The Evil King Chases His Wife

Chapter: 521-530

Chapter: 521
“Arena.” Su Jingyu replied subconsciously. After replying, he immediately knew what was wrong.
Sure enough, Su Luo took out a piece of paper from his sleeve and raised it up to it: “See clearly, this is a life and death contract. The person who made the battle is named Su Mingqing. I think you also know it.”
The implication is that life and death contract, life and death are in destiny, no one should say such stupid words as family affection or pity! If you really talk about family affection, this life-and-death battle will never happen.
Su Jingyu’s complexion turned red, and after holding back for a long time, he said, “She is your sister after all!”
“You mean that the older sister can kill the younger sister, but the younger sister can’t kill the older sister because of self-defense? What kind of logic is this? The logic of your Su family?” Su Luo smiled.
“You!” Su Jingyu stared at Su Luo with an angry gaze. He was incapable of reasoning, but still stubbornly blamed Su Luo, “Anyway, you are not right!”
“Then, I would like to ask, if the one who loses now is me, would you say she will let me go?” Su Luo tossed this sentence slowly.
How can it be? ! Su Jingyu secretly said in his heart, he stiffened his neck, “She will naturally let you go. Anyway, you are also her younger sister, don’t you know her temper?”
“Her temperament? What is her temperament? If it is as you said, then why is her war post not a simple war post, but a life and death war post?”
Su Luo’s words were light and fluttering, but like a slap, they really drew Su Jingyu’s face heavily, so unrelenting.
Yes, if Su Qing planned to let Su Luo a horse from the beginning, if Su Qing cares for even a trace of family affection, will she send Su Luo a life and death post?
Everyone in the audience fell to Su Luo’s side for a while. After all, let alone her, this battle was very exciting and impressive, whether it was her personal or her spiritual pet.
Su Jingyu stood under the stage with a stern face, staring at Su Luo angrily.
And Su Luo did not show any weakness to meet his hatred like fire.
Just now.
“Woo-” Suddenly, the sky quickly darkened, and a lightning bolt struck through the air, attracting everyone’s eyes.
After the sound of thunder, the sky was calm and peaceful again.
“Not good!” Su Luo felt that the thunder was too weird, and when she looked at Su Qing on the ground again, she found that Su Qing’s figure had completely disappeared.
How could this be?
Who is it? Who is secretly helping Su Qing?
The crowd boiled over for a while.
At this moment, Su Qing was missing? How could she disappear out of thin air?
“Which expert made this?”
“Is there a strong backing behind Su Qing?”
“Cut the grass without removing the roots, but the spring breeze blows and regenerates. From now on, Su Luo will be finished…”
Countless discussions were whispering in the audience, and everyone looked at Su Luo with a trace of pity and sympathy.
Su Luo stood in place with frowning, staring only at the position where Su Qing had not disappeared…
Could it be that Su Qing’s teacher moved his hands and feet?
If not, who is it?
Su Luo felt that there seemed to be an invisible hand behind the scenes, manipulating everything, there seemed to be a huge net in the sky, slowly shrouding her, and she had nowhere to escape.
The three big-name judges were relatively speechless at this time.
It is said that they have lived for so long, this level of battle is really not in their eyes, but all this has happened to detonate again and again, which is dizzying.

Chapter: 522
Even the final outcome was unexpected.
Su Luo took a step forward, and his eyes fell faintly on the three big-name judges, with a trace of inquiry in her beautiful eyes.
Based on her martial arts cultivation, she can’t see clearly, but these people should always see the situation clearly, right?
The three judges looked at each other, then smiled bitterly at each other.
Bei Chenmu looked at Su Luo kindly, and said softly, “Lady Luo knows, where is your opponent?”
Su Luo looked back suspiciously, “Don’t you even see how many of you?”
“That person’s strength is far above us…Ah, I’m ashamed, ashamed.”
The implication is that even these three judges are helpless?
Could it be that this high-profile life-and-death duel ended hastily?
Su Luo felt that things were far from that simple.
Suddenly, Nangong Yu, who had not spoken, cast his indifferent gaze on Su Luo’s shoulder and pointed at the little dragon: “Let me see.”
Su Luo suddenly narrowed his eyes.
The flash of light in Elder Nangong’s cloudy eyes might not be clear to others, but Su Luo could see it clearly.
