The One & Only

Chapter: 532

Li Cangfeng didn’t believe that Zhang Chaocheng would come to Chen Ning to kneel and beg for mercy!
He was convinced that Chen Ning would be suppressed by Zhang Chaocheng, and then ran to the Li family in embarrassment and asked them for help from the Li family.
Therefore, he left a sentence and waited and waited, and then took his men and left openly.
After Li Cangfeng left, the faces of everyone at the scene were different.
Some people feel that they cannot understand that Chen Ning has the opportunity to climb to the top of the Li family. Why should he refuse?
Many people also started to worry about Chen Ning!
Especially Song Pingting and Qin Chaoge!
They knew that Chen Ning had severely injured Zhang Shaodong and heard Li Zangfeng say that Zhang Chaocheng was coming to avenge his son. They were very worried.
As Li Cangfeng said, Zhang Family in the capital is not easy to provoke!
Chen Ning looked at Song Pingting, who was full of worries, and smiled comfortingly: “It’s nothing, what’s up with the Zhang family in the capital, I said that Zhang Chaocheng will personally apologize tonight, and he will definitely come tonight!”
Song Pingting smiled bitterly, noncommittal.
She felt that it was impossible for Zhang Chaocheng to apologize, but Chen Ning was out of anger just now and bragged with Li Cangfeng.
It doesn’t matter if Zhang Chaocheng comes to apologize or not. If she doesn’t come to retaliate against Chen Ning, she will thank God.
Song Pingting and a group of people, each with their own thoughts, smiled and ordered the hotel to host a banquet to entertain Tang Elder!
Chen Ning calmly called Dian Chu aside, and said: “The Li family in Beijing will definitely not ask me to change my surname to Li for no reason. My grandmother, who has never met, will definitely not want to be with me for no reason. recognize.”
“If something goes wrong, there must be a demon, you can check it with me, what is the idea of ​​the Li family?”
Dian Chu said solemnly: “Yes!”
An hour later, Dian Chu returned, came to Chen Ning, and whispered to Chen Ning the results of the investigation.
He truthfully reported: “Master, I checked.”
“The Li family in Beijing recently cooperated with the chief of an armed tribe in Africa and invested in a series of projects such as oil wells and drilling.”
“The chief of the African armed tribe, this is the first large-scale cooperation with the capital Li family, and there is not enough trust in each other.”
“So the two sides decided to exchange protons!”
Chen Ning frowned: “What do you mean by exchanging protons?”
Dian Chu explained: “In fact, it’s just exchanging hostages!”
“The chief chief of the armed tribe sent his grandson to the Li family in the capital of China as a hostage; similarly, the Li family in the capital will also send a descendant to Africa as a hostage.”
“If there is a problem with the cooperation between the two sides, the protons of both parties will be killed!”
Chen Ning said depressed: “The Li family cooperates with the African chiefs and exchanges protons. What does it have to do with me?”
Dian Chu said: “The Li family wants you and the young lady to change the last name to Li, and the Li family is even more prepared to send the young lady to Africa as a proton.”
Chen Ning’s eyes were like electricity, and his sharp eyes fell on Dian Chu.
Dian Chu lowered his head, sweating on his forehead.
Chen Ning asked slowly: “What you said is true, but the Li family actually made this crooked idea?”
Dian Chu said: “The subordinates have repeatedly confirmed, absolutely nothing wrong!”
Chen Ning sneered: “No wonder, the Li family has severed relations with my mother for decades, and no one came to see it when my mother was temporary. Now I was kind enough to let me belong to their Li family. It was originally the idea!”
“The grandsons of their Li family are all golden and precious, and they don’t want to go to Africa as a proton. So it’s unreasonable to want my daughter to do it for them.”
When Chen Ning said this, secretly made up his mind.
It’s fine if the Li family doesn’t come to coax anymore. If you dare to come back to coax, you must look good at the Li family.
As night fell, the lights came on.
Chen Ning, Song Pingting, Qin Chaoge, a group of executives from the Ningda Group, and the team from the Hope Institute were accompanying Mr. Tang at the meal.
Everyone pushes the cup for a change!
Suddenly, the hotel owner Chen Weijian hurried in from the outside, sweating profusely: “Mr. Chen, it’s not good, the Zhang family in the capital city advocates success.”
Chen Weijian knew about Chen Ning’s feast with Zhang Shaodong. He thought Zhang Chaocheng had come to Chen Ning to settle the accounts. He was too anxious now.
Song Pingting, Qin Chaoge and others were also panicked when they heard this, thinking that Zhang Chaocheng was here to find fault.
Chen Ning and Tang Elder were indeed calm, they looked at each other and smiled slightly.
Chen Ning said lightly: “He really came, just let him in!”
Chen Weijian couldn’t help but said: “Mr. Chen, do you want to call the police in advance, in case…”
Chen Ning smiled and said: “There is no reason to report to the police for no reason. Why waste police resources? Just let Zhang Chaocheng come in.”
Chen Weijian thought to himself: Your heart is really big, Zhang Chaocheng comes to you for revenge. If you don’t make preparations, and you are like a troublemaker, I am afraid that I will not be responsible for your accident.
Although he complained in his heart, Chen Weijian was also at a loss, so he could only go out and inform Zhang Chaocheng to come in.
What surprised Song Pingting, Qin Chaoge and others was that it was different from what they thought.
Zhang Chaocheng didn’t bring down a large number of hands, but only two entourages.
In addition, Zhang Chaocheng was not as murderous as everyone thought, but was full of panic and fear.
What’s the situation?
Song Pingting, Qin Chaoge and others are all puzzled!
What made everyone more stunned was that Zhang Chaocheng took two of his men and walked over quickly, came to Chen Ning, and knelt down with a plop.
In everyone’s shocked eyes!
Zhang Chaocheng knelt on the ground, shivering and crying bitterly: “Mr. Chen, I was wrong. I didn’t know your identity before. If I knew your identity, I wouldn’t dare to trouble you even if I knew your identity! ”
If Zhang Chaocheng knew that Chen Ning was the young marshal of the North, the Chinese God of War, even if he put a knife on his neck, he would not dare to trouble Chen Ning.
After he knew that Chen Ning was the young marshal of the Northern Territory, he was frightened at first.
Now he is in accordance with Chen Ning’s instructions, personally go to the door and kneel down to beg for mercy.
However, what Zhang Chaocheng said, to the ears of the people around him, was a different kind of taste.
What do you mean by not knowing Chen Ning’s identity before?
Could it be that Chen Ning has another identity?
Immediately, everyone thought of Li Cangfeng who had been here in the afternoon!
Many people showed stunned expressions!
Probably Zhang Chaocheng knew that Chen Ning was the grandson of the old prince of the Li family in Beijing. Zhang Chaocheng was terrified, so he was so scared that he knelt down and begged for mercy.
Chen Ning looked at Zhang Chaocheng indifferently: “Apologize to Elder Tang, my wife, and Dr. Qin!”
How dare Zhang Chaocheng refuse, and quickly apologized to Tang Lao, Song Pingting, and Qin Chaoge one by one.
Song Pingting, all expressed their forgiveness for Zhang Chao.
Zhang Chaocheng looked at Chen Ning eagerly, waiting for Chen Ning’s disapproval.
Chen Ning said coldly: “For my wife and Mrs. Qin and they don’t care about you, I’ll forgive you once and get out of here!”
Zhang Chaocheng was amnesty, thanked him again and again, and then left with two entourages.

