The One & Only

Chapter: 527

Underground Parking Lot!
Chen Ning looked at the two fierce guys in front of him, and said coldly: “Get out of here, before I get angry.”
Chen Ning actually told them to get out!
Interesting and interesting!
The two brothers Cheng Qian and Cheng Kun looked at each other, and they both showed playful smiles.
Cheng Qiancu looked at Chen Ning narrowly and teased: “Ho ho, it’s true that a newborn calf is not afraid of tigers.”
“For more than ten years, there have been few people who have dared to speak like this to our brothers!”
Cheng Kun played in an underground boxing match in his early years. He has a more violent and cruel temperament. He sneered at this time: “Big brother, why do you talk so much nonsense with him? Just break his neck and bring his head back to the young master! ”
“it is good!”
Cheng Qian made a good exit, and his figure moved immediately.
Like a tiger coming out of its cage, and like a falling arrow, it swishes towards Chen Ning and shoots at an astonishing speed.
“Boy, lie down for me!”
Cheng Qian said, banging Chen Ning’s face with a punch.
This punch, like a meteor breaking through the sky, was unstoppable.
Chen Ning snorted coldly: “Little bugs!”
After speaking, he raised his left hand, like picking a flower and twisting a leaf, and caught Chenggan’s fist casually.
Cheng Gan’s eyes widened suddenly, with a shocked expression on his face.
Chen Ningyun casually caught his powerful punch?
Chen Ning grabbed the opponent’s fist with his left hand, waiting for the opponent to return to his senses, he slammed his right hand on the opponent’s arm.
With a bang, he abruptly smashed the opponent’s right arm.
Cheng Qian couldn’t help but let out a scream!
As soon as the screams sounded, Chen Ning’s second fist struck with lightning and slammed it on his face.
The scream stopped abruptly!
The dry face was shattered, and his head fell back with blood on his face.
“Big Brother!”
Cheng Kun saw his elder brother was killed by Chen Ning with two punches as soon as he met each other. He was shocked and angry, let out a roar, and rushed towards Chen Ning desperately.
Cheng Kun is different from his elder brother in that he played in underground boxing matches and was the ten-year champion of the Beijing underground boxing arena.
There are no rules in underground boxing, so Cheng Kun is stronger than his elder brother.
He wasn’t even close to Chen Ning, so he flew a kick and swept towards Chen Ning with a whip.
This kick, as fast as lightning, suddenly thundered.
Seeing this, Chen Ning did not hesitate, and lifted his foot to sweep out, faster and stronger.
The two legs fought together!
The sound of broken bones sounded at the same time!
Chen Ning kicked Cheng Kun’s foot off, and Cheng Kun’s straight right foot had now broken into a weird V.
At the same time, Cheng Kun screamed sternly: “Ah–”
Chen Ning kicked Cheng Kun’s foot off, followed by a second kick, banging Cheng Kun’s chest.
Cheng Kun flew upside down like a kite with a broken wire, installed on a concrete pillar in the parking lot with a bang, and finally fell to the ground, there was already no movement.
At this time, Dian Chu had just arrived with a few tiger guards.
Chen Ning tidyed up his sleeves, and said faintly: “Take care of it!”
After speaking, he got into the BMW and drove away slowly.
At the entrance of Shangjia Center!
Zhang Shaodong is pestering Song Pingting and Qin Chaoge. He triumphantly said: “That kid Chen Ning may have been cut into pieces by my two men now. You don’t need to wait for him, follow me later!”
“I’m not as good as him, but my bed skills are definitely better than him.”
“You follow me, and you will surely make your life happy!”
Song Pingting was shocked and angry, she was rushing to the underground parking lot to find Chen Ning.
But at this moment, a BMW car stopped on the side, and then I saw Chen Ning, who was tall and tall, getting out of the car.
When Song Pingting saw Chen Ning, she couldn’t help but cried out: “Husband!”
Qin Chaoge was also pleasantly surprised: “Mr. Chen, you are really good at nothing.”
Zhang Shaodong and several of his men were dumbfounded, as if he had seen a ghost in the day.
Zhang Shaodong looked at Chen Ning, surprised, angry and suspicious, and exclaimed: “You, you, you, how come you are still alive, what about the two brothers, the two tigers?”
Chen Ning calmly said: “They want to send me to see the king, but the king does not accept it; I send them to see the king, and the king accepts it.”
When Zhang Shaodong and his men heard Chen Ning’s words, their shocked eyes almost fell to the ground.
Chen Ning actually sent the two tigers of the universe to see the king of Yan?
Zhang Shaodong’s first thought was: Impossible!
How strong are the married brothers, who protected his father back then, broke the siege of thousands of people, and killed hundreds of people!
One of the two brothers is a ten-year wrestling champion and the other is the underground ten-year champion.
How could Chen Ning be the rival of the two married brothers?
However, Zhang Shaodong also knew that Qian Kun Shuanghu was extremely loyal to their Zhang family, and there was absolutely no reason to escape halfway.
Since Chen Ning came out of the underground garage alive, then the Qiankun Shuanghu might really have died under Chen Ning’s hands.
He looked at Chen Ning at this time, his face full of horror.
Chen Ning walked over with a cold face and said indifferently: “It seems that the lessons I taught you at the hotel yesterday were not enough!”
Zhang Shaodong backed away in horror. He sternly screamed, “What do you want, I warn you not to mess around, otherwise you will die miserably, and your woman will end miserably…”
Chen Ning said coldly: “It seems that I am going to beat you to death.”
Zhang Shaodong was horrified when he heard the words, pushed down the men around him, and shouted: “You guys, get on together and kill him!”
Several subordinates rushed towards Chen Ning together.
Bang bang bang!
In the blink of an eye, several of his men were beaten off by Chen Ning.
Zhang Shaodong only felt that the figure flashed before him, and Chen Ning had already appeared in front of him.
“I’m fighting with you!”
Zhang Shaodong roared and threw his fist at Chen Ning.
Chen Ning raised his hand and broke Zhang Shaodong’s right arm!
Zhang Shaodong couldn’t help but wailed like a pig.
However, Chen Ning kept moving, banging and banging, breaking Zhang Shaodong’s left arm and feet.
Zhang Shaodong, whose hands and feet were broken, was thrown by Chen Ning on the head cover of the Rolls Royce, smashing the head cover of the Rolls Royce into a big dent.
Chen Ning looked at Zhang Shaodong who was dying, and said coldly: “Go back and tell you the Zhang family, if you come to the Zhang family again, then your Zhang family’s good life will come to an end.”
After Chen Ning finished speaking, he greeted Song Pingting and Qin Chaoge to leave.
Zhang family!
Inside the Jiangnan-style house, in the study room of the quaint residence.
Zhang Chaocheng, the master of the Zhang family, his face was livid.
He just got the message that the Qian Kun Shuanghu he sent to avenge his son was killed by Chen Ning.
More seriously, his son was injured by Chen Ning again.
The injury this time is much more serious than the last time!
He kept breaking his hands and feet, and what was worse was that his son was thrown on the front cover of the car by Chen Ning, causing serious injuries to his back.
The hospital said that the injuries of the hands and feet are easy to treat, at most a matter of time.
But the spine problem is very difficult to deal with, if not, his son may be paralyzed for life.
Zhang Chaocheng’s usual gloomy face became more gloomy at this time.
He was like a ferocious rattlesnake, as if he wanted to choose people at any time.
quite a while!
He slowly said: “Instruct his men to prepare. I will come to the East China Sea to deal with this matter in person.”
Several capable men in the study said in unison, “Yes, sir!”

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