The Evil King Chases His Wife

Chapter: 371-380

Chapter: 371
Therefore, Lan Xuan had no psychological pressure to betray Beichenying’s embarrassment, and saw him covering his stomach and laughing for a long time.
Then he said slowly, “My sister-in-law didn’t know. When we were young, the old man of the Beichen family had his birthday, so we went to Beichen Palace with our elders. There was a bauhinia present among those celebrating birthdays, and that bauhinia was so big. It’s really big. It’s a full beast for hundreds of years, and it’s almost ready to be refined. At that time, the old man Beichen was so happy, he was ready to keep it for big use, but we were young and ignorant, and stole the bauhinia Hou Shan baked it.”
Having said that, Lan Xuan paused, and seemed to think that the next thing was funny, so he covered his stomach and laughed.
Dark Yeming couldn’t pass it anymore: “If you don’t speak, I’ll come.” It happened that the hundred bauhinia fish could still be divided into half by themselves.
Lan Xuan pushed Dark Yeming away, took advantage of the situation to sit next to Su Luo, and continued to explain to her with a smile: “Later, I couldn’t keep this from happening. Father Beichen was almost mad when he knew it, and Uncle Beichen was even more direct. To take the little shadow back, we have to hit the board. We were so scared at the time, but Nangong finally came up with an idea, guess what?”
Play the board? But Nangong Liuyun had an idea, I’m afraid that Beichen Ying can’t suffer from this board.
Su Luo smiled and shook his head. Lan Xuan said with a look of admiration, “You must not have imagined that at that time, Nangong stole a piece of iron gibbon meat from somewhere and stuck it behind Beichen’s buttocks, so Uncle Beichen went down. , Suddenly Beichen’s little butt was filled with blood, and the flesh and blood flew across it. At that time, Uncle Beichen’s face was scared green, hahahahaha—”
Unexpectedly, they are all exaggerated now, but they still have such a naughty side when they were young.
Su Luo seemed very interested: “Then what?”
“Then, Grandma Beichen distressed and fainted. I completely ignored the crowd of guests, and came out with a cane at the time, chasing Uncle Beichen and hitting the yard. Grandpa Beichen was accidentally beaten several times, hahahahaha—” Thinking of these embarrassing incidents back then, Lan Xuan clutched his stomach and laughed and almost rolled on the ground.
After a period of gagging by Lan Xuan, the stiff atmosphere was a little relaxed. Su Luo couldn’t help but feel a little fond of this lively Lan Xuan. He thought this was a good boy and decided to give him a few more redbuds for free.
Fairy Yaochi naturally knew this interesting story better than Su Luo, so what she paid attention to was not the story itself, but Lan Xuan’s name.
Lan Xuan inadvertently called “sister-in-law”, maybe he didn’t even remember him, but she was as sensitive as Fairy Yaochi, how could she not hear it?
Her hands hidden in her sleeves tightened, and then a faint smile appeared on her face, and Lan Xuan gave Lan Xuan a reproach: “What are you talking about in front of Miss Su? She is not in our circle. People, knowing more is not good for her.”
Instead, she smiled and looked at Su Luo: “Miss Su, I speak bluntly, don’t you mind?”
Fairy Yaochi is uncomfortable if she doesn’t suppress herself for a moment.
Su Luo raised his eyebrows and smiled, noncommittal.
Fairy Yaochi smiled and looked at Nangong Liuyun, shaking his sleeves and said with a bit of anguish, “Isn’t it good that the third brother didn’t talk to Ms. Su? Why don’t you ignore her now? The third brother, I just came here. , You left Miss Su in the cold, what would others think of me?”

Chapter: 372
Without waiting for Nangong Liuyun to speak, she smiled at Su Luo again: “Miss Su, Nangong is like this. You didn’t take care of it well before, so don’t care.”
The gesture of a hostess.
Su Luoman glanced at Nangong Liuyun carelessly, and a sneer arc came up at the corner of his mouth.
Not long ago, this man insisted on holding his hand and walked in front of everyone, like a treasure in the palm of his hand, but now she seems to be superfluous, no, not as if, but as she is. extra.
Is she just filling the loneliness and coldness of Fairy Yaochi when he is away?