That is a greedy look.
It’s no wonder that he was greedy in his heart. It was really the little dragon that was so brilliant this time.
Su Luo couldn’t help sighing in his heart.
She didn’t take out the little dragon to participate in the battle at the beginning, because she was afraid that this little thing would be too popular and would cause a sensation.
However, who knew that Su Qing’s hole cards were played one after another, and she finally forced her to use the little Shenlong hole card.
But the appearance of the little Shenlong was so shocking that she was not only tempted by the opponent’s spirit, but also helped chase and kill her… The process was too exciting, and the result was that she was depressed.
The little thing that can be opposed to putting spirit pets, even a little milk dog, everyone is rushing, not to mention this little thing is so aura and cute.
Only Su Luo knew that the body of this little milk dog was the little dragon, but if it was handed over to the palace elder, would he see it? So Su Luo hesitated.
The little dragon can already understand people. Before Su Luo could respond, it flew onto the back of the lizard dragon, waving its claws, and wanted to attack the elder Nangong.
Nangong Yu’s originally indifferent old face froze immediately, staring at Su Luo displeasedly: “Miss Su, what do you mean by this?”
Su Luo spread his hands and sighed, “This little thing is wild and untamable. He loves to make his own mind. Very often, young girls are controlled by it, but don’t care about teaching it.
If you hand over the little things to Elder Nangong, not to mention whether he will discover the secret of the little dragon, or just whether he will return it, these two things will be said. Don’t think she can’t see this old thing’s greed for the little dragon.
Elder Nangong squinted his eyes slightly, and a trace of anger flashed through the muddy eyes. He glared at Su Luo and snorted coldly, “Little girl, I don’t know what to do!”
Old Mr. Beichenmu glanced at Elder Nangong with a smile and raised his eyebrows with a smile: “Old thing, your face is really getting longer and longer, and you actually grab something with a little girl. You are so embarrassed.”
Su Luo glanced at Elder Beichen gratefully. As expected of Beichen Ying’s family, she has always stood firm on her side.
Elder Nangong snorted repeatedly: “If you are willing to ask for her things, the old man looked at her!”
He dismissed how many people lined up to give him a baby, and now it was just a look, the other party was not even willing to do this.

Chapter: 523
Elder Nangong curled his lips mockingly: “Oh, I said Elder Nangong, do you take yourself too seriously? Maybe the little girl thinks completely different from you?”
Elder Nangong almost turned into anger, he patted the table hard, “Bei Chenmu, you can shut up!”
“Okay, okay, I’m all a lot of age, so noisy, I’m not afraid of being laughed at by the juniors.” Dean Situ of the Empire First Academy hurriedly went out to round the court, hitting both sides, and then looked at Su Luo with a smile: “Su girl, this duel can only be absconded with Su Qing’s fear of war, launching the wanted list of rewards, and letting people from the entire continent participate in the hunt, what do you think?”
Su Luo’s expression was cold, and he quietly looked at the dean of the Empire’s First Academy.
His beard and hair are white, he has a childlike look, and his kindness brings a trace of the majesty of being a high-ranking person, which is awe-inspiring, and he does not dare to go beyond half a step in front of him.
Worthy of being the dean of the Empire’s First Academy.
But Su Luo is not a student of the First College, so why be afraid of him as the dean?
Su Luo nodded and said in a light voice: “No, she is my sister after all. Although she is not benevolent to me, I can’t treat her unrighteously. This will be the most wanted list.”
Su Luo’s words caused an uproar in the crowd. Before Su Qing had to kill Su Luo, everyone thought that Su Luo would do the same, but she didn’t expect that she would be so magnanimous!
There was also a hint of surprise in the eyes of the dean: “You mean, you give up the right to want the other party? Are you sure?”
“Yes, I give up.” Su Luo stood straight, his eyes were calm and indifferent, his expression was calm and introverted, and his voice was even as flat as the wind.
Elder Beichen touched a few goat’s whiskers, and slowly nodded in admiration, “As expected, she is the woman whom His Royal Highness likes. She is truly calm and convincing.”
Su Luo smiled faintly, his expression calm as before: “Senior is too famous.”
Elder Beichen touched the white beard, smiled and shook his head.
