The One & Only

Chapter: 509

Two groups of soldiers, Dianchu and Ding Hao, soon fought together and fought fiercely.
Chen Ning stood with his hands behind, watching calmly.
Wang Longfei looked at Chen Ning coldly, and said with a faint smile: “These people are soldiers. I can’t take part in their battles, but you don’t seem to be a soldier!”
Chen Ning looked at Wang Longfei and said lightly: “What do you mean?”
Wang Longfei raised his mouth slightly, and said with a sneer: “It means I can’t move them, but I can move you.”
After he finished speaking, he shouted: “Come here, take this kid down for me, interrupt him with a pair of dog legs, and get Mr. William some revenge interest first.”
“Yes, Master Wang!”
When Wang Longfei’s voice fell, two burly guys immediately rushed towards Chen Ning.
Chen Ning coldly snorted: “Looking for death!”
Two bangs!
Two of Wang Longfei’s men were kicked directly by Chen Ning.
Wang Longfei widened his eyes when he saw this: “There were actually two shots, and they all went together. He can beat two opponents, but I can’t. He can win twenty!”
The group of men in black suits beside Wang Longfei roared like a pack of wolves and rushed to Chen Ning.
Instead of evading, Chen Ning directly greeted him.
His figure flashed, and his speed reached the extreme, and he suddenly slammed into the arms of an opponent.
The opponent groaned as if hit by an ancient beast, and flew out directly.
Chen Ning moved like lightning, bursting into thunder.
Someone must be knocked into the air between gestures.
All those who were hit by the fly were broken bones and wounded extremely badly.
Wang Longfei gasped at the sight!
On the other side, Dian Chu also entered the flock like a tiger, beating Ding Hao and his gang, screaming again and again.
Wang Longfei saw his eyes flying out!
At this moment, a figure flashed in front of him, and Chen Ning had already appeared in front of him.
He looked at Chen Ning who was murderous in front of him, and a fear arose in his heart, and he sternly shouted, “What do you want to do!”
“Do you know that I am a kingly king.”
“You dare to touch my hair. Our king wants your whole family to die without a place to bury you.”
Chen Ning said coldly: “Are you done talking nonsense? Kneel me down when you finish talking!”
After Chen Ning finished speaking, one hand was placed on Wang Longfei’s shoulder.
Wang Longfei instantly felt a big mountain pressing on his shoulders. He could not stand on his feet, and he knelt on the hard ground with a thump. He hurt a pair of knees and hurt his teeth and tears. Popped up.
On the other side, Dianchu, Liu Jinzhong and other prison guards had already knocked down Ding Hao’s gang and seized the opportunity to seize the weapons of Ding Hao and others.
Dian Chu asked Chen Ning, “Master, what do these guys do?”
Chen Ning said coldly: “Wang Longfei and Ding Hao stayed behind, and the rest of them all blasted out.”
Dian Chu said together with Liu Jinzhong: “Yes!”
Wang Longfei’s men and Ding Hao’s men were all thrown out of the prison.
In the front yard of the huge prison, apart from Chen Ning and others, only Wang Longfei and Ding Hao were left.
Both Wang Longfei and Ding Hao knelt on the ground in humiliation.
Chen Ning turned around and asked Liu Jinzhong: “Where is the appropriate place for the two army dogs killed by them?”
Liu Jinzhong has been in charge of feeding the two army dogs for many years. They have deep feelings. The two dogs died, and Liu Jinzhong was extremely sad.
He pointed to the corner of the prison yard and said: “These two dogs are military dogs with weaving. I can’t bear to be buried outside in the wilderness. Let’s bury them under the old locust tree in the yard.”
Chen Ning nodded when he heard the words, and said coldly to Wang Longfei and Ding Hao: “You two, move the two army dogs over, and then dig a hole under the tree with your bare hands to bury the two army dogs. After the burial, they kneel in front of the grave and confess. One night, we can leave at dawn tomorrow.”
Ding Hao’s face changed drastically after hearing this!
Wang Longfei couldn’t help crying angrily: “Chen Ning, you dare to let me dig a grave for the dog, and dare to make me kneel on the grave of the dog to confess, believe it or not, I will kill your family…”
Chen Ning said coldly: “Slap!”
Dian Chu grabbed the rifle of a prison guard next to him, picked up the butt of the rifle, and slammed it into Wang Longfei’s face.
Snap it!
Wang Longfei was smashed with blood on his face and mouth, and two teeth were smashed.
Wang Longfei has never suffered from this kind of loss since he was a child. At this time, he screamed while covering his face, and he didn’t dare to speak any more.
Even Ding Hao, who was next to him, opened his eyes wide in shock. Chen Ning was really ruthless. He didn’t even give the king’s face to him, so he was ruthless with Shao Wang!
Chen Ning turned his head and said to Liu Jinzhong: “Watching them dig a pit to bury the army dogs, send someone to watch them kneel until dawn, and then let them go.”
“If they are unwilling to accept punishment, or dare to defy or run away, then you will kill them directly to me!”
Wang Longfei and Ding Hao were shocked again!
What shocked them even more was that Liu Jinzhong actually said loudly: “Yes!”
The soldiers next to Liu Jinzhong still clattered their rifles, and all the bullets were loaded. They pointed their guns at Wang Longfei and Ding Hao.
Wang Longfei and Ding Hao were scared!
They don’t want to be killed by a few dumbfounders just because they are fighting for a moment!
As a last resort, they could only honestly move the two dead army dogs under the old trees in the yard, and then began to dig the pit with bare hands.
The earthy ground is hard!
Ding Hao’s military background was a little better. Although the dug hands were dripping with blood, he was still able to persevere.
But Wang Longfei is miserable. He is delicate and expensive, and he has been spoiled since childhood. When did he use his bare hands to dig pits?
He soon splashed his hands with blood and blisters.
Had it not been for soldiers around him with guns pointed at him, he would have splashed.
But at this time, he could only bite the bullet and dig the pit with tears, and he hated Chen Ning to death in his heart. He made up his mind: When he comes back, it will be when Chen Ning is dead!
Chen Ning watched Wang Longfei and Ding Hao dig pits miserably, and his anger diminished slightly.
He left with Dian Chu!
On the way home, Chen Ning told Dianchu: “Say hello to Wang Daofang, and send more troops to guard the military prison, so that there will be no more errors.”
Dian Chu said: “Yes!”
Chen Ning added: “At present, Chen Mufeng said that the king’s clique is an important member of the All-Conviction Council. This message is true.”
“You tell Wang Shuang, the patriarch of the royal family, to let him come to see me in person, otherwise, their royal family will be removed from the list of the eight great families of China.”
Dian Chu said: “Yes!”

