in the manor.
The steward is about fifty years old, with bright eyes and a strong body. At first glance, he is a martial artist, and his martial arts is not weak.
He saw Ling Feng, his expression flashed with excitement, “But is your Highness here?”
Ling Feng shouted anxiously, “His Royal Highness is injured! Don’t hurry up and help!”
Obviously, this luxurious and gorgeous manor is privately owned by Nangong Liuyun.
When Steward Xu heard this, his face flashed with horror!
His Royal Highness Jin was injured? His Royal Highness Jin was actually injured? How could the martial arts of King Jin be injured? Butler Xu simply felt that this was too absurd.
However, when he saw Ling Feng hurriedly holding His Royal Highness Jin’s blood-stained body jumping from the dragon scale horse, he felt that his heart would stop beating.
“Hall, what’s wrong with your highness? Who the hell is it!” A hint of anger flashed through Xu’s eyes!
Ling Feng glared at Su Luo bitterly, but was silent, and took a big stride towards the inside.
Su Luo’s body was stained with the blood of Nangong Liuyun. At this moment, she looked a little embarrassed. She calmly nodded to the steward Xu: “Hurry up and invite the best doctor to come over. His Royal Highness seems to be crazy.”
When Mr. Xu saw Su Luo, he was always proud of his composure, and he couldn’t help but stare wide in surprise.
Everyone who follows His Royal Highness knows that His Highness has a deep habit of cleanliness. No one within three feet of his body is allowed to approach, especially women!
No one is allowed to enter this dragon scale horse except Ling Feng can drive.
But in the opened door just now, he clearly saw His Royal Highness fall in her arms… His Royal Highness allowed this girl to approach him? Sitting on a dragon scale horse that even Yaochi Fairy is not allowed?
Immediately, Steward Xu’s eyes looked at Su Luo differently. It was no longer a deep guard against outsiders. Even his eyes at the moment still had a hint of respect and humility.
“What do you call a girl?”
“Su.” Su Luo replied lightly.
“Miss Su, please come and take care of your Highness. Ling Feng’s rough hands may not be able to take care of them. The old slave will ask the pharmacist to go!” Manager Xu nodded towards Su Luo, then took a big step and turned away. .
Even if the average doctor is able to rejuvenate, he has no choice but to find a pharmacist.
In this Nanming Mansion, a high-level pharmacist lived.
On the mainland, high-level alchemists are very rare, not to mention in the territory of Tanglin Kingdom, not to mention in this small Nanming Mansion.
Steward Xu knew that the legendary high-level pharmacist was withdrawn, arrogant, and moody, and he had almost reached the point where he was abhorrent.

Chapter: 122
If you want to invite him out of the mountain, unless you have the most precious natural material that impresses him, the precious and rare ancient pill, it is difficult, very difficult to impress him.
If you report the name of His Royal Highness…it’s wrong, he won’t even sell the emperor’s face, and he may not sell the face of His Royal Highness. What’s more, there are so many people outside who want to kill His Royal Highness King Jin. If this is to disclose the injury of His Highness, it would be bad!
If it is in the capital, there are countless rare treasures in the Jin Dynasty Mansion, but in this Nanming Mansion, there are not many that can be taken.
Steward Xu was anxious and anxious, but he could only select the most precious gift from the storeroom, and hurriedly led people toward the Pharmacist’s Palace.
Su Luo quickly followed Ling Feng and flew inward, at an amazing speed.
When she arrived, she saw the guards in the two rows of manor outside the wing. Everyone’s movements and expressions were so consistent, cold, solemn and majestic, intimidating, and full of oppression.
Su Luo was stopped outside.
Ling Feng shouted outside: “Let her get in!”
Although Ling Feng was extremely anxious, he was still not anxious. Although he was very reluctant to get Su Luo to approach his master again, the facts were clear that she would only be able to hold on with her.
What a maddening discovery! Ling Feng scratched his hair depressed!
Su Luo didn’t know Ling Feng’s entanglement at all. When she entered, she found that Ling Feng had placed Nangong Liuyun on the bed.
Nangong Liuyun’s eyes closed tightly on the hospital bed.
When he opened his eyes, his eyes were sharp and deep, steady and cold. At the moment, his eyes were closed tightly, but he still gave people a shuddering strong feeling.
