The One & Only

Chapter: 519

Let Chen Ning get out!
The complexions of Song Qingsong’s entire family changed slightly!
After so much ups and downs, Song Qingsong’s family knows the importance of Chen Ning better than anyone else.
Without Chen Ning, how can Song Pingting’s current career flourish?
It is not even an exaggeration to say that it was Chen Ning who personally built Song Pingting into a giant.
Now, Ye Zhixiong actually treats Chen Ning as an ordinary door-to-door son-in-law, and says that Chen Ning is not qualified to speak and let Chen Ning get out?
Song Zhongbin was the first to be anxious!
He hurriedly said round the field: “Mr. Ye, he is my son-in-law.”
Song Zhongbin was reminding Ye Zhixiong euphemistically that Chen Ning is his good son-in-law and he has the weight to speak in this family. Please be kind to Chen Ning when Ye Zhixiong speaks.
But who is Ye Zhixiong?
The former high-ranking official of the capital!
Although he is now retired, he still has a high-pitched air and temper all year round.
In fact, he didn’t even put the common people businessman in his eyes before, nor did he put the Song family in his eyes.
This time, if it weren’t for a way to maintain expenses after retirement, and if he was interested in Song Pingting’s business, he would never come to visit the Song family, let alone reminisce with the Song family.
Moreover, although he is plotting Song Pingting’s business.
But subconsciously, he still doesn’t take everyone from the Song family seriously. In his subconscious mind, he is aloof, and the Song family will flatter him.
At this time, after listening to Song Zhongbin’s words, instead of being polite to Chen Ning, he said to Song Zhongbin mockingly: “So, this kid is the son-in-law who makes you fake cigarettes?”
Song Zhongbin flushed with embarrassment on his face.
Ye Zhixiong turned his head and looked at Chen Ning, sarcastically saying: “Boy, young people must be down to earth, don’t make opportunistic tricks or deceive.”
“It’s not wrong for you to please your father-in-law, but you make fake cigarettes for your father-in-law, it is your fault.”
“At that time, people will not only laugh at you, but also laugh at your father-in-law who smokes fake cigarettes as a cannon, you know?”
Ye Zhixiong has been in the capital for a long time, aloof, and has long been accustomed to this way of talking to people. He sneered at Chen Ning after he finished speaking.
He wanted to see Chen Ning’s negative emotions such as embarrassment and embarrassment!
It would be even better if Chen Ning was sweating, blushing, and embarrassed by him.
But to his disappointment, Chen Ning was still calm.
Chen Ning turned to look at Song Qingsong, and asked calmly, “Master, is he your friend?”
Song Qingsong, the old fox, could tell at a glance that Chen Ning was really angry.
He hesitated: “This…”
Chen Ning said, “It seems that the old man refused to accept him as your friend!”
“In my opinion, those who are friends with me must respect me, and must respect my relatives, then I will respect him!”
“I am most uncomfortable with some people claiming to be friends, and then while trying to take advantage, they look down on you and step on you.”
“For this kind of guy, I usually only use one way to deal with it, and that is to let him go!”
After Chen Ning finished speaking, she turned her head and looked at Ye Zhixiong, whose expression had become ugly, and said coldly: “That’s wrong, I’m talking about you. We don’t welcome you here. You can go away now.”
Ye Zhixiong instantly turned into pig liver color when he heard the words!
He was frightened and angry, pointing at Chen Ning, and sternly shouted: “Even Song Qingsong dare not talk to me like this. You are a son-in-law from the Song family, dare to treat me like this.”
“Do you believe me a phone call to the leaders of Zhonghai City, so that your Song family can’t finish eating?”
The corner of Chen Ning’s mouth rose slightly: “A phone call makes me unable to finish eating?”
“You can call now and call Zhonghai Zun directly. I will give you his mobile phone number without his. His mobile phone number is…”
Ye Zhixiong heard this, his face full of suspicion.
Everyone in the Song family looked at each other even more.
Ye Zhixiong came back to his senses after a while. He was completely irritated by Chen Ning, and he really took out his mobile phone on the spot and called Zhonghai City Zun Zhou Ruoshu.
Soon, the call was made.
Zhou Ruoshu was very polite to Ye Zhixiong. In fact, on the first day when Ye Zhixiong returned to his hometown, he had already hosted a dinner with Zhou Ruoshu and the leaders of Zhonghai. Everyone was naturally familiar with each other.
Ye Zhixiong also didn’t talk too much nonsense with Zhou Ruoshu, and said straightforwardly: “Zhou Shizun, some businessmen in Zhonghai City have a very arrogant attitude. Do you think these businessmen should be rectified?”
