The One & Only

Chapter: 537

Li Huaiping, Li Zangfeng and others were so shocked that their eyes flew out!
Because these reporters who appeared are all gold medal reporters from more than a dozen channels of CCTV.
Even if it’s the Li family in the capital, please don’t move any of them on weekdays, but now all of them are here.
With so many CCTV gold medal reporters and countless long guns and short guns, these battles scared Li Huai and other people.
Even Li Huaiping met Wang Yunzhi, the head of CCTV!
Li Huaiping hurriedly took his son and his subordinates, hurried up to meet him, and said with a flattering smile: “Taiwan Chief Wang, why are you here?”
Wang Yunzhi didn’t even look at Li Huaiping. He stretched out his hand and pushed Li Huaiping away. With a dozen gold medal reporters and a large number of staff carrying cameras, he walked straight towards Chen Ning and Song Pingting!
Li Huaiping was shocked again!
Director Wang and these gold medal reporters, are they really here for Chen Ning?
Wang Yunzhi smiled and said to Song Pingting: “Hello, Mr. Song, I am Wang Yunzhi.”
“Learning that your company has developed a liver cancer drug, this feat shocked the entire China and the medical community throughout the world.”
“I’m hereby leading reporters from all channels of our TV station to participate in your company’s Qingning liver cancer drug product release conference. Do you welcome it or not?”
Song Pingting’s pretty face flushed with excitement, her voice was a little trembling, and she said excitedly: “Welcome, thank you, Director Wang, and thank you all reporters for coming to join us!”
“Hello, Mr. Song, I’m a reporter from CCTV Comprehensive Channel, Ding Peng!”
“Hello, Mr. Song, I’m a reporter from the Chinese International Channel, Wanhui!”
“Hello, Mr. Song, I’m a reporter from the Financial Channel, Jiang Hairu!”

More than a dozen gold medal reporters all smiled and greeted Song Pingting.
Countless cameras and video recorders were aimed at Song Pingting.
These CCTV staff, intentionally or unintentionally, deliberately pointed the camera at Song Pingting to avoid shooting Chen Ning.
Even if they filmed Chen Ning, they would edit it when they went back, and would not let Chen Ning appear in the news.
Song Pingting was flattered and greeted the gold medal reporters separately.
Li Huaiping, Li Zangfeng and others were all dumbfounded.
Just now!
Chen Haisheng, the director of the Donghai Provincial TV Station, hurried over with a group of reporters from the Donghai Provincial TV Station.
Chen Haisheng greeted Wang Yunzhi profusely, and then eagerly said to Song Pingting: “Mr. Song, we are here, we have nothing else to do. Today we will serve your company throughout the whole process and will report on your company’s product release meeting. News!”
Song Pingting thought that the local reporters who were temporarily called away by the Li family in the capital had come back now.
She immediately understood that after Chen Ning called all the CCTV reporters, the local reporters were frightened, so Chen Haisheng hurriedly rushed with them.
Song Pingting still has nothing to say!
Wang Yunzhi next to him has already coldly said: “Director Chen, at the Ningda Group’s product release conference, we have won all the interview rights on 15 CCTV channels. If you want to interview, you need my consent!”
“Also, Ningda Group’s liver cancer drug has been released. You didn’t come to interview and report such important news. I seriously doubt your professionalism.”
“I will talk to the relevant leaders later. You may not be suitable to be the person in charge of Donghae TV. You are ready to change jobs!”
When Chen Haisheng heard Wang Yunzhi’s words, his face was ashamed.
He looked at Li Huaiping desperately. In order to help Li Huaiping this time, he deliberately ordered all reporters from the East China Sea not to participate in the product release meeting of the Ningda Group. He did not even think that he would lose his position now.
Li Huaiping, Li Zangfeng and others were even more completely stunned.
At this moment, someone chanted at the door: “The distinguished guests are here!”
Then, in the shocking eyes of everyone, a group of brightly dressed men and women, under the protection of a large number of bodyguards, came in quickly and unhurriedly.
A man and a woman walk in the front, both of whom are wearing civilian major general uniforms.
The male’s name is Liu Hong, and the female’s name is Zheng Hongying. Both of them are well-known singers in China, and they are also the head and deputy heads of the Northern Military and Cultural Troupe.
There are also many singers and artists behind, these are the old faces that appear on the spring evening every year, and they are much better than ordinary stars!
This time, not only Li Huaiping, Li Zangfeng and others were shocked.
Even Song Pingting, Qin Chaoge, Xia Ping, Lin Wei and other Ning University employees were shocked.
Soon, Song Pingting and others showed ecstatic expressions!
My God, Chen Ning really invited the celebrity guests.
Moreover, the top singers and artists from China are coming. This is too arrogant!
Immediately afterwards, many bosses of major drug sales platforms, and even many foreign journalists and bosses of foreign drug sales companies, rushed to participate in the product release conference of the Ningda Group.
12 o’clock!
There were already countless reporters and bosses gathered at the scene.
Song Pingting, who was wearing a suit and skirt, took the stage in person, held a microphone, and thanked everyone for coming to the Ningda Group’s product release meeting. Then the Ningda Group’s release meeting was just the beginning…
Standing in the most inconspicuous corner of the release meeting, Chen Ning looked at the release meeting held like a tea fire with a smile.
Li Huaiping, Li Cangfeng and others stood beside him.
The shock on Li Huaiping’s face didn’t fade away at this time. He looked at Chen Ning in surprise, “How did you do it?”
“You actually invited the director of CCTV, reporters from more than a dozen channels of CCTV, and even singers such as Liu Hong and Zheng Hongying!”
Chen Ning turned to look at Li Huai and Ping, his eyes turned cold.
He said coldly: “According to my temper, you dared to mess with my wife, I will at least interrupt your doglegs.”
“But since you are my mother’s younger brother, I will forgive you again.”
“But remember, there are only three things. If there is another time, I won’t read any affection.”
Li Huaiping’s face was green and white, and it was the first time anyone dared to talk to him like this.
However, he couldn’t understand Chen Ning’s strength at this time. He didn’t dare to move, he could only say bitterly: “Boy, I will look back to find out your details, and then I will care about you.”
Chen Ning said coldly: “Go away!”
Li Huaiping took his son and his subordinates and left dingy.
He came out of the Oriental Pearl Hotel and immediately called his home in Beijing to tell the story.
The Li family in Beijing immediately launched an investigation.
Soon, the Li family in Jingcheng called and told Li Huaiping: “After checking, Chen Ning and Song Pingting have no strong political background.”
“Chen Ning was able to invite so many CCTV reporters and so many singers to join in. The reason should be Wang Yunzhi.”
“Wang Yunzhi’s father died of liver cancer.”
“Taiwan Wang has always hoped that liver cancer drugs will be available soon, and hope that no more people will die because of liver cancer.”
“Chen Ning should have used the wish of Director Wang, and therefore successfully invited Director Wang here.”
After listening to the family’s investigation results, Li Huaiping was shocked and angry, and cursed: “I said how can Chen Ning invite so many CCTV reporters?”
“It turns out that this guy cunningly took advantage of Director Wang’s wishes, so that Director Wang brought so many reporter stars to join him!”
Li Cangfeng also cursed: “It turns out that this guy is opportunistic and caused us a false alarm.”
“Dad, we absolutely can’t forgive him, don’t waste time with him, just give him some ruthless means!”
Li Huaiping nodded: “Okay!”

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