The red lips are enchanting and the eyebrows are picturesque.
His white clothes were stained with hot blood, and there were mottled blood stains on his cheeks and neck.
At this time, although he was weak and pale, his powerful domineering still leaked out.
“Come on!” Ling Feng held a mixed Jinpa in his hand, and with a trace of anger, he threw it to Su Luo.
His Royal Highness King Jin has a deep habit of cleanliness. Even if he has been with His Highness for more than ten years, he must stay within three feet of his body. Just now I came in with my Royal Highness, it was in desperation and had to do it.
However, Su Luo is a different evildoer, presumably His Royal Highness wishes her to get close. Ling Feng thought bitterly.
Su Luo took the soft and clean Jinpa, walked slowly to Nangong Liuyun, sat on the edge of the bed, staring at him quietly.
His Royal Highness King Jin, who has always been noble and arrogant, now seems to be in an abyss of pain. He looks so embarrassed that people can’t help but relax, and gradually a touch of pity is born.
Her slender fingers, as cold as jade, picked a few hairs away from his forehead, and the soft Jinpa wiped his skin covered by blood, inch by inch, and the white and jade brilliance followed her. Reproduce the brilliance.
However, he is still unconscious, his whole body is like a falling ice cellar, his whole body is as rigid as iron, trembling, and it seems that life will pass by at any time.
“Why hasn’t the pharmacist here yet! Your Highness can’t hold on anymore!” Ling Feng’s eyes were red with urgency, and he said hard to Su Luo, “Take care of your Highness! I’ll come when I go!”
Before he finished his words, before Su Luo could reply, his figure disappeared out of thin air.
Ling Feng is a master, and the kind of master second only to Nangong Liuyun. Su Luo secretly said in his heart.
Suddenly, she felt her hand tight, and then lowered her head, only to find that Nangong Liuyun’s skinny hand gripped her tightly.

Chapter: 123
The Wang Yanli blood on his chest was very dazzling. It hurt her eyes and moistened her eyes.
He squeezed Su Luo’s right hand tightly, pinched the joints down, trying to pinch her wrists.
It hurts, it hurts really.
Su Luo clenched her lower lip tightly. The painful taste made Su Luo feel that he would squeeze her blood vessels. She lowered her head. She saw the blood on her wrists quickly faded, her skin turned pale, and Nangong Liuyun’s pinched fingers almost sunk into the flesh Go inside.
So hard.
Su Luo was almost numb in pain.
However, she closed her mouth tightly and dared not say a word, let alone remind him to let go.
Su Luo understood that he was in pain now.
The man was still in pain after the painful fainting passed.
The pain he is now suffering is thousands of times that of hers, and she is the cause of all this. Why does she call pain in front of him?
If this can alleviate her guilt, she hopes that the pain can come more violently.
So Jibaihao’s wrist was pinched almost to pieces, and Su Luo trembled in pain, but she didn’t move. The other hand steadily, slowly, one by one, wiped his face like jade inch by inch. Skin, wipe that dripping cold sweat.
Even after wiping, his face quickly covered with another layer.
He clenched his teeth and bite out blood from his lower lip, slowly flowing down.
A touch of pity flashed in Su Luo’s heart, such a beautiful thin lips, perfect lip shape, it was a pity that it was ruined… Su Luo didn’t even think about it, and stretched out his fingers to support his teeth.
Pain… Su Luo frowned for a moment, but his figure seemed frozen and motionless.
She didn’t realize how deep his pain was until now.
When Ling Feng came in, what he saw was such a peaceful picture.
He looked at Su Luo’s pinched white, nearly shattered wrist, and another bloody hand that was bitten, a flash of surprise flashed through his deep eyes, and then a flash of clarity passed by.
From this day on, although he still raised his eyebrows at Su Luoheng, he didn’t have the initial malice and provocation. This is something later.
When Ling Feng withdrew, he saw Xu San hurriedly, and behind him was an old man with white eyebrows, and behind him was a child carrying a medicine box.
A chill flashed in Ling Feng’s eyes, and he grabbed Xu San by the collar: “Where is the cold name?”
High-level pharmacist Leng Yan, didn’t he invite him? How come the person is not him?
