The One & Only

Chapter: 514

Chen Ning and Song Pingting took Li Yutong home!
Song Pingting arranged for Li Yutong to take a bath, and then took out a new dress that she didn’t wear and put on Li Yutong.
Song Zhongbin and Ma Xiaoli cooked a bowl of steaming egg noodles for Li Yutong, who was hungry and hungry after a shower, to eat.
Chen Ning’s family sat on the sofa opposite Li Yutong and watched Li Yutong finish eating his noodles. Chen Ning said lightly, “Okay, now let’s talk about how you provoke the king, why are they going to pursue and kill them aggressively? you?”
Song Pingting’s family also looked at Li Yutong nervously and curiously.
Li Yutong was grateful for Chen Ning’s life-saving grace, and immediately told the story.
Finally, she took out the USB flash drive she hid personally and put it on the table. She smiled bitterly and said to Chen Ning: “I accidentally found evidence that Wang Shuang, the lord of the king’s family, had joined the All-Conference Conference and betrayed the national interest. Don’t kill me!”
When Song Pingting, Song Zhongbin and Ma Xiaoli heard this, they were all filled with indignation, saying that the kings were really shameless.
Chen Ning said indifferently: “The king has great strength and is not easy to provoke, and most people don’t dare to care about you.”
“I was a soldier, and I saved the leader when I was a soldier, so I have something to do in the army!”
“If you believe me, give this USB flash drive to me, and I’ll take care of this matter for you.”
Li Yutong agreed without hesitation!
One is that she now trusts Chen Ning very much, and the other is that the leader of her TV station and Wang Zhixing, the head of the criminal investigation team, are not afraid to take care of it. She has no way of turning over the USB flash drive.
Thousand Island Lake Resort!
In the villa, Wang Shuang was furious with a group of men.
He glared at a group of people at the scene, and said angrily: “What is the use of raising your trash? A female reporter can’t handle it.”
At the scene, a gang of Wang Daquan under his bare hands, one by one remained silent, afraid to speak.
Wang Shuangqiang held back his anger and asked coldly, “Where is the female reporter now?”
Qin Yong, among a group of capable men, replied: “Mr. Wang, the female reporter named Li Yutong, was taken away by Chen Ning.”
Wang Shuang squinted his eyes: “Chen Ning, is it possible that Chen Ning has hired this female reporter to specialize in our Wang family?”
Qin Yong said solemnly: “It’s very possible!”
Wang Shuang snorted: “Chen Ning, this kid really doesn’t shed tears if he doesn’t see the coffin. He thinks he can shake our Wang family by just getting some evidence, he really thinks too much!”
Wang Longfei couldn’t help but ask at this moment: “Dad, that guy Chen Ning bullied me and Ding Hao miserably. He even asked me to dig a hole with my bare hands to bury the dog, and he forced me and Ding Hao to kneel in front of the dog’s grave and confess all night. , Dad, you want to avenge me!”
Wang Shuang squinted his eyes and said, “It’s a pity that he is better than the pit you dug to bury the dog. I want to bury him with the dead dog!”
Upon hearing this, Wang Longfei immediately became excited.
Wang Shuang said in a deep voice: “Give me an order, all follow me to the Midtown Prison, pick up Mr. William, and kill Chen Ning.”
Important members of a gang of kings at the scene said in unison: “Yes!”
The secret military prison in Zhonghai City, Zhongcheng Prison.
Liu Jinzhong is on night shift in the prison office!
Suddenly, there was a vague roar of cars and various noises outside.
He just wanted to go out to see the situation?
Some prison guards and soldiers hurriedly opened the door and said anxiously: “Prior Liu, it’s not good. A large number of convoys came outside, gathering thousands of people.”
“All of them are members of the royal clique, it seems that the king’s patriarch, the king, is here.”
Liu Jinzhong was shocked and went out quickly.
The front yard of the prison!
The dozens of guard soldiers in the prison have been fully armed and emergency combined, and everyone is like a big enemy.
At this moment, there was a loud bang!
The iron gate of the front yard of the prison was unexpectedly overturned with an excavator.
I saw a dozen large excavators moving at the same time, not only overthrowing the front gate of the prison, but also overthrowing all the walls of the prison yard abruptly.
