The One & Only

Chapter: 1459

At the moment when Dian Chu killed the Devil Ghost, the fishing boats of the Huaxia camp uttered sky-shaking cheers at the same time.

The people on the fishing boats of the Dongying camp panicked instantly.

Dian Chu took advantage of the chance that the opposing group of dragons had no leader and was in a mess, pointed his big hand, and issued an order: “Chinese athletes, give me a charge, kill all these miscellaneous things.”


The Chinese fishing boats at the scene were dispatched at the same time, rushing towards the enemy like a pack of wolves.

Dongying rushed to fight.

But from the beginning of the battle, they were crushed and cut down to the sea…

After half an hour.

The battle is over.

Huaxia won a big victory.

The people of Dongying suffered heavy losses because they died and fled.

Dian Chu took over the scene and came to Liu Pan at the same time, and asked with concern: “Liu Pan, what happened to your injury?”

Liu Pan smiled bitterly: “The enemy’s samurai sword is poisoned. I was poisoned. The military doctor rescued me just now, but I am temporarily under control.”

The military doctor next to him said, “Although Major General Liu’s toxin has been temporarily contained, the conditions here are limited, so I have to rush back for treatment, otherwise the consequences will be disastrous.”

Dian Chu immediately ordered several soldiers: “You, escort General Liu back for treatment immediately, without error.”

Liu Pan couldn’t help but said, “Sir, the light injury can’t get below the line of fire…”

Dian Chu said: “This is an order!”

After speaking, with a wave of hands, several soldiers forcibly took Liu Pan onto a fishing boat.

There were dozens of more seriously injured companions walking with Liu Pan.

Some warriors who were slightly injured refused to go back for treatment, and continued to guard Shenlong Island with Dian Chu to prevent the enemy from coming back.

Jiangnan Military Region Headquarters.

Chen Ning and Liu Zhenping are playing chess.

Suddenly learned of the great battle of Shenlong Island.

Chen Ning and Liu Zhenping couldn’t help but smile.

Liu Zhenping smiled and said, “Fortunately, the chief governor has been properly arranged and sent a diary to meet him in advance.”

“Otherwise, if Liu Pan is poisoned by the enemy, the consequences would be disastrous!”

Chen Ning said: “Liu Pan is also a fierce general, but the enemy is too cunning.”

Liu Zhenping said: “Yes, Liu Pan almost capsized the ship this time.”

“However, the final result is still good.”

“The enemy’s conspiracy to land on the island was smashed again.”

Chen Ning played with this white chess piece, and said lightly: “But I have a hunch that Dongying, with such a big battle, probably won’t let it go, they will make a comeback.”

Liu Zhenping said loudly: “My Jiangnan Military Region 300,000 soldiers are all ready. If they want to play this kind of game, we will stay with them to the end.”

Chen Ning nodded, but was a little uneasy in his heart, faintly worried for the Dian Chu who was on the front line.


Naval headquarters.

General Tokugawa Hidetake is furious.

“Damn, Huaxia people are really shameless and cunning.”

“They unexpectedly reinforced suddenly!”

“If Dian Chu hadn’t shown up with reinforcements, the Devil Ghost would have killed Liu Pan long ago and had won a big victory.”

“Abominable princess, who caused me to lose a strongman, I will punish him.”

At the scene, the generals of the Dongying Navy were filled with righteous indignation, angry at the death of the devil.

Hidetake Tokugawa shouted loudly: “Who is confident among you to kill Dianchu and avenge the devil’s ghost?”

“At the end, I would like to personally go to Shenlong Island and take the first level of Dian Chu.”

A handsome man with a slender figure, white armor and a red ribbon tied to his head, strode out.

When Hidetake Tokugawa saw this person, his eyes lit up.

This person is the white armor and red spear God of War, one of the four great war gods of the Eastern Navy, Liu Shengbai.

Liu Shengbai was born in a wealthy family in Eastern China. He learned Bushido from an early age and loved Chinese culture. He loves Changshan Zhao Zilong in the Three Kingdoms of China.

Therefore, this guy usually dresses like Zhao Zilong.

In addition, his strength is extraordinary, and he has been the mainstay of the Eastern Navy at a young age.

Together with three other navy powerhouses, they are also known as the four great warlords of the Eastern Navy.

Liu Shengbai’s strength is far above the devil’s ghost.