Xu San’s face was pale, sad and helpless: “Steward Xu is still at Master Leng’s mansion, Master Leng is nowhere to be seen! Butler Xu is helpless, so she can only want us to invite Medicine Master Zuo first.”
Pharmacist Zuo is a mid-level pharmacist, a little worse than Leng Yan, but now he can only ask him to come and have a look, but Steward Xu is still thinking about it.
After Zuo Yaoshi entered, he carefully checked the pulse again. He frowned and said to Ling Feng and Su Luo: “It’s too serious, the old man is not at all sure, I still have to ask Leng Yaoshi to come and have a look.”
“If I can invite him, do I still need to invite you?!” Ling Feng was furious without giving any face.
The injury of King Jin made him almost irrational, like a roaring beast, ready to pounce on the enemy at any time.
Pharmacist Zuo was also very helpless. Who said he was not strong enough?
Su Luo looked at the trembling Nangong Liuyun on the bed, frowning and asked, “I don’t know how the cold medicine master can be invited?”

Chapter: 124
“Difficult, extremely difficult.” Zuo Yakushi sighed, “Unless the baby delivered is in line with Leng Yaoshi’s wishes, otherwise, a lonely and arrogant person like Leng Yaoshi will never save people.”
“Even today’s majesty’s imperial decree won’t work?” Su Luo frowned. Is the status of the alchemist so high?
“Yes, even your Majesty’s imperial decree can’t please him. After all, Yaoshi Leng is now the only three high-level pharmacist in the Tanglin Kingdom.” Zuo Yaoshi stroked his beard, eyes full of envy.
Because alchemists are extremely rare, the royal family places great importance on alchemists and gives them a very high degree of freedom.
It can be said that if a pharmacist wants to serve the empire, he only needs to report his name, high-ranking officials, high-ranking officials, Jinshan Yinshan, beautiful fief, as long as the request does not threaten the safety of the empire.
This shows how detached is the position of the alchemist on the mainland?
Su Luo stood up, glanced at Nangong Liu silently, then turned to Ling Feng and said, “It seems that I am going to the Leng Mansion myself. I will ask you here for Nangong.”
Ling Feng frowned: “Steward Xu can’t invite him, what can you do? Or I will go!” He turned to leave.
Will the text please come, is there still a military request? Others are afraid of offending him Leng Yan, he is not afraid of Ling Feng!
Su Luo stopped him with a calm expression and firm tone: “Trust me, only I can invite him.”
After that, she said to Zuo Yakushi, “I hope Zuo Yakushi will lead the way. Time is running out, please please Zuo Yakushi.”
Zuo Yaoshi was also really curious about what the little girl could do, so confidently she boasted that she could invite Leng Yaoshi to come, so he agreed.
Although Ling Feng didn’t agree with him, he didn’t stop Su Luo. After all, this was also a layer of hope.
If Su Luo still couldn’t invite him in the end, then he would spare his life and tie Leng Yan back even if he was kidnapped. It doesn’t matter what Laozi’s high-level alchemist is!
Lengfu is located in a secluded place in the west of the city, near Nanshan, sparsely populated, and the environment is quiet and elegant.
After getting out of the carriage and seeing the scene in front of him, Su Luo couldn’t help frowning slightly.
There is a wide open space at the entrance of Leng’s Mansion, but now there are many people kneeling in the open space, and there are hundreds of people in the past.
What is even more surprising is that so many people kneel on the ground without making even a single sound, one by one is like a sculpture in a temple, motionless, silent, like wooden stakes.
At this time, the vermilion door opened with a bang, and a white middle-aged man dressed in brocade robe walked out of the door. He looked like a pampered white middle-aged man. He was walking slowly and arrogantly with his hands behind his back. Stepping out, he looked critically at the kneeling crowd.
Whenever he walked in front of a person, that person would hold up the tray with both hands extremely respectfully and humblely. The red lacquered tray placed the precious gift brought by themselves.
Some are rare medicinal materials, some are medical manuscripts, and some are Zhuyu spar. The only thing in common is that these things are not ordinary.
However, the cold steward’s eyes were as cold as his surname, he was arrogant and critical, and he walked straight three rows, not seeing anything.
Wherever he walked, those people couldn’t hide the disappointment in their eyes.
