The One & Only

Chapter: 505

Chen Ning instructed Chen Mufeng not to rush to the omnibus, continue to stay at the omnipresence meeting, and report any situation to him at any time.
Moreover, he warned Chen Mufeng not to play tricks.
He will send agents to monitor the Chen Clan’s every move. If the Chen Clan dared to play tricks, then waiting for the Chen Clan’s destiny will definitely not end well.
Then, Chen Ning took Dianchu and set off to return to Zhonghai.
Greedy Wolf also took the soldiers and continued to return to the North.
Chen Ning and Dianchu returned to Zhonghai City in the afternoon.
The two came out of the airport exit, and Chen Ning walked along and said, “You will look up the kings of Donghai Province. I want their detailed information.”
Dian Chu said solemnly: “Yes!”
airport exit!
Song Pingting stood beside a BMW car, waiting eagerly, waiting for Chen Ning to come out.
She has been in fear for the past two days. Until today, she received a call from Chen Ning and learned that Chen Ning had solved the problem of Chen Chong. She was relieved when she returned by plane today.
She left work early today and drove to the airport to meet Chen Ning in person.
“Chen Ning!”
Seeing Chen Ning, Song Pingting couldn’t help but walk up quickly, her beautiful eyes flashing with excitement and joy.
After two days of not seeing each other, she found out that she already missed Chen Ning very much.
Unconsciously, Chen Ning had already occupied the most important position in her heart.
Chen Ning looked at Song Pingting, who was wearing a long bohemian dress, a pair of exquisite stilettos, and a shawl with beautiful hair, and was a little more beautiful than the female celebrity on TV, and couldn’t help but smile: ” Wife!”
Chen Ning opened his arms and gently hugged his wife.
Song Pingting’s face was red, and she was very shy. She and Chen Ning looked at each other at close range, a bit lost to Chen Ning’s hot gaze, and she closed her eyes subconsciously.
Chen Ning looked at his wife with her eyes closed and her delicate lips pouted slightly. She couldn’t help but smile more. His wife was asking for a kiss!
Chen Ning’s heart moved, and he bowed his head to kiss Song Pingting’s blushing lips.
But at this moment, Song Pingting’s cell phone rang frantically.
Chen Ning showed an annoyed expression. Whose call came at the right time.
Song Pingting was also agitated when she heard the call, opened her eyes quickly, took out her mobile phone, and exclaimed, “It’s my mother’s call!”
Song Pingting hurriedly connected to the phone, there was a quarrel in the phone, and then heard her mother Ma Xiaoli say: “Daughter, I picked up Qingqing at the gate of Golden Apple Kindergarten, and a shrew led someone to block me with Qingqing.”
“They insulted me and threatened to beat me. Come here.”
Song Pingting hurriedly asked about the general situation after hearing the words, and then said: “Mom, take care of Qingqing, don’t quarrel with them first, I will come over with Chen Ning immediately.”
Song Pingting hung up the phone and turned to Chen Ning anxiously and said, “Husband, it’s not good. Mom and Qingqing were bullied at the school gate. We have to go there.”
Chen Ning was shocked when he heard this, what happened when he was finished?
Song Pingting said: “Qingqing studies, I am busy with work, and the parent group is added by her mother.”
“In the group of students’ parents, there is a female parent named Zhu Baifeng who flatters the teacher all day.”
“Last night, Zhu Baifeng said in the group of parents that the battery car for the teacher’s commute was broken. I suggest you raise money to buy a new car for the teacher.”
Chen Ning nodded: “A battery car costs one to two thousand yuan, and there are dozens of students in a class. Two to three hundred yuan is enough for each person. If everyone volunteers, it’s okay.”
Song Pingting smiled bitterly: “Parents in the parent group, at that time, the opinions were similar to yours. They thought that everyone would spend two or three hundred yuan to buy a new battery car for the teacher and there was no problem.”
“But what I didn’t expect was that Zhu Baifeng actually said that to buy a BMW three-series for the teacher, each parent would have to pay more than 7,000 yuan!”
Chen Ning frowned, “This is a bit too far. Many ordinary workers earn 7,000 a month!”
Song Pioting said, “Mom, too, thinks too much. She has a straightforward personality. She choked on Zhu Baifeng in the parent group on the spot. If you are so rich, you can buy a BMW for the teacher, flattering!”
Chen Ning couldn’t laugh or cry after hearing this, his mother-in-law’s character was really straightforward.
It is estimated that Zhu Baifeng was choked by her mother-in-law, so today she took someone to surround her mother-in-law and Qingqing at the school gate.
Chen Ning said: “Let’s go there quickly, but don’t let Mom and Qingqing be bullied.”