This girl clearly knew that the martial artist who rescued Su Qing was very powerful, and she knew that even if the mainland wanted him, it would not make much sense for Su Qing, so she sold the other party and showed her righteousness, killing two birds with one stone.
This little girl looked young, but she was wise, courageous, and courageous. She knew how to hide her powers and help her time, and she knew that she would be brilliant at the right time. If Xiaoying had such a blessing in the future, it would really be the blessing of the Beichen family.
Thinking of Bei Chen Ying’s cynical and suave appearance, Elder Bei Chen sighed sadly.
After the three elders left the venue, the onlookers were also asked to leave the venue.
Just as Su Luo was about to walk away, a few black shadows suddenly appeared in front of her, blocking her way straight.
Su Luo looked at the person in front of him, his eyes narrowed slightly, and his expression remained calm.
“You dare to hurt Qing’er, I, Lin Zixuan, will never let you go! Su Luo! Now I want to declare war on you! Will you pick it up or not?!”
Lin Zixuan, one of Su Qing’s admirers, had a crush on her for a long time.
When he saw Su Qing’s appearance and legs and feet destroyed with his own eyes, that kind of heartache was incomprehensible to others, so he wanted to replace Su Qing and seek revenge on Su Luo!
“Zikumen?” Su Luo glanced at him calmly. These are Su Qing’s elders and colleagues? Come to find her for revenge?
“Lin Zixuan, the thirteenth-generation disciple of the Zikui Sect, officially declared war on you Su Luo, life and death contract, do you dare to accept it!” Lin Zixuan’s eyes were fierce and aggressive.

Chapter: 524
Su Luo frowned slightly after hearing Lin Zixuan’s words.
Lin Zixuan was not the only one standing in front of her, but also an elder and two young women. At this moment, the two young women glared at him, but the elder did not stop her.
Is this deliberate indulgence? Also, the lizard dragon had such a big embarrassment, and Su Qing had such a big embarrassment. These so-called decent people have the most reputation, and it would be strange if they didn’t trouble her.
A smile burst out from the corner of Su Luo’s mouth and raised her eyebrows to look at Lin Zixuan: “Zikumen? Life and death contract? Hoho, you are not afraid of losing, are you planning to come back when you die?”
Su Qing was rescued when he was about to die, no one knew who the Holy God was, but Su Luo did not hesitate to rely on this account on Zikuimen.
The uncle teacher frowned and stared at Su Luo displeasedly. The Lin Zixuan immediately confronted Su Luo and scolded Su Luo, “What a courage! How dare you slander the Zikuimen!”
Su Luo cast a blank look at him, “You have the ability to prove that the person who rescued Su Qing was not the result of the Purple Kwai Sect, otherwise…” He is blaming you, why?
“You–!” Lin Zixuan flushed with anger, pointing at Su Luo with trembling fingers, and was taken away by Su Luo, so he really couldn’t prove it for a while.
Su Luo snorted and turned to leave.
“You stop!” Lin Zixuan pointed at Su Luo and shouted, “Su Luo! You haven’t answered me yet! Do you dare to compare with me! Do you only dare to bully the weak and not challenge the strong?!”
Su Luo paused, turned around, looked at him carelessly, raised his palms: “One, if everyone who wants to challenge me would respond to me, wouldn’t it be exhausted? Second, when Su Qing proposed a life-and-death battle, she Tier 4, Tier 3, please don’t turn black and white and treat everyone as a fool. Third, do you mean you are a strong one?”
Su Luo raised her eyebrows with a casual smile on her face. She looked at him up and down, and finally sneered, “It’s up to you?”
“Just rely on me, what!” Lin Zixuan squinted at Su Luo arrogantly.
Su Qing would lose because she was careless and followed this stinky girl’s way. Now that he is the pinnacle of Tier 5, he does not believe that he would lose to such a little girl with his wisdom and caution and cultivation base!
Su Luo sneered and turned to face him with her back. She strode forward and waved her hand to the rear as she walked: “Wait for you to win the lizard dragon and then come to me to challenge.”
Now she has no time to deal with these idle people.
After hearing Su Luo’s words, Lin Zixuan’s face instantly stiffened, and his face was blue.
Not only him, but even the uncle standing next to him, his face changed in an instant.
Lizard dragon was originally the spirit pet of Zikuimen, one of the three high-level spirit pets. Because of this battle, Su Suqing is the closed young disciple of Master Blue Ocean again, so he has such an honor.
