The Evil King Chases His Wife

Chapter: 421-430

Chapter: 421
He had to wonder whether this purple fish palace Nima was opened by this stinky girl at all, it was almost tailor-made for her alone!
Everyone is cannon fodder, and she is the only one who is like opening a plug-in, all the way to the end.
The prince’s pair of dark eyes stared at Su Luo, and two clusters of raging fire jumped in his eyes. The fire could not wait to fly out and burn Su Luo to death.
Su Luo didn’t even pay attention to him and ignored him. She turned her head and talked to Nangong Liuyun in a low voice.
The appearance of no one there, made the anger in the eyes of the prince more intense!
He was so angry that he grabbed Su Luo with one hand.
However, before his hand reached it, a ray of light flashed, and the prince suddenly screamed.
Looking again, his injured right hand was even more bloody.
It turned out that the cold light was from Nangong Liuyun.
“Nangong Liuyun! Do you dare to attack me!” His Royal Highness pointed at Nangong Liuyun fiercely, full of explosive power, “Don’t forget your oath to heaven! You can’t kill me in this life!”
Su Luo looked at Nangong Liuyun curiously.
If what the prince said is true, then, under what circumstances did Nangong Liuyun make such an oath?
What happened back then? Nangong wants to make a promise not to kill the prince? There is another kindness to repay the Yaochi Palace… Su Luo was a little curious, a little confused, and a little distressed about Nangong Liuyun’s experience.
Nangong Liuyun hugged Su Luo, glanced at him faintly, and nodded pretentiously: “This king always remembers.”
“Just remember! I hope you won’t forget it for the rest of your life!” His Royal Highness snorted arrogantly, his chin arrogantly cold.
Nangong Liuyun smiled faintly, weighing his chin carelessly, smiling enchantingly and evilly: “Killing without dying, eh, it’s not difficult.”
The prince suddenly stiffened!
A pair of eyes stared at Nangong Liuyun, wishing to stare at the bleeding hole in him!
The most important reason why he has been confident in front of Nangong Liuyun for so many years is not because of his status as a prince, but that Nangong Liuyun swore in front of everyone back then!
No matter what he does wrong in the future, Nangong Liuyun will not kill him!
Because of this, he has acted waywardly and unscrupulously over the years, and Nangong Liuyun has been tolerating it with the eyes of a bystander.
But now, he actually threatened himself directly!
His Royal Highness’s body trembled for a moment… His eyes moved from Nangong Liuyun to Su Luo…
Just because of this stinky girl, Nangong Liuyun changed.
Li Yaoyao is right, this woman can no longer stay!
It was not only His Royal Highness who had a murderous heart for Su Luo.
Suddenly, the surrounding mountains shook!
“Not good! Time is coming!” Bei Chenying exclaimed and said to Nangong Liuyun.
Nangong Liuyun frowned slightly, pulling Su Luo and walking out.
His falling girl is too slow, and he can only go out in as little time as possible if he takes her with him.
At this moment, the surrounding area was suddenly filled with white smoke, and soon everyone’s vision became blurred.
Su Luo’s good fortune seemed to have been exhausted at this time.
At this moment, a huge black stone fell from the sky and hit Su Luo’s head straight.
“Be careful!” Anxiety flashed in Nangong Liuyun’s eyes, and he shot directly away, pushing Su Luo away, and directly overwhelming her body, protecting her safely under his wings.

Chapter: 422
The black boulder smashed down, there was a pause, and he rolled directly towards where the two of them were!
Ju Shi ignored everyone else, and seemed to have endless hatred for Su Luo, sticking to her and not letting it go.
The boulder is crushed with enough power to swallow everything!
And Nangong Liuyun only has a smooth wall behind them!
Nangong Liuyun’s back was pressed against the wall, his hands were full of strength to support the crushing of the boulder.
Although the black boulder was stopped for a while, it seemed to roar in anger, constantly increasing its strength on the spot, the ground sneered, and its power suddenly increased.
The boulder at this time is like a mad beast, irrational, just rushing forward, who is blocking and killing!
