The One & Only

Chapter: 1463

Chen Ning just killed Okamoto.

Kogoro and Shinbei Miyamoto had already been killed at the same time.

Kogoro’s weapon is a samurai sword, and Miyamoto Shinbei uses two daggers of different lengths.

Three knives, mixed with rain, fell madly towards Chen Ning.


Chen Ning appeared in the light of the sword, like a ghost like a charm, like a wind like electricity.

Chen Ning dodged the first round of offensive between Kogoro and Shinbei Miyamoto, found a fleeting opportunity, raised his hand and shot it out, patted Shinbei Miyamoto in the chest.

Shinbei Miyamoto hurriedly crossed the length of the sword and tried to block Chen Ning’s sharp palm.


Chen Ning’s palm was slapped on the two Taito swords of Shinbei Miyamoto, and the two Taito swords were directly smashed to pieces.

At the same time, Chen Ning’s palm hit Miyamoto’s chest.

Shinbei Miyamoto flew out directly and fell heavily on the muddy ground full of rain.

He struggled to kneel, but immediately couldn’t help but vomit a mouthful of blood.

At the moment when Chen Ning injured Miyamoto, Kogoro also seized the opportunity.

This knife was as unstoppable as shocking electricity.

Even Dianchu, Bahuwei and others, seeing this scene, couldn’t help but secretly squeeze a cold sweat for Chen Ning.

Chen Ning is a peerless powerhouse in the end. Although he is in danger at this time, he is not in a hurry and calmly.

He reacted quickly and backed away, and at the same time raised his head slightly, dodge the swift and electric knife of his opponent.

The blade light flashed.

The mask that can be drawn to Chen Ning’s face, Chen Ning’s mask, missing a corner, vaguely reveals part of Chen Ning’s true appearance.

Coincidentally at this time.

There was another lightning bolt in the sky.

With the light of this lightning, Kogoro suddenly discovered that the Chinese warrior who showed the tip of the iceberg in front of him was very familiar.

He immediately exclaimed: “It’s you!”

He has recognized it.

The Chinese warrior wearing a unicorn mask was no one else, but Chen Ning, the God of War.

Chen Ning snorted coldly: “Since you know it is me, don’t you bow your head and surrender?”

Kogoro’s expression quickly changed twice, and then he screamed, and desperately killed Chen Ning again, trying to fight Chen Ning and burn him.

Chen Ning snorted and raised his shirt.


The battle robe is like a shield, and the wind is like a drum.


Kogoro’s samurai sword slashed on the battle robe that Chen Ning raised, as if it had hit a steel shield.

Not only couldn’t cut through Chen Ning’s battle robe, even the huge counter shock from the katana made Kogoro’s arms numb and blood oozes from his mouth.

At this time, the shirt that Chen Ning raised had already fallen.

Chen Ning raised his hand and punched.


Chen Ning’s fist hit Kogoro’s chest firmly.

Kogoro’s chest was like an earthquake, and the whole chest was deeply sunken.

There was even a popping sound behind him, and a huge blood hole appeared, blood and internal organ fragments, gushing out from the blood hole on his back…


Kogoro’s body knelt in front of Chen Ning in a daze, and died on his knees.

At this time, Shinbei Miyamoto, who was injured not far away, was fascinated by the sight.

He not only shocked the terrifying strength of the unicorn mask warrior, but at the same time he recognized that the warrior wearing the unicorn mask in front of him was the famous Chinese God of War Chen Ning!

Chen Ning has killed three of the four warlords of the East Ying Navy.

Shinbei Miyamoto was also terrified, dragged his wounded body, turned around and ran toward the fishing boat on the shore like lightning, trying to escape.

Chen Ning snorted coldly: “The four great warlords of the East China Navy, since the four of you are ranked together, you have to be together completely when you die naturally.”

After speaking, Chen Ning raised his right hand.

Chen Ning’s right hand seemed to have an invisible attraction. There was a lot of rain falling in the sky, and a lot of rain fell on Chen Ning’s palm, forming a water ball like a lotus flower.

Chen Ning raised his hand, a lotus-shaped water polo, whizzing out, chasing Shinbei Miyamoto.

Shinbei Miyamoto was running, and suddenly felt something strange behind his back. Before he could look back, he was hit hard on his back.


