The One & Only

Chapter: 508

Seeing that Wang Longfei dared to be rude to Chen Ning, Liu Jinzhong couldn’t help but immediately let out an angry shout.
Ding Hao stared at Liu Jinzhong, and said coldly: “You are just presumptuous!”
“You little captain, why don’t you salute when you see me?”
Liu Jinzhong’s face flushed when he heard the words.
A higher rank crushes people!
There is no way, he can only bite the bullet, blush, and raise his hand to salute Ding Hao: “I have seen the chief!”
Ding Hao looked at Liu Jinzhong, who was full of aggrieved face, and his face was pleasing.
He pointed to the two wounded sentinels and said with a sneer: “You don’t have your subordinates in charge. I have already taught you a lesson.”
He pointed to the two headshots of military dogs on the ground, and said with a sneer: “You don’t have a good dog, and I will help you deal with it.”
“Now, as an officer, I ask you to release Mr. William immediately, or don’t blame me for being polite to you.”
Liu Jinzhong took a peek at Chen Ning, and then said loudly: “I’m sorry, sir, although your rank is one level higher than mine. But without the approval of the relevant leaders of China Shipping, I can’t release people according to your request.”
Ding Hao said coldly: “The leaders of Zhonghai, I will greet them, and now you just let them go.”
Liu Jinzhong’s waist was upright: “I’m sorry, there are no relevant procedures, no instructions from our leaders, no one can let me release people.”
Ding Hao said angrily: “Fucking, a little captain dared to beat me. Believe it or not, I will scrap all of you now. There is nothing in the end?”
Although Ding Hao is an ordinary major in the Jinling Military Region!
But he was a protégé of the King of Jinling, backed by the big tree of King King, he did have this confidence.
Injure a little captain, the king can easily settle him.
Moreover, this time he still accompanies the young master of the king to do things.
When something big happened, there was also a kingly king.
At this time, Chen Ning sneered and said, “Ho ho, it’s really crushing to death at the first level of officials, but it’s not your turn to be a little major to play majesty!”
“Dian Chu!”
Dian Chu walked out after hearing this and looked at Ding Hao indifferently: “I heard that you like to press people, then according to the rules, you have to salute me now!”
Ding Hao opened his eyes wide: “Who the hell are you…”
Before he finished speaking, Dian Chu’s eyes lit up with anger, and he slapped his hand up.
Ding Hao is actually very skilled, but it is Dian Chu that I met today. Dian Chu’s slap is so fast that Ding Hao has no way to dodge.
He could only watch Dian Chu’s palms approaching and zooming in his field of vision…
Dian Chu slapped Ding Hao’s face fiercely, so that the corners of Ding Hao’s mouth were bleeding.
Ding Hao was frightened and angry, reaching for his gun!
A dozen soldiers behind him also wanted to take out their weapons.
But Dian Chu had already taken out a red officer’s card at this time, and coldly shouted: “Keep your dog eyes open and see what this is?”
Officer ID!
Ding Hao’s angry expression instantly solidified, replaced by a touch of shock.
He knew at a glance that this certificate was absolutely true!
He hurriedly looked at Dianchu’s unfolded officer’s card. There was a photo of Dianchu wearing a colonel’s uniform, and Dianchu’s name. The rank and rank line read: Colonel!
The burly man in front of him turned out to be a colonel of the Northern Army.
Ding Hao was completely stunned!
He didn’t have time to see Dian Chu’s specific position clearly, and Dian Chu had already put away his credentials.
Dian Chu said coldly: “Now that I know my rank, don’t you salute and say hello?”
Ding Hao and his soldiers were dumbfounded!
Dian Chu is a colonel!
Ding Hao is just a major!
Dian Chu was two levels higher than him, and the status of the two in the army could not be compared.
No matter what, Ding Hao and his soldiers could only have embarrassed faces. They saluted Dian Chu together and said in a low voice: “Hello, sir!”
Dian Chu said angrily: “Are you all eating? I can’t hear what you say, speak up!”
Ding Hao and the others flushed, and were forced to stand at attention and salute again, saying loudly, “Hello, sir!”
At the scene, Liu Jinzhong and the prison guards couldn’t help but feel refreshed when they saw this scene, feeling that Colonel Dian did a beautiful job.
Everyone sneered at Ding Hao’s group of guys, thinking: When you just pressed us by the senior official, didn’t you think you also have today?
Dian Chu looked at Ding Hao and others, and asked coldly: “You are from the Jinling Military Region, what are you doing here? Do you know if you crossed the zone?”
Ding Hao was very cunning and said, “Sir, you belong to the Northern Army, and you don’t belong to the Jiangnan Military Region. Don’t you also cross the zone here? We are all the same, let alone anyone.”
When Dian Chu heard this, he was going to get angry instantly.
However, at this time, Wang Longfei spoke slowly: “The Dian chief, Ding Hao accompanied me here to mention people. I advise you not to be nosy.”
When Wang Longfei said this, his eyes were looking at Chen Ning.
Wang Longfei was a little surprised by Chen Ning’s strength, and he was able to ask a colonel to help.
No wonder Chen Ning was able to use military forces to arrest Mr. William.
The patron of affection Chen Ning is the Colonel Dian in front of him!
Dian Chu said coldly: “I don’t care which family you belong to or what military area you belong to. If you have the relevant procedures, you can come here to mention people. If you have one, get out!”
Chen Ning suddenly said: “They can’t leave yet, they must apologize to the wounded for medical expenses! And this Ding Hao, he dared to kill the army dog, he must bury two army dogs himself, and kneel in front of the army dog ​​grave to repent of his mistakes. ”
Liu Jinzhong heard the words and immediately echoed: “Yes, they must be punished, they can’t just leave like this.”
Military dogs, like soldiers, have certificates.
Even after a military dog ​​has made meritorious services, he also has medals and ranks.
Army dogs and soldiers are like comrades-in-arms, or even brothers.
As a soldier, it is maddening to dare to kill military dogs.
Since Chen Ning has encountered such a thing, it is naturally impossible to let a bastard like Ding Hao easily.
Ding Hao heard that they would be held accountable for hurting others, even for killing the army dog, he was asked to bury the army dog ​​by himself, and he was asked to kneel in front of the army dog’s grave to confess his fault.
He was angry instantly!
Wang Longfei raised his mouth slightly, and said with a smile: “Ding Hao, since they don’t give us face, then we don’t need to be polite with them.”
“Let’s knock them all down first, and take Mr. William away first.”
“Looking back, I will tell my father-in-law and let my father-in-law come forward and settle down.”
Ding Hao’s eyes lit up when he heard the words, and there was a sneer in the eyes of Chen Ning, Dian Chu, Liu Jinzhong and others.
He grinned and said: “With your words, Young Master Wang, don’t say that this guy is just a colonel, even if he is a colonel, I would dare to beat him up!”
Ding Hao instructed his soldiers: “No firearms or weapons are allowed, just follow me and beat all these guys down!”
Ding Hao’s men rushed up immediately.
The corners of Chen Ning’s mouth rose slightly, and said to Dianchu and Liu Jinzhong, “These guys don’t need guns, so we don’t need any. Let’s play fist with them!”
Dianchu, Liu Jinzhong and a group of prison soldiers also rolled up their sleeves and greeted Ding Hao’s group.
Two groups of soldiers, the battle is on the verge.

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