Although Nangong Liuyun’s complexion was calm, Su Luo saw a layer of fine sweat on his forehead, condensed into beads and rolled off.
It can be seen that the pressure on Nangong Liuyun must be great.
“Hurry up!” Nangong Liuyun yelled at Su Luo.
Su Luo felt a little anxious at this time, but left without listening to his words.
What will Nangong Liuyun do if she leaves? As soon as he releases his hand, he will be crushed by the angry super boulder, and his life will be worrying.
“Go! Go!” The sweat on Nangong Liuyun’s face kept slipping.
Those eyes that were always shining in control of everything were extremely solemn at this time.
Seeing this, Beichenying also rushed to help, but their strength was very different from that of the huge stone.
Just when Su Luo had nothing to do, there was a creaking sound on the ground.
The wall behind Nangong Liuyun disappeared out of thin air, and his back support suddenly disappeared.
“Nangong!!!” Su Luo rushed behind Nangong Liuyun in a hurry, she wanted to support his back with her own strength.
But Su Luo just took a step, Fairy Yaochi pushed her away, but she herself…
“Senior Brother, be careful!” Li Yaoyao quickly rushed towards Nangong Liuyun, almost hanging on him, hugging him firmly.
Su Luo was slammed against the wall, dizzy.
At this moment, suddenly, the black boulder uttered an earth-shaking roar, and in an instant it exerted its strength to push Nangong Liuyun back.
At the moment when Su Luo was too late to react–
Only a clattering sound was heard, and a smooth wall fell from the sky, filling the vacancy again.
However, Nangong Liuyun, Fairy Yaochi, and the black super boulder disappeared out of thin air.
The wall was tightly closed, as if it had never disappeared.
However, Nangong Liuyun did disappear.
Su Luo stared at the scene blankly, and didn’t react for a moment.
“Oh my God, this is…” Bei Chenying was stunned when she saw the handwriting that suddenly appeared on the wall. He turned to look at Su Luo in shock.
Su Luo was attracted by his attention, and looked up.
However, Bei Chenying leaped up like a butt burned by fire, and ran over, leaning against the wall, as if it could block the writing on the wall.
But how can the movements of the body be faster than the line of sight?
When Su Luo stared at the writing on the wall, the whole person froze, and there was a shocked expression in his eyes.
“This…impossible.” Su Luo slowly shook his head, his voice soft and faint, as if mumbling to himself.
Lan Xuan and An Ye Ming also saw the writing on the wall, the expressions on their faces were also very complicated, and they didn’t know how to comfort Su Luo for a while.

Chapter: 423
Lan Xuan opened his mouth, and it took a long time to suffocate one sentence: “Sister-in-law, sister-in-law, you have to trust your second brother!”
Dark Yeming’s expression was also a little solemn. He solemnly nodded to Su Luo: “Don’t worry, the second child will definitely not betray you. You must have confidence in yourself and your second child.”
At this time, even if Su Luo dismissed the relationship between her and Nangong Liuyun again, she knew in her heart that she had no feelings for Nangong Liuyun.
Su Luo looked stupidly at the smooth wall like a flat mirror, his mind was blank, and a slight pain flashed at the position closest to his heart.
She read it right just now, three words are clearly written on the wall…
“Hahahahaha—” Seeing Su Luo’s stunned appearance, the Crown Prince suddenly burst into laughter!
He leaned forward and backward with a smile, and seemed to be revenge.
I saw him pointing at Su Luo, laughing almost out of breath: “Hahahahaha — stinky girl, you also have today — hahaha —”
His Royal Highness smiled comfortably and arrogantly, with unbridled eyes, staring at Su Luo mockingly, full of irony in his eyes.
Su Luo’s face was calm and watery, no one could see the rough waves under the calm surface.
His Royal Highness akimbo laughed wildly: “Oh, the two of them have entered the amusement room, stinky girl, what do you think you can do? The two of them are doing husband and wife gifts inside.”
Su Luo’s face was gloomy, ignoring his provocation.
The prince was right.
Just now, the three characters for Hehuan Room appeared on the wall.
