The One & Only

Chapter: 507

Chen Ning’s family also drove home!
On the way, Song Qingqing admired Chen Ning and said, “Dad, you are so amazing!”
Song Pingting and Ma Xiaoli also looked at Chen Ning with smiles. With Chen Ning here, their family has never been bullied again.
Back home, Ma Xiaoli cooks herself.
Chen Ning told Dianchu to stay and eat together, and Dianchu was flattered.
After dinner!
Song Pingting bathed her daughter, Song Zhongbin went out to play chess, and Ma Xiaoli washed the dishes in the kitchen.
Chen Ning and Dian Chu were talking in the living room.
Chen Ning asked about William!
Dian Chu immediately said: “William has been arrested by Zhao Beiting, who is with the Zhao Clan, and Zhao Beiting has been released according to your wishes, Master.”
“As for William, Jinyang City has just handed him over to Zhonghai City, and he is temporarily detained in Zhonghai City Military Prison.”
The Zhonghai Military Prison is called Zhongcheng, and it is small in scale.
The prison cadres and the soldiers guarding them together only amount to a dozen people.
However, in ordinary cities like Zhonghai, there are few opportunities to imprison military prisoners.
In fact, the small military prison in Zhonghai has always been empty, and now only William is being held.
Chen Ning heard that William is currently being held in the Midtown Prison and nodded and said, “Very good!”
Dian Chu hesitated and couldn’t help but whispered: “Master, William’s father Hiso is the prince of the Eagle Nation and the chairman of the All-Conference Conference. He and the Eagle Nation Ambassador have recently protested against William’s arrest and demanded Release people…”
Chen Ning said with a sneer: “Hisuo is the pioneer of the Communist Party. He took the lead in instigating such a force as the All-Knowledge Conference, and he wanted to Huo Huo, China.”
“I’m currently conducting a thorough investigation of the All-Acknowledgement Conference. In addition to rescuing the domestic moths that eat outside, this sisuo is also the target I want to eradicate.”
“His son was arrested this time, so don’t think about being released easily. Keep it tight.”
Dian Chu heard the words and said in a low voice: “But if we don’t release William, Hisou will definitely use the power of the All-Knowledge to come to rescue William, and it will even be detrimental to you, Master…”
Chen Ning smiled and said, “Hey, isn’t this just right?”
Dian Chu was stunned when he heard the words, and immediately understood.
The marshal wanted to use William as a bait to lure the power of the All-Knowledge to come up to rescue him, and the marshal just caught these guys in one fell swoop.
Chen Ning said: “Let’s go, let’s go to the Zhongcheng Prison. I am a little worried that the guards of the Zhongcheng Prison are too weak. Let’s see if it needs to be strengthened in the past?”
Dian Chu said: “Yes!”
Soon, Chen Ning and Dianchu went out to the Zhongcheng Prison.
Zhongcheng Prison is located on the outskirts of the city. Outside is a high fence. There is a power grid on the top of the wall. The big iron gate is closed. Two lines of paint are written on the gate: Zhongcheng Warehouse, no idlers are allowed to enter.
Chen Ning and Dianchu’s car had just arrived at the prison gate and was seen by the prison’s surveillance camera, and the gate opened slowly.
The person in charge of the prison, Liu Jinzhong, led eight guard soldiers and hurried out to greet Chen Ning.
“Hello Mr. Chen!”
Both Liu Jinzhong and his men knew Chen Ning’s identity, but their superiors had reminded them not to reveal Chen Ning’s identity.
In addition, Chen Ning is wearing casual clothes today, but no military uniform, so Liu Jinzhong and the others sensibly call Chen Ning Mr. Chen.
Chen Ning asked: “William is imprisoned here?”
Liu Jinzhong said: “Yes, it’s inside!”
Chen Ning said: “Take me to see!”
Soon, Liu Jinzhong and the others led Chen Ning into the prison.
There are a total of five cells in the prison, four of which are empty. In the innermost cell, there is a prisoner in distress, William.
When William heard the movement, he stood up suddenly, leaned to the edge of the iron gate of the prison, and shouted through the iron gate: “Is there someone here to save me? Is it going to release me…”
