The One & Only

Chapter: 544

The old lady of the Li family and the others were completely stunned!
They couldn’t get in with more than a dozen invitations, and Li Cangfeng was almost shot.
Why didn’t Chen Ning’s group even have an invitation letter, so they just went in casually.
Even the soldiers with guns and live ammunition at the scene saluted Chen Ning seriously. What is going on?
After everyone in the Li family was shocked!
Immediately there was a strong sense of dissatisfaction, and he had to talk to the major who was responsible for checking his identity on the spot.
However, the major coldly warned them not to make troubles, and not to be conceited.
Everyone in the Li family was shocked and angry, but they dared not speak.
Tonight is Mrs. Wang’s birthday reception. The Chinese God of War will attend it in person, and the guests who can come to the reception are all the top dignitaries in the capital. This is indeed not a place where the Li family can go wild.
At this moment, a red car not far away, and a dozen black cars escorted in.
It turned out that Mrs. Wang came quietly!
Sitting in the back seat of the red flag car, Wang Yun frowned slightly at the Li’s family at the hotel entrance, and said faintly: “What are those people doing, why are they stuck at the door and can’t get in?”
A personal bodyguard quickly said: “Let me ask.”
Soon, the personal bodyguard took out his mobile phone and made a call, and immediately said to Wang Yun: “Report Madam, that group of people belong to the third-rate prominent family in the capital, Li’s family. The old woman is related to the young marshal by blood, and is the young marshal’s grandmother.”
“Tian Weilong didn’t know that the marshal had a bad relationship with the Li family, so he mistakenly sent the 15 invitations to the marshal to the Li family.”
“After discovering the error later, General Tian ordered the Li family’s 15 invitations to be invalidated.”
“The Li family came, but they couldn’t enter the reception because the invitation letter was invalidated, but they refused to leave.”
Wang Yun said: “That’s it!”
“Since these people have a bad relationship with Chen Ning, I didn’t have to pay attention to them.”
“But tonight is my birthday party, and when General Tian sent the invitation letter, there was an omission in his work. It would not look good for people like the Li family to block the door.”
“You used to tell the guard at the door that you can let the 5 members of the Li family in properly, so that the Li family can’t coax anymore.”
The bodyguard immediately said: “Yes, ma’am!”
Everyone in the Li family is preparing to leave dingy!
Unexpectedly, Mrs. Wang’s bodyguard had come to order the guard at the door to let the five members of the Li family enter the reception.
The major among a group of soldiers at the door said solemnly: “Yes!”
Everyone in the Li family was surprised and delighted, turning their heads and looking not far away, they realized that it was the first lady Wang Yun who had arrived.
They all showed flattered expressions, and bowed in salute to Wang Yun in the red flag car in the distance.
The old lady was even more ecstatic, and said excitedly: “I said there is nothing wrong with the invitation letter. Mrs. Wang has personally testified to us. Although only the five invitation letters of our Li family are kept, it is better than the average Beijing giants. Lots of invitations!”
“Haha, our Li family must be the real dragon, otherwise Mrs. Wang would not care for our Li family so much!”
The old lady took Li Huaiping and Li Huaishun’s two sons, as well as the two grandsons of Li Cangfeng and Li Cangzhuo, and walked in triumphantly.
The rest of the Li family can only wait outside.
Several old ladies of the Li family approached the splendid reception scene, which can accommodate thousands of people at the same time. The scene is arranged like a reception, with top bands playing soothing music.
Top delicacies such as caviar and foie gras are placed on the long dining table!
There are beautiful champagne trees everywhere!
One by one, the young waiters shuttled back and forth with their trays. Champagne and red wine and other beverages were placed on the trays for customers to take at any time.
There were countless guests on the scene, men’s suits and leather shoes, women’s long skirts fluttering, all of them were the top powers or the second generation in the capital, and each of them was able to kill the Li family in seconds.