But now… the lizard dragon has been instigated!
These people in the Purple Kwai Gate silently cast their sights on the Lizard Dragon, but saw that this wild and unruly arrogant dragon, but now followed behind the little milk dog, humble like a servant… so letting people The unimaginable thing actually happened.
“No, how can the spirit pet of the Purple Kwai Sect be abducted by anyone?” Lin Zixuan exclaimed.
His uncle looked at the bouncing little milk dog, with a greedy and evil sneer at the corner of his mouth.
“You are absolutely right.” This uncle uncle completely agreed with Lin Zixuan’s words, “Not only does the lizard dragon want the original to be returned, the little milk dog… must also be paid to the Purple Kwai Sect!”

Chapter: 525
Nangong Liuyun stood there quietly…
Wearing a black robe like thick ink brocade, the clothes are graceful, the face is handsome and beautiful, the perfect diamond lips are smiling, and he looks at her with a deep smile.
Su Luo stood firmly in front of him, raised his eyebrows and smiled: “How?”
Nangong Liuyun rubbed her hair fondly: “Not bad, at least I didn’t lose my face.”
“What does it mean is not bad? Very good, okay?” Su Luo wrinkled his nose, but felt unhappy in his heart.
His home is a girl. Nangong Liuyun took the little dragon in Su Luo’s arms and held it in his hand at will, holding Su Luo in his other hand: “Go, let’s go home.”
With all the eyes in sight, Su Luo subconsciously wanted to shake off his hand, but it suddenly occurred to him that he had a three-month appointment with him.
Since the three-month agreement must be fulfilled, what about borrowing his momentum now? Anyway, Nangong Liuyun’s background is wide and hard, and it’s very easy to use.
Su Luo held his generous and kind palm with his backhand, and walked beside him with a confident expression.
From the angle she hadn’t seen, Nangong Liuyun’s long and narrow eyes raised slightly.
For a while, the audience who hadn’t left looked at the pair of Biren with complex expressions, and consciously gave up a path for the two to pass.
Crowded with people, a wide path in the middle.
Under the gaze of countless people, if a cowardly girl who has never seen the world, she would naturally not dare to leave.
“Are you afraid?” Nangong Liuyun smiled, looking down at her, his eyes soft and water, as if looking at the most precious baby of time.
“Are you talking about laughing?” Su Luo curled his lips slightly, “I’m not even afraid of death, I’m afraid of this?”
She Su Luo has seen the world, okay?
“As expected to be the future Princess Jin, she is really bold enough, and it can be seen that this king has a really good vision.” Nangong Liuyun triumphed.
Su Luo gave him an angry look: “Praise me and praise me, why do you still carry yourself? There is no more narcissistic guy than you.” There is no more skill than his praise.
With countless lights converging, the two walked hand in hand.
The content of the two people’s words are vying, but their attitudes are more intimate, it seems that you are embarrassed everywhere, which makes people envy and hate.
Except for those spectators, at this time, several hot eyes were watching the pair of distant backs.
Zikuimen, the uncle master clenched his fists, his complexion pale.
The palace elder Nangong Yu greedily looked at the little dragon that was carried by Nangong Liuyun in his hand, but did not dare to act rashly.
In the elegant room on the second floor, the beautiful woman with her teeth clenched and her face grim, her beautiful eyes that were originally clear and bottomless now contained a vicious and fiery light.
“Su Luo! Hello, you, very, very good!”
Fairy Yaochi clenched his fists, staring at the clenched hands with sinister eyes, with a murderous look in his eyes.
“If I don’t kill you, I swear not to be a man, Li Yaoyao!” Fairy Yaochi raised the two fingers of his right hand and swore to the sky.
Li Yaoyao looked at the flawless backs of Su Luo and Nangong Liuyun, looked at the incomparably high and low silhouettes, and looked at them talking, laughing, and being intimate. Li Yaoyao wanted to rush to tear Su Luo to pieces!
Su Luo had no idea that she had been targeted by so many people, nor did she know that Li Yaoyao was breathing fire from her back, and she was in a pretty good mood at the moment.
This trip to Bauhinia Island, although there are many dangers and dangers, and several times hovering on the edge of life and death, but the so-called risk is the opportunity, and her harvest is very good.

