The One & Only

Chapter: 1464


Naval headquarters.

A piece of China International News is being broadcast on TV.

The news is very short, with only a few short words: Early this morning, Huaxia fishermen raised the five-star red flag on Shenlong Island and swore their sovereignty…

On the news, there is also a photo of a red flag flying on Shenlong Island.


Hidetake Tokugawa stepped forward angrily and kicked the TV to smash.

He turned his head angrily, looked around the scene of a group of subordinates, and said coldly: “Everyone, I don’t know how to describe the mood at this moment. I am probably very angry and can barely touch him.”

All the soldiers on the scene bowed their heads and dared not speak.

No one can see that General Tokugawa is very angry now.

But no wonder.

Dongying sent people to pretend to be fishermen this time. Not only did they not succeed in boarding Shenlong Island, they did not have the ability to plant their national flag on Shenlong Island.

Sacrificed the four war gods of the Navy and dropped the bodies of countless soldiers.

The loss was so heavy.

But it turned out that China has directly raised the five-star red flag on Shenlong Island.

How does this make Tokugawa Hidetake not angry!

Hidetake Tokugawa kicked the TV to pieces at this time, and his emotions finally calmed down.

He stood looking around the crowd, and said coldly: “Don’t stop talking like a dumb man, just talk about your thoughts and suggestions.”

“Now our flag can’t be inserted on Shenlong Island, but China has raised a big flag on Shenlong Island.”

“How should this matter be resolved?”

Everyone expressed their opinions.

“General, there are no such powerful men in China who can kill Liu Shengbai’s four great martial gods.”

“Furthermore, our preliminary judgment is that the guy who wore a unicorn mask and killed our four warlords last night was probably Chen Ning, the Chinese God of War.”

“We suggest directly bombarding Shenlong Island, razing Shenlong Island to the ground, and directly blasting Chen Ning to death.”

“That’s wrong, I blew up Shenlong Island and Chen Ning.”

Tokugawa Hidetake said coldly, “Bad idea!”

Everyone was stunned when they heard the words, looking at Tokugawa Hidetake blankly.

Tokugawa Xiuwu coldly snorted, “As you know, using airplanes or missiles to bomb Shenlong Island, does Huaxia have any preparations?”

“What do you do when you serve as the 300,000 navy of the Jiangnan Military Region?”

“Believe it or not that our missiles were just launched, and their submarines and so on immediately launched missiles to intercept them.”

Everyone was silent.

Hideo Tokugawa said coldly again: “Why do our people pretend to be fishermen and go to the island?”

“It is to be able to advance and retreat, not to fall into the whirlpool of public opinion, and to be able to withdraw at any time.”

“If the army is directly used, and the aircraft and warships are used directly, wouldn’t it be a direct war?”

“If a war is really launched, is there still a way to retreat?”

“Besides, if we start a war, we can’t win China!”

Everyone at the scene was aggrieved.

Someone couldn’t help but said, “General, is this going to be the case?”

“We have lost the four great war gods not to say.”

“Only Chen Ning raised the red flag on Shenlong Island. If we don’t put a fart now, then we can still fight for Shenlong Island. Can we still say Shenlong Island is ours?”

Tokugawa Hidetake slowly said, “This is a mistake.”

“Chen Ning, this bastard, erected a red flag on Shenlong Island, and also forced us to a dead end.”

When he said this, the scene was quiet.

He probably forgot that he first prepared to send soldiers to disguise as fishermen, and he wanted to set up a flag on Shenlong Island first.

Chen Ning was also angered by his behavior, and he set up a red flag on Shenlong Island to declare the sovereignty of Shenlong Island to the world.

Tokugawa said: “I have received a call from General Max of the United States. He has sent a group of American military masters to come to help us and help us defeat the Chinese on Shenlong Island.”

“Along with these U.S. masters, there are dozens of U.S. allies masters in the West.”

“The people who came to support us this time are all powerhouses at the God of War level in each country.”

“Great momentum.”

At the scene, a group of Dongying navy generals heard the words, and all of them were happy and moved.

This is a global master who hunts Chen Ning, the God of War, on Shenlong Island!

Hidetake Tokugawa motioned everyone to be quiet.