The cold butler’s failure to express satisfaction means that they have no chance…
While pacing slowly, butler Leng sneered casually: “Trash, it’s all rubbish! Do you dare to fool our master with this rubbish? Hoho, tell you, no show! Hurry up, get out!”

Chapter: 125
After speaking, butler Leng wanted to go in as soon as he flicked his sleeves.
Suddenly, a figure suddenly appeared in the oblique thorn. A girl who was less than five or six years old with two pigtails hugged butler Leng’s thigh and cried, “Butler Leng, please, please give me something. Medicine, my mother is about to get sick…uu…please…”
The little girl’s words seemed to resonate, and cries and cries continued.
The crying came one after another, one by one more miserable.
However, butler Leng’s face was still as cold as his surname. He pulled the little girl over and threw her aside like a rag. He patted his pants as if he was dirty, and hummed coldly: ” Want to ask for medicine? Unless you bring out the treasure that our master sees, you want our master to give medicine and give medicine? Let’s daydream!”
After speaking, he flung his sleeves arrogantly and left.
Su Luo frowned slightly. What kind of master there is a kind of slave, this Leng steward is so arrogant in words and deeds, then the Leng Yaoshi must be very difficult.
However, what if you are a high-level pharmacist? Are you higher than the legendary Old Man Zihuo? The “Wuming Pill” that his old man spent his entire life working on is in his own hands, and there is also the famous purple powder cauldron, do you have it?
Su Luo raised his eyebrows and motioned to Zuo Pharmacist.
A wry smile flashed under Zuo Yaoshi’s eyes.
The level of pharmacists is strict. This intermediate pharmacist can still tremble in front of others, but he can only lower his eyebrows in front of high-level pharmacists.
And everyone knows that this butler Leng grew up with Yaoshi Leng since he was a child, and the two of them have met irresistibly. Medicine Master Leng is dedicated to studying medicine, and all trivial matters are handled by Mr. Leng. Therefore, Mr. Leng has always been in front of others Former arrogant, but no one dared to be arrogant in front of him.
Even if he met someone on the left, butler Leng, he couldn’t stand up straight.
Pharmacist Zuo smiled and stopped the butler who was about to go in.
Butler Leng looked back and saw Zuo Yaoshi, frowning slightly, his expression was not very respectful: “Zuo Yaoshi, why are you here again? My host has no time to point you to those messy doubts.”
After finishing speaking, butler Leng walked into the door without stopping and signaled his followers to close the door.
The corner of Su Luo’s mouth raised a sneer.
Is the high-level pharmacist that great? Can a housekeeper in his house yell five to six to an intermediate alchemist? Still dare to close the door in front of him, not putting the other person in his eyes at all?
Looking at Zuo Yakushi again, he was stroking a few goat’s beards, his face was not sad or happy, he seemed to have anticipated the scene before him, and he did not reject cold management at all.
It seems to be accustomed to such scenes.
Hell is good to see, and the kid is hard to deal with.
No wonder, it’s no wonder that even Steward Xu couldn’t invite Leng Yaoshi.
Su Luo smiled coldly, and pressed the door that was about to close, with a hint of coldness in his firm voice: “Hold on!”
There are still people brave enough to stop it? Butler Leng found it incredible. He showed a face with pointed mouth monkey cheeks, a pair of shrewd and arrogant eyes staring at Su Luo coldly. He raised his chin proudly and squinted at Su Luo: “Where did the yellow-haired girl come from? Are you impatient?”
What a rude butler!
But even if he is unreasonable no matter how unreasonable he is, there are still countless people kneeling and begging him to accept the gifts they have bought from their thousands of choices. The facts once again proved in front of Su Luo that the pharmacist on the mainland is a respectable profession.

Chapter: 126
Su Luo raised her eyebrows with a half-smile, “Is housekeeper Xu there?”
Butler Xu? A complex light flashed across the face of Butler Leng. Butler Xu’s identity was mysterious, and he could not offend him casually.
He glared at Su Luo, turned and left, but still left a sentence: “Let them in.”
It’s just a housekeeper, so proud…Su Luo shook her head. She wouldn’t deliberately care about this kind of person, but if it’s in her hands, then ask for more happiness.
With a small servant leading the way, Su Luo quickly merged with Steward Xu.