Huhuan Room…Who doesn’t know what it means?
The prince seemed to be not enough, and continued to taunt Su Luo: “The second child is really a blessing, but that is Fairy Yaochi, the fairy that many men dream of, it is so cheap. However, it seems that you can drink them after you go out. Wedding wine.”
The prince who was busy fighting Su Luo seemed to have forgotten his own position.
Su Luo’s complexion was calm and calm, and a pair of calm eyes glanced at him with a smile but a smile: “His Royal Highness has forgotten? If Nangong and Fairy Yaochi really happen, under the powerful combination, you will lose. The interests of your Royal Highness.”
Waking up by Su Luo, the prince suddenly became stiff.
He couldn’t help but feel a little upset, he was really swept away by hatred, the first thing he thought about was revenge on this stinky girl!
She was right. If those two people really do good things, it will be the one who hurts the most.
The prince peeked at Li Aotian, when Li Aotian was gone! ! !
How could it be missing?
Where did Li Aotian hide? Has he given up on himself?
A trace of panic flashed in the prince’s heart, but his face was still tough, staring at Su Luo sarcastically and mockingly: “My palace still wants to get you a concubine, but you refused, ho ho, what do you think? Nangong Liuyun will still marry you? It’s ridiculous!”
Su Luo’s hand was clenched into a fist, but his face was faint, with a cold smile on his mouth.
Seeing Su Luo’s displeasure, Beichen Ying suddenly looked gloomy, stood in front of Su Luo, frowned and looked at the prince, “Are you looking for death?”
The prince stared at Beichen Ying arrogantly: “You have the guts to kill me? Don’t forget! I am the prince of the empire!”
Bei Chenying hugged her chest with her hands in her arms, smiling but not smiling: “Do you think you can beat us by just a few of you? Believe it or not, we will kill you directly and then destroy the body?”

Chapter: 424
“Beichen Ying, dare you!” His Royal Highness yelled furiously with dark eyes.
“As long as you kill all of you, who knows it’s our killer?” Bei Chenying seemed to really have this plan, and Zhao Lanyan winked at them, and the three gathered in a circle and approached the prince.
His Royal Highness was a little flustered, pointing at him and cursing: “Bei Chenying! Nangong Liuyun has sworn an oath! Don’t come here! You stop here!”
As Bei Chenying said, it’s just too suitable to be silent here.
“The second child is the second child, we are us, we have never sworn not to kill you, silly prince.” Bei Chenying smiled and approached the prince, and the other two got closer.
A trace of fear flashed through the prince’s eyes.
Nangong Liuyun did swear, but he did not swear for some of his.
He knows these people hate him, maybe they will…
The three of Beichenying formed a triangle shape, enclosing His Royal Highness in the middle. At this time, the Crown Prince was like a battle of trapped beasts.
Just at this last critical juncture.
Suddenly, there was a slight noise on the ground.
“Not good!” Bei Chenying suddenly had a bad feeling in the dark, and he hurried back.
However, this stone room is simply too weird, why are there traps everywhere?
At this time, a hole appeared in the ground out of thin air, and the three Bei Chenying directly led the prince, and all four of them fell into the black hole.
In an instant, the four people disappeared without a trace.
In the blink of an eye, the ground returned to its original state, and it seemed that a black hole had never appeared.
Su Luo bit her lower lip and stood close to the wall, a trace of anxiety flashed between her eyebrows.
What is going on here? How do people disappear one after another?
It is as if there is a hand controlling all this invisibly, and they are like chess pieces in the opponent’s hand, let him play.
Seeing that time is running out, I don’t know if Bei Chenying and the others will have an accident… and Nangong Liuyun… There was a trace of worry in Su Luo’s eyes.
Su Luo felt black before her eyes, and a straight figure appeared in front of her.
She raised her eyes to meet the other’s spiteful and gloomy eyes.
“Li Aotian!” Su Luo gritted his teeth and murmured.
At this time, Li Aotian’s mouth burst into a cold and mocking smile, his sullen gaze fixed on Su Luo, staring at him for an instant, giving people an eerie and weird feeling.
