The One & Only

Chapter: 536

Li Huaiping was holding a wine glass, and the corners of his mouth raised slightly: “We see that Chen Ning’s jokes are not enough. We want everyone to watch their jokes together.”
Li Cangfeng’s eyes lit up when he heard this: “Dad, do you seem to have any ideas?”
Li Huaiping sneered: “Didn’t Chen Ning have both guests and reporters?”
“We will send a reporter from Gossip Weekly to interview Chen Ning and Song Diting about the embarrassment. We will make their embarrassment public so that everyone can watch the jokes of their couple.”
Li Zangfeng said in surprise: “I heard that Chen Ning was evicted from the house a few years ago, and she was in a state of despair.”
“Also, when Chen Ning was drunk and violent Song Pingting, which caused Song Pingting to become pregnant after she was unmarried, it was hard to imagine that the two eventually got together.”
“These old things were exploded by the reporters of Gossip Weekly, and they will definitely become news of the streets and alleys.”
“It’s enough for Chen Ning and Song Pingting to be embarrassed!”
Li Huaiping sneered: “I just want them to be embarrassed. I want them to know the strength and methods of our Li family in Beijing.”
“If Chen Ning is not obedient, he will be discarded by me a little bit.”
After he finished speaking, he instructed Li Cangfeng: “You immediately arrange for a reporter from Gossip Weekly to go to the Ningda Group’s product release meeting to humiliate Chen Ning and his wife!”
Li Zangfeng said: “Yes!”
Oriental Pearl Hotel, Ningda Group product release meeting site.
Time has passed by one minute and one second, and several hours have passed from morning to now at 11:30 noon.
However, at the huge release meeting, apart from the Ningda Group’s executives and hotel employees, almost no guests and reporters came to join in. The scene seemed deserted and deserted.
Wearing a full skirt and high heels, Song Pingting anxiously paced back and forth at the entrance of the release meeting.
She murmured anxiously in her mouth: “Is there no one yet? The release meeting is about to begin in half an hour. Are none of the guests and reporters Chen Ning talking about yet?”
Behind her, Xia Ping, Lin Wei, Qin Chaoge and others were all bowed and listless.
Everyone felt that this product release conference was messed up, and no guests came to the press conference.
Just when Song Pingting was extremely anxious, she suddenly heard a staff member outside the door shouting: “Here is the distinguished guest!”
Song Pingting’s pretty face showed ecstasy, and even the listless Xia Ping and others were all agitated at once.
Dear guest!
Is it the distinguished guest whom Chen Ning said came?
Soon, Song Pingting and the others saw a slender and stalwart middle-aged man in a black suit, coming in with a large group of brightly dressed entourage.
This person turned out to be Li Huaiping!
Behind Li Huaiping, besides his son Li Zangfeng, there are also a large number of subordinates, as well as the powerful gentry of Shanghang City!
Song Pingting’s expression freezes!
The excitement of everyone at the scene also suddenly fell to the bottom, one by one looking at Li Huai and the others in anger.
Song Pingting said with a calm and pretty face, “What are you doing here?”
Li Huaiping smiled and did not speak. Li Zangfeng next to him sneered: “Hey, we heard that your Ningda Group’s product release conference is a good idea, and celebrity reporters don’t bother to participate.”
“We are kind, come over and cheer for you, won’t you be unwelcome?”
Song Pingting knew that people like the Li family came to see the jokes, and her pretty face was frosty.
But at this time, Chen Ning came out with Dianchu and Bahuwei.
Chen Ning smiled and said: “The visitors are guests. You are welcome to participate in the product release meeting of our Ningda Group.”
When Song Pingting saw Chen Ning, she couldn’t help but whispered: “Husband, they came to see us for a joke, why are you…”
Chen Ning waved his hand to signal Song Pingting not to worry, he was free to care.
Li Huaiping looked around at the release meeting and said to Chen Ning deliberately with a smile: “Chen Ning, how come your release will be so deserted, don’t you invite celebrity reporters to join us?”
Lin Wei couldn’t help cursing loudly: “You are really a weasel crying chicken, hypocrisy!”
“Obviously you dug out all the star reporters invited by our Ningda Group.”
Li Huaiping didn’t think he was scorned. He looked at Chen Ning and said with a smile, “Chen Ning, you can’t beat our Li family.”
“If you now agree to change your mother’s surname and belong to our Li family, then I promise that countless celebrity reporters will come to your product release meeting immediately.”
Chen Ning said lightly: “No need!”
“I already have a large number of VIPs, celebrities, and reporters on my way, so I don’t have to worry about it.”
Li Cangfeng immediately mocked: “A large number of star reporters, are you daydreaming?”
Li Huaiping smiled and said: “It’s okay, I want to see how long you can be stubborn. I will play with you slowly until you finally give in.”
At this time, someone outside suddenly shouted: “A reporter is here!”