Even though Su Luo looked at Nangong Liuyun sarcastically, the latter stingy didn’t even give her a look, and directly assumed that she did not exist.
Man, ho, really fickle! Su Luo felt sour and turned his head to look at the scenery outside.
Bei Chenying has always known that Li Yaoyao’s face is gentle and gentle, but his heart is very strong. He saw Su Luo turning sharply, and was about to say something, but was interrupted by Su Luo.
Su Luo smiled and said, “How can you meet a stranger? Fairy Yaochi is worried.”
Su Luo admitted her status as the hostess on the cruise ship Nangong Liuyun.
She can have countless words to keep Fairy Yaochi from coming to stage, but…is it worth it?
This man originally only had Fairy Yaochi in his heart, and he was always protecting her, so why did he fight Fairy Yaochi? What is worth fighting for? Are you fighting over? What’s the use even if there is a dispute?
Su Luo didn’t expect that Nangong Liuyun’s face was like frozen ice for an instant, and his beautiful eyes were like thousand-year-old glaciers, radiating cold and sharp light, exuding a hint of coldness.
Fairy Yaochi didn’t seem to notice, and smiled at Su Luo: “By the way, Miss Su also came to fish for bauhinia?”
“Come and meet the world.” Su Luo said flatly.
Seeing Su Luo look lonely, Fairy Yao Chi smiled comfortingly: “Miss Su don’t have to be sad. Bauhinia is always hard to catch, not to mention you…so it’s common sense that you can’t catch it. I came here for the first time when I was five I didn’t catch any of them, so you really don’t have to be sad.”
As soon as this statement came out, the expressions of the people present were even stranger than before.
Fairy Yaochi was immersed in the joy of Su Luo’s automatic withdrawal and the shock of her, but she didn’t notice the strangeness carelessly. Her smile was as gorgeous as a hundred flowers.
A hint of sarcasm flashed in Su Luo’s eyes.
Fairy Yaochi was confused.
The so-called care is chaos, so the noble little princess of Yaochi Palace, for the sake of Nangong Liuyun, put down her body and personally humiliated herself, it is also difficult for her.
Everyone knew what she meant by what she wanted to say and stopped, but it was a pity that her message was too late, but she didn’t know that she was already Tier 3 and not a waste.
She compares the five-year-old with herself… She really looks at herself.
Su Luo’s black and white eyes are clear and clear, and he looks at Fairy Yaochi. The corners of his eyes are raised, and the corners of his mouth are raised slightly. ”
Fairy Yaochi’s self-respectful comfort, if the quality of his heart is slightly worse, wouldn’t he be more sad?
However, Su Luo’s words of truth seemed to have stabbed a hornet’s nest, and only saw Fairy Yaochi’s expression, a layer of shallow water mist instantly filled his clear and big eyes, and his heart was seriously injured.

Chapter: 373
Blame and guiltily almost cry: “Miss Su, are you blaming me? But I really care about you, how can you say that to me?”
Su Luo also didn’t expect that the young and arrogant Fairy Yaochi who met for the first time would turn into a pitiful and delicate white lotus in an instant, and she couldn’t help giving a thumbs up in her heart.
It’s so good.
Look at that pitiful little appearance, which is much better than what Lan Xuan and the others could perform before. If Lan Xuan and the others have such acting skills, let alone a hundred bauhinia, one thousand will be given away without blinking.
Fairy Yaochi hasn’t finished yet, her slender white hands are dangling the sleeves of Nangong Liuyun, imploring to be fair: “Senior brother, do you really care about Miss Su when I said just now? I really didn’t expect She will be so fragile inside, I really didn’t mean it.”
Nangong Liuyun only looked at her with a faint smile, without speaking.
“Senior Brother, you are saying something, only you can pay me justice.” The delicate white lotus’s beautiful eyes were sorely hazy, and everyone thought she had suffered endless grievances if she hadn’t seen it with her own eyes.
Su Luo raised her eyebrows and glanced at Nangong Liuyun with a smile. She wanted to see what kind of justice Nangong Liuyun would give.
However, Nangong Liuyun hadn’t come forward to express his position, but another man who had been standing next to Fairy Yaochi stood up, glaring at Su Luo with force.
