The One & Only

Chapter: 504

Just when Chen Mufeng knelt down to beg Chen Ning for mercy, there was a sound of neat footsteps and urging sounds from outside.
Then, I saw the greedy wolf in the major general’s uniform, with a dozen of his subordinates, and a large number of soldiers with guns and live ammunition.
Greedy Wolf stepped forward and commanded the soldiers: “Enclose all of this place for me. No bird is allowed to fly out from here. Even if they dare to murder the young marshal, this family is really bored. ”
“Yes, General!”
Soon, the Chen Clan was surrounded by two strengthening regiments brought by Greed Wolf, with a total of more than 5,000 soldiers.
Greedy Wolf took a dozen of his subordinates, and stepped on military boots, strode to Chen Ning.
Then, everyone stood at attention and raised their hands in salute together, with excitement in their solemn voices: “Good young commander!”
Young handsome!
The Chen Clan’s subordinates, who had been surrounded by soldiers and turned pale in fright, saw a large number of officers including Greed Wolf, respectfully saluting Chen Ning and dictating that they were marshals, and they shook with fright in an instant.
Chen Mufeng lay on the ground, shivering.
Chen Ning looked at Greed Wolf and other subordinates in surprise: “Why are you here?”
Greedy Wolf smiled and said: “Our Northern Army recently conducted a joint exercise with the Beijing Guards. The content of the exercise was the situation in the capital. The Northern Army received orders to quickly support the capital. Cooperate with the Beijing Guards to eliminate the enemy.”
“We just finished the exercise and are returning to the north, passing by Jinyang.”
“We learned that the marshal you are here, and we were even more surprised that the Chen Clan would be against you, the marshal, so we came immediately.”
That’s it!
Chen Ning nodded and ordered Greed Wolf: “Knock out all the idlers and others here!”
Greedy Wolf immediately ordered the soldiers to expel all the Chen Clan’s retainers and subordinates from the hall and rushed to the front yard to guard them. As for the dead and injured, all were removed.
Soon, apart from Chen Ning, Dianchu, Greed Wolf and other soldiers from the North, there was only Chen Mufeng left in the hall.
Dian Chu brought a chair to Chen Ning himself, and Chen Ning sat down at will.
Chen Ning looked at Chen Mufeng, who was trembling on the ground, and said calmly: “Look up and talk to me!”
Chen Mufeng had no choice but to raise his head, sweating profusely and his face full of panic.
Chen Ning asked coldly: “Do you want me to kneel now?”
Chen Mufeng was horrified when he heard the words, kowtow again and again, and said with a trembling: “Marshal, I was wrong, please, marshal, you see because we are all surnamed Chen and we are distant relatives, give me one Chance!”
Chen Ning said coldly: “Do you know why I came to see you personally?”
Chen Mufeng kowtowed his forehead to see blood, and he trembled: “Because our Chen Clan has eyes and no beads, we offend the marshal, and the crime deserves a million deaths.”
Chen Ning said indifferently: “You really deserve to die. Apart from your grievances with me, there is another more important reason.”
Chen Mufeng was dumbfounded and said weakly, “Is there any other reason?”
“I really don’t know where else has offended you, the marshal, please remind you.”
Chen Ning asked coldly: “The All-Knowledge Conference, do you know?”
Chen Mufeng’s pupils suddenly enlarged, showing a shocked expression, looking at Chen Ning in horror, subconsciously wanting to deny it.
However, when he met Chen Ning’s indifferent and insightful eyes, he trembled all over, and quickly bowed his head to admit, “I know!”
Chen Ning: “You also joined the omniscient meeting?”
Chen Mufeng bit his scalp: “Yes, when our Chen Clan’s business ventured overseas, we were repeatedly unfairly suppressed. Someone told us that as long as we join this omniscient society, we won’t be squeezed out and suppressed again, so…”
Chen Ning’s eyes flashed with anger: “So even if you know that the All-China Association is an organization that opposes China, you are still willing to join the All-China Association for the benefit of money and become a traitor?”
Chen Mufeng trembled: “Young Marshal, I didn’t know that this All-Knowledge Conference was against China.”
“At that time, I only wanted to expand overseas business. I only learned about the nature of this organization after joining the All-General Conference, but I was already stuck in it, and it was too late to quit…”
Chen Ning said angrily: “If you want to withdraw, how come it is too late? I think you are not willing to retreat for money and don’t want to withdraw!”
Chen Mufeng said miserably: “No, after we joined the omniscient meeting, we did a few things for them in a muddle. These things are big or small, but they have caught the handle.”
Chen Ning said coldly after hearing the words: “Now, you have a chance to retreat. It depends on whether you know how to cherish it.”
Chen Mufeng hurriedly said after hearing the words: “Please show me the marshal, I will cherish it, I have long been eager to leave this demon organization…”
Chen Ning said, “I only learned about this force some time ago, and I am now investigating it. I want to figure out how many families, consortia, and political figures have joined this organization. Are you willing to help me?”
Chen Mufeng was stunned when he heard the words, and subconsciously said: “As a young marshal, you can mobilize multiple departments to investigate this matter…”
Chen Ning shook his head: “No, this ** organization has too strong penetration of our China.”
“Too many families, financial groups and dignitaries have joined this organization!”
“I don’t know who has the problem now, so I can’t mobilize other departments to investigate with a big fanfare, so as not to get rid of it.”
Chen Mufeng thinks about it too, if the marshal mobilizes a large number of departments to investigate the omniscient.
Then those family consortia who joined the All-Conference Conference have to sell their industries and flee abroad with funds. These family consortia are tens of billions to hundreds of billions, or even trillions.
At that time, all the funds calculated in the hundreds of billions will be flowed out overseas!
And maybe it will cause great turbulence in the domestic economic market.
It’s no wonder that the young marshal didn’t believe it, and he had to deal with the matter personally, and personally conduct a thorough investigation of the family consortiums in China that have joined the All-Conference.
Chen Mufeng said little by little: “I am willing to redeem my merits and assist the marshal in your investigation of the Omnicom.”
Chen Ning nodded and asked Chen Mufeng to draw up a detailed list of people he knew to join the omniscient meeting.
Chen Mufeng hurriedly followed suit and soon gave Chen Ning a list.
There are hundreds of characters on the list, but they are all about ordinary social elites or small consortia that have business overseas.
This kind of small shrimp and fish is not Chen Ning’s main target this time.
However, there was a name on the list that caused Chen Ning’s idea.
The head of the eight great families, the king, and the master of the family.
Chen Ning looked at Chen Mufeng: “Why are you on the list, except for Wang Shuang, are all small people?”
Chen Mufeng hurriedly said: “The omniscience is very mysterious, and the organization divides the members into groups to facilitate their management. In our group, the head of the group is Wang Shuang, the king’s patriarch.”
“Generally, the omniscient will ask people like us to do something, and it is also Wang Shuang who gives us orders.”
Chen Ning squinted his eyes: “It seems that Wang Shuang is your upline. If you want to find more breakthroughs, you can only start with Wang Shuang.”
At this moment!
Donghai Province, the king of Jinling.
In the king’s mansion, the Patriarch Wang Shuang is talking on the phone with the president of the All-Zone Guild.
Hisoso angrily said: “My son William has been arrested. It is useless for our Eagle Country Embassy to protest, and even to meet my son once.”
“Wang Shuang, you must rescue my son!”
“Also, Chen Ning must die!”
When Wang Shuang heard the words, he smiled and said, “Mr. Hisuo, don’t worry, our king is still in the army. I will do these two things for you as soon as possible.”
West Ropeway: “Okay, I am waiting for your good news.”

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