Chapter: 526
First of all, there are 1,500 bauhinias from His Royal Highness. Now she is a pauper, and she must get it back.
The second is the Ling Pinball that saved her life, the crystal amethyst that can spit spars like a hen lays an egg, and several unpredictable martial arts secrets.
Finally, drifting to the deserted mountain of an isolated island, although being pursued and killed by Li Aotian, after many catastrophes, in the end he was saved from danger. Not only did he break through to Tier 4, but also drew a lot of the flames from the flame cave, laying a solid foundation for her to repair the chain fire system in the future. basis.
Now, she defeated Su Qing again and went to the huge boulder that was in her heart. Her mood suddenly became bright and the sky was broad.
However, there was still a trace of vigilance in her heart, that was Su Qing’s whereabouts.
“Could it be that you didn’t even see the situation at the time?” Su Luo frowned slightly, raising his eyes and staring at Nangong Liuyun’s handsome face.
Her look was unprecedentedly confused and serious.
Nangong Liuyun’s expression remained as usual, he slowly nodded, and only commented: “That’s a very powerful person, who is better than you and me for the time being.”
“Then it will be even more troublesome.” Su Luo frowned, very puzzled, “How could Su Qing contact such a powerful person? That person is not too soon or too late, but he appears when Su Qing is about to die?”
Since the opponent is a super strong, how can he fancy Su Qing? Su Luo patted his head depressedly, she really couldn’t understand.
“You have adventures, and others may not have them.” Nangong Liuyun looked at her solemnly, with an unprecedented seriousness: “Luo Luo, you have to repair the chain quickly.”
“My current chain repair speed is not fast enough?” Su Luo sighed bitterly and helplessly: “For more than three months, Tier 4…”
In the entire imperial capital, who is promoted so fast as hers? Can’t find it at all?
Rather than praise her, Nangong Liuyun pressured her: “The reason Su Qing lost to you was due to many external factors. In terms of fighting alone, you are not her opponent at all. Do you admit that?”
“Yes, you are right, but the pet is also part of the strength.”
“Do you think that after the super-powerful took Su Qing away, he just played with her?” Nangong Liuyun’s deep eyes were aggressive, “No, Su Qing will only work harder than before! And kill her. You are the goal!”
Su Luo was shocked.
In fact, she is not stupid, she thought of this faintly, but was so straightforwardly pointed out by Nangong Liuyun, so sharp and mercilessly piercing her fantasy.
Nangong Liuyun said again: “That person is a super strong, no one can tell what kind of opportunities Su Qing has this time, but the only certainty is that her chain repair speed will be faster than ever. Do you feel the pressure?”
Su Luo’s complexion remained unchanged, and he smiled faintly: “Pressure is motivation. How did Su Luo fear anyone?”
After a pause, she raised her eyebrows and smiled again, “I’m really afraid of other things, but if I am faster than the chain repair, do you think someone can beat me?”
When Nangong Liuyun heard the words, he burst into laughter: “As expected of the little princess that the king has fancy, she is confident and courageous, with a thick skin, and she feels great when she is pinched.”
“Who can pass you thicker than the skin?” Su Luo squeezed his cheek and smiled mischievously. Nangong Liuyun squeezed her face with his backhand, and the two laughed together.
The two squabbled, the original serious atmosphere was quickly replaced by joy, and the dragon scale horse quickly reached the gate of Su Mansion.

Chapter: 527
“need or not……”
Before Nangong Liuyun spoke, he was interrupted by Su Luo.
“No need.” Su Luo refused simply and neatly. “This is a world where the strong are respected. I am such a good seed. If Su Zian is smart, he should know what to do.”
“It’s a pity that you cheap old man is not a smart person.” Nangong Liuyun murmured.
“What?” Su Luo didn’t hear clearly, and asked again.
“It’s nothing, let’s go in.” Nangong Liuyun noticed that he had made a mistake, and urged Su Luo to enter.
Watching Su Luo enter the Su Mansion, Nangong Liuyun slowly retracted his gaze and ordered the Dragon Scale Horse to run to the Jin Palace.
On the duel field, he made a clear stand. As Luo girl said, if Su Zi’an is smart enough, he should know how to do it best.