In the Magic City Hotel not far from the Oriental Pearl Hotel!
Li Cangfeng was standing in front of the dress mirror, arranging his suit and tie in front of the mirror, and asked the subordinates behind him faintly: “Is there any message from Chen Ning?”
With a strange expression, he immediately replied: “Yes, Zhang Chaocheng just went to the Pearl Hotel to look for Chen Ning.”
Li Zangfeng asked with interest: “What’s going on now, is Chen Ning miserably cleaned up? It’s almost time for him to call me for help?”
He shook his head and said in a low voice, “Chen Ning is in trouble. Zhang Chaocheng went to the Pearl Hotel to kneel down and beg Chen Ning for mercy.”
Li Cangfeng was startled, turned his head and looked at several of his men: “What did you say?”
One of his men whispered: “Zhang Chaocheng went to the door and knelt down to beg Chen Ning for mercy. He also said that he had known Chen Ning’s identity and he would not dare to offend Chen Ning anyway.”
Li Zangfeng sneered when he heard the words, and immediately sneered: “Chen Ning is really shameless, saying that he doesn’t want to cling to our Li family and doesn’t need our Li family’s shelter. In the secret, he moved out of our Li family to scare Zhang Chaocheng, the fox pretended to be a tiger, and Zhang Chaocheng knelt down and begged for mercy. !”
“Go, let’s go to Chen Ning for theory!”

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