The One & Only

Chapter: 535

Li Huaiping put aside the sentence that Chen Ning would kneel and promise the Li family three days later, and then left.
the next day!
An accident happened to the Ningda Group!
Just after Chen Ning and Song Pingting had their breakfast, Song Pingting’s assistant Lin Wei hurried over and said anxiously: “Mr. Chen, Song, the big thing is not good.”
Song Pingting quickly asked, “What happened?”
Lin Wei anxiously said: “I don’t know how to do it. The celebrities we invited to be the guests of the product release meeting suddenly called one by one, saying that there was something temporary and there was no way to come to our product release meeting as scheduled. ”
Song Pingting was startled when she heard the words: “If they have a verbal agreement with us, how can we temporarily repent, we can sue them.”
Lin Wei said with a sad face: “We can no longer sue them. The most important thing now is that the stars are not coming. How can we hold today’s product release meeting?”
Song Pingting hurriedly said: “You immediately call the bosses of major entertainment companies and find a few celebrities, even if you are an Internet celebrity, let’s be the first!”
Lin Wei smiled bitterly: “Mr. Song, I have already contacted the bosses of major entertainment companies as soon as possible.”
“But when they heard that our Ningda Group was inviting a star, they immediately refused decisively, and some even hung up the phone when they heard a few words from our Ningda Group.”
Song Pingting opened her eyes wide when she heard this: “What?”
“What happened to these entertainment companies, why did they refuse to cooperate with our Ningda Group?”
Chen Ning said calmly at this time: “It is impossible for an entertainment company to have money but not to make money. I guess it must be the Li family in Beijing that is the cause of the problem.”
“With the strength of the Beijing Li family, it is easy to threaten celebrities to give up participating in our product release conference.”
“In addition, the Li family requires all entertainment company owners not to cooperate with our Ningda Group. It is estimated that entertainment company owners dare not refuse.”
Song Pingting was shocked and angry: “The Li Family is really mean, do they think this can force us to submit?”
The voice just fell!
Xia Ping, the general manager of Ningda Group, hurried over and said in a trembling voice: “Mr. Chen, President Song, the big thing is not good.”
Song Pingting asked in surprise, “Xia Ping, what happened again?”
Xia Ping said profusely: “I have just received calls from many news media platforms, including several important TV stations and newspapers in Donghai Province and Jiangnan Province. They all said that they cannot send reporters to cover the release of our products. I will.”
Xia Ping’s words sounded like a thunderbolt in Song Pingting’s ears.
The celebrity guests did not come to the maternity leave conference, at most the release conference was not so grand and monotonous.
But if reporters from all major platforms are not here, then the release meeting is completely meaningless!
Song Pingting was anxious and angry: “Why can’t the major platform media send reporters to cover our product release conference? Where are the reporters?”
Xia Ping said with a complicated expression and whispered: “I have received information that reporters have been dispatched to the Magic City Hotel to interview and report on the Li’s house in Beijing. They are preparing to make a large investment in Shanghang to build a high-tech zone!”
“Those celebrities who declared that something happened temporarily and could not come to our release party actually went to the Magic City Hotel to participate in the Li’s business reception.”
Song Pingting was stunned, and immediately showed a helpless wry smile: “Sure enough, the Li family in the capital was playing tricks on us deliberately. Our little arms can’t twist the thighs of the Li family, and we can only bear it.”
“Xia Ping, Lin Wei, you announced that the product release of our Ningda Group will be postponed until next month.”
Xia Ping and Lin Wei didn’t have time to talk!
Chen Ning already smiled and said, “Ho ho, why should we bear it?”
“And why do we postpone the release until next month? Many cancer patients are waiting for our liver cancer drugs to be released on the market, waiting for our drugs to save their lives!”
Song Pingting was dumbfounded at hearing this!
Song Pingting couldn’t help but said: “But, now the Li family in Beijing is targeting us, all our celebrities and guests will not come, and reporters from major media platforms will not come. How else will our release meeting be held?”
Chen Ning smiled and said, “I’ll take care of the guests, and I will take care of the reporters.”
“Don’t worry about it, just tell the staff to proceed as scheduled.”
Song Pingting widened her eyes and said worriedly: “Chen Ning, now the Li family in the capital is making trouble. There are no celebrities who dare to risk offending the Li family and come as our guest of release.”
“Also, the major media reporters in Jiangnan Province and Donghai Province didn’t buy our account and ran to please Li Huaiping. Where would you go to find a reporter?”
Chen Ning smiled and said, “I have my own way!”
“You order to go down. The Ningda Group release meeting will be held at the Oriental Pearl Hotel at 12 o’clock today.”
Song Pingting still hesitated!
If this matter can’t be handled well, not only will the Li family guys watch the jokes, but also all the friends in the business community will watch the jokes.
Chen Ning looked at Song Pingting and smiled: “Why, wife, don’t you believe me?”
Song Pingting stared at Chen Ning, looking at Chen Ning’s resolute and convincing eyes, she finally nodded: “Well, if you mess up, you will be ashamed. Anyway, you are with me, I’m not afraid!”
Chen Ning smiled and said, “Don’t worry, I will never mess up, let alone embarrass you, my wife.”
Song Pingting took Xia Ping and Lin Wei to the Ningda Group product release meeting.
Qin Chaoge, Mr. Tang, a group of senior executives from the Ningda Group, and the hotel staff all gathered around.
Everyone asked: “Mr. Song, I heard that the celebrities and reporters are gone. Our product release conference cannot be held. Should we cancel it?”
Song Pingting raised her hand to signal everyone to be quiet, and Yan Ran said: “Don’t worry, the guests will come and the reporters will come back. Our release meeting will be held as scheduled.”
“Everyone, hurry up and make preparations. When there are many distinguished guests and many news media reporters coming back, don’t get confused by the time.”
Everyone was skeptical and could only prepare according to Song Pingting’s instructions.
At this time, Chen Ning called Dian Chu to the front and said: “Dian Chu, there is something important, I want you to do it immediately…”
Magic Hotel!
The magnificent hotel lobby is arranged as a high-level chamber of commerce reception. Many celebrities and gentry of Shanghang City, many popular stars, and a large number of reporters have gathered here.
Li Huaiping was surrounded by celebrities, nobles, and reporters like stars arched over the moon!
Holding a champagne glass, he looked at the celebrity reporters in front of him with a sneer, and turned to ask his son: “What’s going on at the Ningda Group’s release meeting? Is it a deserted wealth? The release meeting cannot be held Up?”
Li Cangfeng said: “No!”
Li Huaiping was a little surprised when he heard this: “Without celebrities as guests and no reporters to report, how can their product release conference be held?”
Li Zangfeng reported truthfully: “Just got the information that Song Pingting promoted the release of Ningda Group’s products at 12 o’clock today as scheduled.”
“And I heard that Chen Ning said that he would invite more heavyweight guests and many reporters from well-known media to report.”
Li Huaiping laughed at this: “Reporters from well-known TV stations and daily newspapers in Jiangnan and Donghai Provinces were all called here. I personally asked, which media reporter in the two provinces and who would dare to report to him?”
Li Zangfeng sneered: “Let’s just wait and see Chen Ning’s joke!”

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