Tokugawa Hidetake was very pleased when he saw Yanu Shengbai applied to play. He stood up and laughed loudly: “Okay!”

“White armor and red spear, invincible.”

“With the martial god Liu Shengbai himself, the time for Dianchu’s death is approaching.”

After he finished speaking, he asked happily: “Liu Shengbai, how many elites do you want to go together? Tell me about the elites of those troops. I will satisfy you.”

Liu Shengbai leaned slightly, and said calmly: “General, there is no need to mobilize any elite troops, just lead my 1,000 samurai warriors.”

“It’s nightfall, and I will call my subordinates to set off later.”

“It is estimated that the general will be able to hear my good news at sunrise tomorrow.”

Tokugawa Hidetake smiled and said, “Okay, you go and prepare now!”


Liu Shengbai resigned and left in stride.

Hidetake Tokugawa was anxious to announce the end of the meeting, instead he looked around the scene of the warriors.

He said faintly: “Do you think that Liu Shengbai and Dianchu have several chances of winning this time.”

Everyone at the scene was stunned when they heard the words, and they began to discuss them.

Some people said that Liu Shengbai would definitely crush Dianchu, and he would definitely be able to easily defeat Dianchu.

There are also people who say that Dian Chu has been with the Chinese God of War for many years, and his strength should not be underestimated. I am afraid that Liu Shengbai’s battle with Dian Chu is 50-50.

Everyone is arguing.

Hidetake Tokugawa frowned slightly and said, “Okay, enough.”

Everyone at the scene shut up and returned to silence.

Tokugawa Xiuwu frowned and said, “It seems that Liu Shengbai may not be sure about Shang Dianchu.”

“Let’s do it like this, we will treat others in the same way as human beings.”

“Didn’t Huaxia suddenly send Dianchu to support Liu Pan and caught the Devil’s ghost by surprise, which led to the devil’s fiasco?”

“We also used the same method to deal with China once.”

Hidetake Tokugawa paused at this point, and then continued: “We deliberately let the wind go, sent Yanagi Shiro, and sent another batch of reinforcements, and then set off.”

“At that time, the enemy that Dian Chu will discover is far more than Liu Shengbai. He has no skills to return to the sky.”

Everyone complimented Hidetake Tokugawa Hideaki, and then asked who should be sent to support Yanu Shengbai?

Hidetake Tokugawa smiled and said, “Yagashiro is one of the four great warlords of our Toyo navy. The one who went to support him is naturally the best of the other three warlords.”

After he finished speaking, he shouted.

“Red-haired Valkyrie Kogoro!”

“Black-robed Valkyrie Okamoto Yu!”

“Double Sword Warrior Shinbei Miyamoto.”

With Tokugawa Hidetake’s constant naming, three navy powerhouses came forward.

Around him is Kogoro, who has red hair and looks extraordinarily far-reaching; and Okamoto is cruelly dressed in a black robe with his arms folded; and is dressed as a typical Toyo samurai, with two long and short tachi swords hanging from his waist. Shinbei Miyamoto.

These three people, together with Yanagi Shengbai, are known as the four gods of the navy, and they are the most famous strong men in the Eastern Navy.

Tokugawa Hidebu said: “The three of you, each bring your own squad, and then set off secretly to support Yanu Shengbai.”

“There must be no difference this time.”

“Tomorrow morning, I must see Dian Chu’s head, and must see our flag on the news, flying on Shenlong Island.”

Kogoro, Okamoto Okamoto, and Miyamoto Shinbei all said together, “Yes!”


A bright moon is born on the sea, but Taoyin is born by waves.

Dian Chu was sitting on the bow of the fishing boat, holding a bottle of Erguotou in his hand, looking at the bright moon on the sea in the distance.

Although alcohol is forbidden in the army, it is too cold at night at sea and must drink to keep out the cold.

At this moment, a subordinate walked over and whispered: “General, the wind is strong at night, and it is quiet now. It is estimated that the enemy will not dare to come again.”

Dian Chu glanced at his hand and said faintly: “No, you are wrong.”

“Before the war is often the calmest, and you must not underestimate the enemy’s stubbornness.”

“I have a hunch that they will definitely come again, and they can’t keep coming tonight.”

“Tell everyone to stay alive and be ready to fight at all times.”

The subordinate quickly said: “Yes, General.”

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