As Ye Zhixiong spoke, he glanced at Chen Ning with a sneer.
Hearing this, Zhou Ruoshu quickly said: “Who dares to be disrespectful to you? If you say it, I will rectify it seriously for you.”
The volume of Ye Zhixiong’s mobile phone was loud, and everyone around him could hear Zhou Shizun’s voice.
He glanced at Chen Ning and the others proudly at this time, and then said: “This kid is the son-in-law of the Zhonghai Song family, and his name is Chen… What is Chen?”
Zhou Ruoshu on the other end of the phone, hearing Ye Zhixiong’s words, was so scared that his cell phone almost fell to the ground. He quickly asked, “Chen Ning?”
Ye Zhixiong smiled and said, “Yes, that’s this kid!”
After Zhou Ruoshu was sure that it was Chen Ning, he felt as if sitting on pins and needles, and felt uneasy.
He sweats, and quickly asked: “Mr. Chen is on the side now?”
Mr. Chen?
Ye Zhixiong looked at Chen Ning, and subconsciously replied: “You said Chen Ning, yes, he is right by the side. I said Zhou Shizun, you have to give me this face, and you must give me a good treatment of him…”
Zhou Ruoshu almost freaked out when he heard this!
He hurriedly lowered his voice and said, “Ye Zhixiong, I can’t help you with this matter.”
“Mr. Chen is definitely not someone you can provoke. If you offend him, you’d better apologize to him as soon as possible. You can do it yourself!”
Zhou Ruoshu learned that Ye Zhixiong was in conflict with Chen Ning, and learned that Chen Ning was nearby, where he dared to say more, so he was so scared that he hung up the phone.
Song Qingsong’s family raised their ears, but they still couldn’t hear clearly what Zhou Shizun said in the phone, because Zhou Shizun’s last two words were too quiet.
Song Qingsong and others could not hear clearly, but Ye Zhixiong could hear clearly.
Ye Zhixiong’s eyes were staring at this time, and his face was shocked.
How dare Zhonghai Shizun dare not offend Chen Ning?
There is also Zhou Shizun, who seems to be in awe of Chen Ning!
Chen Ning, what is his identity?
Ye Zhixiong looked at Chen Ning with suspicion, guessing the origin of Chen Ning’s identity. As far as he knows, there seems to be someone in Zhonghai who is more bullish than Shizun!
If there is, there is only one!
When he was in the capital, he accidentally learned that the North Marshal had recently taken a vacation in Zhonghai City to reunite with his family.
As soon as he thought of this, his whole body trembled involuntarily, looked at Chen Ning in horror, and thought: What a coincidence!
At this moment, a group of soldiers suddenly came outside!
Zhan Tiejun, the captain of the guard who commanded Wang Daofang in the Zhonghai City Military Region, marched with ten soldiers, each holding a gift in his hand, basically cigarettes and alcohol.
Seeing this, everyone at the scene couldn’t help showing their surprised expressions, and they were surprised to discuss what’s going on.
Zhan Tiejun brought his hands down to Chen Ning, slapped Chen Ning in a salute, and respectfully said: “Mr. Chen, this holiday season, our general sent me to send you a little gift. By the way, let me greet you. you.”
Chen Ning smiled upon hearing the words: “General Wang is so polite.”
Zhan Tiejun smiled and said: “He knows that you like heavy smoke and liquor, so he ordered me to bring some.”
With that, the soldiers behind Zhan Tiejun presented cigarettes and drinks specially provided by the army.
Chen Ning smiled and said to Song Qingsong, “Master, let someone accept it.”
Song Qingsong opened his eyes and smiled, and said to his sons and grandchildren with excitement: “Quickly accept it, and thank you Captain Zhan for the guard!”
Song Zhongbin and the others were very happy and felt a lot of face.
At the same time, Song Zhongbin proudly took a peek at Ye Zhixiong, thinking: Seeing Wu, this is the internal tobacco and alcohol bought by my son-in-law. It was sent by General Wang Daofang of the Zhonghai Military Region. It is not a fake!
Ye Zhixiong was already sweating profusely at this time, and his face was full of horror.
Because he noticed that the tobacco and alcohol sent by Zhan Tiejun were different from ordinary internal tobacco and alcohol.
This is the best of the internal tobacco and alcohol. In addition to the words “Special Offer” on the cigarette box, there is also a faint dragon-shaped pattern.
This is a special offer for top leaders!
No wonder, Song Zhongbin previously said that the special cigarette he smoked was stronger than his internal cigarette.
It turns out that Song Zhongbin drew a special confession from the chief!
Ye Zhixiong was sweating profusely, and his whole body trembled uncontrollably, because he had basically guessed the identity of Chen Ning by now, and he was the young commander.
He actually offended the young marshal!
He now has the heart to die!

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