The sword of the hand suddenly pierced out.
“Dare to disrespect Yaoyao and look for death!”
Li Aotian’s voice was aloof and indifferent, and his long sword was even more gloomy, piercing Su Luo’s throat without mercy.
No one expected Li Aotian to say that he would make a move, and it would be a killer move!
Who is Li Aotian? He is the second-biggest master of the young generation of Yaochi Palace, and is now at the sixth rank, only second to the first rank of Nangong Liuyun.
The cold long sword pierced Su Luo’s throat, mercilessly——
Su Luo’s eyes were as calm as water.
Nangong Liuyun, will you watch me fall in a pool of blood?
Su Luo’s mouth evoked a lonely smile like fireworks.
Just as the long sword was still three inches away from Su Luo’s throat, suddenly, a thin, white finger with distinct bones appeared abruptly. With a light flick on the long sword, the powerful long sword suddenly crooked. To the side, Kancan rubbed Su Luo’s slender neck.
“Nangong Liuyun!” Li Ao weathered anxiously and stared at Nangong.
He did not expect that Nangong Liuyun would make a move at the last minute.
Hasn’t Yaoyao already grabbed him? Isn’t he already intimate with Yaoyao?
Nangong Liuyun slowly got up and looked sideways at Fairy Yaochi. A weird smile appeared at the corner of his mouth. He stretched out his hand and flicked his sleeves, and bounced Fairy Yaochi’s hand from his arm with ease, without any mercy, simply and neatly.
Fairy Yaochi stared at the pair’s stroked hand in a daze, staring at Nangong Liuyun in a daze: “Senior Brother…”
“Yeah.” Nangong Liuyun slowly walked to Su Luo’s side, stood with her, raised his eyebrows at Fairy Yaochi with a smile, but his tone was cold: “Just remember that I am your third senior brother. ”
“Senior Brother…” Fairy Yaochi stepped forward, looking sadly at the figure that made her linger.
“Remember, I will always be your third senior brother, but only this one identity.” Nangong Liuyun took Su Luo’s hand.

Chapter: 374
Su Luo wanted to withdraw his hand, but he held it tighter. No matter how hard she tried, he was always shaking the tree in front of him, unable to shake him at all.
Nangong Liuyun showed no pity to Fairy Shangyaochi’s eyes. Under the seemingly calm eyes, there was a sharp edge like an eagle. He firmly announced, “Look at her clearly, she is Princess Jin. Apart from that, there is no one else.”
“Boom–” Fairy Yaochi only felt that her head was completely exploded, flowing backwards, and her head was dizzy.
It was fine just now, why did the situation take a turn for the worse? Where is the problem?
Fairy Yaochi’s tears were hazy, and Chu Chu was pitiful: “Senior Brother…How can you do this?”
Li Aotian held on to the crumbling Fairy Yaochi, his expression was extremely ugly, his eyes swept towards Nangong Liuyun indifferently.
“Nangong Liuyun, do you remember your promise to Yaochi Palace?”
“Never dared to forget.” Nangong Liuyun’s eyes were sharp and deep, and his not-thin lips aroused indifferently.
“Since you haven’t forgotten, why would you dare to treat Yaoyao like this?” Li Aotian shouted loudly, “Do you know what the price Yaoyao paid for you? How can you be so ungrateful? Is your conscience? Eaten by a dog?”
With deep clouds flowing in Nangong’s eyes, quiet and deep eyes, he said slowly and lazily: “Do you think this king should repay his favor with his body?”
“You–” Li Aotian was choked suddenly.
If the arrogant Nangong Liuyun repays his favor in this way, it is better to kill him.
Nangong Liuyun glanced at Fairy Yaochi lightly: “Yaoyao, if you are obediently in the future, then you will still be my sister of Nangong Liuyun, otherwise…”
What the opposite means, everyone knows.
“Senior Brother…Don’t…” The two rows of clear tears in Fairy Yaochi’s beautiful eyes rolled down, and she stared sadly at Nangong Liuyun.
His refusal was so straightforward, it didn’t give her any room for delusion.
She doesn’t want it!
She has identified him since she was a child, and has been waiting for him to marry him all these years, but one day, he told him that it was not her that he was going to marry… She would not accept it, and she would not accept it!