Although Mr. Xu’s experience was not as embarrassing as he was kneeling at the door, it was not much better.
Butler Leng placed Butler Xu in the wing. There was a maid waiting to be dispatched. When he was hungry, he had snacks on the table, and when he was thirsty, there was tea. The basic etiquette was not cold or hot, but he was not allowed to let Xu Butler. See cold pharmacist.
Butler Xu looked anxious, “We can bear it, but the master can’t bear it, no! I personally go to the Leng Yaoshi! I don’t believe it. With the prestige of the master, Leng Yan dare to say a word!”
Although the manor was a secret base of the Tiger Wolf Legion, it was worth taking such a risk for your Highness.
Su Luo frowned. Are you planning to inform Medicine Master Leng of Nangong Liuyun’s identity?
Su Luo stopped him and said in a low voice, “It’s not there yet, so let me try it first.”
What Su Luo saw and heard on the road, she had almost touched Leng Yan’s temperament, and saw that she raised her hand to summon the young man to come, and only whispered: “Pen, ink, paper, inkstone, wait.”
Although Xiao Si was puzzled, he quickly got everything Su Luo needed.
Sitting at the table, Su Luo held a wolf pen in his hand and seemed to be thinking.
But in fact, her soul has already gone into the space.
She remembered that in the cave at that time, in addition to the “Anonymous Pills” by Old Man Zihuo, there were also more than a dozen pages of yellowish short notes, densely packed with words. At that time, Su Luo didn’t look carefully because of the tight time, only vaguely felt that it was an ancient medicine.
Just now I heard Pharmacist Zuo said that if you want to impress Pharmacist Leng Yan, you must take the ancient pill.
Therefore, Su Luo suddenly remembered the yellowed paper she had left in the corner of the space.
Su Luo picked it up and read it carefully. As expected, every piece of paper was a prescription, and it clearly stated that it was an ancient pill.
Although Su Luo had never seen what other ancient pill recipes looked like, the name of Old Man Zihuo was a guarantee of credibility. The old man Zihuo can cherish it and put it together with his “Nameless Pill”, it will definitely not be a fake.
Su Luo drew out a piece at random, and fixed his eyes to see that it was a piece of “Music Pill”.
Shengjidan, as the name suggests, means “skin regeneration”. If someone breaks his hand or foot, he will be able to recover after he has the muscle growth pills.
This ancient pill had already been lost on the mainland, and no one had expected that it would be transmitted again through Su Luo’s hands.
Su Luo looked at this ancient pill recipe carefully.
This not only lists the required materials in detail, but also clearly records every step, every detail, every problem that will arise, and troubleshooting. Moreover, to refine the Shengjidan, it must be Senior pharmacist and above.
Su Luo still had a long way to go from a high-level pharmacist, so she didn’t think much of this medicine.
Of course, if this pill recipe could not impress Leng Yaoshi, Su Luo would consider offering the purple powder cauldron, after all, to her, the purple powder cauldron was nothing but a dead thing, and Nangong Liuyun was her unshirkable responsibility.
Although Su Luo knew that the ancient pill was very precious, the later facts proved that she still overestimated its value…

Chapter: 127
Su Luo chose this “Pharmaceutical Recipe for Promoting Muscles”, and after writing down the words above, he quit the space and returned to reality.
Because she only entered the soul, no one could see the flaws even in front of everyone.
Su Luo held a wolf pen in her hand and swiped freely on Chengxintang’s paper. When she wrote, a treacherous smile was raised at the corner of her mouth.
She took the pen, picked up the wet paper from Chengxintang, and blew a few breaths at it, and soon the ink was dried.
Su Luo stopped a passing servant and said, “Send this to you cold medicine master.”
Xiao Si frowned.
Usually, there are always customers who want to meet with Leng Yaoshi, and secretly pass the famous post to Leng Yaoshi through their subordinates, but as far as he knows, these people have never succeeded, and there is a great risk involved.
So the young man refused without thinking.
Su Luo laughed mysteriously, “Don’t rush to refuse, do you know that your life’s fatefulness has fallen on this.” While saying this, Su Luo tucked into the sleeve of the little boy There is also a heavy silver ingot.
Sugar-coated shells are suitable for both ancient and modern times.