Su Luo felt a bit cold in his back.
Li Aotian finally opened his mouth, his voice softly as he treated his lover: “Why, afraid?”
Li Aotian like this was ten times more terrifying than when he was indifferent.
He approached step by step, Su Luo could only keep backing…
How to do? The killing intent in Li Aotian’s eyes was so obvious that Su Luo could see it at a glance.
He wants to kill himself.
And it’s not the one that is cut off, but to torture yourself…until death.
Su Luo had never hoped that he had incomparably powerful strength like he did now.
At this time, she was only Tier 3, and Li Aotian was Tier 6. In his eyes, she was the fish on the chopping board, allowing him to slaughter her without any resistance.
In his eyes, he clearly regarded himself as a dead person, a dead person…
Su Luo took a deep breath, his expression calm and calm, and smiled faintly: “Li Aotian, why are you alone?”
“Aren’t you okay?” Li Aotian approached step by step, approaching Su Luo with a smile.

Chapter: 425
“Bei Chenying and the others disappeared. Could it be that you made a ghost?” Su Luo tried to divert his attention.
Li Aotian laughed suddenly when he heard the words, “Hahaha! Since you are about to die, let you be a ghost! Yes, Beichenying and the others are indeed my hands and feet, but they are more than that, hahaha, Nangong I got Liuyun in too.”
“You–that’s your sister!” Su Luo gritted his teeth, his expression condensed.
“That was Yaoyao’s idea.” Li Aotian laughed arrogantly, “Do you think you are the only one who is lucky? Tell you! Before Yaoyao was hung up, she already took a topographic map of this stone room! !”
Su Luo understood why she felt fooled in the palm of her hand.
It turned out that Li Yaoyao got the topographic map of this stone room as soon as he came in.
So, she deliberately shut her and Nangong into the ahuan room… This woman was so shameless that she used this method to force Nangong!
What about Fairy Yaochi, who is also extraordinary and does not eat the fireworks in the world… Su Luo feels sick!
Su Luo looked at Li Aotian with a sneer: “People in the world say that the Yaochi Palace is high and arrogant and aloof, but who would have thought that in order to get a man, the dignified Yaochi fairy would use such despicable means? She really can’t get married. Are you going to post a man like this?”
“Shut up!” Li Ao squeezed Su Luo’s chin angrily, and stared at her bitterly, “You dare to say that Yaoyao, believe it or not, I’ll just choke you to death!”
“Isn’t it?” Su Luo’s eyes flashed, and Li Aotian continued to excite Li Aotian, “Hahaha, are you trying to kill me and kill me? If you do despicable things, kill people and kill them. Oh, it turns out that Yaochi Palace is so famous. Are you here? It just seems like that!”
Li Ao’s weather didn’t work, and he used his hands harder.
Su Luo was pinched almost breathless.
However, there was not a trace of fear in her eyes, instead there was a trace of sneer.
Just when Li Ao was so angry and unprepared, Su Luo raised his foot and kicked hard towards Li Aotian’s fate!
What Su Luo said was also the third-tier pinnacle, with a full kick, the strength was not weak.
What’s more, Li Aotian was completely unprepared.
What’s more, no matter how good a person’s martial arts chain is, his whole body is defensive, but that place is always the weakest existence.
“Ah–” He only heard a tragic cry, Li Aotian immediately let go of Su Luo, covering the place with his hands, and he almost fell to the ground and rolled in pain.
Su Luo succeeded with a kick, where would he dare to stay?
She kicked her feet away and started running!
Run around!
Now that Nangong Liuyun is not by her side, the only thing she can do is save herself.
The culprit of all this is Fairy Yaochi.
Thinking of this woman, Su Luo’s eyes burst with anger.
The last time I was in the Sunset Mountains, it was also because of this woman, she was hunted down all over the mountains, and she was almost killed for a lifetime, but at the time, she was only hunted down by Tier 3, so she could handle it a little bit.
But now the person who is chasing her is Li Aotian, Tier 6 exists, and God knows if she can escape his pursuit, it would be miserable if she was caught by him.