Hope Su Zian is not stupid to the end. Nangong Liuyun looked at the distant sky, and the corner of his mouth conjured up calculations.
Su Mansion.
The pair of stone lions at the door still stood upright.
Seeing Su Luo trembling, the concierge stopped talking.
But these Su Luo didn’t care, she walked in at this moment.
After winning Su Qing, Su Luo was more confident, and seeing this Su Mansion at this moment had a feeling of transcendence.
When the busy servants in the house saw Su Luo, they all showed complex expressions. They stared at Su Luo. They wanted to go up and flatter them but didn’t dare. In an instant, they all did the birds and beasts.
It must be today’s battle, which has already reached the mansion.
Su Luo looked at this scene with one arm around his arm with a smile.
While she was laughing playfully, Su Jingyu’s owing face appeared before her eyes.
Behind him, there is no doubt Su Xi.
The expressions of these two people are also very complicated, with incredible shock and burning anger in their eyes.
Su Jingyu stared at Su Luo coldly.
His face was as black as ink, as if covered with a layer of haze, giving people a feeling of howling cold wind.
He stared at Su Luo vaguely and didn’t do anything for a while, because he knew very well that he could force Su Qing into that way. There is no doubt that Su Luo is already the strongest among the younger generation of Su Mansion.
“Su Luo, what a mighty prestige, actually hurt the second sister like that!” Su Xi is not as cautious as Su Jingyu.
In her impression, Su Luo has always been something she can abuse and bully at will, and she disdains to consider so much.
Su Luo glanced at her indifferently, turned around and left. This group of people is a waste of time to care about them.
“You give me a stop!” Su Xi’s long whip suddenly struck back towards Su backward!
Su had long eyes behind her back. He couldn’t see how she moved, but he accurately flicked the long whip that hit her back.
“Sneez–” With a soft sound, the tail of the whip was bounced back by Su Luo’s finger, and it reflected back towards Su Xi like a sharp sword.
This trick, Su Luo learned from Nangong Liuyun, was the one in the fierce battle against pirates at sea.
Su Xi didn’t check it for a while, and a bloody whip mark appeared on Guangjie’s forehead.
“Ah!!!” Su Xi then covered his forehead in hindsight, screaming loudly in pain!
“It hurts! Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu my eyes, my eldest brother, my eyes were blinded by her, quickly help me revenge!!!” Su Xi covered her forehead, and at this moment the wound on her forehead ran out of blood, filling her eyes , Very much like that.
Su Jingyu thought that Su Xi’s eyes were really blinded by Su Luo, and he was furious!
“Su Luo!” Su Jingyu was frustrated, and yelled at Su Luo, “What’s the matter with you now! You have to kill all the brothers and sisters in your family to be reconciled! You are simply the disaster star of our family,” Why don’t you die!”

Chapter: 528
Su Xi was crying with pain, and while covering her forehead, she pointed to Su Luo and complained loudly: “Big brother is right, you just want to kill us all! First sister third, then second sister, now you want to kill again Me, Su Luo, you are terrible! You are terrible!”
Su Luo narrowed his eyes slightly, and looked at the excited and trembling brother and sister indifferently.
Su Luo glanced at Su Xi: “The curse was full of breath. It seems that the wound is not a major problem.”
“You!” Su Xi was furious.
Su Luo put her hands around her chest, raised her eyebrows slightly, and said casually, “Done?”
Su Jingyu also found that Su Xi’s eyes were okay, so she put a little snack.
“Su Luo! I order you to apologize to Xi’er right away! Now, right away, right away!” Su Jingyu was angrily and tore at Su Luo’s arm.
This stinky girl is so bullish, who she thinks she is! It was just a scornful rubbish bag!
However, after a trip to Bauhinia Island, Su Luo is no longer the original Su Luo, and Su Jingyu is not her opponent at all.
Su Luo pinched Su Jingyu’s mouth with two fingers accurately and without any errors, and a sneer-like sarcasm appeared at the corner of his mouth. He said three words slowly: “Are you sure?”
Su Jingyu’s face was so dark that water could drip.
Anyone who was stepped on the soles of their feet not long ago but is now shining in front of them will hold their veins, and it will not be difficult to take this face off.
What’s more, the seemingly non-existent sarcasm at the corner of Su Luo’s mouth made Su Jingyu angry.
