The One & Only

Chapter: 516

With Wang Shuang’s gestures and angrily shouting, dozens of laser red dots suddenly appeared around them, all of which were aimed at by snipers in the distance!
These red dots were scattered on Chen Ning and others.
The faces of Li Yutong, Liu Jinzhong and others changed instantly.
Liu Jinzhong trembled: “Mr. Chen, I forgot to tell you just now. The king also brought dozens of snipers this time.”
“We were targeted by these snipers and then disarmed by them.”
Li Yutong’s pretty face was also pale, and she thought to herself: It’s over, the king’s fists are not as good as Chen Ning’s and the others, and they have to rely on the use of firearms. This is all over.
Wang Shuang looked at Chen Ning triumphantly, and said with a sneer: “I came here this time. Not only did I bring thousands of subordinates, but I also equipped 30 snipers to take precautions against you. Kind of master.”
“No matter how good you are, can you still be better than a bullet?”
“Kneel me all!”
The corner of Chen Ning’s mouth rose slightly: “Let me kneel, why?”
Wang Shuang snorted coldly: “With these sniper rifles aimed at you, believe it or not, can I kill all of you with a single order?”
The corners of Chen Ning’s mouth have a more playful smile: “You said these sniper rifles?”
He said, raising his right hand!
Chen Ning’s palm seemed to have magical powers, and dozens of sniper rifle red dots on the scene, all moved over, all concentrated on Chen Ning’s palm.
Wang Shuang and others looked at the red dots of the sniper rifle that were densely concentrated on Chen Ning’s palm. They were all dumbfounded. They didn’t understand what was going on.
Wang Shuang lost his voice: “You?”
Chen Ning smiled mysteriously, and pointed his right hand to Wang Shuang.
Dozens of sniper rifles shot red dots, following the direction of Chen Ning’s finger, they all focused on Wang Shuang at once!
Wang Shuang had already been targeted by dozens of sniper rifles at the same time.
Wang Shuang was stunned instantly!
Wang Feilong was also stunned!
The men of the king at the scene, as well as Li Yutong and Liu Jinzhong, were all stupid.
Everyone can’t understand, how could the king’s sniper turn his gun and aim at the king’s family master Wang Shuang in turn?
Chen Ning said with a sneer: “Your group of snipers were killed by my people long ago.”
“The snipers around now are all mine!”
Wang Shuang’s eyes were round, his mouth was open, his face was full of disbelief.
With a dozen of his subordinates around him, Qi Qi picked up the collected rifles, trying to target Chen Ning.
But they had just picked up the rifle, and there was no time to open the insurance, and the sniper rifle shot from a distance.
Wang Shuang’s more than a dozen men with rifles, chances are that at the same moment, all of them were shot in the forehead.
All were shot dead on the spot, and the bodies fell at the same time.
Wang Shuang was covered in cold sweat and his face was pale. He looked at Chen Ning with an extremely ugly expression, and said in a trembled voice: “How many snipers have you prepared?”
Chen Ning smiled and said, “Not many, maybe a hundred!”
Wang Shuang lost his voice: “Impossible, where did you get so many snipers? Where did you get so many sniper rifles?”
Chen Ning sneered: “What’s the sniper rifle, I have more things for you tonight.”