The young man is also considered courageous, he nodded as he thought, and walked away quickly, covering his sleeves.
Seeing his back when he left, Su Luo smiled unkindly.
During this process, Steward Xu always looked at Su Luo in a puzzled manner. Until then, he asked suspiciously, “Miss Su, are you so sure?”
What is written on that paper? Butler Xu is very curious.
Su Luo calmly picked up the tea cup and took a sip. After she set it aside, her eyes drooped slightly, and the corners of her mouth curled up. He smiled and said, “It’s not that I am sure, but that Zhang Fang is sure. But housekeeper Xu knows that cold. Is the pharmacist’s favorite baby?”
Steward Xu said solemnly: “It’s not hard to guess, it must be the ancient alchemy.” As for the alchemist, no one has a strong desire for ancient alchemy.
It’s just that the ancient pill formula has been lost on the mainland after all, and even the part that has not been lost is in the hands of the family or the hidden world, and the hands of ordinary alchemists hardly have it.
Su Luo pursed his lips and smiled, unpredictably.
While Steward Xu was hesitant, suddenly, there was a rush of footsteps outside, after which the door of the wing was quickly pushed open.
It was not someone else who came here, but the cold butlers who looked at Su Luo before.
I saw him with a sullen face. He glanced at Su Luo arrogantly and critically, and asked condescendingly, “Did you present a note to my host?”
Su Luo’s eyes were calm, her snow-skinned icy expression was alienated, and she raised her eyes and scanned him, neither denying nor admitting.
The cold housekeeper sneered unpredictably: “I didn’t expect you girl to have such a scheming. I told you that you are very lucky. My master has promised to see you. Come with me!”
Butler Leng’s attitude towards Su Luo was disdainful and contemptuous.
At this moment, he treats Su Luo like a charity, as if he was noble.
Although Steward Xu was angry with the attitude of Steward Leng, but knowing that Yao Shi Leng had promised to see Su Xiaohou, the corners of his eyes and eyebrows were filled with joy, because this meant that Yao Master Leng would most likely help him.
However, Su Luo’s performance surprised him.
Su Luo had no waves on her face, and her beautiful icy eyes glanced at Butler Leng indifferently. He turned to Butler Xu calmly and said, “We have been here for a while, and I don’t know what happened to the patients at home. Go back and have a look.”

Chapter: 128
After that, she turned around and walked away unhurriedly, her pace was extremely firm, and her back was very decisive.
Butler Leng also didn’t expect that Su Luo would actually leave, and she would leave as soon as she said she left.
For a moment, he was a little stunned. Whoever came to seek medical treatment was not crouching and trembling, this stinky girl is so ignorant of what is good!
Butler Leng gave a sullen face, sneered at Su Luo, and threatened loudly, “As long as you go out of this door, you don’t expect my master to do another treatment! You can think about it!”
Such threats, try Bailing.
But this time, it was an exception.
Su Luo’s figure paused, and she looked back and smiled at him, with a charming smile: “Steward Leng, I look forward to seeing you again.”
As soon as the voice fell, Su Luo turned faintly and firmly walked out.
In fact, Steward Xu wanted to grab Su Luo very much, and took her to see Medicine Master Leng, but for some reason, Su Luo, who was so calm and unwavering, gave him a strong sense of deterrence, making him surrender and dare not. Awe of resistance.
The butler cold snorted and cursed inwardly: “You don’t know what is good or bad, don’t cry and beg to come in if you have a kind of girl.
After cursing, he went to the refining pharmacy, thinking about how to sternly accuse the stinky girl in front of his master.
Su Luo walked out of the door, and saw the appearance of Steward Xu wanting to say something but stopping, she smiled, “Okay, don’t be nervous, we are just waiting for Medicine Master Leng.”
Waiting for the cold pharmacist? Miss Su said it. Who meets Leng Yaoshi, can you see each other? Not to mention having him come out in person?
It is said that Yaoshi Leng hasn’t stepped out of this manor in ten years, okay? Steward Xu wanted to roar at Su Luo very much, but he couldn’t bear to see her delicate appearance.
The opportunity that was finally obtained was wasted like this! Butler Xu looked away angrily.
Su Luo’s lips curled up slightly, and a smile flashed under his eyes.
She was extremely confident in her heart.
