The One & Only

Chapter: 502

Chen Ning’s family’s trip can be said to have come from happiness and return.
The family will soon return to Zhonghai City!
How long did Chen Ning return to Zhonghai City, he took Dianchu and set off for Jinyang City in the north.
He is going to settle the general ledger with Chen Valve!
Of course, if it was only because of the personal grievances between Chen Clan and him, he would not have to go to Chen Clan to deal with it in person.
The main reason is that Zhao Pingan, the former Patriarch of the Zhao Clan, revealed that many families, financial groups, and social elites in China have secretly joined the omnipresence. The omnipresence is an organization that completely opposes and harms China.
Chen Ning is already secretly investigating this mysterious organization, planning to unearth all the families, consortiums and individuals who have joined the organization, and severely punish these traitors.
Zhao Ping’an once said that Chen Clan also joined the omniscient meeting.
Therefore, when Chen Ning went to the north this time, in addition to ending his personal grievances with the Chen Clan, he also had to see if he could find more breakthroughs about the omniscient from the Chen Clan.
Jinyang City, the mansion of the Chen Family.
Chen Mufeng summoned all his capable men and disciples and was furious.
He looked at hundreds of capable men in the living room and said angrily: “Zhu Zi Chen Ning, first of all assaulted my third brother, and now he interrupted my second brother’s hands and feet, and even threatened to completely retreat from the Chen Clan!”
“It’s just outrageous!”
“I called everyone here today to prepare myself to kill Chen Ning’s family and avenge my second and third brothers.”
Hundreds of Chen Clan cadres on the scene shouted together: “Kill, kill, kill!”
For a time, the murderous spirit rushed into the sky.
Upon seeing this, Chen Mufeng showed a satisfied expression, raised his hand to signal everyone to be quiet, and then continued: “Chen Ning said that if our Chen Clan does not retire completely within three days, he will come personally and settle accounts with us.”
“Three days have passed, and today is the fourth day. I wonder if he dare to come?”
Chen Mufeng’s No. 1 fierce commander Luo Hui smiled and said, “Hey, he can jump twice in the south of the Yangtze River, for fear that he will not dare to come to our north. After all, he himself knows that if he comes, he will die.”
“Who said I dare not come?”
As soon as Luo Huo’s voice fell, there was a loud and powerful man’s voice outside.
Chen Mufeng and Luo Hui and the others were surprised, and they all looked out the door involuntarily.
Then, I saw two figures, walking in one after the other.
The man walking in the front was tall and tall, and his eyes were like stars. It was Chen Ning.
The burly man following Chen Ning is Dian Chu.
Chen Ning walked in with Dian Chu in a hurry.
There were a large number of servants of the Chen Clan around them, each carrying weapons such as swords and sticks, as if they were facing an enemy.
A domestic servant hurriedly came to Chen Mufeng and said hurriedly: “Master, we haven’t had time to come in and report, and they have already broken in.”
Chen Mufeng looked at Chen Ning and said with a sneer: “Chen Ning, you really dare to come!”
Luo Hui grinned and sneered: “It may be that this kid knows that he hurt the second and third masters, and the Chen clan will not let him go, so in order to avoid injuring his family, he will die by himself!”
When Chen Mufeng heard this, he showed a smug look, offending the Chen Clan, and never had a good end.
He looked at Chen Ning arrogantly: “Boy, are you here to bear Jing’s sin?”
The corner of Chen Ning’s mouth rose slightly: “Why should I take the blame?”
Chen Mufeng said angrily: “You caused my third brother to have a cerebral hemorrhage and become unconscious. You also interrupted my second brother’s hands and feet. I want you to kneel down and make amends. Maybe I can consider giving you a way to survive.”
When Chen Mufeng’s words fell, Luo Hu and hundreds of Chen Clan’s servants on the scene, as well as a large number of Chen Clan’s subordinates in the front yard outside the door, roared together.
“Kneel down!”
The roars from hundreds of people in the Chen family were really murderous and terrifying.
However, Chen Ning and Dianchu did not change their faces and were unmoved.
Even the corners of Chen Ning’s mouth rose slightly, looking at Chen Mufeng and mocking: “Chen Benlei wanted to kill me, but I interrupted his hands and feet. This is self-sufficient.”
“As for Chen Gongjin, he was trying to seize our Ningda Group, but he didn’t want to know my identity, so he was frightened with a brain hemorrhage.”
“Tell me, why am I guilty?”
Chen Mufeng knew that his second brother was interrupted by Chen Ning, but he only knew now about how his third brother had a cerebral hemorrhage.
He exasperated and said, “Fart!”
“What’s your status, can you scare my third brother with a cerebral hemorrhage, let’s just listen?”
Chen Ning smiled and said, “You don’t deserve to know what my identity is.”
“If you really want to know who I am, when your third brother wakes up, ask him.”
It’s so arrogant!
Chen Mufeng was full of anger, and he glared at Chen Ning: “I am the master of the Chen Clan, you said that I am not qualified, you simply don’t put us in the eyes of the Chen Clan.”
Chen Ning nodded seriously and said calmly: “Indeed, you Chen Clan is nothing in my eyes!”
Chen Mufeng and his men all stared again.
They have seen arrogant people, but it is the first time they have seen someone as arrogant as Chen Ning.
Chen Mufeng was very angry and smiled: “Hey, with this sentence, don’t you want to walk out of our Chen Clan’s door alive today.”
Luo Hui answered: “Master, the subordinates are here.”
Chen Mufeng squinted his eyes and said loudly: “I don’t like seeing his arrogant appearance. You interrupt his feet and let him kneel. I like him to kneel and talk to me.”
Luo Hui grinned and said, “Yes, sir!”
Dian Chu next to Chen Ning walked out and blocked Luo Hu’s path.
Dian Chu said coldly: “What are you worthy of our young master, you don’t even have the qualifications to die under my young master.”
Luo Hui said angrily: “Then I will kill you first!”
After that, Luo Hui came out like a tiger, whizzing to Dianchu.
Dian Chu did not dodge and evaded, greeted Luo Hu, and the two immediately began to fight like a storm.
And when the two were fighting fiercely, they were in Jinyang City Hospital.
Chen Sanye, lying in the ICU ward, woke up leisurely.
Chen Sanye, who had a cerebral hemorrhage and turned into a vegetative state, unexpectedly regained consciousness.
The family members guarding around the hospital bed all happily rushed to call the doctor with a smile.
Chen Sanye woke up, grabbed the hand of a loved one by the bed, and asked anxiously: “How long have I been in a coma?”
“San Ye, you have been in a coma for a week. It is great that you can wake up.”
Chen Sanye immediately asked again: “How is our Chen Clan now?”
The relatives quickly said: “After that kid Chen Ning got his third master into a coma with a cerebral hemorrhage, he injured the second master again.”
“Chen Ning personally visited our Chen Clan today. He wants to settle accounts with us Chen Clan!”
The marshal is here to settle accounts with the Chen valve!
Chen Sanye paled with fright, and tremblingly asked: “Now, what’s the situation now?”
The relatives laughed and said: “I just called home, and the family said that the master was very angry and was ordering the retainers to do something to kill Chen Ning!”
As soon as Chen Sanye heard that he almost fell into a coma again, he hurriedly shouted: “Quickly, call my elder brother, I have an urgent matter to tell him. He must not mess with Chen Ning, otherwise our Chen Clan will be completely finished. !”

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