Su Luo was in the shape of lightning and shot away.
Li Aotian set up a net of heaven and earth, and deliberately separated her from Bei Chenying and others, in order to kill her, how could she escape so easily?

Chapter: 426
Now he was severely kicked again, and for a while, new hatred and old hatred flashed through Li Aotian’s eyes.
If you don’t kill that stinky girl today, Li Aotian vowed not to be a man!
Li Aotian held back the sharp pain in his lower body, took a step forward, and quickly chased after Su Luo.
The strength of Tier 6 Li Aotian is totally different from that of Su Luo. Even if a particular part is injured, the speed is still very amazing.
Su Luoma ran non-stop.
Regarding which route to choose, Su Luo hesitated for a moment and chose the fifth channel.
Because although other channels are rampant, they may be able to withstand Li Aotian’s attack, but she is not familiar with it at all.
But the fifth channel is different.
Because she knows that there is a big stupid tiger here, but the big stupid tiger has the strength of Tier 8, as long as she can run to it, she is absolutely safe.
It is precisely because of this belief that the speed of Su Luo, who uses the spirit dance step, is simply crazy.
Li Aotian chased after her, almost scolding his mother with anger.
Did this stinky girl take some special medicine? How fast! It’s completely invisible to the third-order speed.
She now has almost a fifth-order speed!
But it doesn’t matter, this passage is very long, he has time to catch her.
Because of the disparity in strength, the distance between Li Aotian and Su Luo kept getting closer, getting closer and closer, almost as far as he could reach with a hand.
Su Luo saw the corner in front of him, and he was immediately happy.
If she remembers correctly, there is the place where the big stupid tiger inhabits. The big stupid tiger stayed here before!
Su Luo quickly jumped into the corner.
However, what made her desperate was–
The belief that she had been insisting on just now, the big stupid tiger she had high hopes for, it was gone!
I OO XX! ! !
Su Luo cursed secretly in his heart, almost too anxious.
She was ready to take out a large amount of Heavenly Spirit Water to bribe this big stupid tiger, who knew that it would not be fortunate!
Li Aotian chased after Su Luo in a daze.
This time, Li Aotian didn’t talk nonsense with Su Luo at all. He looked solemn and formed knots in his hands. Suddenly, a white snowy area appeared behind him, with endless ice and snow floating in all directions.
The surrounding air instantly dropped to freezing point, and the icy cold air filled like a knife.
Soon, Su Luo found that his hair was hilly and white frost flowers appeared on his clothes.
“It’s really powerful!” Su Luo was secretly surprised.
Unexpectedly, Li Aotian is a powerful ice mage!
At this time, with the white snow and the biting cold wind, Li Aotian was like a god standing on the snow-covered plateau, his expression indifferent, but murderous.
“Snow dancing in the world!” Li Aotian shouted loudly.
Immediately, the endless wind and snow rushed towards Su Luo frantically.
The snowflakes he condensed, each with a large bowl mouth, hexagonal crystals, and the corners of each month shone with cold light, as sharp as a sharp knife.
Thousands of Snow Blades suppressed Su Luo, almost completely covering her.
A horror flashed in Su Luo’s eyes.
It turns out that Tier 6 powerhouses have such strength.
Compared with her strength, she was simply vulnerable.
However, this is the end of the matter.
Su Luo was definitely not a person who gave up lightly.
I saw her face condensed, and a large black palm print hovered on top of her head, quickly zooming in to resist her below.

Chapter: 427
“Huh! Little Tier 3, dare you to resist my World Snow Dance? Dreaming!” Li Aotian stood with his hands holding hands, his expression indifferent and arrogant.
Only a rumbling sound was heard, and the endless wind and snow swept towards Su Luo and wrapped her in it.
Even her big void palmprint was wrapped in it.
The ground was shaking, and almost all the walls were stained with white wind and frost.
The terrible cold current is almost unstoppable.
Almost in the blink of an eye, her big handprints instantly turned into powder and disappeared into the air.
But Su Luo’s whole person was frozen in it, and then what appeared in front of Li Aotian was an ice-cold human sculpture.