In the shocked eyes of Liu Jinzhong and others!
After a dozen excavators slowly retreated, dust fell back to the ground.
Then, a large number of burly men wearing samurai swords, Tang swords and other weapons appeared in their field of vision.
Liu Jinzhong and his men all clenched their weapons.
Liu Jinzhong shouted angrily: “Who are you who dare to attack the military prison, do you know this is a felony?”
At this time, Wang Shuang walked out of the crowd with his powerful men, including the four kings of the Wang family.
Wang Shuang said with a sneer, “Do you know what crime is it to insult my son and be rude to me?”
When Liu Jinzhong saw Wang Shuang, he didn’t have time to speak. There were already many laser red spots in the darkness, falling on him and dozens of men around him.
Not only did the king dispatch thousands of disciples to attack the Midtown Prison, there were even dozens of snipers!
Wang Shuang looked at Liu Jinzhong and the others, and said with a sneer: “You are now being targeted by dozens of snipers arranged by me. If you don’t immediately put down your weapons, believe me or not, all of you and your men will become cold corpses?”
Liu Jinzhong was frightened and angry: “Do you dare to kill us?”
Wang Shuang sneered: “You can try it. Believe it or not, after I killed you, there will be no ass, and even the general Wang Daofang will invite me to eat and drink?”
Wang Clan is the head of the eight great families, and his contacts spread all over the country. The relationship penetrates the black, white, business, political, and military sectors. Even a major general such as Wang Daofang, he has to give Wang Shuang a bit of face on weekdays.
With the power of the king, he killed all Liu Jinzhong and others, and he was able to level it off.
Even the whole thing won’t come, and it won’t cause any waves.
Liu Jinzhong looked at Wang Shuang and the others angrily. There were thousands of subordinates behind Wang Shuang and dozens of snipers in the dark.
Liu Jinzhong knew that resistance was useless and would only kill his men in vain.
So he took the lead in throwing away the weapons, and at the same time instructed his men around him: “Let down all weapons!”
Wang Shuang sneered and said, “This is decent!”
Liu Jinzhong said coldly: “Wang Shuang, don’t be proud of it too soon.”
“When Mr. Chen arrives, that’s when you regretted it!”
Wang Shuang instructed his subordinates to seize the weapons of Liu Jinzhong and others. He sneered and said: “Regret, Wang Shuang has acted so arrogantly throughout his life, and there is no word for regret in my dictionary.”
Liu Jinzhong said coldly: “I promise, Mr. Chen is here, you will wish to write a big word of regret on your forehead.”
Wang Shuang laughed at the words: “I want to see how Chen Ning made me regret it!”
As he said, his eyes fell under the old locust tree in the yard!
There are two small mounds under the old locust tree, on which it is written: Army Dog Dahei Erhei’s Tomb.
Wang Shuang looked at his son: “These two mounds, they forced you to dig with Ding Hao to bury the dog?”
Wang Feilong said bitterly, then pointed at Liu Jinzhong and the group: “These guys also forced me and Ding Hao to kneel in front of the dog grave all night!”
Wang Shuang’s eyes were cold when he heard the words: “It’s unreasonable!”
“Come here, interrupt all the feet of these guys like Liu Jinzhong and let them all kneel in front of this dog grave.”
Wang Shuang’s voice is down!
In the royal army, a group of people immediately rushed to Liu Jinzhong and the others like tigers, and soon interrupted all the feet of Liu Jinzhong and the others, forcing Liu Jinzhong and others to kneel in front of the dog grave.
Liu Jinzhong and the others were interrupted, kneeling in front of the dog grave. Although each one was sweating with pain and his face was distorted, all of them gritted their teeth without saying a word.
Wang Shuang watched Liu Jinzhong and the others all get broken legs, and they all knelt down.
He sneered: “You like to kneel down on a dog grave, so let you kneel down enough.”
“Come on, send a message to Chen Ning, let him bring Li Yutong and USB drive to see me.”
“Within half an hour, if he doesn’t come, not only Liu Jinzhong and others will not survive, but his whole family will not survive either.”

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