Since the arrogant butler Leng could come and invite her in person, it was enough to prove that the “Pill for Promoting Muscle” had fallen into the hands of Medicine Master Leng.
Since the half of the ancient pill has already fallen into the hands of Medicine Master Leng, with the eyes of Medicine Master Leng, why should she worry about the other party not knowing the goods?
Now it’s a seller’s market. She Su Luo is the boss. No matter how arrogant he is, how can he take her? Don’t you have to come and beg her?
A cruel and icy smile appeared at the corner of Su Luo’s mouth. She was looking forward to the storm that Steward Leng was about to face.
However, after being rejected by Su Luo, Steward Leng strode towards the alchemy room, but before he knocked on the door to beg to see him, the door that was always closed suddenly opened, with a hurried and worried face at the door.
This is a middle-aged man about forty to fifty years old. He was thin and thin, his hair was messy, his eyebrows were messy, he looked shabby, and his white robe was a piece of dirt, and he looked a little embarrassed.
Before Medicine Master Leng could speak, but Steward Leng filed a lawsuit first: “Master, that stinky girl is too ignorant of good and bad. The young one will ask you on your order. Who knows that she stood up and turned around and left! It’s really horrible! ”
Pharmacist Leng flashed a sharp look, grabbed butler Leng by the collar, gritted his teeth: “What did you say!”
Butler Leng thought that Medicine Master Leng was full of anger because of his self-esteem being provoked, so he was bold enough to complain: “The stinky girl also said that you are nothing remarkable. If you don’t see it, you can’t be seen!”

Chapter: 129
“Really disgusting!” Yao Shi Leng yelled.
Butler Leng was overjoyed. However, before his smile reached the bottom of his eyes, Pharmacist Leng threw him to the ground and said bitterly, “You must be the stinky slave who is arrogant and rude to neglect her! Humph! If that girl is gone, see how I can clean you up!”
After speaking, butler Leng still kicked the face of Leng’s face, and he rushed out wearing that dirty work clothes.
The cold housekeeper was holding the kicked head and was going crazy in depression.
He still couldn’t understand why a small piece of paper had such a charm that caused his master to abandon the pill that he had refined for seven or seventy-nine days and just ran away.
But Steward Leng has been able to sit in this position for many years. After all, he is not a fool. He stumbled to his feet, chasing after the figure of Medicine Master Leng, and ran towards the gate.
Yao Shi Leng rushed to the door and saw a crowd of people in the dark, but he didn’t know who was the girl who wrote the ancient medicine.
And the dark and crushing people at the door had never seen the true face of Yaoshi Leng, so they didn’t recognize that the dirty and embarrassed old man in front of them was the one they were crying for to see.
At this time, butler Leng also came out, and he strode towards Su Luo, his expression completely changed, no longer arrogant, but a humble attitude.
He smiled flatly and stopped in front of Su Luo: “This girl, please stay. My master has come in person. Look…”
Su Luo glanced at him calmly and followed his gaze in that direction.
“Shengji Danfang…” Yao Shi Leng looked excited and wanted to ask.
Su Luo smiled and handed a piece of Chengxintang paper.
Su Luo had previously divided the Shengji Pill Recipe into three parts, and the first part had already been in the hands of Leng Yaoshi. At the moment, she handed out the second part.
Su Luo looked at Yaoshi Leng calmly, but she didn’t believe it, so she couldn’t seduce him.
Sure enough, as Su Luo said, Leng Yan is purely a drug addict. He has the characteristics of an artist, he is undressed and unruly. The rest was in his eyes, it was shit.
“I want to ask Leng Yaoshi to save someone. I don’t know if Leng Yaoshi can move?” Su Luo saw the Leng Yaoshi who almost buried his entire face in the Chengxintang paper, and smiled faintly.
“The last prescription…” Yao Shi Leng couldn’t hide his excitement.
“If the patient can be cured, then the last prescription will naturally be given with both hands.” Su Luo smiled and looked at him, “However, if Yao Master Leng is not sure, then assume I haven’t said this.”
After speaking, Su Luo turned and left.
“Okay! The old man will go with you to save people!” Yaoshi Leng was so desperate to death by the two-thirds of the ancient alchemy, he was very itchy, wishing to get all of it, and then studied his seven days and nights in depth.