Chen Ning showed up with Dianchu and Liu Jinzhong and the others, smiling and saying: “You want to go out, it’s still early, and take it here obediently!”
When William saw Chen Ning, his face was extremely ugly, with both resentment and fear.
He trembled: “Chen Ning, even if you are the marshal of North China, but I am the eagle crown prince, I have diplomatic immunity.”
“I am not restricted by the laws of your country. You should transfer me back to Eagle Country. You have no right to detain me like this!”
Chen Ning said coldly: “For general crimes, diplomatic immunity can indeed exonerate crimes.”
“But you are now suspected of threatening our national security, so just stay with me.”
William was frightened and angry: “Chen Ning, don’t go too far. Although you are the young marshal of China, I am not easy to provoke.”
“My dad will definitely come to rescue me. You can show me.”
Chen Ning smiled, too lazy to talk nonsense with this kid, turned and left.
Soon, Chen Ning and Dianchu came to the prison office, accompanied by Liu Jinzhong.
After everyone sat down, Chen Ning asked Liu Jinzhong: “How many soldiers are there in charge of guarding here?”
Liu Jinzhong said loudly: “Report, our prison has 13 cadres and guard soldiers!”
Chen Ning nodded and said, “William’s identity is not simple. His father is Hiso, Prince of Eagle.”
“Hisuo only has one son, William, and he has no law to rescue William through diplomatic channels. I guess he may use some extreme methods, or even send someone to jail.”
“You have to be more careful. I will tell Wang Daofang to add some guards to you to increase your defensive strength.”
Liu Jinzhong said solemnly: “Yes!”
At this moment, the alarm outside suddenly remembered, and there was the barking noise of military dogs.
The expressions of Liu Jinzhong and his eight subordinates changed in an instant. Liu Jinzhong said: “No, there are circumstances.”
Chen Ning frowned slightly: “Let’s go out and have a look!”
Soon, Chen Ning, Dianchu, Liu Jinzhong and others came out of the office and came to the front yard.
It was discovered that the iron gate of the front yard had been forcibly opened.
A group of uninvited guests broke into the Midtown Prison. The leader was a young man in a white suit. He was followed by a middle-aged man in a major army, followed by a large number of men in camouflage uniforms and black suits.
Two prison guards were wounded and fell to the ground.
There were also two other sentries, facing the uninvited group as if they were facing the enemy, and two army dogs were barking at a group of men in white suits.
This man in a white suit is no one else, but Wang Longfei, the son of a king from Jinling City, Donghai Province.
Wang Longfei squinted his eyes and said, “This is Zhonghai’s Midtown Prison. Is Mr. William detained here for no reason?”
“Yes, Master Wang!”
Wang Longfei’s eyes fell on the two army dogs that were barking at him not far away, his face sank, and he said coldly, “The dog is barking and noisy, kill the dog!”
“Yes, Master Wang!”
The middle-aged man in the military uniform of the major next to Wang Feilong drew his pistol without hesitation, and banged two shots at the two army dogs in front of him.
Two army dogs were headshot instantly and died tragically on the spot!
Liu Jinzhong, who just came out of the office, saw this scene and shouted in anger, “Who are you who dare to trespass into the military powerhouse, wound my sentry, and kill my army dog!”
The middle-aged man in the military uniform of the major said coldly: “I am a major from the Jinling Military Region, Ding Hao!”
“This is the head of the eight great families in China, the son of the king, Longfei Wang.”
The king’s master!
Major of the Jinling Military Region!
Liu Jinzhong’s face changed slightly, and his background was not small, no wonder he dared to trespass into a military powerhouse and dared to injure people and kill dogs.
Chen Ning said coldly: “I don’t care who you are, what are you doing here, who gave you the right to hurt people and kill dogs?”
Wang Longfei smiled and said: “We are here to pick up Mr. William!”
“As for who you said gave us this right, then I can only tell you that our kings have always done things so arrogantly!”

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