The One & Only

Chapter: 543

The Zijinyuan Hotel, one of the most advanced hotels in Beijing, is also often used by officials to receive foreign guests.
The 50th birthday party of the wife of the lord Wang Yun was held here.
The old country owner has visited Europe in the last two days, so the old country owner cannot show up for his wife’s birthday party tonight.
However, it is said that the Chinese God of War, the Marshal of the North will attend Mrs. Wang’s birthday party tonight.
Therefore, countless dignitaries in the capital wanted to win an invitation letter to the party.
Being able to attend the first lady’s birthday party tonight is definitely a status symbol.
As night fell, the lights came on.
Around the Zijinyuan Hotel, police cars are parked at every street junction, and traffic police are maintaining order.
The Zijinyuan Hotel is even more heavily guarded.
In addition to a large number of security guards wearing black suits and wireless headsets around the hotel, there are also soldiers with live ammunition standing guard at the scene.
Cars came to the hotel parking lot one after another.
In general cocktail parties, the more valuable the car, the more valuable the owner.
But here it is the opposite!
Those who came to the first lady’s birthday party tonight, the car is a Rolls-Royce or Bentley, often just the boss of the consortium, the most ordinary guests.
If you drive an executive car such as a Passat or Audi A6, they are often officials in the political world, and their status is much more honorable than those who drive Rolls Royce or Bentley.
If you drive in an ordinary jeep or red flag car, although the price of these vehicles is cheaper than Audi or Passat, the licenses are often military licenses, and they often come from a certain military leader with a more noble identity.
Therefore, the vehicles that leave tonight tend to be more ordinary and more expensive.
At this time, a motorcade consisting of a lengthened Lincoln and five black Maybach slowly came to the parking lot in front of the hotel, causing the surrounding people to look sideways.
Because those who come to the party tonight can only bring one partner or relatives or friends into the venue.
Everyone is curious, who is coming, with so many entourages, can all of them enter the arena?
Then, the distinguished capital dignitaries around, were surprised to see the old prince of the Li family getting out of the car with Li Huaiping, Li Huaishun, and Li Zangfeng.
“Hey! It’s from the Li family, are they eligible to attend tonight’s reception?”
“Yes, they have so many people here, how many invitations do they have?”
“We, Liu Jiagui, are the first-rate family in Beijing. We only got two invitation letters tonight. Even if they get an invitation letter from the Li family, how many more can they have?”
The old lady of the Li family, and Li Huaiping, listened to the whispers of the people around them, and they couldn’t help showing triumphant expressions.
Moreover, Li Zangfeng intentionally or unintentionally took out a dozen hot stamping invitations, intentionally or unintentionally, to let the people around him see them, deliberately showing off!
“Yeah! They really have a lot of invitations!”
“What’s going on? Isn’t the Li family a third-rate family in Beijing? How can we get more invitation letters than our Liu family?”
“Oh my God, it must be the real dragon born in the Li family. Mrs. Wang has taken a look at the Li family with admiration!”
The old lady of the Li family, with a triumphant smile, enjoyed the envy of the powerful and powerful people around him.
She took Li Huaiping, Li Huaishun, Li Zangfeng and others, and was about to head towards the hotel entrance.
But, at this moment, a few more black SUVs came on the scene!
Then, everyone in the Li family was surprised to see that Chen Ning hugged Song Qingqing and brought Dianchu and Bahuwei out of the car.
“Chen Ning, what are you doing here?”
When Li Zangfeng saw Chen Ning, he exclaimed as if he had discovered a new world.
The old lady and others looked at Chen Ning with a sneer.
They are all guessing why Chen Ning came here?
They all believed that Chen Ning was qualified to attend Mrs. Wang’s birthday party!
So the only explanation is that Chen Ning is here to join in the hottest. A small hanging silk like Chen Ning takes a few photos with his mobile phone outside the reception, and then he can post it to Moments to pretend to be forced, right?
Thinking of this, everyone in the Li family couldn’t help being full of contempt when looking at Chen Ning’s eyes.
Chen Ning also met everyone in the Li family here, and he said nonchalantly: “Of course I am here to attend Aunt Wang’s birthday party!”
Aunt Wang?
Birthday party?
Everyone in the Li family glanced at each other, and then they couldn’t help laughing.
Li Cangfeng couldn’t help but sneered while smiling: “I have seen shameless people, but I have never seen Chen Ning you so shameless and shameless.”
“Mrs. Wang is the wife of the lord, and also our first lady of China!”
“You actually call her Aunt Wang, and you want to know her, so it’s not like you!”
Li Huaiping, who was sitting in a wheelchair, said with a sneer: “This guy will not agree to change to his mother’s surname, and he refuses to return his surname to our house. I thought he was so ethical!”
“It turns out that he just wants to cling to a higher existence!”
“He doesn’t take pictures of himself with soaking urine. He wants to climb Mrs. Wang’s tall branches. Does he have the qualifications?”
Li Huaishun also sneered: “Brother, let alone Mrs. Wang’s Gao Zhi, I think he doesn’t even have an invitation letter for the cocktail party tonight.”
Hearing this, the old lady of the Li family asked with interest: “Chen Ning, you said you are also attending Mrs. Wang’s birthday party. Do you have an invitation letter?”
Chen Ning was really a little stunned when he heard this, and turned to ask Dian Chu: “Do we have an invitation letter?”
Dian Chu said truthfully: “No!”
Chen Ning said indifferently: “There is nothing, there is no invitation or the same!”