“Dian Chu, you can let the brothers show up, let these dog things open their eyes, let them know that we are professionally playing this!”
Dian Chu said solemnly: “Yes!”
After speaking, he took out a flare gun and fired a shot into the night sky.
A flare was lifted into the sky, and then exploded in the night sky.
Then, around the middle city prison, there was a roaring sound at the same time, and then everyone in Wang Shuang saw armored tanks with gun barrels rolling over from all directions.
Behind the tanks, there are a large number of armed off-road vehicles equipped with high-speed machine guns.
Behind, this is a line of soldiers holding submachine guns, stepping neatly, and surrounded with arrogance and grandeur.
In the sky!
There was also a sudden roar!
Dozens of helicopter gunships, like a flock of giant flying birds at night, are overwhelming the sky.
Soon, dozens of helicopters have reached the sky above everyone’s heads.
The high-speed machine guns on the helicopter have long been aimed at Wang Shuang and others.
There were also a large number of special fighters wearing black combat uniforms quickly sliding down along the rope thrown by the helicopter.
The special fighters assembled immediately after landing and reunited around Chen Ning, closely protecting Chen Ning and others.
Wang Shuang and his son, as well as the king’s people, were completely stupid at this time.
The king had greeted the leaders of Zhonghai City before. Why has the situation changed drastically now and the army has been dispatched?
Wang Shuang looked at the large number of troops around him with fear and horror. He sternly shouted: “Which military area are you from and who ordered you to be dispatched? Do you know that I am Wang Shuang, the king’s Patriarch?”
“It’s my order!”
A large number of army soldiers on the scene separated a road, and then saw Wang Daofang dressed in a major general’s uniform, with a large number of subordinates, rushing imposingly.
When Wang Shuang saw Wang Daofang, he was shocked and angry: “Wang Daofang, we are all surnamed Wang. According to the genealogy, we were still the same ancestor hundreds of years ago. We are both distant relatives and friends on weekdays.”
“Why are you doing this to me, you actually sent out an army to deal with me for an outsider?”
Wang Daofang said coldly: “Don’t tell me that we were a family hundreds of years ago. If we talk about our ancestors, then we are all descendants of Yan and Huang.”
“Moreover, you are a traitor who joins the All-Conference and betrays national interests. You are not worthy of being my friend, and you are not worthy of being a descendant of Yan and Huang!”
Wang Shuang’s face changed after hearing this!
He hurriedly pointed at Chen Ning and said to Li Yutong, “General Wang, you must have listened to the nonsense of the two of them. Don’t believe them. I am innocent.”
Wang Daofang said with a sneer: “You said that, Mr. Chen framed you?”
Wang Shuangdao: “Of course! I have an enmity with Chen Ning. He knew I was going to deal with him. He was unwilling to wait for death, so he linked up with this female reporter to frame me.”
Wang Daofang roared: “Fuck your mother’s shit!”
“Do you know what identity Mr. Chen is?”
“In Mr. Chen’s status, if he wants to clean up you, he needs to frame you? You betrayed to join the enemy’s organization, betrayed the national interests, and dare to quibble!”
Wang Shuang was completely dumbfounded when he heard the words, looked at Chen Ning uncertainly, and asked silently, “He… who is he…”
Wang Daofang said angrily: “Scared your dog’s eye, he was the teacher who promoted me back then, and was also my direct superior. Now the commander of the North, the Chinese God of War, and the marshal Chen Ning!”
Young handsome!
When Wang Shuang heard this, he instantly felt a thunder from the blue sky.
He shuddered instantly, stood unsteadily, and knelt down with a plop.
He looked at Chen Ning desperately, and finally understood why Chen Ning dared to let their king out of the list of the eight great families?
He finally understood why Chen Ning’s talents were so great?
He finally understood why Chen Ning could easily deal with the sniper he arranged in the dark?
It turns out that all this is because Chen Ning is a young marshal!
It’s over, the king is completely over.
Wang Shuang and Wang Longfei, as well as everyone in the Wang family, had their faces gray and desperate.
Wang Daofang came over to salute Chen Ning, and then asked, “Marshal, what do these guys do?”
Chen Ning said coldly: “Grab all the important personnel, transfer them to Guoan and deal with them in accordance with the law.”
Wang Daofang said: “Yes!”
When Wang Shuang heard that it was handed over to the National Security Council for strict enforcement, he knew that the king had joined the enemy’s organization, and the charges of collaborating with the enemy and betraying the country could not escape, and the king had also completely finished.
His eyes were black and he passed out into a coma.

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