“Why…why did it happen just now when it was so good? Is it because of the second brother? I can apologize, Miss Su, I apologize to you. My second brother is unintentional. He just became so impatient. , Can you forgive us…”
Such a proud Fairy Yaochi, at this moment, threw her self-esteem on the ground and let Nangong Liuyun trample on her. She even apologized to Su Luo by admitting her mistake.
Su Luo was a little confused by this huge change.
The servant of Nangong Liuyun just now seemed to be intimate with Fairy Yaochi and no one else could intervene, but now he looks like she has a clear boundary with her. It’s really fickle and uncertain!
Nangong Liuyun looked at Fairy Yaochi and sighed, “Yaoyao, do you really want to know? Even if the answer is hurtful?”
Nangongliu’s beautiful eyes still seemed to be smiling but not smiling, and the corners of his mouth were still convulsed. He was calm and relaxed, completely out of the picture.
Fairy Yaochi trembled all over, thought about it, and finally nodded silently: “Yes, even if I die, I, Li Yaoyao, will die.”
Nangong Liuyun has never been the master of pitying and cherishing jade, and saw him speak slowly, with an unattainable dignity.

Chapter: 375
Nangong Liuyun slowly said, “It’s very simple. In fact, I just want to test whether my little Su Luo will be jealous. In the end, thank you for your friendly performance. The performance is wonderful and very useful.”
Fairy Yaochi trembled all over, almost tottering.
She couldn’t understand why Nangong Liuyun’s behavior just now was to deceive her. He was acting for the little bitch Su Luo, just to stimulate her, to see if she was jealous!
How could this be… A few months ago, he was very close to her, and he was the only girl who could approach him… the only one.
Did Brother San change so quickly?
No, no, it’s all because of the little bitch Su Luo! If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t have gotten into the embarrassing situation I am now, and the third brother would never treat himself like this!
Fairy Yaochi’s eyes shot Su Luo fiercely like venom, and those eyes almost shot Su Luo out of a hole.
At this moment, she almost wanted to rush to strangle Su Luo alive!
The life of this little bitch is really good. She sent so many people to chase and kill her, but she escaped, but it will be hard to tell in the future! She Yaochi swears that she must be broken into pieces to relieve her hatred!
“Senior Brother! You have abandoned our feelings for so many years for such a woman?” Fairy Yaochi pointed at Su Luo angrily, with deep pain in his eyes, “You know that she was abandoned by the prince! When will the prince not want her? You have to pick up your broken shoes!”
“Papa–” A heavy slap hit Fairy Yaochi’s face fiercely.
Nangong Liuyun’s eyes looked like ice and snow that had not melted for thousands of years, and his eyes were cold and indifferent. He said every word, “Believe it or not that the king tore your mouth?”
No one knew that Nangong Liuyun would suddenly go crazy.
He has always been very good to Li Yaoyao, and has always been treated as his own sister. Li Yaoyao was only one step away from getting into his heart.
The relationship between them was originally very close, no one can compare.
Princess Yaochi covered her red and swollen cheeks, staring at Nangong Liuyun in disbelief, shaking her body, muttering to herself: “You hit me…you dare to hit me…”
They have known each other for more than ten years. He has been angry with countless people and used his hands, but he has always spoken softly to her. Now he hits her for a bitch who has not known each other for a few months and is a silly woman!
How could Fairy Yaochi, who thinks highly of himself, accept it? At this moment, she was almost driven crazy by herself.
Li Aotian couldn’t stand it anymore.
The most favored little princess of the Yaochi Palace, the treasure held in the palm of the elders, is being bullied and humiliated here. How can he accept it?
“Yaoyao, forget it! It’s his loss if you don’t want you, let’s go!”
He took this slap!
Li Aotian glanced at Su Luo with his viper-cold eyes.
This woman, whether intentionally or unintentionally, her presence hinders the friendship between Yaoyao and Nangong, and her presence has caused a crack in the cooperation between the Nangong family and the Li family. As a direct child of the Li family, he will never Allow this to happen.
Therefore, this woman must be killed!
“Second brother…” Fairy Yaochi was extremely unwilling, she didn’t want to just walk away like a loser.