The sculpture shines with white light and gleams with cold air.
You can clearly see Su Luo in the ice sculpture.
At this time, Su Luo Shanjiao mentioned that, like a golden rooster, with his hands in a fighting posture, he was frozen in this posture, and he was fixed there motionless. It looked miserable, but also funny.
Li Aotian looked arrogant at this time, arrogant and cold.
He took a few steps forward, and looked at Su Luo who was frozen inside with a smile, with a mocking sneer at the corner of his mouth.
“Smelly girl! You have today too.” Li Aotian weighed his chin, circled the ice sculpture of Su Luo, screaming as he walked, “This action is quite interesting, if you put it outside for everyone to appreciate, it would be nice .”
Although Su Luo was sealed inside, his ears were not bulging.
She could see her embarrassment now in Li Aotian’s eyes.
Li Aotian stood in front of Su Luo, suddenly, his eyes flashed, and he came up with an extremely beautiful idea.
“Fortunately for your stinky girl, I really can’t kill you this time. It’s because of your good body.” Li Aotian smiled coldly, “If Nangong Liuyun sees you being frozen into a sculpture without an inch, then you put it on the street. Let people watch, presumably, no matter how you like it, he won’t want you as a stinky girl again.”
A trace of anger flashed in Su Luo’s heart!
At first I thought that Li Aotian was just arrogant and indifferent, but he didn’t expect to be so perverted. Such a perverted idea was really lost to him!
However, Su Luo’s eyes were not angry.
This idea is not bad for her, because at least it has bought her time.
Li Aotian thought for a while, and finally decided to leave Su Luo’s life temporarily, because killing her directly would not be as cool as torturing her.
Li Aotian didn’t liberate Su Luo either. He stretched out his long arms and easily carried the sculptural Su Luo on his shoulders, and then went outside.
In fact, Su Luo wanted to ask him loudly, would he not care about his sister?
Could it be that Fairy Yaochi stayed in that acacia room?
After all, the time for the Purple Fish Palace is almost coming.
But looking at Li Aotian’s worry-free look, Su Luo knew that Nangong Liuyun should be fine.
I just don’t know…Will he lose control.
Yaochi Fairy’s appearance, it should be very difficult to control…
A complex light flashed in Su Luo’s eyes.
But the most important thing now is her own safety.
Li Aotian’s thoughts were so perverted, if he was put into action, then he would be better off hitting his head to death.
Su Luo felt his scalp numb as long as he remembered that he was standing on the street indiscriminately and watching.
Su Luo suddenly remembered that Fairy Yaochi’s maid said when he was hunted down last time.

Chapter: 428
There is a medicine in Yaochi Palace that can control people’s minds, and the consequences will be unimaginable.
It’s okay now, if it falls into Fairy Yaochi’s hands… Su Luo shuddered.
Alas, as she herself said, she is relying on the mountains and the mountains to run, and the most reliable one is herself!
No, she can’t drag on like this any more, she must save herself.
Su Luo, who was carried on Li Aotian’s shoulders, was a little slow because his head was eroded by the cold.
But still came up with an idea that was not an idea for her.
Su Luo had experimented before, because she was a fire element, so she tried to melt this layer of ice with her own fire element.
But what made her desperate was that she worked hard for a long time before she realized that she had melted a little bit. If she waited for her to melt, I was afraid that the day lilies would be cold by then, and she would have been broken and stripped and exhibited.
But Su Luo’s clumsy head finally worked right.
She condensed all the spiritual power of the fire element in her right hand.
First, the ice layer there is relatively thin.
Second, as long as she is given a chance to shoot with her right hand, as long as Li Aotian is not prepared, then there is still a chance for her to escape.
Therefore, while Li Aotian was taking her to rush out quickly, Su Luo held his breath and concentrated all his spiritual power to his right hand.
It is difficult to melt the whole body, but if there is only one point, it is not impossible.
About half an hour passed.
The front has reached the entrance of the hall.
The door of the hall was open, giving a sense of emptiness and depression.