At that time!
At the gate of Golden Apple Kindergarten!
A woman in her early forties, bloated and jeweled, with two wicked men, was pointing at Ma Xiaoli and yelling at Song Qingqing.
The school teacher and the security guard were standing on the side sweating profusely.
This bloated woman is the Zhu Baifeng in the parent group.
She pointed at Ma Xiaoli and cursed: “Poor ghost, bitch, the teacher is so hard, and I can’t bear to pool the money to give the teacher some gifts.”
“If you are so poor and have no money, you just shut your mouth and don’t ask for it. You dare to jump out and choke my old lady. I think you really owe it.”
“Da Yong Er Yong, do it, give me a few slaps on this bitch!”
Dayong Eryong are the two vicious men behind her and her two younger brothers.
Dayong and Eryong are idle on weekdays, relying on the relief of this rich sister, so they heard that someone was bullying their sister, they immediately followed to help out.
At this moment, when the two heard the eldest sister’s words, they did not hesitate to push away the teacher and security guard, wanting to smoke Ma Xiaoli’s mouth.
However, at this moment, a Hongqi sedan whizzed in, and a sudden brake came to a stop on the side.
Chen Ning took the lead to get out of the car and said angrily: “Who dares to beat my mother!”
Song Qing was terribly scared early in the morning. Seeing Chen Ning, Song Pingting, and Dianchu coming, she couldn’t help crying out to her father, and then ran towards Chen Ning.
Chen Ning bent down and picked up her daughter, then stopped in front of Ma Xiaoli, glaring at Zhu Baifeng and the others: “Don’t be too much. It’s okay to quarrel in the parent group. You dare to lead people to surround yourself and want to fight. my mother?”
Zhu Baifeng glanced at Chen Ning’s car, the red flag of 200,000 yuan, it really is a poor family.
She curled her lips and said with a sneer: “Your mother dared to choke me in the group. Of course I want to smoke her. I don’t think you are a good thing. Da Yong Er Yong, beat him up too.”
The two guys, Dayong and Eryong, immediately walked towards Chen Ning grinningly: “Boy, let’s help you loosen your bones!”
Chen Ning sneered: “Dian Chu!”
Dian Chu came out and strode towards the two courageous two.
Bang bang!
Da Yong and Er Yong still didn’t react, they were directly beaten by Dian Chu with two heavy punches, falling to the ground with blood on their faces, and couldn’t get up for a long time.
Everyone at the scene exclaimed!
Zhu Baifeng was also shocked. She didn’t think that her two brothers were so useless, so she was beaten to the ground.
She looked at Chen Ning in horror, and trembled: “You, you, what do you want to do?”
Chen Ning said coldly: “Asshole, you don’t mean anything to flatter your teacher, after all, a teacher is a respectable profession.”
“But if you are flattering, you have to pull others up. That’s your fault.”
“When someone says you two things, you will hit someone, you are simply lawless!”
Zhu Baifeng said angrily: “What a flattery, isn’t it just chipping in to send a BMW to the teacher!”
“You guys who are poor and don’t have money, just squeak, if my old lady gives you out, it will be treated as feeding the dog. My dog ​​will cost thousands of dollars a month!”
The teachers at the scene were embarrassed when they heard this!
Song Pingting and other parents were full of anger. This Zhu Baifeng was really too mad if he had some money.
Chen Ning saw that this woman was too arrogant, so she sneered: “You are so rich. Buying a car for the teacher is still low-end.”
“Well, just build a teacher’s dormitory for the teachers. I estimate that fifty million should be enough.”
“If I pay 30 million, you can pay 20 million!”
Zhu Baifeng was stunned when he heard this!
The teachers, security guards, and all the parents and students at the scene were also stunned.

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