The One & Only

Chapter: 512

Qianhe Island Resort, Zhonghai City.
The entire Qianhe Island has been temporarily reserved by the king!
Now, on Qianhe Island, except for the staff of the resort, all people are kings.
Wang Shuang, the lord of the king’s clan, had already issued an order to summon the king’s disciples to gather here to give Chen Ning a thunderous revenge.
At this moment, in the villa of Qianhe Island Resort, Wang Shuang had just ended the video call with Hisoso.
As soon as he finished the video call, Wang ** hurriedly knocked on the door and came in.
Wang Shuang looked at Wang **, and said displeasedly: “What kind of style are you in a hurry?”
Wang ** said anxiously: “Mr. Wang, it’s not good. Our technicians just discovered that your video call with Xisuo has been monitored.”
Wang Shuang suddenly widened his eyes when he heard this!
He was frightened and angry, knowing that he was in a video call with the president of the All-Present Conference, Hisou.
This video call has a lot of confidential information!
If this video call is monitored by others, or even recorded and stored, then hand it over to the national security department, or hand it over to top leaders.
Then it is necessary to make sure that their kings join the omniscient meeting of the ** organization, and it also becomes an ironclad proof that their kings have betrayed their national interests.
Wang Shuang has always been very cautious, and he didn’t expect to stumble upon a little carelessness this time.
He was furious, and immediately asked: “Our people have found out that there is no one. Who or what organization is monitoring us, is it a member of Guoan?”
Wang ** said: “It’s not from Guo’an. Our people have already anti-tracked the monitor. The location of the other party is located in an ordinary apartment. The resident is Li Yutong, a female reporter of China Overseas Television.”
Wang Shuang heard that it was not the state that was monitoring them, so he felt a little relieved.
He squinted his eyes and asked: “Then have you checked it out, what is the origin of this Li Yutong?”
Wang ** said: “I just checked. This female reporter is a pioneer in digging the dark side of society. She often undercover investigations and filming of black factories, black workshops, and various shady scenes. She is well-known in Zhonghai City.”
“I just don’t know how she stared at our kingly clan. She took advantage of the relationship with the local people and made some tricks on the network of Qianhe Island Resort and monitored Mr. Wang’s video call with Mr. William just now.”
“Now we are not sure, did she save the video of the conversation you just had with Mr. Hisoso?”
Wang Shuang said coldly: “Whether she has recording storage or not, she can no longer live in this world. You take people over and handle it cleanly.”
Wang ** said: “Yes!”

Li Yutong is in the professional instinct of a reporter, and he wanted to dig a little bit of news about Wang Clan and Chen Ning.
But what made her think was that she accidentally found evidence that the king had joined the Communist Party and betrayed the national interest.
What was found was too horrible, but it frightened her.
The king clan is the first of the eight great families in China. If the king clan knew what she was doing, she could kill her in minutes.
She hurriedly saved the recorded videos, one copy to the cloud disk and the other to the USB flash drive, then put on a coat, a cap and a mask, and hurried out.
As soon as she came out of the apartment building, more than a dozen cars came roaring downstairs, and Wang ** took dozens of murderous men out of the car.
Wang ** commanded his men: “You guys, block the stairs; you guys stay at the door; the rest of you go up the elevator with me!”
Li Yutong quivered slightly when he heard the words, lowered his head and passed by and left quickly.
Her escape journey also officially started.
She had just arrived at the door of the TV station and found someone wandering at the door, and when she saw her, she immediately came towards her.
She was so scared that she turned and ran!
She lost her handbag with her mobile phone wallet and other things while escaping, and her high-heeled shoes ran away.
In the end, he was embarrassed and got into the complicated alleys, only to temporarily get rid of the killers.
She called the police, but the police did not come. Instead, they came as murderous assassins.
She called her friends for help, but everyone knew that she had offended the king, and no one would dare to help her.
She is like a bereavement dog, and like a frightened bird, hiding everywhere, but there is no way to survive. She was almost caught by the hunters several times.
At this time, it is already nine o’clock in the evening!
She hides in the garbage dump in the alley, her hair is messy, and her body is dirty like a beggar. She was once the lady of the sky, because she accidentally found the handle of the king, if she fell into such a situation.
She was sitting on the dirty ground, folded her arms, and wept bitterly.
After all, who can save her?
At this time, a police car drove slowly and quickly from the front.
When she saw the police car, she rushed out without hesitation and stopped the way of the police car, crying: “Help me, someone is chasing me, please help me…”
The police car stopped, and Wang Zhixing brought his two men down!
When Wang Zhixing saw Li Yutong, it was only a long time before he recognized him. He frowned, “Reporter Li, how did you offend the king? Now the king’s people are searching for you everywhere.”
Li Yutong cried and said: “Captain Wang, please help me, I found the king…”
Wang Zhixing’s face changed drastically, and he quickly said: “Don’t tell me, I can’t do anything you said, but if I know things I shouldn’t know, I may become the king’s second target!”
Even Wang Zhixing didn’t dare to investigate the king’s clan, and he didn’t even dare to listen to the king’s criminal content.
Li Yutong’s heart is sinking, desperate…
She trembled: “Captain Wang, please show me a way to survive. Now my leader, my friends, and your police dare not care about this.”
“Is there only one dead end? Only the people waiting for the king to kill me?”
Wang Zhixing hesitated for a moment, and said, “Zhonghai City can ignore the king’s clan, and there is only one person who can help you!”
Li Yutong couldn’t help asking: “Who?”
Wang Zhixing said solemnly: “Chen Ning!”
Chen Ning!
Li Yutong couldn’t help but widen his eyes. Song Pingting’s husband, the guy who eats soft food and is not right with her, is he capable of saving her?
Wang Zhixing saw the suspicion in Li Yutong’s eyes, and he calmly said: “I have already told you who can help you. As for whether you can ask him to help you, it depends on your own destiny.”
After speaking, Wang Zhixing and his men got in the car and drove away.
Li Yutong had no choice but to act as a doctor.
She borrowed a mobile phone from the sanitation aunt who was cleaning on the side of the road, and called Song Pingting. She trembled: “Pingting, I have caused a terrible disaster and offended the king.”
“Now the king’s people are chasing me everywhere, my relatives and friends, leaders, and even the police dare not control.”
“Someone told me that only Chen Ning can save me, please save me…”
Song Pingting heard that Li Yutong was being pursued and killed, she quickly comforted: “Don’t worry, tell me where you are, and I will come with Chen Ning.”

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