In Chen Ning’s view, it was the same whether there was an invitation letter. Aunt Wang sent someone to spread the message and told him to attend the birthday reception. Therefore, Aunt Wang had no reason not to welcome him.
Is it the same if there is an invitation?
When everyone in the Li family heard Chen Ning’s words, they couldn’t help but burst into laughter.
Li Zangfeng sneered and said, “Haha, Chen Ning, you really want to laugh at us!”
“Tonight is Mrs. Wang’s 50th birthday reception. It is said that the young marshal of the Chinese God of War will also appear in the north. Many capital dignitaries can’t get an invitation letter and can’t enter the door of this reception.”
“You actually said that there is no invitation letter, it’s the same, who do you think you are, do you think you, the North Marshal, hahaha!”
The old lady of the Li family looked at Chen Ning with a sneer, and said lightly to his descendants: “Don’t talk nonsense with him, anyway, the ogre Ma Long is already on his way to settle accounts. Let’s not talk to a dying person. Don’t worry about it.”
“Let’s go, go in to attend Mrs. Wang’s birthday party, and at the same time see the young handsome demeanor.”
When the old lady finished speaking, he took Li Huaiping, Li Huaishun, Li Zangfeng and other family members and walked towards the hotel entrance triumphantly.
They had just arrived at the door of the hotel when they were stopped by two rows of soldiers with live ammunition.
A man wearing a major’s uniform, all mighty and domineering men said in a deep voice, “Why do you have so many people, please show your invitation letter.”
The people around couldn’t help but look at everyone in the Li family.
The old lady leaned on a cane and said triumphantly: “Our Li family has so many people, Zang Feng, show the invitation letter.”
“Yes, grandma!”
Li Cangfeng promised loudly, and then proudly handed over a dozen invitations to the major, and said with a sneer: “I have checked it clearly. We have 15 invitations here. In fact, we can still bring a few more people in!”
“Our Li family is so arrogant!”
The old lady, Li Huaiping, Li Huaishun and others couldn’t help but give Li Cangfeng approving glances, as if they were all saying: Xiaofeng, good!
The major took a quick check of Li Cangfeng’s invitation letter, then raised his head and said coldly: “I’m sorry, you just mentioned it to us above. It was a mistake.”
“These invitations are invalid, and you are not eligible to go in for the reception.”
Li Cangfeng was stunned!
Li Huaiping and Li Huaishun were also shocked!
The old lady of the Li family and the rest were stunned!
The people around all pointed and pointed.
Someone murmured, “I said they were the third-rate Li family, how could they have so many invitations? It turned out to be a mistake.”
“They looked so arrogant just now, they thought he was awesome, it turned out to be a misunderstanding.”
The old lady flushed as he listened to the whispers of the crowd.
She angrily said: “Impossible, this was sent by General Tian to our Li’s house, how could it be a mistake?”
Li Cangfeng was equally embarrassed and angrily stepped forward and pushed the major and other soldiers on the road, cursing: “That’s right, it’s absolutely impossible to go wrong, you’d better let us in immediately.”
“A good dog doesn’t stand in the way, otherwise, believe it or not we have stripped you off?”
The major slapped Li Cangfeng directly to the ground. He grabbed a submachine gun from the soldiers beside him, and faced Li Cangfeng who fell on the ground with three bursts between his legs!
All three shots hit the concrete floor between Li Cangfeng’s legs, but they scared Li Cangfeng to pee on the spot.
The old lady and the Li family also turned pale in fright!
The major said coldly: “Is this a place where you can make trouble? This time it’s a warning. I won’t talk nonsense with you next time. Get out of here.”
The old lady’s face turned into a pig liver color, and she indignantly ordered her subordinates to help Li Zangfeng who was scared to pee, and retired in embarrassment.
At this time, Chen Ning was holding her daughter and brought Dianchu and Bahuwei over.
When everyone in the Li family saw this, they immediately stopped and looked at Chen Ning with a sneer.
The members of the Li family had an invitation letter, and they all suffered such treatment. Chen Ning and the group wanted to go in without an invitation letter. At least they had to be smashed by the major with a rifle butt.
Song Qingqing, who was held by Chen Ning, had just seen the major go crazy with his own eyes!
She timidly said to Chen Ning at this time: “Dad, I’m a little scared. That uncle won’t shoot us, right?”
Chen Ning smiled and said, “How is it possible?”
The old lady and others all sneered when they heard this, it’s impossible to blame!
Everyone in the Li family, as well as a group of people around, watched.
Chen Ning hugged Song Qingqing, led Dian Chu and Bahuwei, and walked straight to the door of the hotel.
Everyone couldn’t help holding their breath and staring nervously.
Song Qingqing in Chen Ning’s arms was also nervously clutching Chen Ning’s clothes.
“stand at attention!”
The major at the entrance of the hotel saw Chen Ning and his party and immediately shouted loudly and powerfully.
He straightened his waist straight with the twenty soldiers around him, and his movements were neat and uniform, and he slapped to salute Chen Ning and his party.
Song Qingqing in Chen Ning’s arms suddenly opened her eyes, and the tension on her small face disappeared instantly. Instead, there was a touch of excitement and excitement. She couldn’t help raising her hand and saluting the soldiers uncles in front of her.
Chen Ning smiled and hugged his daughter, and walked in with his subordinates.
And everyone around was stunned!
The old princes of the Li family, Li Huaiping, Li Huaishun, and Li Zangfeng all had their shocked eyes flying out.
This, this, what’s going on?

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