Shinbei Miyamoto twisted his whole body and flew into the air. At this moment, he completely lost consciousness…

Eight Tiger Guard saw Chen Ning beheading the enemy’s four warlords, and now only a group of panicked people remained.

They asked Dian Chu and others to guard the national flag.

The eight of them, like eight killing gods, rushed out together to help Chen Ning beat the enemy.

The Eastern Warriors at the scene, seeing that all the four great warlords were shot to death by Chen Ning, one by one was in horror and panic.

Waiting for them to come back to their senses.

Chen Ning and Bahuwei had already killed them.

In the chaos, someone shouted: “No matter how great he is, he is also a human, and we have a lot more people than them. Everyone can cut them into sashimi with a single knife.”

“Everyone, go together and fight with them.”


The Dongying people had extreme personalities, and they dared to cut their abdomen to commit suicide at every turn. At this time, they heard the call, and they actually came to kill Chen Ning and Bahuwei one by one.

Chen Ning and Bahuwei did not have any softness, so they drew out their swords and confronted the enemy directly.


Chen Ning drew out the vertical and horizontal swords backhand, swept across the army with one of the most common moves, directly severing the enemy’s katana, and at the same time all these guys were cut off.

The eight tiger guards were not to be outdone, and everyone fired on, like eight tigers breaking into the flock of sheep, wherever they went, blood splashed and corpses spread across the field.

Although the Eastern Warriors are fierce, but their strengths are too far apart.

Chen Ning and Yahoowei killed for a while, and the Dongying warriors finally collapsed.

But when you grabbed the ship and ran away, you squeezed me to snatch it, causing many people to fall into the sea, and they were quickly swallowed by the sea.

At this moment, there were more people drowning in the sea than those killed by Chen Ning Bahuwei.


There were only a few hundred people, holding a few fishing boats, fleeing Shenlong Island in embarrassment and disappearing into the precarious sea…

It’s raining!

Wash away the blood on Shenlong Island.

It took half an hour before the heavy rain stopped slowly.

The heavy rain stopped, the eastern sunrise, and the morning glow was especially magnificent.

at this time!

More than a dozen fishing boats flying the five-star red flag appeared.

It turned out that the Jiangnan Military Region sent people to support Chen Ning.

The leader of the team is not someone else, it is Wei Yan from the three tigers and seven heroes of the Northern Army.

It turned out that the three tigers and seven heroes were ordered by Chen Ning to be temporarily transferred to the Jiangnan Military Region. They immediately handed over defense. After the arrangements were made, they rushed to Jiangnan non-stop.

The three tigers and seven heroes were very anxious when they learned that Chen Ning had come to Shenlong Island in person.

As soon as it broke that day, Wei Yan came with an elite team.

At this time, Wei Yan was dressed in plain clothes and brought hundreds of elite men dressed as fishermen down from the fishing boat.

Wei Yan was very excited when he saw Chen Ning, and he quickly lined up with his men and saluted Chen Ning: “Participate in the chief governor!”

Chen Ning waved his hand: “Don’t reveal my identity!”

“You are here at the right time, clean up all the corpses here, and don’t let the enemy’s corpses contaminate our beautiful Shenlong Island.”

“Also, transport all the corpses of our sacrificed soldiers back.”

“The wounded or sacrificed fighters shall all be credited according to the rules, and have double allowances and double pensions.”

Wei Yan said: “Yes!”

Chen Ning turned to Dian Chu and said, “You and your men have worked hard.”

“You change defenses with Wei Yan and them. Wei Yan and the others will continue to guard here with me. You can go back with the supply ship.”

Wei Yan looked at the national flag standing not far away, and the blood-stained ground, and said loudly, “Yes, Chief Dian, you have worked hard, let us here!”

Dian Chu said: “The hundred or so Jiangnan naval soldiers I am temporarily in charge are exhausted. Let them go back to rest.”

“I can’t go, I have to stay with the governor at all times, and advance and retreat with the governor.”

Chen Ning couldn’t help but let the exhausted soldiers of the Jiangnan Navy leave with the supply ship in the end.

Chen Ning, Dianchu, Wei Yan, and the newly arrived group of soldiers from the Northern Army continued to station on Shenlong Island.

They knew that Dongying would not give up easily this time, and would definitely make a comeback.

Waiting for them, there are fierce battles.

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