“Don’t leave yet, it’s embarrassing to stay here!” Li Aotian rarely yelled at Li Yaoyao.

Chapter: 376
This younger sister is always smart and talented. Her only weakness is that she is too infatuated with Nangong.
This was originally a good thing, and the elders of the two families were happy to see it, but if Nangong had no intention of her, it would become the biggest disadvantage.
“But…” Fairy Yaochi was still hesitating, she didn’t want to leave like this, because it meant that the crack between her and Nangong would be difficult to repair.
She firmly believes that the third brother is just blinded by the demon, and in time, their relationship will return to its original beauty.
Li Aotian grabbed Fairy Yaochi’s hand, and took her to walk out, shouting loudly, “We can’t afford to sit on such a noble luxury cruise ship, let alone sit on it! Let’s go!”
Fairy Yaochi was eventually taken away by Li Aotian.
Li Aotian jumped onto the leaf boat with Fairy Yaochi, and gradually went away.
There was a moment of silence on the luxury cruise ship.
The scene seemed a bit awkward.
Nangong Liuyun stretched out his distinct fingers, and flicked Su Luo’s forehead with a burst of horror, with an evil smile on his face: “Silly girl, I was crying sadly just now? You dare to say that you don’t have this king in your heart?”
Su Luo was originally immersed in this great joy and compassion, but now he is bounced back to reality by Nangong.
She grunted, shook off Nangong Liuyun’s hand, and turned her face away: “What nonsense? Who is crying? Who do you think you are.”
“Oh, dare to be hard-headed, who was it just now, that little crying expression is like a wife abandoned by her husband.”
Nangong Liuyun clicked on her pretty nose amusedly, and hummed unhappily, “But you girl is really too much. The women outside have been bullied to their heads, but they still endure silently. Being bullied by others. It seems that you are very flabby and flabby at the critical moment.”
Su Luoheng glanced at him: “The woman outside? How did that come from? Isn’t it attracted by someone irresponsible?”
Nangong Liuyun’s angular face smiled triumphantly: “Well, that’s an outsider. Only this king’s girl is an insider.”
“Too lazy to care about you.” Su Luo turned to look at the scenery, but he was inexplicably better.
Not to mention Fairy Yaochi, she was also caught off guard by Nangong Liuyun.
Now calm down and think about it carefully. When Fairy Yaochi was in front of her just now, she was indeed a bit sour and sour in her heart. Could it be that she really… liked going to Nangong Liuyun?
Su Luo glanced at Nangong Liuyun, but saw that he seemed to feel something, and his gaze was projected right at him.
Su Luo felt a little flustered, and hurriedly avoided his eyes. His heart began to beat irregularly.
At this time, she had only some understanding of what Nangong Liuyun had just said.
He said that he was letting Fairy Yaochi accompany him to perform a play, so that he could see his heart clearly…
While Su Luo’s inner villain was constantly entangled, Nangong Liuyun smiled calmly and looked at her with a scorching light in his eyes.
Bei Chenying just beat Nangong Liuyun’s chest at this time, and smiled: “You are really unexpected in doing things. This scene is also very good. If you don’t know the inside story, I’m afraid I will lie to you. I thought you really had a lot of affection with the Li family girl.”
The relationship between Beichen Palace and Yaochi Palace has always been complicated.
Don’t look at Beichenying in front of Yaoyao’s sister and Chang Yaoyao’s sister is short, if they talk about the relationship, they are not as close as he and Su Luolai are.

Chapter: 377
Lan Xuan smiled and nodded: “Hey, just now my sister-in-law frowned seven times, sneered five times, clenched her fists three times…Second brother, what are you going to do?”
Nangong Liuyun took out a spar from his arms and threw it at Lan Xuan, with a slight smile on the corners of his mouth. Her lips were red as blood: “Good job.”
Lan Xuan smiled and took the cyan spar, and raised it triumphantly towards Bei Chen Ying, and Bei Chen Ying rushed forward, and the two naive two men suddenly became a ball.
Su Luo couldn’t help being a little angry when he heard their conversation.
Well, it turns out that these few people actually know the truth, so they only kept it from her!
It hurt her heart for a long time!