Seeing that Su Jingyu was at a loss, Su Xi threw his whip and asked Chao Su Luo to attack him!
In her opinion, the strength of the eldest brother and Su Luo should be in the middle, then, with her own participation, then winning Su Luo would be a surefire.
However, before her whip hit Su Luo’s face door, she saw that Su Luo’s idle hand stretched out two fingers and pinched the tail of her whip.
Su Luo looked back and smiled brilliantly at Su Xi.
However, before Su Xi came back to his senses, Su Luo had already gripped the tail of the whip and pulled it hard!
Su Xi was swept over immediately and slammed into Su Jingyu’s body.
Su Jingyu’s vein gate was clamped by Su Luo and couldn’t move. Seeing Su Xi hit it, he couldn’t avoid it.
“Bang–” Su Xi’s body was pulled and flew towards Su Jingyu’s forehead, circled around his neck, and then both fell to the ground.
Su Xi was as if he was strangling Su Jingyu’s neck in a rope shape, and the strangled Su Jingyu foamed at the mouth and almost died.
Su Xi is even worse.
Because after Su Luo pulled the tail of the whip, he drew the whip towards her easily.
As a result, the whip was slammed on Su Xi’s back.
Su Xi’s whip was not an ordinary whip, but was specially made by a craftsman. The whip was covered with barbeds, sharp and sharp, and had great lethality.
Su Luo’s whip was heavy and anxious, and instantly tore the clothes on Su Xi’s back from the middle to both sides.
Then the straight fracture is as flat as cut with scissors, but it is very long, almost directly to the hip position. In Su Luo’s eyes, it was like a modern halter dress.
Su Xi felt the fiery pain in her back, touched it with her hand, but found that her back clothes were vertically broken into two pieces by the whip, and her cervical spine to the tail spine was completely hollowed out!
At this moment, although there were only three brothers and sisters on the scene, not far away, there were piles of subordinates surrounding them. Behind the corner, the window mullions, and the flower beds… all were piles of subordinates.

Chapter: 529
They saw the looming beautiful arc of their fifth young lady, and the snow-white pink buttocks… they were all crazy for a while!
Feeling the hot gaze shooting from all around, Su Xi was painful, anxious and angry, and tears fell down like money: “Su Luo! I want to kill you! Kill you!”
While waving the whip to kill Su Luo, she was also very busy to cover her happy white hind buttocks.
Su Jingyu held back the severe neck pain, pulled off his outer robe, and draped it on Su Xi in a hurry. If he moves more slowly, Su Xi will be watched by his servants.
Su Luo condescendingly looked at Su Xi who was half sitting on the ground with contempt, smiled coldly, and said, “It’s just you? You deserve it too?”
Su Xi was choked immediately, her complexion flushed red, staring at Su Luo, wishing to rush to tear her to pieces.
hateful! What a shame!
At this moment, Su Xi regretted unprecedentedly.
I still remember half a year ago, she was still a mess, and she was a little genius that everyone admired.
But now, she can step on herself, look at herself contemptuously, and mock herself!
If time could be repeated, Su Xi would definitely strangle Su Luo in the first place! Absolutely!
But now, she could only watch Su Luo’s hateful smiling face and clenched her fists secretly.
Su Luo glanced at them with a smile and a smile: “Didn’t you want to kill me? I’m waiting for you to challenge at any time, singled out, group battles, as long as you don’t feel embarrassed, I don’t care.”
Su Luo now has the strength to speak this sentence no matter what.
Abandoning these words, Su Luoli turned around and left, his back was unspeakably cool.
Those people who looked at the Fourth Miss, who was originally idiotic and unusable, all sighed for a while…The changes in the Fourth Miss were really great.
She has an unspeakable heroic spirit like this, which makes people admire it in her heart.
Su Luo stepped on the cobblestone path and walked slowly towards her yard.
She frowned secretly and left the house for a few days. She didn’t know how Luluo had been, or if she had been bullied.
Just now I took Su Jingyu and Su Xi brothers and sisters to kill the chickens and the monkeys. Now no one dares to look down upon her. In this way, Luluo should also be less idle.
Along the way, no one dared to point to her again, and no one dared to whisper in secret. Seeing her coming, all of them were respectful and humble into the dust.
Su Luo stretched out his hand, looked at his clenched fist like white jade, and smiled silently.