“Sure enough, Yao Shi Leng is a person who knows goods, unlike some people, ho ho.” Su Luo glanced at Leng butler with a smile.
At this time, butler Leng had a clear shoe print on his face, which was obviously stepped on.
Yao Shi Leng gave him a cold stare: “Come back and clean up you!” After finishing speaking, he first climbed into the carriage and urged Su Luo, “Hurry up, get in the car, what are you waiting for?”
Obviously, Su Luo’s two-thirds of the ancient pill successfully lifted his interest, and he almost scratched his ears and cheeks when he was hanging, wishing to heal the patient immediately and get all the pill.
Nangong Liuyun, wait for me, I will let someone heal you! Su Luo secretly clenched a fist.

Chapter: 130
On the carriage, Medicine Master Leng kept inquiring about Su Luo, trying to get some information about the ancient pill from her mouth, but Su Luo could always avoid the importance and change the subject.
How is the cold pharmacist who has been immersed in the refining of medicine for her opponent? In the end, he could only be defeated.
The carriage is very fast.
After about half an hour, the group returned to the manor.
Ling Feng saw that Su Luo could actually invite Leng Yaoshi, a glimmer of surprise flashed in his eyes, but he quickly recovered, grabbing Leng Yaoshi and forcibly racking him in front of Nangong Liuyun, anxious Said: “Quickly, show us the master!”
Leng Yaoshi was about to have an attack, but Su Luo shook the thin Chengxintang paper, the latter’s eyes shone, and his emotions were immediately suppressed.
Taking the pulse with concentration, after about half an hour, Medicine Master Leng opened his eyes.
Su Luo glued his eyes to his face from the beginning, not letting go of any strangeness on his face.
Seeing him open his eyes, Su Luo hurried forward a few steps, “Leng Yaoshi, how is it? Is it serious?”
Leng Yaoshi’s eyebrows were tight, and a solemn color appeared on his face. It took him a long time to glance at Su Luo: “The internal organs are almost displaced, the internal organs bleed frequently, the meridians are disorderly wandering around in the body, the meridians cannot be suffocated, and I want to go up Go down, don’t you think it’s serious if you don’t want to go down?”
It’s so serious!
Su Luo’s expression remained the same, but there was a trace of helplessness in his heart.
Leng Yaoshi’s words and Ling Feng’s previous words confirmed each other, and they were seamless. It turned out that those things Ling Feng said were true. Nangong Liuyun actually forcibly collected power for her, and forcibly suppressed the advancement, so that the originally damaged body became more serious.
And she actually punched him fiercely, adding to his frail body, so much so that he reached the field like this.
Su Luo clenched her fist on her side with a solemn expression. She stared at the Leng Yaoshi for an instant, “How do you think it can be cured?”
Pharmacist Leng thought for a long time, then slowly said, “It is very difficult, very difficult to cure him.”
“Say!” Su Luo and Ling Feng said in unison.
It’s just that Yaoshi Leng can make a five-character evaluation that is difficult and very difficult… Su Luo and Ling Feng both play drums, how difficult should it be?
Pharmacist Leng touched his smooth chin, pondered for a long while, and then slowly said, “You need spar, a lot of green-level spar, of course, it would be better to be above the green-level. In three days, you might be able to do it?”
“Green-level spar? Or more?”
Su Luo hadn’t understood the meaning of these words, but Ling Feng yelled in surprise.
“Yes, it must be a green-level spar, otherwise it will be difficult to clear the veins. Even if it is cured in the future, His Royal Highness can only stay at the sixth level. In the long years to come, no matter how much the chain is repaired, he will not be able to advance half an inch.” The cold pharmacist looked condensed, and said every word in detail.
When he took the pulse, he discovered that the opponent had the strength of Tier 6. After thinking about it again, he could think that the entire empire could be promoted to Tier VI at such a young age, and the only one who had almost reached Tier 7 was His Royal Highness.
Upon discovering this fact, Leng Yaoshi couldn’t help playing drums even if he was calm. His Royal Highness King Jin is the hope of the empire, so if he is not cured, it will be troublesome if he is cured for good or bad.
Ling Feng frowned and walked around the room anxiously: “Where can I find the green spar? And a lot of it is needed!”

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