Su Luo glared at Nangong Liuyun angrily. Who knows that this servant is still very innocently spreading his hands: “This is not to blame this king, this king has told you countless times before that the seat of Princess Jin is only you can sit, who Tell you never to believe it?”
Su Luo couldn’t help but stared, “It’s like I’m very rare for the seat of Princess Jin, who you love to give to whom.”
Bei Chenying and Lan Xuan laughed suddenly, and they fisted towards Nangong Liuyun to encourage them: “Second brother, the revolution has not yet succeeded. It seems that you still need to work hard.”
Nangong Liuyun rubbed Su Luo’s little head fondly, crying and laughing.
This girl is really difficult to serve, he has done this, is not satisfied?
In fact, he and Li Yaoyao grew up together since they were young, and they said they had no feelings at all. How could that be possible?
It’s just that when she and Luo Yatou can’t coexist, he can only make a choice.
It’s just going forward…Nangong Liuyun’s gaze is faint, floating towards the distant sea.
He had to think about the safety of the girl in the future.
Talking and laughing, the cruise ship is not far from the purple fish palace, and when you look up, you can clearly see a bauhinia-shaped palace suspended on the sea.
The closer you get, you can find that this Purple Fish Palace is simply incredible.
Su Luo couldn’t estimate how big the range was.
At this moment, suddenly, a cruise ship on the side ran at a speed faster than the luxurious cruise ship of Vietnam Palace Liuyun, and it swiftly moved forward.
“Ciao!” Lan Xuan was just a catchphrase.
“That’s the Prince’s cruise ship.” Bei Chenying snorted coldly.
“Could it be…Li Aotian?” Dark Yeming muttered for a while, then said.
“It must be Li Aotian. The Li family has always been known for wind spells, and has always been top in speed. Only him can surpass our cruise ship.” Lan Xuan said coldly.
Unexpectedly, Li Aotian was really interesting. Originally thought they had abandoned the treasure of the Purple Fish Palace and left. Who knew that he would take refuge in the prince as soon as he turned his head.
An Yeming glanced at Nangong Liuyun unkindly, raised an eyebrow and smiled: “Don’t you mind Yaochi Palace turning your head to support the prince?”
Nangong Liuyun’s eyes were cold: “Do you think… he can support it?”
A faint word, but said Nangong Liuyun’s endless self-confidence.
Bei Chenying smiled and nodded: “That is, I don’t want to know what kind of virtues that Nangong Liu is absolutely. The Li family has always been noble, so it’s weird to see it.”
Su Luo silently retreated to the side.
In fact, Fairy Yaochi was right to say that if it weren’t for her appearance, the relationship between Nangong Liuyun and the Li family would not have become so tense.
However, Nangong Liuyun grabbed Su Luo in one hand, and put her in his arms, smiling enchantingly, “What’s the little girl running?”
“Who ran away? I just want to go out and get some air.” Su Luo refused to admit it.

Chapter: 378
Nangong Liuyun looked at her with eyes as deep and pitch-black as a lake. As smart as him, how could he not know what Su Luo was thinking?
“Don’t take the responsibility on yourself. The contradiction itself exists. As long as I don’t marry Li Yaoyao, the relationship between me and the Li family will not be harmonious.” Nangong Liuyun said with a smile.
In fact, what he didn’t finish was that the reason why the Yaochi Li family would like him was not that simple.
But the luxury cruise ship of His Royal Highness.
The current mood of the prince is really hard to describe in words, and the word “Fantasy” is enough to summarize everything.
Originally, he was completely defeated by Su Luo and owed a debt that he could not pay in his next life, but he did not expect that the purple fish palace, which was rare in a century, appeared in the middle of the sea. People at home.
Li Aotian, a dignified figure of the sixth rank.
Li Yaochi, known as the Fairy of Yaochi, is the number one beauty in the Tanglin Kingdom. She has both talents and appearance. She is already a Tier 5 talent in martial arts at a young age. His future is absolutely limitless.
But these two people actually got on his cruise ship, and they also promised to help him after entering the Purple Fish Palace.
“You are not in the same group with Nangong Liuyun? Why do you want to help me?” The prince was a little confused, but couldn’t figure it out.
When Li Aotian heard the words Nangong Liuyun, his complexion suddenly turned pale, his hands clenched into fists, he was obviously extremely angry.