Then he said in a deep voice: “I originally thought that without the help of Western allies, we could take the Shenlong Island by our own strength.”

“But now it seems that things are not as easy as I thought.”

“In addition, Chen Ning erected the Chinese flag on Shenlong Island, and we must immediately respond hard.”

“I am afraid that we will not have time to wait for the arrival of our Western allies, we will go to Shenlong Island, and we will meet Chen Ning first.”

The naval officers at the scene immediately requested to go to war to avenge the four warlords.

Tokugawa Hidebu said: “You are eager to fight, I am very pleased.”

“However, this time I will go out in person and meet Chen Ning at Shenlong Island.”


Everyone at the scene was stunned.

Someone immediately persuaded: “General, your status is honorable, how can you go to the battlefield yourself, that Shenlong Island is now the Shura Arena, I don’t know how many heroes have died there!”

“You can’t take risks with your body, please think twice.”

Everyone said in unison: “Please think twice.”

Hidetake Tokugawa was unhappy.

“Think twice, why think twice?”

“I am a distinguished person, am I not a lieutenant?”

“For the general, you must take the lead. Do you think this is just a saying?”

“Besides my distinguished status, can I be distinguished by the Chinese God of War Chen Ning?”

“He is the chief governor of the military department and the lord of a country.”

“He can go to the front in person, am I not as good as him?”

Everyone was refuted by Tokugawa Hidetake’s words, and it was quiet.

With a big wave of his hand, Hidetake Tokugawa decided to say: “That’s it. Three hours later, I will go to Shenlong Island in person.”

“Who among you wants to go with me, put on plain clothes and set out with the fishing boat.”

“If you dare not go, I won’t force it.”

Three hours later.

More than one hundred Dongying fishing boats left the harbour in a mighty manner.

Hidetake Tokugawa personally led the team, with hundreds of warriors under his command, and more than fifty of them went on the expedition with him.

at the same time.

Also led more than 5,000 elite navy soldiers.

All these soldiers put on fishermen’s clothes, and under the banner of fishermen, they slammed aggressively towards Shenlong Island.

Shenlong Island.

Chen Ning and Dian Chu are playing chess.

Next to him, Wei Yan was using a small red clay stove to make tea.


Chen Ning dropped a chess piece and smiled at Dian Chu and said, “You have lost again.”

Dian Chu immediately messed up the game and said: “If you can’t play, you can’t play, let the two sons, I lose, I really can’t win you.”

Chen Ning laughed and said: “You are not good at chess, so you still have to play chess with Liu Zhenping.

Dian Chu also smiled: “Most of you supervise your unparalleled chess skills, and all the Korean chess gods will lose to you. Old Dian, I am your opponent!”

Chen Ning smiled and said, “I’m familiar with it.”

“Since you don’t play chess, let’s have tea.”

Wei Yan just made the tea at this time, and everyone drank tea together.

at this time!

Dian Chu’s military cell phone rang suddenly.

After he answered the phone, his face changed slightly.

Chen Ning saw in his eyes, while drinking tea slowly, he asked faintly: “What’s the matter?”

Dian Chu’s expression has become serious, he said solemnly: “Two messages.”

Wei Yan asked curiously: “A good news and a bad news?”

Dian Chu shook his head slightly and smiled bitterly: “It’s all bad news.”

Chen Ning said, “Then let’s talk about it.”

Dian Chu said: “The first bad news, Dongying learned that we had raised the red flag on Shenlong Island, and they were very dissatisfied.”

“Xiuwu Tokugawa, personally led the elite soldiers to come to Shenlong Island to behead the flag and kill the generals.”

Chen Ning snorted coldly: “Cut the flag and kill the general?”

“Tokugawa Hidetake has a big tone, I’m just here waiting to meet him.”

“What’s the second bad news?”

Dian Chu said: “The second bad news, the United States has sent a group of strong men from the Sky City, together with military masters from more than a dozen Western countries, are rushing to support Dongying.”

“They threatened to hunt on Shenlong Island and join forces to kill the Chinese God of War.”

Wei Yan and others were shocked and angry.

Chen Ning still had a calm face, and said faintly: “Ho ho, as I guessed it, the gods of war of all countries, the powder comes on stage, this little dragon island is about to become the Asura Purgatory.”

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