Su Luo couldn’t help feeling a little when he saw this.
I still remember that a day ago, there were still many people standing at the gate of this hall, but now, she and Li Aotian were the only two who stepped out of the gate of the hall.
When Li Aotian stepped out of the gate of the temple, there was only a little ice on Su Luo’s palm.
In order to prevent Li Aotian from noticing, Su Luo was melting the ice layer while collecting the water droplets into the space. This was the reason Li Aotian had not noticed.
However, after leaving the palace gate, Li Aotian suddenly looked at Su Luo. Just as he was about to speak to her, Yu Guang happened to aim at her hand that broke through the ice.
Su Luo’s heart suddenly shuddered.
Say it’s too late, then soon!
Su Luo instantly threw the spirit pinball that he wanted to use countless times but had not used until now into Li Aotian’s back neckline, and at the moment he threw the spirit pinball, he lit the spirit pinball with his spiritual power!
“Smelly girl! What are you doing!” Li Aotian couldn’t imagine that Su Luo had the power to resist. He swung it hard and threw Su Luo out.
Poor Su Luo, the ice sculpture shaped her, hit the ground heavily. Because the ground was smooth and Li Aotian’s strength was heavy, poor Su Luo was immediately slid to the edge of the square.
On the edge of the square is the endless sea.
If you want to ask Li Aotian whether he is miserable… it can only be described as super miserable.
Ling Pinball, that is the last blow of the seventh-order powerhouse, how powerful is it? What’s more, Li Aotian is only Tier 6.
In fact, as soon as Su Luo put the Ling Pinball into his back leader, he realized what it was. Before he could think about it, he subconsciously jumped into the sea.
Ling Pinball can only jump into the water, use the resistance of water, and have a trace of vitality.
“Boom—-” A violent sound erupted on the sea.
A hint of joy flashed in Su Luo’s heart.
Li Aotian, can’t it blow you up this time!
However, happiness creates sorrow, and this sentence is very suitable when it comes to Su Luo.
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Chapter: 429
Su Luole was very sad.
Her good luck really ran out before, and the rest was bad luck.
The Ling Pinball exploded with great power, and Li Aotian was completely blown out.
However, Su Luo ignored the follow-up caused by Ling Pinball, and this follow-up had a huge impact on her.
I saw around the explosion point, and at that moment, a huge wave surged into the sky, rolling up a thousand piles of waves, making a clatter, spreading in all directions like a beast.
Su Luo was slammed away by Li Aotian before, and slipped down the edge of the square along the smooth ground.
In fact, Su Luo had one foot on the surface of the sea at that time, and she could be blown into the sea with only a slight movement.
And now it is a huge wave carrying a cold wind swept toward her!
A flash of horror flashed in Su Luo’s eyes, his regretful intestines were blue, and it was over…
The finger that broke through the ice was squeezing the edge of the square, and she used her strength to feed herself. As soon as she let go, she would fall into the sea.
However, it was a pity that her only had two fingers that broke through the ice, not the whole hand, so her strength seemed very small.
When the waves swept over, Su Luo insisted on repeatedly but couldn’t hold on anymore. Her fingers broke away from the rocks on the shore. Then, she watched the ice sculpture-shaped herself scream and was swept away by the waves… …
The density of ice is smaller than that of sea water, so the ice sculpture-shaped Su Luo is lying on the surface of the sea instead of directly sinking to the bottom of the sea. This is a blessing in misfortune.
However, what made her feel painful and tragic is–
The cruise ship is just ahead, almost within reach.
Being beaten by the waves, she watched as she was swept away, watched as she went against the direction of the cruise ship, and watched as she thought of her fate about to wander on the sea.
This was too cruel, too desperate… Su Luo almost cried helplessly.
The East China Sea is vast and boundless, and God knows where he will be drawn… As long as he thinks of this, Su Luo, who is covered by ice, suddenly burst into tears.
However, what can her two fingers do? In the boundless sea, she can only resign her to her fate and follow the flow.
In front of nature, her little strength has no room for resistance.
Poor she didn’t know at all, her bad luck today has just begun.