The red and swollen eyes of Fairy Yaochi were filled with tears. I saw pity and heartbreaking. The prince’s soul was taken away most of the time, and I felt sorry for Fairy Yaochi.
Fairy Yaochi flashed a venomous light in her eyes, saying, “Nangong Liujue, do you want to become emperor?”
“Huh?” The prince was immediately bluffed. Fairy Yaochi said it smoothly without any scruples if he was so rebellious.
Without hesitation, the prince stepped back and asked with enthusiasm, “What did you say?”
“Nangong Liujue, if you want to be an emperor, our Yaochi Li family can help you, but you have to promise me one thing.” Yaochi Fairy’s eyes are like poisonous snakes, shining poisonously.
When he came into contact with Fairy Yaochi’s eyes, the prince was bluffed in his heart, and all the dreams and charms faded cleanly at this moment.
This is a strong and domineering woman, her heart is definitely not as weak as her appearance.
His Royal Highness said sternly: “Say.”
“Chasing back that little bitch Su Luo.” Fairy Yaochi said coldly, “Whenever you can take her back from Nangong Liuyun, when will our Yaochi Li family help you!”
His Royal Highness is not a stupid man, he immediately understood the point of the matter.
He just said, why Li Aotian and Fairy Yaochi didn’t go to Nangong Liuyun’s cruise ship, and instead came on their own cruise ship. It turned out that it was because of Su Luo. It seems that this stinky girl will not always help him.
The happiest person to see Nangong Liuyun and Li’s family falling out is the Prince.
However, the matter raised by Fairy Yaochi made him embarrassed.
“Su Luo’s stinky girl is in the hands of Nangong Liuyun. You can see how precious he is that stinky girl. It’s hard to get it back.” The prince shook his head.
Originally, he really thought that Nangong Liuyun would marry the little princess of Yaochi Palace, but he didn’t expect that a Su Luo who ran out of the diagonal stab would hook away Nangong Liuyun’s soul.
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Chapter: 379
As the girl continued to shine, His Royal Highness had to admit that he had a bad vision before and let go of such a hen who could lay golden eggs.
Thinking that I owed her 1,500 green spars, the prince’s face suddenly became heavy and dripping.
Fairy Yaochi frowned, and hummed a little displeasedly: “Isn’t it just a straw bag? What are you hesitating?”
Straw waste?
His Royal Highness looked at Fairy Yaochi a little speechlessly.
That girl’s reputation is not good, and she has been labelled as idiots for more than ten years. Because of this, in order to get rid of this burden, I used a plan to divorce her, but is this really the case?
She can be hailed as a new generation of genius Su Qing as an opponent, set a life and death battle.
She was able to catch so many bauhinias in full view of her, and she couldn’t bear to hit herself.
Is she like this, or was she that idiot? Isn’t it okay to not be alone at all?
The prince slowly shook his head, and said every word: “Fairy Yaochi, I’m afraid your information is a bit behind. Don’t you know that Su Luo already has Tier 3 strength?”
At her age, with such a cultivation level, even if she is not a genius, she is still very good.
Fairy Yaochi frowned, and said displeased: “What? She… turned out to be a third-order? No wonder…”
It’s no wonder that the few maids she sent have gone all the way, and they must have been killed by her!
It turns out that Su Luo has been hiding his powers and bidding his time for so many years, pretending to be a waste in front of others.
But Tier 3…Hoho, but Tier 3 only.
“Not only that…” His Royal Highness sighed faintly, “Fairy Yaochi doesn’t know anything, and this stinky girl doesn’t know what mystery is in her body. She shines today and is eye-catching.”
“What do you mean?” Fairy Yaochi frowned.
“Fairy Yaochi really doesn’t know, oh, do you know who is fishing the most bauhinia today?” The prince looked a little depressed, and this was the deepest pain in his heart.
“Isn’t it the third brother?” Fairy Yaochi asked in surprise.
In previous years, it was definitely the third brother who had caught the most, which is beyond doubt.
“No.” The prince replied simply.
“Who is that?”
“A person that you can’t guess.” His Royal Highness looked very complicated.