Song Pingting and the others were overjoyed, thinking that the reporter Chen Ning was looking for was here.
However, when the reporter came in, Song Pingting and others were stunned.
This is because it is not a reporter from a serious platform, but a dog reporter from a gossip weekly who specializes in covering various peachy news or scandals.
This dog reporter’s nickname is Sharpi!
He specializes in digging up celebrities’ pornography or scandals to report, and he is hated by many people.
The moment Song Pingting and others were stunned!
Sharpie already took the microphone and brought the photographer and assistant over.
He raised the microphone directly to Chen Ning and Song Pingting and asked loudly, “Song Pingting, I heard that your husband Chen Ning was drunk and raped you a few years ago. This led to your unmarried pregnancy and gave birth to daughter Song Qingqing. is it?”
Song Pingting’s face became ugly, and she and Chen Ning went through a lot of ups and downs.
This is the affair between her and Chen Ning, and I never thought that this gossip reporter would openly dig her and Chen Ning’s affair.
Seeing that Song Pingting had no answer, Sharpie immediately put the microphone in front of Chen Ning and asked another sharp question: “Mr. Chen, you raped Miss Song a few years ago. Have you ever been in jail? Isn’t it a rapist?”
“And Miss Song, why did you choose to be with him as a rapist? Do you think you are very suitable?”
Song Pingting was trembling with anger by the gossip reporter.
Everyone at the scene was stunned, and even forgot to drive the gossip reporter.
Li Huai and Ping Ping stood on the side, gloating with misfortune.
From the corner of Sharpi’s eyes, he caught a glimpse of Li Huaiping’s satisfied smile. He became more proud and prepared to intensify and raise more acute questions, embarrassing Chen Ning and his wife!
“Miss Song, I want to ask you…”
This time, Sharpie’s words were still not finished.
Chen Ning already said coldly: “Come here, palm your mouth!”
As soon as the voice fell, Dian Chu immediately moved like a tiger out of the cage.
Dian Chu grabbed Sharpie’s hair, raised his right hand, and slapped him down.
After a few cracks, Shar-pi’s face was full of blood.
Dian Chu Yu’s anger remained: “Kneel!”
After finishing speaking, lift your foot and kick on Sharpie’s left foot!
Shapi’s left knee was directly kicked off by Dian Chu. He screamed and knelt in front of Chen Ning miserably.
The photographer and assistant accompanying the sofa were shocked.
Chen Ning said coldly: “I welcome all reporters who come here today to interview and report, but they must have a good interview attitude. If they deliberately come to find fault, this is the end.”
After Chen Ning finished speaking, he looked at Li Huaiping.
Li Huaiping and Chen Ning looked at each other. He sneered and said, “Ho ho, all reporters are welcome?”
“Chen Ning, don’t you really think that other reporters will come to your release meeting?”
“The reporters of several important TV stations and daily newspapers in Jiangnan Province and Donghai Province have been ordered by me. They will not come. Give up!”
Chen Ning coldly snorted: “The TV stations and daily newspapers in Jiangnan Province and Donghai Province, I still look down on them.”
“I have invited all the TV reporters from CCTV’s 15 channels.”
“Even if reporters from Jiangnan Province and Donghai Province TV stations come, they will have to wait in line to interview.”
Invite all reporters from 15 CCTV channels!
Everyone was stunned by Chen Ning’s words!
After a while, Li Huaiping was the first to come back to his senses.
He couldn’t help but laughed, leaning forward and backward, pointing at Chen Ning and smiling: “Haha, Chen Ning, I really don’t help the wall and only convince you.”
“Your kid is really bragging without capital, dare to brag about anything!”
“You also invited all the reporters from 15 CCTV channels in one breath. Who do you think you are? We can’t invite any CCTV reporter from any channel in the Li family in Beijing!”
He just finished speaking!
Outside the hotel, there was a sudden roar of humming cars.
There are dozens of cars roaring, all of which have the logos of various CCTV channels!
Several helicopters also suddenly appeared in the sky!
The helicopter landed and the vehicle stopped.
One by one, well-known CCTV reporters wearing work cards and holding microphones, as well as a large number of TV station staff with long guns and short cannons, got out of the cars and helicopters one after another!
Famous reporters who can only see their style on CCTV programs on weekdays flocked to them.
Li Huaiping’s shocked eyes are about to fly out!
Li Zangfeng and others, all of them have their eyes protruding, and they can’t wait to stare all their eyes out to see if this scene is true?
Song Pingting, Xia Ping, Lin Wei, Qin Chaoge and other senior executives of the Ningda Group are all surprised by surprises!
“The reporters are here, and they are all big-name reporters from CCTV!”
“Oh my god, husband, you are amazing!”
Song Pingting couldn’t help turning around, plunged into Chen Ning’s arms, couldn’t help kissing Chen Ning’s cheek.

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