It was night time.
In the lonely night sky, the shadow of a remnant star could not be seen, and the originally dim crescent was also covered by thick clouds, all around it was pitch black, and you could not see your fingers.
That in Su Luo’s heart was called a sad reminder.
Being beaten up by the sea, it’s messed up and messed up, and it doesn’t matter if you follow the flow, and you won’t even give her the opportunity to lie in the sea and enjoy the beautiful night sky?
I don’t know where to go in this direction… Su Luo is getting more and more desperate, and gradually getting a little sleepy.
However, when Su Luo didn’t expect it, something more tragic happened.
A lightning fast as a dragon and snake passed in the sky, but left a dazzling light.
At this time, Su Luo suddenly had a bad feeling in his heart.
Isn’t it what she thinks? Isn’t it so bad? Just caught up with the sea wind wave?
However, there is no most tragedy, only more tragedy.
It can be said that when people are unlucky, drinking water will clog their teeth. Su Luo is a typical person.

Chapter: 430
Soon, thunder and lightning surged on the sea, and the wind was violent, and the people who listened to it screamed like a beast with fear.
Su Luo, who was originally drowsy, was shocked and recovered.
At this moment, just a flash of lightning leaped over, and then Jiao Lei was in the air, hitting it straight down!
It was really lightning fast.
The majestic smashed directly on the ice sculpture of Su Luo.
Fortunately, she was hiding in a thick layer of ice, otherwise people would be scorched immediately.
But Rao was so frightened that Su Luo was shocked.
I saw the sound of scoffing from the surface of her ice sculpture, which was endless.
But this was just the beginning. On this dark night, Su Luo, who was suspended on the sea, experienced the thrill of what is called a storm.
Frozen in the ice sculpture, she sees thunder and lightning outside through the ice, and heavy rain.
I saw lightning flying in the sky like dragons and snakes, roaring and roaring.
Seeing the torrential rain pouring down, pits were knocked out on the sea.
And her lump of ice, like a flat boat, was swayed by the waves.
When the huge waves swept, like a roller coaster, she was rolled up high, tens of meters above sea level.
When the huge wave slipped, he was thrown down again, ruthlessly.
Rao was hiding in the ice, and Su Luo was still thrown into a haze, dizzy.
Su Luo felt very hard.
At this time, she was slapped and hit and didn’t know the direction at all. She only hoped that she would not be rushed into the whirlpool area, otherwise, if she was sucked in by the whirlpool, she would be truly finished.
This night, Su Luo could only helplessly let the huge waves and winds ravage her, but helplessly, she could only think about having fun, this was an ancient version of the free roller coaster.
But fortunately, she was frozen in the ice at this time, her body was protected, and the impact did not really hurt her, otherwise the night would be really sad.
Gradually, Su Luo felt sleepy.
The violent storm and rain gradually subsided, and she unknowingly closed her eyes and went to sleep with her relaxed mentality.
She fell asleep, completely unaware that someone behind was calling her all the way.
When she opened her eyes again, she was awakened by the blazing sun.
Su Luo opened his eyes and glanced at the surrounding environment, a flash of excitement suddenly flashed in his eyes.
She actually saw a black spot not far in front, which was not very real from a distance.
But seeing black spots on the sea, either a ship or an island, is better than drifting aimlessly at sea.
Su Luo tried to slide forward with those two fingers.
It was high winds and waves last night, her two fingers were useless, but now the waves on the sea are not big.
Su Luo struggled forward and stroked…
Finally, after a distance of about ten meters, a wave came toward her.
Poor Su Luo was immediately swept back by the wave 20 meters.
Two lasagna tears were flowing silently in Su Luo’s heart, but he quickly cheered up, struggling to move forward…
Then, another wave rushed towards her face and pushed her back further.
Su Luo was about to scream up to the sky!
why like this! Swinging is not such a way to play!
Did she overdraft all her good fortune before, so now she has to use bad luck to pay off her debts? It’s…too much! Su Luo was so angry that he raised his middle finger towards the sky.
I don’t know if Su Luo’s anger was felt by God.

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