Sure enough, in this world where strength is respected, hard fist is the principle.
Before Su Luo reached the gate of the courtyard, Luluo rushed towards Su Luo, blushing.
“Miss! Miss, you are finally back. I heard that you are missing on the island. Luluo is worried about you.” Luluo looked at Su Luo excitedly, with countless things to say in her eyes.
Su Luo thought to herself, where did Luluo hear about her disappearance on the island? Lifting his eyes to see Ling Feng standing still holding his sword not far away, Su Luo smiled.
Luluo followed Su Luo and chattered endlessly, saying, “Miss, you still don’t want to go out again in the future? It will scare people to death every time!”
The young lady went out twice in total, but each time she was full of crisis and thrills, which made people worry.
Su Luo smiled faintly: “Where does the opportunity come from if you don’t go out? Without this trip to Bauhinia Island, your lady would have been beaten to the ground by Su Qing.”

Chapter: 530
When it comes to this, Luluo’s entire face is rosy, her dark eyes are shining with stars, and she is full of endless admiration: “Miss! You are so amazing! You even defeated Miss Er!”
Compared to Su Luo, who had only been in his soul for half a year, Luluo knew more about Su Qing’s fame and reputation.
Su Qing has always been the pride of the Su Mansion for so many years. Everyone mentions Miss Su Er with a thumbs up, all kinds of worship and admiration. Everyone says that apart from Fairy Yaochi, no other woman can be far away from her second Miss. Up.
This myth was severely extinguished by Su Luo today.
The fourth young lady, who was in the middle of the population, disfigured the second young genius and broke her leg and almost committed suicide. This message was spread like long legs, and now the entire imperial capital is well known. Luluo naturally knows too.
Luluo put her hands together and her star eyes flickered: “Miss, how come you suddenly become so powerful? It’s so shocking! The servant girl still seems to be dreaming now.”
I was bullied in the past, but now I suddenly counterattacked back. Su Luo could fully understand Lu Luo’s dream-like unreal feeling.
“Has anyone bullied you lately? Those girls in the yard don’t obey discipline?” Su Luo asked slowly.
“No…no problem.” Luluo was very serious, and kept shaking her head.
But what did Su Luo look in? At a glance, you could see what Luluo was trying to hide.
“Bad girl, do you think you really didn’t do if you said no? If I’m not here, Su Xi will let you go?” Su Luo hugged his chest and let out a cold sweat.
“Hmm…” Luluo lowered her eyes, weakly pinching the corner of her clothes. One thing is worse than one thing less, she doesn’t want to trouble the young lady.
“Luluo.” Su Luo called out with a slight dignity.
“The slave servant is here.” Lu Luo suddenly raised her head, feeling her own lady exuding a kind of majesty unique to the upper class… so terrifying.
“Raise your chest and hips, lift your chin, with an arrogant expression, yes, that’s it. From now on, I won’t be able to stoop and hunch back without self-confidence, so I will show my momentum to this lady.” Su Luo reprimanded, “Even when facing Su Xi , I have to carry it!”
“…Yes!” Luluo hesitated for a long time, her eyes gradually brightened, and finally she said loudly.
“That’s right.” Now that he has shown his head in a high-profile manner, this posture must change accordingly.
At this moment, a faint figure appeared outside the courtyard.
“Fourth Miss, the general has a request.” Zixi, a powerful attendant beside Su Zian, quietly appeared behind Su Luo.
Zixi’s expression remained motionless, as indifferently as before, as if he had never had this expression.
“Understood, I will let you go.” Su Luo’s voice was equally cold.
“Get ready to eat, your lady, I have been hungry for a long time.” After Su Luo explained Lu Luo, he turned around and left with Zixi.
Zixi took Su Luo to the entrance of the study, “The general is inside, please take care of yourself.”
After speaking, Zixi automatically stood upright by the door and stood face to face with his partner Zimo, like two door gods.
Su Luo knocked on the door section by section, and his voice was steady: “Father, see you Su Luo, my son.”
There was no sound inside for a long time.
After a while, an indifferent voice came out slowly: “Come in.”
It seems that Su Zian’s mood is not very good. But also, it is strange that anyone who puts innumerable efforts to cultivate treasures but is ruthlessly destroyed by others, this kind of thing can be happy.

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