The One & Only

Chapter: 1460

Chen Ning and Liu Zhenping played until late at night.

That night, Chen Ning didn’t even go home, so he immediately lived in the Jiangnan Navy Headquarters.

Approaching dawn.

Chen Ning suddenly woke up without warning.

After Chen Ning woke up, she abruptly got up, only to realize that the sky was still bright at this time.

Chen Ning hadn’t tried this kind of awakening without warning for a long time.

He frowned involuntarily, and there was an inexplicable worry and anxiety in his heart.

He himself didn’t know what this uneasy reason was about.

He put on a coat at this time, walked to the window, looked at the sky towards Shenlong Island, and muttered to himself: “Couldn’t Dian Chu be in trouble!”

At this moment, suddenly there was a rapid sound of footsteps outside.

Then I heard the seventh of the eight tiger guards reporting from the outside: “The governor?”

Chen Ning immediately said: “What’s the matter, come in and talk.”

Soon, Old Qi opened the door and came in, and after hurriedly saluting Chen Ning, he hurriedly reported: “The Governor, it’s not good, Shenlong Island is in a hurry.”

Chen Ning was taken aback and asked quickly: “What’s the matter, didn’t Dian Chu personally guard Shenlong Island?”

Old Qidao: “The latest news just came.”

“Dongying’s thief’s heart is not dead, and once again sent people to make trouble on Shenlong Island.”

“I thought they would only send Liu Shengbai, one of the four great war gods of the Eastern Navy, to come this time.”

“It’s hard to imagine that in addition to Liu Shengbai, the other three martial gods also quietly set off and appeared in the waters of Shenlong Island with Liu Shengbai.”

“Dian Chu led the brothers and fought with the four great war gods of the Eastern Navy.”

“Although many enemies have been beheaded, Dian Chu has suffered heavy losses because they are outnumbered.”

“It is said that Chief Dian Chu has been injured all over, but he still won’t retreat.”

“Dianchu’s four great war gods attacked several times, and they were all repelled by Dianchu’s strength, but even so, Shenlong Island was in a hurry. Chief Dianchu and the others estimated that they would not be able to support it for long.”

Chen Ning said in a deep voice: “When will the three tigers and seven heroes of the Northern Army arrive?”

Old Qidao: “Still on the way!”

Chen Ning said: “Can’t wait for them, when they come, Dian Chu will become day lilies.”

“You immediately tell Liu Zhenping, let him take command, and I will come to the front line in person.”

The voice just fell.

Liu Zhenping had already brought down a large number of ministries.

Liu Zhenping hurriedly said: “The general governor, you can’t make it. You are a distinguished person, so how can you take risks with your body.”

“Even if I want to send people to rescue Dian Chu, I should go to the Jiangnan Military Region fighters. Even if I go, it will not be your turn to go.”

“You should take command here!”

Chen Ning shook his head: “No, navy is your major. You are better than me. You are the most suitable place here.”

“As for taking risks with one’s body, this is not even a reason.”

“I was sitting in the north, fighting big and small, so there was no hiding behind.”

“Dian Chu is my soldier, my general, and even my brother. I can’t just watch him and ignore him.”

After finishing speaking, Chen Ning said: “I immediately notify the Dian Chu of Shenlong Island, let him hold on for a while, and I will arrive later.”

“In addition, prepare the Clippers, and the masked shirt. I will set off later.”

Chen Ning was decisive in killing, and Liu Zhenping couldn’t reach Chen Ning.

Ten minutes later, Chen Ning put on a jersey and a beast mask to hide his true appearance.

Everyone in the Eight Tigers dressed in black costumes and boarded a clipper with Chen Ning.

The Clippers were at full power and galloped towards Shenlong Island.

Chen Ning stood on the bow of the ship, and the sea breeze made him hunt and hunt in his shirt and horns.

Behind the hideous animal face mask, Chen Ning squinted his eyes and looked into the distance.

