The One & Only

Chapter: 521

His voice fell, and immediately there were a large number of subordinates coming in with their coffins!
In a moment, dozens of coffins were already placed in the courtyard of the Song family’s ancestral house.
Song Qingsong was so angry that he almost vomited blood.
Everyone in the Song family was also pale. These coffins were obviously prepared by Hisuo for their family.
Hisuo looked at the expressions of horror and despair in the Song family, and couldn’t help showing a smug grin.
What he wants is this effect.
But just when the Song family was panicked, a steady and powerful voice sounded: “Ho ho, I have seen many people who are going to die, but I don’t see many people who come to die with a coffin. .”
When everyone on the scene heard this, they all showed surprised expressions.
Everyone looked in the direction where the voice came from, and then found that the speaker was Chen Ning.
Everyone in the Song family was stunned. Now that the disaster is approaching, Chen Ning dared to speak wildly, this is to accelerate the destruction!
Even Song Pingting said anxiously: “Husband, you…”
Chen Ning smiled slightly and said, “Don’t worry, everyone. Since our Oriental Dragon regained consciousness, there have never been any foreigners able to spread wildly on our territory.”
“These foreign devils carry the coffin to die, and I will fulfill them.”
Foreign devils carrying the coffin to die?
Everyone in the Song family, as well as Lu Guorong’s gang, couldn’t help but look at Hisuo and Hiso’s men.
Hisuo is proficient in many languages ​​in the world. When he heard Chen Ning’s words, his face was pale and he glared at Chen Ning, “Who are you?”
Lu Guorong quickly whispered the master Hisoso: “Mr. Hisoso, this kid is the culprit who killed William, Chen Ning.”
Hearing this, Hisuo stared at Chen Ning fiercely: “You are Chen Ning!”
Chen Ning stood with his hands behind: “It’s wrong, I am Chen Ning.”
“You’d better take your son’s body and get out of China, this is your last chance, otherwise you will be prepared to stay here forever!”
Hiso’s eyes widened when he heard this!
He didn’t expect Chen Ning to be so arrogant. He was the prince of the Eagle Country, and he would be treated with respect to any country in the world, and Chen Ning dared to threaten him.
He laughed furiously: “You are so arrogant, I hope you can have the strength to match it, otherwise you will die miserably.”
When he finished speaking, he raised his hand and snapped his fingers: “Who wants to chop off this madman’s head for me?”
His voice fell, and immediately there was a blond, blue-eyed, burly man who wanted to match knights. He strode out and said loudly: “The seventh knight of the twelve knights, Rose, is willing to serve.
Rose said, pulling out the knight sword while walking towards Chen Ning.
When everyone in the Song family saw that their faces changed drastically, Song Pingting even lost her voice: “Chen Ning, be careful.”
Chen Ning stood proudly, his face calm and unhurried, obviously he didn’t put this Rose in his eyes.
Rose is two meters tall, a lot taller than Chen Ning. He raised the knight sword and slammed it down at Chen Ning’s head, and roared, “Boy, die for me!”
However, his knight sword hadn’t fallen yet, and Chen Ning had already appeared in front of him for a flash.
He was shocked instantly!
Chen Ning raised his left hand, grabbed the opponent’s sword-holding wrist, and punched out with his right hand.
Smash like an axe with a hammer!
Chen Ning punched Ross to shatter his face and splashed blood. The guy screamed so badly that he could not let go, and fell directly to the ground and died.
Hiso suddenly opened his eyes and opened his mouth.
All of his subordinates were not as relaxed as they were just now, and their expressions of laughter were suppressed, and their expressions became serious.
You know Ross is one of the 12 strongest knights under Hiso!
But I don’t think of being directly killed by Chen Ning with a punch!
Even if Rose underestimated the enemy, the result of this battle was a bit shocking.
Chen Ning killed Ross with a punch, easily took the opponent’s knight sword, pierced it on the ground, and said coldly, “Twelve knights under the king, that’s it?”
That’s it?
Chen Ning’s words directly ignited Hisuo’s anger.
His eyes burned with anger, and he said solemnly, “Who will kill him?”
“I come!”
“I am willing to help!”
Three voices sounded almost at the same time. Three men of different builds, but very fierce-looking, came out at the same time, pressing the hilt of their waists.
All three are one of the 12 knights under Kings!
The three guys walked out at the same time, but they were not courteous, and they didn’t mean to fight alone with Chen Ning. The three of them came to Chen Ning together, and they were ready to join forces to deal with Chen Ning.
When the Song family saw this, they couldn’t help cursing, “Shameless, they used more to deceive the less.”
Among the gang of big guys onlookers, Lu Guorong sneered and said: “Hey, Mr. Hisuo is here to avenge his son, not to compete with you. Why do we have to fight you fairly?”
The Song family is extremely popular!
At the same time, the three knights had all pulled out their swords and rushed towards Chen Ning at the same time. The three knight swords slashed down towards Chen Ning, trying to hack Chen Ning’s chaotic sword to death.
At this moment, Chen Ning had already moved.
He stretched out his hand and drew up the knight’s sword pierced on the ground, which was like the most common horizontal cut like lightning.
The sabers of the three knights were directly cut off by Chen Ning with a cross cut.
At the same time, Chen Ning’s sword light was still flying across the necks of the three.
The three of them covered their necks, but blood rushed from their fingers and mouths, struggling to fall to the ground, and there was no movement after a long time.
Everyone at the scene exclaimed!
Lu Guorong and a group of big men looked at Chen Ning with a little shock.
Chen Ning casually killed the four capable men of Prince Hisuo. This strength should not be underestimated!
Hisuo gasped even more!
The 12 knights under the king were all his most loyal and powerful masters carefully trained.
On weekdays, he took the 12 knights under the king, and came and went freely from the African tribes with warlords like clouds. There were no opponents of his knights.
Why, it’s not easy for him to come to Huaxia for these knights?
Chen Ning killed three opponents with a single sword, and did not take advantage of the victory to pursue him. He only slammed the knight sword back to the ground, folded his arms, and said indifferently: “Who else?”
Hisuo’s face was ashen!
He looked at his men behind him, and although he brought a lot of men, if even the 12 knights under the king were not helpful, the only thing that could be done was the four emperors.
The four emperors are the four most fierce warriors under him.
They are: Sword King John, Sword King Hans, Hammer King Thor, and Shield King Chris.
Hisuo looked at the four emperors, and said solemnly: “You four, who is willing to go to war to defend the sacred majesty of our Eagle Warriors?”
Sword Emperor John narrowed his narrow eagle eyes, looked at Chen Ning, and said coldly: “This guy killed our four knights with a sword. As the Sword Emperor, I am willing to kill him in my own right. Under the sword!”
Hisuo smiled satisfied after hearing the words: “Very well, John, let this kid see and see, the strength of our Eagle Country Sword Emperor, so that people will not look down upon us.”
Sword Emperor John, wearing a set of white noble costumes and a long sword with jewels, walked out slowly.
He walked to a place only five meters away from Chen Ning and stopped, then took off the white glove on his left hand, threw it under Chen Ning’s feet, and said coldly: “I, Sword Emperor John, officially challenge you to a duel.”

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