The One & Only

Chapter: 530

Han Zongyuan glared at Chen Ning: “Bring the horse here, I want to see He Dehe Neng, dare to be called the God of War like me!”
Chen Ning smiled slightly and said, “As you are an old man, I’ll let you make the move first.”
Really arrogant!
Han Zongyuan’s eyes were burning with anger, and the masters who used to gesture with him, when facing him, they were all very cautious, as if they were facing a tiger.
Only Chen Ning dared to despise him so much and treat him like an ordinary old man.
Han Zongyuan was completely irritated by Chen Ning!
“Boy, it’s the first time I have seen someone who is crazy like you. If you want to see Hades, I will send you on the road!”
After he finished speaking, he slowly opened his arms and stood on one leg.
In an instant, the momentum on his body immediately changed.
Like a flying white crane, I stand alone.
The people around the scene felt the powerful and fierce aura of Han Zongyuan!
Zhang Chaocheng and his men couldn’t help showing excitement, and said excitedly: “Haha, we are really blessed to see the God of War personally take action. It is an honor, a great honor!”
Chen Ning stood with his hand, looking at Han Zongyuan in front of him, and said faintly: “It’s interesting!”
Han Zongyuan shouted: “Baihe soars into the sky!”
When the voice fell, his figure was already swept flat like a bird, and his body drew a perfect parabola in the air, kicking Chen Ning’s head like lightning in the sky.
This foot is enough to break gold and stone.
Chen Ning took a step back calmly and easily avoided Han Zongyuan’s sharp kick.
Han Zongyuan kicked it in the air and fell back to the ground, feeling a little shocked. It is weird for Chen Ning to avoid his killer kick so easily.
He couldn’t care about so much at this time, and he fought close to Chen Ning.
He made a high-pitched sound like a crane, his right hand was like a bird’s wing, and the other hand swung a knife to Chen Ning’s neck fiercely.
Chen Ning took a step back and once again avoided Han Zongyuan’s edge.
Han Zongyuan chased after him, and threw another punch: “Chentian Baihe Fist!”
This time, Chen Ning was no longer courteous and no longer dodge. Instead, he used the most common combat technique in the army to fight against, stepping and punching.
The two fisted, making a sound like muffled thunder.
Han Zongyuan’s arm was broken in an instant, his body was struck by lightning, and his whole body flew out in shock. He hit an osmanthus tree hard and broke the osmanthus tree directly before falling to the ground, vomiting a mouthful of blood.
He trained countless boxing champions and Sanda champions, and at the age of 30, he had survived more than a thousand battles without fail. Mr. Han, who was hailed as the god of war in the arena, was defeated by Chen Ning today!
Zhang Chaocheng was stunned!
All of his men were stunned!
Even Han Zongyuan, who was seriously injured and fell to the ground, was full of blood at this time, looking at Chen Ning in disbelief.
He could not accept the fact that he was defeated by Chen Ning in one blow, and murmured: “Impossible, impossible…”
“There is no nameless pawn in China that can defeat me with one punch!”
“If someone can defeat me with one punch, then maybe the legendary Northern Marshal, the Chinese God of War, may be able to do it…”
Han Zongyuan said to himself here, his pupils suddenly expanded, looking at Chen Ning in horror.
His body began to tremble crazily, and his words became uncomfortable. He trembled and said, “You…you are…the God of War of China!”
When the people around saw Old Han looking at Chen Ning in horror, they also said that Chen Ning was the God of War of China. Many people did not react to it. Everyone was at a loss. They didn’t know who the God of War of China was?
Chen Ning still has nothing to say!
Dian Chu couldn’t help but snorted coldly: “It seems that you still have some eyesight to see the origin of our young master.”
The frustration after Han Zongyuan was defeated disappeared instantly. At this time, he had an expression of sudden realization, and he regretted and said in shame: “It turns out that I am the real God of War. My fake God of War will be defeated. It is reasonable and of course! ”
Chen Ning calmly looked at Han Zongyuan, who was in regret and shame, and said lightly: “I’ve heard of your name, Mr. Han. You have cultivated a lot of Sanda and fighting master disciples, but your personality is extremely short-sighted.”
“Your two apprentices wanted to kill me, only to be killed by my legitimate defense. It can be said that they are on their own terms.”
“I hope you will stop making unreasonable coaxes, this matter will end there!”
Han Zongyuan now knows that Chen Ning is the commander of 300,000 soldiers in the north, and the Chinese God of War who has killed a mountain of corpses of the masters of the Eighteen Nations. Coupled with his loss, how can he still have the courage to continue to mess with Chen Ning?
He struggled to stand up, and said angrily: “Yes, yes, the god of war reprimanded so yes, the old man will retreat to the mountains and forests, only train students, don’t ask about world affairs, let alone participate in any battles.”
Chen Ning turned his head and looked at Zhang Chaocheng!
Zhang Chaocheng still hasn’t guessed Chen Ning’s identity.
While wondering who Chen Ning was, he was terrified that Old Han was so afraid of Chen Ning.
Although he was not able to guess Chen Ning’s true identity, he was not stupid, and it was certainly not easy to be able to guess Chen Ning’s origins.
He saw Chen Ning’s eyes fall on him at this time, his face instantly paled, and cold sweat broke out on his forehead.
Chen Ning said coldly: “Your son tried to kill me over and over again to harass my wife and friends.”
“Not only did you not strictly discipline your son, but on the contrary, you indulged him in murder.”
“Also, you dare to take the distinguished guest I invited, Donald Trump, forcibly here.”
“Now I don’t care about it with you. You will come here tonight and kneel down to apologize to my wife, Dr. Qin, and Elder Tang, otherwise you will be at your own risk.”
When Chen Ning said this, Zhang Chaocheng’s expression changed.
All of the people around Zhang Chaocheng were angry.
It is unreasonable that Chen Ning dared to let their Patriarch come to the house to apologize in person.
Chen Ning finished speaking, but stopped talking to Zhang Chaocheng and others, took Dianchu and others, accompanied Mr. Tang and others, and left the hospital.
After Chen Ning left, Zhang Chaocheng couldn’t help it anymore and asked Han Zongyuan: “Old Han, what the hell is this kid Chen Ning?”
“The God of War, the young marshal of the North!”
Han Zongyuan slowly said eight words!
But the shock caused by these eight words in the ears of Zhang Chaocheng and others is no less than thundering.
Zhang Chaocheng feels the sky is rolling!
The person offended by their Zhang family turned out to be the Northern Marshal.
No wonder Chen Ning didn’t put Zhang Family in his eyes from beginning to end, no wonder Mr. Han was easily defeated by Chen Ning.
It turns out that Chen Ning is the No. 1 God of War in China today!
After Zhang Chaocheng figured out Chen Ning’s identity, his blood pressure soared and blood surged all over his body, but he spouted a mouthful of blood without knowing it was on the spot.
“Master, you have nothing to do!”
A group of Zhang’s subordinates at the scene hurriedly helped Zhang Chaocheng and asked anxiously.
Zhang Chaocheng felt regretful and wanted to die at this time, and even wanted to personally kill his son who caused trouble.
The goods on the ground do not provoke, but rather provoke disasters in the sky.
He grabbed the skirt of one of his men and said anxiously: “Quickly, get ready. I’m going to visit Mr. Chen tonight and apologize to Mr. Chen.”

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