“Don’t tell me, that person is… Su Luo?” Fairy Yaochi cried out in surprise, and then a sneered sneered at the corner of his mouth, feeling that his idea was absurd.
How could it be her? Even if she is a Tier 3 cultivation base, she is the bottom of the group of people here, how can she catch the first? Even if she could catch one or two, she was lucky.
However, the words of His Royal Highness completely shattered her dream.
“You guessed it, the person who fished the most bauhinia fish today is not someone else, but that stinky girl!” The prince gritted his teeth when he mentioned the matter, and he wanted to go back in time and return to before he didn’t bet with her.
If it was just this stinky girl betting with him, it would be fine, but unfortunately, the people from Beichen also joined in, making him want to break the contract.
“What are you talking about?!” Fairy Yaochi, who was originally sitting on a red sandalwood chair, stood up instantly, eyes full of scorching sparkle, and grabbed the prince by the collar with a hideous and fierce face, “You tell me again! ”

Chapter: 380
His Royal Highness was almost lifted up by Fairy Yaochi, facing her stern eyes, the prince only felt a little chill in his heart.
It’s obviously beautiful like a fairy, but how can he give him a feeling of chills in his back? The prince couldn’t figure it out.
“Hurry up!” Where is Fairy Yaochi at this time still the cold and aloof woman who is like a world without fireworks? At this time, she was a vicious and vicious witch.
The prince endured the coldness in his heart, snorted, and deliberately attacked Fairy Yaochi: “What’s wrong with telling you, today’s fishing champion is the stinky girl. If you don’t believe me, go out and inquire, who can lie in full view?
“It’s impossible! Unless Senior Brother San gives her his own fishing!” How could Fairy Yaochi believe it?
“Huh! The palace also hopes that this matter is false, but everyone can see clearly under everyone’s eyes, that stinky girl clearly fished 1,500 bauhinia!” His Royal Highness threw away Fairy Yaochi’s hand and said angrily .
He didn’t want to mention this matter again, but Fairy Yaochi kept asking.
“One thousand and five hundred…Bauhinia fish? Are you sure they are not ordinary fish?” At this moment, not only Fairy Yaochi, but even Li Aotian was surprised. His eyes were like electricity, staring at His Royal Highness.
Fairy Yaochi stared at the prince with a stunned look, as if he wanted to see signs of lying on his face.
But His Royal Highness spread his hands very bachelorfully: “If you don’t believe it, go out and ask someone to ask, it will be clear. Anyway, everyone can see what happened today.
Before Fairy Yaochi acted, Li Aotian had already flown out, and in a blink of an eye he caught a few people back.
After questioning one by one, he was surprised to find that the words of His Royal Highness were true, and sadly, the Crown Prince actually lost 1,500 green spars to that little bitch.
Fairy Yaochi was stunned. In addition to shock and jealousy, she felt ashamed.
At this moment, remembering what happened on the cruise ship, a blush flashed across her face.
At this moment, she finally understood why the expressions of those people were so surprised when they mentioned Bauhinia fishing on the cruise ship of the third brother.
I did misestimate that little bitch, no, not only misestimated, but greatly underestimated.
But, one thousand and five hundred bauhinia… how did she do it? Is there any hidden secret in her?
Fairy Yaochi couldn’t understand that Su Luo turned out to be a Master of the Space Element, even if she thought she was stupid, and there was a little dragon reminding her to mix it with Heavenly Spirit Water into the fish food.
Time slowly passed, and at this moment the cruise ship had arrived in front of the Purple Fish Palace.
Li Aotian patted her slender shoulder, and his voice was low: “Don’t think about it, find a chance to catch that girl and ask, don’t you know? If you guess right, there should be a secret hidden in the girl.”
Li Aotian never considers whether the other party will cooperate with the interrogation, because he has thousands of ways to let the other party obediently tell the truth.
A group of people walked out of the cruise ship.
The Amethyst Palace, which was magnificent and could not see the end, stood in front of everyone.
Li Aotian stepped out of the cruise ship and rushed directly to the Purple Fish Palace, because the earlier he entered the Purple Fish Palace, the greater the opportunity, but he was forced to stop at the gate of the temple.
The door of the Purple Fish Palace did not open directly, the vermilion door was closed tightly.

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