He murmured: “Dianchu ah Dianchu, you are the king of soldiers, don’t let me down when you go, you must support until I arrive!”

Shenlong Island!

Dian Chu and all his subordinates abandoned their fishing boats, boarded Shenlong Island and retreated to Shenlong Island.

There are only a hundred people around Dian Chu who can still fight.

Everyone has a lottery.

Dian Chu also had many wounds on his body, and he was covered in blood.

The swords in his hand were blunt.

At this moment, he looked at the countless enemy fishing boats waiting in the distance, and slowly said: “It seems that the enemy is ready to launch a new round of offensive.”

“Brothers, all our fishing boats have sunk, so don’t even think about breaking through and escaping.”

“Everyone is ready to die for the country.”

The soldiers in fisherman costumes around Dian Chu showed decisive eyes.

A soldier said loudly: “Sir, we took the initiative to abandon the fishing boat and retreat to Shenlong Island.”

“Even if there are fishing boats, we will not run away.”

“We only have soldiers who died in battle. It is impossible for the enemy’s flag to be planted in our territory.”

Dian Chu grinned and said, “Good point!”

“Lao Dian, I am able to fight side by side with your ardent brothers and die together, Lao Dian, I am deeply proud.”

“I used to be in the Northern Army, and I looked down on you Jiangnan navy a little bit.”

“I only learned today that the Jiangnan Navy, like our Northern Army, is a man who is not afraid of death.”

After Dian Chu finished speaking, he ordered his men: “Get the wine, I want to have a bowl of wine with my brothers.”


Dian Chu, each of them, has an extra bottle of wine in his hand.

Dian Chu held up the wine and said loudly, “Drink this wine and go to Huangquan together.”

“But before the provisional time, I will kill him a lot, and pull a few thieves on his back.”

Everyone raised their rescue and said loudly: “Drink and go to Huangquan together. Killing one is enough, and killing two is profitable.”


Dian Chu and everyone drank all the wine.

A lot of pride.

In the distance, on the sea.

Liu Shengbai just bandaged the wound. He once again took the red tasseled spear from the soldiers and looked at Shenlong Island.

at this time!

Kogoro, Okamoto, and Miyamoto Shinbei, all came here.

These three people are also somewhat injured.

Liu Shengbai said: “Dian Chu and the others suffered heavy casualties, but they still didn’t give up resistance. Depending on the situation, they are ready to fight to the end.”

Kogoro cursed and said: “This guy is really a rock in the pit, smelly and hard. Our four great martial gods have attacked several times in a row, but they have not succeeded in taking him down.”

Okamoto held his arms and said solemnly: “This man is a hero, but it’s a pity that I met our four warlords tonight.”

Shinbei Miyamoto said coldly: “It’s getting late, it’s going to dawn soon.”

“Let’s hurry up and prepare to attack again.”

“This time we must completely eliminate the enemy, cut off Dian Chu’s head, and plant our Dongying banner on Shenlong Island.”

“We have issued a military order. If the law is overdue to conquer Shenlong Island, the general will punish us.”

Several Liu Shengbai nodded one after another.

Liu Shengbai said loudly: “Gather everyone, prepare to land on the island and destroy the enemy.”

“After landing on the island and destroying the enemy, everyone will wait for the reward.”

For a time!

On the fishing boats in Dongying, the soldiers disguised as fishermen were beaten up like chicken blood, slapped themselves with weapons on their chests, and had a high spirit of fighting.

follow closely.

All the fishing boats moved slowly, like a pack of wolves, surrounding Shenlong Island.

Shenlong Island.

Dian Chu drank a bottle of Erguotou in one sip, then smashed the bottle severely.

He clenched his saber tightly and said in a deep voice: “The enemy is here, go, brothers, go to death.”

“Go to death!”

“Go to death!”

Nearly a hundred soldiers shouted slogans, followed Dian Chu’s footsteps, strode forward to meet the enemy.

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