While the old lady and the others were excited, they looked around, trying to find Chen Ning’s shadow.
They can’t wait to show off to Chen Ning, their Li family still enters the arena, and it is Mrs. Wang’s permission to speak in person!
Unfortunately, they searched for a long time, but they didn’t even see Chen Ning’s shadow.
They didn’t even know that Chen Ning was already holding his daughter at this time, and brought his men to the VIP room, and first met Wang Yun who had just arrived in private.
at this time!
In a private room, Chen Ning smiled and said to her daughter: “This is my father’s aunt, you should be called the old aunt!”
Song Qingqing looked at Mrs. Wang, who was wearing a peony cheongsam with big eyes, with great interest. She kept shaking her small head and refused: “No, no, I’m not called…”
Chen Ning frowned slightly: “Why don’t you call, why are you so polite?”
Song Qingqing said plausibly: “The old aunt sounds very old, but the aunt in front of me is very young and beautiful, not old at all, so I don’t think I can be called an aunt!”
Chen Ning was shocked when he heard the words!
The people in the private room couldn’t help but laughed.
Wang Yun even stretched out his hand and hugged Song Qingqing, lovingly said: “Chen Ning, your daughter is brilliant, clever and innocent. I like it very much, or I would consider her a granddaughter!”
Chen Ning laughed: “I’m afraid this is inappropriate, and this matter needs the consent of the country’s lord!”
Wang Yun said, “He will also agree, this is the case!”
As Wang Yun said, he took out a jade pendant and put it on Song Qingqing, and said with a smile: “My dear god-granddaughter, this is a meeting gift for you from grandma. Call it grandma.”
Song Qingqing didn’t dare to call, and subconsciously looked at Chen Ning.
Chen Ning nodded, and she cried out cleverly: “Grandma!”
Wang Yun has a son, but his son is still unwilling to marry, and he still has no grandson. Therefore, when she heard Song Qingqing’s grandma, she couldn’t help but smile.
At this time, a female bodyguard came over and respectfully handed Wang Yun’s mobile phone up, and whispered: “Madam, the call from the old country lord on the other side of the ocean.”
“He recently visited Northern Europe. He can’t accompany you on your birthday. He probably called to give you birthday wishes.”
Wang Yun nodded slightly, took the cell phone, and connected the call.
Then, a majestic old man appeared in the phone video, it was Qin Heng, the old Chinese lord.
Qin Heng greeted Wang Yun with a smile, and then smiled, “Is Chen Ning here?”
Wang Yun pointed the video at Chen Ning and said with a smile: “Chen Ning, the old country lord is looking for you!”
Chen Ning said neither arrogant nor humble: “Hello, Lord!”
Qin Heng smiled kindly: “I’m not here. There will be a lot of enthusiasm for you juniors to celebrate Ah Yun’s birthday. Thank you!”
Chen Ning smiled and said, “I just happened to run into it to beg for a longevity drink. I didn’t dare to take credit for it.”
Qin Heng and Chen Ning talked to each other a few more words, and then Chen Ning took his daughter and his subordinates to withdraw, and let the old country lord talk to Wang Yun.
When Chen Ning and his party came to the party, he was not ostentatious, but holding his daughter, came to a table in the corner, and was about to sit down on a chair!
The old prince of the Li family suddenly appeared with Li Huaiping, Li Huaishun, Li Cangfeng, and Li Cangzhuo.
The old lady shouted: “Chen Ning, you are so bold!”
Chen Ning frowned slightly and looked at the Li family, wondering why these guys got in?
He said coldly: “Why am I presumptuous again?”
The old lady pointed to a sign on the table and said: Only for the young marshal!
She sneered: “This is the seat prepared for the most distinguished guest at the reception, that is, the young marshal of the Chinese God of War Northern Territory. Do you dare to sit?”
Chen Ning smiled upon hearing the words: “If this is the case, then I can sit even better.”
After speaking, he hugged his daughter and sat down on the seat.
The old lady of the Li family was stunned when he saw this!
Everyone in the Li family was also stunned!
Chen Ning is so courageous that he dared to sit in the special seat of the marshal. Is this kid tired of life?

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