The One & Only

Chapter: 522

One of the Four Emperors, John the Sword Emperor!
Chen Ning looked at John with interest, as if thinking of something, and asked faintly: “What is the relationship between the Seraphim Edward before the Eagle Nation and your four emperors?”
John heard this with a surprised expression in his eyes, and said in a deep voice: “Edward is the master of the four of us, and he trained the four of us by himself.”
“How would you know our master, why would you suddenly mention him?”
It turned out that Edward was the master of the Four Emperors.
In addition, three years ago, Edward formed a coalition with the masters of the eighteen nations to secretly invade the northern border of China and behead the marshals of the northern border.
Edward was killed in that battle and became the soul of the Northern Marshal under the sword, and even the corpse rotted in the Northern Wilderness.
At this time, John was shocked when he heard Chen Ning suddenly mention his master.
Chen Ning smiled slightly and said, “What is it, I just asked casually.”
John vaguely felt that Chen Ning should have a story with his master, or that Chen Ning had heard of his master’s name.
Seraphim Edward was famous all over the world.
It would not be surprising if Chen Ning had heard of Master’s name.
John snorted coldly: “Since you know my master’s name, it is your honor to die by my sword, so draw your sword!”
When Chen Ning heard the words, the corners of his mouth rose slightly, showing a playful smile: “Well, I’d like to see, despicable and timid Edward, how does his apprentice’s strength compare to him?”
It turned out that Edward was strong, but his personality was sinister and cunning.
In the battle, he attacked Chen Ning without success, and was killed by Chen Ning’s backhand. Therefore, Chen Ning did not put this famous European power in his eyes, and even talked about it at this time.
When John heard Chen Ning’s words, he was so angry, he said angrily: “Dare to insult my master and look for death!”
After he finished speaking, his body abruptly, drew his sword backhand, the long sword brought out a serpentine sword light, and it pierced Chen Ning’s neck like lightning.
Chen Ning raised his head slightly, avoiding the meandering sword glow.
John snorted, his wrist flicked, and the long sword once again pierced Chen Ning from a tricky angle, like a poisonous snake.
Chen Ning did not draw his sword, but stretched out his hand and flicked his finger.
The long sword in John’s hand was shattered like a heavy blow to glass.
what? John’s pupils were dilated and his face was full of disbelief. Even his master might not have such a terrifying strength!
When Chen Ning flicked the long sword in John’s hand with his fingers, he swished into John’s arms and hit John’s chest with his elbow.
There was a dull sound like hitting a piece of wood.
John retreated seven or eight steps in a row before he could barely stabilize his figure, his chest bones were all broken, and his chest was deeply sunken.
His face was like golden paper, he couldn’t help but wow, and vomited a mouthful of blood mixed with pieces of lung lobes.
Two subordinates came up in time to support him, and he did not fall.
However, anyone can tell that he has been severely injured by Chen Ning, and he is very badly injured, and is dying.
Everyone in the Song family saw Chen Ning defeated another opponent. Although they dared not cheer loudly, they couldn’t hide their excitement.
Especially Song Pingting, too excited.
Lu Guorong’s group of guys looked at each other, thinking that the masters brought by Master Hisoso were not Chen Ning’s opponents!
Hiso’s expression is the most responsible at this time!
Shocked, angry, horrified, unbelievable…
All kinds of negative emotions surfaced on his face, and his eyes were about to fly out of shock at this time.
The Sword Emperor, one of the Four Emperors, was not even Chen Ning’s opponent.
What kind of monster is Chen Ning?
Is any person in Huaxia so strong?
Hisuo was completely panicked at this time, and became anxious. He roared in anger but not dare: “Who, who killed him for me?”
Hans, the king of swords, Thor, the king of hammers, and Chris, the king of shields, all of them looked at each other with fear in their eyes.
Chen Ning said faintly at this time: “No need to call, let’s all go together, don’t waste my time.”
Go together!
Hans, Saul, and Chris looked at each other, humiliation and anger in their eyes.
Although Chen Ning showed good strength, the three of them were not good at all.
The clay figurines all have three-pointed soil nature, and Chen Ning actually didn’t put the three of them in his eyes at all, and even let them go together.
If Chen Ning is not killed, they will have no way of going out to see people in the future.
“Brothers, kill this madman!”
Chris, who is extraordinarily strong and muscular all over, holding a thick shield, rushed towards Chen Ning first, and rammed Chen Ning with the shield, trying to knock Chen Ning away.
Hans, the king of swords, held a sharp war knife, and Saul, the king of hammers, held a warhammer, working with Chris from left to right to besiege Chen Ning.
Chen Ning snorted: “A group of praying mantises dare to block the car.”
After speaking, his body abruptly, whizzing out, speeding to the extreme.
Everyone in the Song family at the scene couldn’t help but watch with painstaking effort.
Chen Ning greeted Shield Emperor Chris, raised his foot and kicked it high, shocking the sky.
Chen Ning kicked the shield!
The extremely hard shield instantly sank, and traces of cracks appeared around it.
The whole shield smashed back and hit Chris severely.
Chris, who was strong in stature, was smashed into the air by the shield. The bones of his whole body were all broken, and he flew out in a distorted form. He was thrown heavily to the ground, and he was bleeding to death from seven holes.
The sword of Hans, the sword king, arrived.
Chen Ning raised his hand to grasp Hans’s wrist holding the knife, and slammed his right fist against Hans’s face.
With a bang, Hans had a habit of being hit by a sledgehammer in his head, and he was killed on the spot without screaming.
The hammer king Thor’s warhammer, carrying the bad wind, whizzed down towards Chen Ning.
Chen Ning leaned back slightly to avoid it, then flew up and kicked Saul’s head with a whip.
In the middle of Thor’s head!
Thor snorted, the warhammer let go, and his body was like a felled tree, slowly crashing to the ground.
on site!
It was quiet, and even the sound of a leaf falling to the ground was clearly audible.
The air seemed to freeze, and everyone could hear it, as if only their own strong heartbeat.
Hiso’s eyes were raised and his mouth opened, enough to fit three duck eggs.
He can’t wait to put all his eyes out, wanting to see clearly whether the scene before him is true or not?
Four emperors!
All were defeated by Chen Ning, with one wound and three deaths!
Chen Ning’s strength is too terrifying, right?
Sword Emperor John, who was seriously injured and dying, stared at Chen Ning, a light flashed in his mind, and then he showed a suddenly realized expression.
He pointed to Chen Ning and said tremblingly: “I know who he is, I know who he is.”
“No wonder he brought up our master, no wonder he dared to look down on my master, no wonder none of our four emperors and twelve knights are his opponents, it turns out he is…”
Hisuo and his men, as well as Lu Guorong and other doglegs, are already in the Song family, all looking at John.
Anyone who can understand English can’t help but prick up his ears. Want to hear clearly, John said who Chen Ning is?
It’s a pity that John didn’t even tell who Chen Ning was, and his voice became weaker and weaker, his head tilted, and he died.
Hisuo and others were anxious and angry. They wanted to know who Chen Ning was?

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