Jinling City, Donghai Province!
In the king’s manor mansion, Patriarch Wang Shuang is furious.
Wang Shuang said angrily: “What, Long Fei and Ding Hao not only did not fish out William, but they were both temporarily detained?”
The king’s first visitor, Wang ** said: “Yes, it is said that the young master and Ding Hao wounded the sentry in the Zhongcheng Prison and killed the wolf dog in the Zhongcheng Prison.
“Chen Ning ordered the soldiers in the Zhongcheng Prison to arrest the young master and Ding Hao.”
“Chen Ning forced the young master and Ding Hao to dig a hole to bury the dog with their bare hands, and forced the two to kneel in front of the dog grave and confess until dawn.”
Wang Shuanghu stared round, murderous, and said angrily: “Unreasonable!”
Wang ** said: “What’s even more excessive is that Chen Ning sent someone to send a message to the master, asking you to visit him within three days, otherwise, he will remove the king from the eight great families.”
Wang Shuang almost exploded when he heard this!
He laughed furiously: “Chen Ning asked me to come to see you by name. Did he ask me to come and apologize?”
“Very good, as he wishes!”
“Immediately summon our king’s disciples, I want to visit Zhonghai in person!”
“I would like to see, what will Chen Ning be scared of when I bring the mighty king’s army, when the clouds are concentrated in the sea?”

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